Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Aaliya and Tanu to get out. Aaliya says she didn’t come here to stay. She says when Tanu told that she is pregnant with your child, Pragya took a selfless decision and went far from you. She says same way she has realized his importance after going far from him, she don’t want place in the house, but in his heart. She says I really missed you. She asks Tanu to come and sheds fake tears. She says we will not get his forgiveness. Munni thinks she is ahead of me in acting. Abhi asks Robin to bring water. He sprinkles water on her face. Munni pretends to wake up. Tanu and Aaliya are leaving, and think why she is not calling us.

Munni calls them and asks where you both are going. Tanu says thank god, you are fine and stopped us. Aaliya starts acting and says

your heart is so big that you have always forgiven us and asks for forgiveness. Pragya says I can see how much you are repenting for your doings, and says I have forgiven you both as you have accepted your mistakes. Aaliya cries and thanks her. She thinks once we shift in the house, then financial crisis will end. Abhi asks Pragya why she was committing suicide. Munni tells the dialogues told by Aaliya and tells that it seems like she was in darkness and was no support, so she thought to end her life. Everyone is surprised and worried. Tanu says she has clinical depression and she will suggest psychiatrist for her.

Aaliya tells Tanu that they have done their duty and shall say bye to everyone now. She acts and apologizes to Dadi, Taya ji, Tayi ji and emotionally blackmails Raj and Abhi. She asks Dasi to take care of Dadi. They turn to go. Munni stops them and tells the dialogues taught by Aaliya, and says you have saved me and my family, thank you very much. She asks Abhi to forgive them if he really loves her. Mitali thinks if Abhi will say yes. Dadi says Abhi forgave them many times, but not now. Dasi says Abhi forgave them many times and then they have taken advantage of him. Dadi says Abhi will never forgive them and says they don’t deserve sympathy, and if they return then house peace will be finished. Dasi says they are naag and will bite us. Munni says we have to forgive them being elders. We have to make them Tulsi. Dadi says they will never change. Aaliya acts to cry.

Dadi and Dasi refuse to forgive them. Munni thinks all dialogues are ending. She says it is your blood and says own blood brought me here. Dadi asks her not to argue, and says we will not forgive them or let them stay here. Pragya says Abhi will agree as his heart is big than his guitar. Abhi says ok, if you are saying then I will give permission to let them stay here. Aaliya thanks Abhi. Abhi says I gave you permission, but didn’t forgive you. Munni says if you stay here, then you will get forgiveness. Tanu asks Aaliya where I will go, Munni asks her to stay here till she gets the house. Tanu says I will start modeling, earn money and will leave from here. Munni thinks she will not leave anymore and tells that her head is paining. They take her to room.

In the room, Abhi recalls Bulbul’s deaths, attacks on Pragya etc. He thinks why did Pragya allow them to stay at home. He thinks I can’t bear to see them at home.

Munni tells Abhi that she don’t want him to be away from his loved ones. Abhi says I know and asks her to sleep. Munni asks why?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. what sort of nonsense serial movie is this.

  2. Pranav

    im sick of repetive track ekta is using us the villains always win it has lost its charm

  3. The most stupid series so far….How can Ahbi forgive and forget wat they do 2 them? Anyway, where is Prayga?

  4. Watch this Pakistani drama instead of this rubbish https://youtu.be/d1Uu1-33J6U

  5. please let it end it has prolonged more than enough please …..i beg you

  6. I dnt know, How this serial TRP is good?
    I think, maybe politics (money playing).

  7. Seriously speaking i have never ever seen such a bomb movie like this in my entire life.have u forgotten the title of the movie….. (Bridal destiny) and this is happening?atleast do something real.so where from this munni and she is coming to maline pragyas reputation and sacrifices.i think this movie have to be band.the same old shit naa we always watch.i think am done

  8. Oh Heck what the hell is going on …..Abhi lost memory….now apparently Pragya lost her memory…..what a merry go round!

  9. Past one week sriti n shabir have not shot together.mostly sriti’s dupe is there.where is went now for secret romance.idiot serial sriti shabir u proved that u act only for money no dedication.

  10. Do away with that stupid Aaliya. She is creating emotional and mental depression in the viewers. Even after filing a suite against the serial why don’t the director change the track? Many viewers have given up watching the serial just because of Aaliya and her venomous behaviour which nobody can stand. Her role indirectly spoils many young adolescents ans so is Tanu. Waiting to watch a good turning point in the story soon. How can a girl get spoilt like this in any family?

  11. But stop watching this CRAP all above viewers. It is because of YOU that such craps are still on air. The makers of this crap are taking you for idiots and are having a good laugh taunting you with their ridiculous never ending tracks! SO STOP WATCHING! Pragya and Abhi will NEVER get reunited. So stop losing your time watching this serial….

    1. No one will ever listen to you Misha… I tried before…but was unsuccessful. This following here is a cult… How these viewers could watch this depressing serial, is amazing!!! I come here on and off ,I only read comments because I think it’s amusing to see how much torture these viewers is able to put up with and I have to say that they have belly!!!



    Zee TV’s popular show, Kumkum Bhagya produced by Balaji Telefilms will introduce few new tracks!!
    And with this, there will be two new entries in the show…
    Talented actors Ruchi Savarn and Sharhaan Singh will soon be part of the new drama. While Ruchi will be the new parallel lead, Sharhaan will play the antagonist.
    Ruchi has been roped in to essay the role of Bisha, the new girl opposite Purab (Vin Rana). She will be a peppy, full of life character, a typical today’s girl.
    Sharhaan will play the role of Sangram Singh, a stylish Haryanvi don who will get into the lives of the main characters. In the story ahead, he will join hands with Aliya (Shikha Singh) to create havoc. He will be a negative character.
    When contacted Ruchi confirmed the news saying, “Yes, it is like a homecoming with Balaji Telefilms. I am very excited for this role. I have started shoot from yesterday.
    Sharhaan too confirmed the news to IndianWikiMedia.com, “Yes, I am entering Kumkum Bhagya. Ruchi who was busy with her Marathi shows gets back to Hindi TV after her stints in Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Ye and Tamanna. For Sharhaan, he was last seen in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki.
    The two of them will enter in the coming week!!
    Gear up for this new drama in the show.

    1. Don’t know what to say or react sisy
      I don’t think these new entries will work out unless they tell whether this munni is our pragya or not , if yes then why she is doing like this is she acting or she got memory loss
      If no then where is our pragya because they cant make pragya die
      So unless solving these questions there is no use of introducing new characters
      What do you think about this prathiksha sisy

      1. I think so may be pragya is acting they will reveal it in some days how they reveal in mogaboo track so that the reason new characters are entering lets see

      2. U r absolutely right mythili. Without Pragya nothing should work. But CVS r too clever to trap audience by their clever tricks and those peoples who r crazy lover of kkb, they will get trap in their tricks easily. Like, CVS could have two motives behind these new entries. Firstly, may b they r deciding to bring Pragya back and introduce new track but it’s chances r less becoz according to me it will get too earlier to finish MUNNI’s track for CVS Or either they wants to divert audience’s mind and keep them engaged with the show by purab’s new love interest as purab’s fans wants to see his love story too. Some peoples will think that it might b bulbul, like now many peoples r wishing munni to b Pragya and there could b any purpose behind it. Like this CVS will easily trap crazy audience and will keep engaged with the show. But let me tell u onething that these CVS r not worthy for believe. If they can break purbul’s pair and can ruin purbul’s lose story which was an important part of shop’s story then they can do anything. Until they will not face huge fall till then expecting anything according our wish is waste. Well for me, I tolerated bulbul’s character’s disappearance Becoz we had abhigya and now when they r bringing another new character instead of bulbul then it will b tolerable only them when I will see Pragya’s character in the show. If they removes Pragya’s character too then show is finished for me. That’s it. Well I m just following updates till then Pragya’s character doesn’t comes back, else I m not interested in anything else. Otherwise I will say goodbye to this show forever .

    2. I am also thinking to stop watching this show unless they reveal about pragya
      Now i don’t mind if they introduce this girl as bulbul because now the purab is vinai rana so no problem
      But as i already said this show can get full success only when they tell about until then there no use of introducing new characters
      Let’s see sisy
      What is going to happen
      What do you think about the complaint filed against kkb sisy
      Will it work

      1. Well mythili it’s not big deal for them. They can give hundred excuses for making the track justified. So I don’t think so any complain can put effects on their creativity or story. They can show something which could make audience calm but change complete story, it’s not possible until they will not face huge fall in trp ratings as I said. And see, they r coming up with new track and new entries to keep the audience engaged. I can understand Sriti’s health issues if this is the case to delay the revelation of Pragya’s existence suspense in the show. But if they will delay it becoz of their creativity tricks then I m against it. Well mythili I will say that just wait and keep eyes on updates. There is no need to waste time in watching and burning ur blood.

    3. The new entry girl’s name in the show is “DISHA” not BISHA.

  13. India forum article –

    FINALLY! The ever-lasting Abhi-Pragya-Tanu track to be given a BREAK!
    And this will happen as a new love story and a new villain will be entering in the show.

    The Tanu-Abhi-Pragya drama will finally be given a bit of break..

    Zee TV’s front runner, Kumkum Bhagya was recently in the news for having a complaint registered against the show.

    However, none of that has seemingly made a difference to the show as it continued to rule the rating charts only finishing second to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs 2017.

    But it does seem that the makers have finally thought to give the ever-lasting Tanu (Leena Jumani)-Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia)-Pragya (Sriti Jha) track.

    According to latest reports, the show will be welcoming a new villain and will in fact give birth to a budding love story.

    And that is because of the entry of two actors which include Sharhan Singh and Ruchi Savarn.

    While, Ruchi will play the character of Disha, a fun-loving girl and will be paired opposite Purab (Vin Rana); Sharhan has been roped in to be the new villain that is Sangram Singh, a Haryanvi don.

    Sangram will form an alliance with Alia (Shikha Singh) to create sure lot of problems.

    Are you excited for the NEW development in the show? Leave in your comments below..

    1. Sriti is unwell since last many days. She is not well to give full time to shoot. She is giving only few close up shots and rest is giving her duplicate. I think that’s why CVS have decided to take break for abhigya’s track as they r not able to shoot any important sequences with Sriti for now becoz of her health issues. By diverting track from abhigya to Purab, new girl entry for him, Aliya and on new villain, Sriti will get free from shoot mostly and can get most of times to relax. Well this is my assumption, let’s see what’s the main purpose of CVS to bring this new track with two new entries in the show when Pragya’s suspense is not solved yet. But without Pragya or abhigya’s chemistry, show will not look happening definitely. Don’t know how much time it will take so I have decided to take a break from the show until Pragya’s come back.

      1. I hope sriti continues to do the role of pragya because i also read in twitter that she is not well
        I am getting scared

  14. The ignorant n stupid directors are taking all their viewers for a ride. People let’s support by switching off when this program is on as we are being made fools off, the bad characters are showing off n getting away with murder n no justice is meted out, but they are becoming stronger n strangers. ????

    1. You are absolutely correct
      Unless we do something serious to stop this crap they only repeat everything again and again

  15. Hey guys I m so happy today becoz my brother’s wedding has fixed. Yeeeee……? I m going to get my bhaaabhiiii. ? My brother’s engagement is in September last and wedding is in next year in February but before it, I have lot of works and preparations to do for it. From now I will keep busy in shopping and planning. So no time for kkb but ya if possible then I will try to gives latest news or updates regarding the show. But this whole year and in starting of upcoming year I will b busy in my brother’s marriage preparation. Happy that I will not bother for kkb becoz I will b busy in my brother’s wedding preparations. I will miss u guys but will try to keep in touch whenever I will get time.

    1. my heartily conz….dear…miss u

      n also conz 4 great escape 4 kkb

    2. Superb prathiksha sisy
      Convey our wishes to your brother and for you also congrats
      I wish you have loads and loads of joy and happiness
      But yes i will miss you but keep in touch sisy

    3. hi Pratiksha hw r u congrats to your brother thts nice to hear

    4. Till ur brother’s wedding is over this serial vll not end also

  16. This is crazy ? twists show doesn’t make sense that they killed pragya, and then bring her back as a different person! We waited so long for something beautiful why did always killed the woman in the show never got intimate with her husband

  17. Hi Pratiksha how are you. Congrats with your brother. We’ll miss you. Keep us in touch

  18. prathiksha congratulations and
    Convey my wishes to your brother and for your family.
    I wish you have loads of joy and happiness. But we will miss your valuable comments.

  19. Seriously, memory loss again… last time it was Abhi and now, its Pragya!!!! Or suddenly Pragya’s doppelgänger just dropped in!!! How very convenient! I don’t understand why they could not have just given a decent ending to the whole thing by letting them have a safe return after the 2nd marriage!!! Why keep stretching the story until it makes the viewers feel stupid everytime they watch it!

  20. Thank u so much guys for all ur wishes and I will miss u too guys. Surely I will try to keep in touch. ?

  21. OMG I thought this show was coming to an end. How can this be a top runner before Woh Apna Sa, That show has maturity, sensibility and class compare to this BS. How can anyone tolerate this stupid merry go round BS, really. More dumb villians to be added. Isn’t Tanu and Aliya and Nikil enough. Just watch Woh Apna Sa. Even though there is some evil people, they are always outsmarted by the main actors, whereas, it take a year or 2 for this dumb show to even get somewhere and by the time it does, you get bored with the main actors anyway. At this point who cares if Abhi gets back with Pragya or Munni or anyone for that matter.

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