Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi that she didn’t tell him anything in the hospital, but will tell him. She says she haven’t done anything. Tanu acts and asks her to tell that she is behind the kidnapping and is responsible for her baby’s death. Pragya says I will tell, and says you have kept that baby in your womb as you wanted a lavish life. She says you have hidden the fact from her until now. Abhi says that baby was mine. Pragya says that baby was not yours. Abhi asks her to go. Tanu asks her to leave the house and says Abhi wanted this. Pragya asks do you really want me to go. Abhi says he don’t want anyone around him as his baby is dead now. He asks them to leave. Tanu asks Pragya to leave. Pragya says I can’t let you stay with her. Tanu asks her to leave from here.


asks him not to believe on Tanu. Tanu asks her to go and says she will kick her out. She takes her to other room and pushes her on bed. She says you have snatched Abhi from me and have separated him from his baby. Pragya says it was not his baby. Tanu says but he knows that that the baby was his. Tanu says the more you try to tell him the truth, he will not believe you and hate you. She asks her to go and says time has come. You have to leave Abhi. She says Abhi will be guilty free if he spends time with me. Pragya says when he comes to know that the baby is of Nikhil then he will be guilty free.

Tanu says who will tell him truth. He says Abhi is emotional and is holding himself responsible as he loves you. I kept this thing in his mind and understood now that you have killed our baby. She says he is thinking you as a murderer and holding himself responsible and will punish himself. She says his love for you was the biggest mistake of his life. She emotionally blackmails him and says if you wants good for him then leave him. She says every marriage don’t have a happy ending and few people are meant to separate. Sarla is in tension and says I can’t my daughter in pain. I will tell truth to Abhi.

Beeji asks her to keep quiet and asks her to understand what they are going through. Sarla should know that the baby is of someone else. Beeji says Abhi is very sad now. She says you will not go else I will not talk to you. Nikhil brings his goons as an eye witness and says they have seen Pragya doing accident.. Dadi asks them to say the truth. Goon tells that Pragya did the accident. Nikhil shows the pic. Goon confirms. Dadi slaps him and says everyone is lying. She says I will not believe. Goon says I have seen with my own eyes. Purab asks Dadi to calm down. Nikhil acts and thanks the goons. She asks them to go.

Goon asks Nikhil if he liked his acting. Nikhil gives him money and asks him to get out of city. Dadi tells Purab that Nikhil will prove that Pragya is guilty and says we can’t do anything. Purab says you are saying right? The men were Nikhil’s goons and he had kidnapped her. Dadi says Abhi has to believe on Pragya and says don’t know what to do. Purab says we have to do something. Pragya asks Abhi not to feel guilty. Abhi refuses to listen to Pragya. He says whenever I see you, I see my baby. I don’t want to see your face, just go far from me. He closes the door. Pragya cries asking him to open the door once. Main Tenu Samjhawa ji……Pragya thinks Abhi is very sad.

Pragya sees her innerself. She says Abhi’s pain will never go. Pragya says his pain will lowered when he comes to know about the truth. Pragya says I will tell him the truth and he have to hear me. Her innerself asks if she wants to give him pain so that he die one day. Pragya says I want to give him a new life. Her innerself says although baby was not his, but he is in pain. She says I am afraid that you might lose Abhi instead of getting him. Pragya says I won’t let this happen.

Pragya tells Abhi that she is going far from her and now he will understand that she was never interested in money. She might return his property.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. sunita

    Can u plz show some positive episode in behalf of pragya tired of seeing evils are wining and truth is losing . Plz writer .

    • Deepika

      Seriously..Now it’s a high time..please expose Tanu..I am losing interest in this serial now..

  2. asmitha

    I didn’t expect abhi like this so sad of pragya I liked precap it was OK to see tommarrow epi by precap she handovers his property papers so let’s see what abhi will decide but one thing is no one is ready to tell him truth y abhi changed again and one more thing is y abhi left home fr pragya r fr baby what r u thinking gyus

  3. Shakaib


    |Registered Member

    The authors are dragging show too much. I want abhigya together but they didn’t want this, they want tabhi together, nowttank’s child is dead but they did not show abhigya.

    • asmitha

      S sahithi agree with u instead of showing this much crap they can end this serial it will be gd

  4. Mariammalvalasubramanian

    To much boring to expose tanu ; abhi had not been able to find out truth about problem

  5. Pri

    Thy are not going. To exposse tanu and just dragging ..thn will show memory loss drama and again abhigya separation and ba wins over good ..its better quit the show

    • Barsa

      agree…do u think abhigya will b one ???jz fed up of dis nautanki!!! dcided 2 quit d show….

  6. sowjanya

    Wowww writers how can you imagine such a dump, stupid and idiotic story. Do you think the viewer are sooooo foolish to view whatever you write. Please include some sense in this serial. Show viewers the right , loyality and good. you serials always shows evil things.

  7. Anveshi

    Arey yaar
    Kitne baar yaar
    Just stop it
    Years and years they are showing this only
    Don’t they get bored

  8. Priya tikkah

    D baby is dead n the secret still not out yet, when will he realize that praghya trying. To protect him from his enemy😀 tanu omg she still not giving up on abhi even tho d baby is dead😬 plz let pragya n abhi be together😏

  9. Pratiksha

    Horrible episode, pathetic stuffs and worst week of kkb and still they r planning for making the show more worst by memory loss!! 😰😣😡Baby has gone physically but After it’s exit also baby helped his wicked and evil mother tanu against pragya. After a year, pragya got bit successful in putting doubt in abhi’s mind but now baby took it away also along with own.😟 Can’t see abhi as crying and blaming pragya for a baby who is not his. Pragya and tanu already has been taken away his almost mind and now baby has taken his mind completely along with it’s exit. Only by reading the updates, I m unable to tolerate it then how does I tolerate if I sees it on TV. Thanks to me for taking a gud decision of not watching it. Even I have warned my family too, to not switch on zee at 9pm. Today I was watching diya aur baat hum and it gave gud entertainment today. It is running gud nowadays but sadly it is going to b end soon. So let’s see which show will take it’s place. I hope it will b gud so I could b forced to forget kkb forever. I learnt a lesson from kkb that we should not so much attached with any of the show or with it’s characters so if they ruins then we could leave them just in a moment and do not wait for it’s betterment for long, like we did for kkb and abhigya. 😐

    • asmitha

      U r right pratiksha and they came to their same position but how can abhi think like that really it gave so much pain

    • steffyrao

      Yes Pratiksha u r absolutely right. Neva get attached to a show or its characters.
      Loyalty to such shows does not pay off at all. It sucks you in & eats your brain up.

      Reading today’s WU is terribly frustrating.

      I enjoyed KKB in the beginning because it was entertaining & unique. But its getting
      soo ludicrous. Its a fiction which is senseless! !

      I am just wondering where is Pari & Dr Sheela in all this???

      How did Nikhil get pics of Pragya commiting the accident when the goons were not even in the scene . Seriously mind blowing.

      I think these goons must be the script writers. The head writer must be the one with the stuttering speech problem.

    • Sahithi

      My dad gave up on this show early this week n declared he is never coming back. Today my mom also followed same thing,she came to conclusion that no point watching further. in fact we didn’t hear even one dialogue both of us were discussing where things went wrong for the show. Anyhow it was not worth watching it hearing anything there. We both started hating Pragya from quiet sometime now, though the main reason we started this show initially was Sriti. But these days seeing Sriti as Pragya is so irritating.

      And the way they are handling Abhi’s character, gave me pain today. We all at home loved him the most above everyone else on the show. But what writers r doing to Abhi’s character is pure sadism.

      My mom was saying because of makers obsession to show Pragya as hero in this track, they lost essence of the show. They finally r gonna show her as a complete loser as well. It no longer is worth watching, same with giving all footage to the evils. So I may have to take a break because no one from my family wants to watch further.

      If any of them misses the show n Abhi n wants to come back sometime next week, I can start watching again else it’s a final bye..

      I know lot of ppl gave up, n lot more might follow if Tanu is not exposed, but given current ratings they will be even more lazy to use their brains. There was a time when we wud keep watching repeat telecast, on ozee,on youtube, same epi. But now watching actual one at 9 itself is pain, so … Let the writers n makers enjoy with their obsession for pain n lies on this show.

    • Iswarya_santhosh


      |Registered Member

      Guys im new to ur grp! Will u guys accept me as ur frnd and teammate! Actually i used read all the comments(asmitha, prathiksha, sahithi, and everyone who are pinging here regularly…. Sorry i forgot few more names) but now a days only i started to comment in kkb section!so guys will u accept me? U r right prathiksha whever im seeing abhi is getting sad my mind will lose all the senses and i feel very frustated even sometimes i cried a lot
      Now i understood abhi affected me a lot bcoz i luv abhigaya so much. From the begining of the show abhi was in a confusion. Before his love for pragya, he didnt come to an conclusion whether he was in love with tanu or pragya? bcoz of purab only he realized his love for pragya and now he again have a confusion whether pragya is good or not? If his love is true means then he shouldnt have confusions like this! He must belive pragya.
      I think if pragya had tell the truth when she came to know means abhi might have believed her and took some steps to findout the truth but now she made things complicated. And in abhi’s view this two irritating womens spoil his future bcoz of their selfish fightings. Feeling sorry for abhi.
      I hope things will be changed soon.

      • Pratiksha

        Hi iswayra🙋welcome to the group. But u have joined us at a moment when most of r ready to quit from kkb to watch becoz this show has completely ruined and lost it’s all essence. But we will stay connected with each other here as we all have become gud friends of each other. We will keep discussing about the show and it’s progress through updates. So u can also join us in these discussions.😊

  10. Bujji

    Bakwas bandh Kat re idiots…is this serial or what..? So hectic…dnt know how to give dialogues also….blo*dy tanu always shouting only…did mehra mansion people having brains..? If have atleast think a while to understand the truth..always blindly will believe others words…even if they know truth they will not open their mouth…then what’s the use of the cartoons in that family…always tanu Aaliyah and Nikhil wins then why the story line and blo*dy story created by the writers…are u sleeping…? So many disgusting events are happening..always dramas kidnap cruel mentality what’s this nonsense and all..are u showing people also should follow such cruelity…..?that mental abhi he dnt hv sense only when she will open the mouth to say truth he is unable to listen only….and the thing what ever till now they exposed through cc Tv footage can’t they show directly so many people are there cant anyone will record and send SMS to that mental abhi…no one will do that thing…simply they want to prove in front of all cartoons only…what’s the use of showing of all cartoons the big teddybear abhi is there know…show to him….always spending lyf on others words only…can’t even think a while….poor story…….better to stop telecasting this serial immediately..otherwise everyone will come and beat u writers…be careful

    • Sammy

      Well said… you have hit all the points. Cartoons is the show… better to watch cartoons… teddy bear abhi…wicked witch tanu… master mind nikhil… dangerous aaliya… looser pragya… then foolish other characters…. blame the writers of this serial.

  11. Catherine

    Oh yes,,,,,,I rather prefer watching Masterchef Australia rather than stupid KKB. It’s not worth watching as it has been dragged and not upto the mark anymore. Thanks to you people , atleast at the end of the day I get to read the updates ….

    • Mannalia

      This is pure nonsense!!!! Authentic bull!
      First they give abhi some common sense when pragya was being accused of being with champak and like it vanished when he signed those divorce papers.
      He’s way too sensitive how easily he believed that melodramatic wimp tanu. I can’t stand her and abhi’s obvious naive behavior is adding to my irritation.
      Up to now they can’t even expose tanu.
      This whole serial is so illogical. There is no way that tanu could remain safe without any exposure for so long.
      And this is why I read it. I can’t being myself to even watch it.
      Because I’ll end up throwing things at the t.v.

  12. Puppy

    Well is better to let Pragya go away from Abhi’s life and finds a better life instead. Let her return to her ordinary life, job and family. And show what Abhi will be missing on the other side let Abhi know the real Tanu. Then the fun part will start

  13. jennifer

    Pathetic show… is this the usual indian storyline… I pity our viewers in slow cuzco they r watching the dubbed version in sinhala now

  14. shambhavi

    lets take oath of not tolerating such rubbish tv serials anymore. all are clever accept abhi n one thing more he is blind. he sees what is shown to him.

  15. PAYAL

    Abhi…. he has been called everything possible but the writers don’t care.
    Writers…. do you really know or are associated with a man like Abhi. You must, or were else would you get these ideas from. Or maybe you are like Abhi and are making his character like yourself. I feel sorry for you.
    Keep dragging this out and as soon as you finish the Tanu character you will end her story. Just like always, none of these evil characters (Tanu, Nikhil and Alia) will be exposed or get treated badly like what Pragya is going thru. I think the only sane and intelligent character in this story is Akash.

  16. priya

    Again same action by nikhil. How many tyms he will prove pragya wrong.Repeated story.plz end the serial if you dont have a new concept for this.No need to simply lengthen.No body will watch.Serials are mainly for audience.if audience dont lyk,why to make such serial?

  17. Srividya

    Abhi was so smart in last year serials… Now can’t imagine about him.. Rather he alone used to find out the truth.. But now a days his mind is not working.. Producer and writer how can this will happen.. So dumb…

  18. Cynthia

    What a boring serial…when will be stopped…going around same bush..taking the audience for a ride…dadi is like a mom to abhi..cant she tell him the truth…what type of rockstar he is shown as a joker…where are the directors…i have to stop watching as well all my friends…this serial started way back in 2014 n its still going on with stupid storyline…

  19. steffyrao

    I think think Nikhils goons must be the script writers. And the head writer must be the goon with the stuttering speech problem.

    Thats why the storyline has been stuttering completely…..with no logic at all.

  20. Shreya

    Ye directer fir se pragya se tanu ke against plane bnwayege fir tanu ko kuch plane krke sachcha sabit kr denge

  21. Pradip

    Writer has decided that till people will lose trust on truth and God , the episode will continue like this..
    So be mentally ready to see Pragya a b*t*h of street
    Also love that its Satyug time serial where there is no police .. Judge is Abhi .. And teams one person killed , mother tried to killed as well Pragya , child kidnapped .. Really writer is highly ………

  22. mansi parab

    Abhi ka uper ka majela khali hai….thoda surkit hai…bus auroto ke jaisa rone ke sivay aur kuch nahi aata…ektakapoor kitna khichegi kkb ko

  23. Dolly

    Looks like They r going to drag more by letting pragya leave the house and introducing bulbul in new face to try to expose tanu and party.

  24. Sherry

    This serial is so stupid now …Pragya is dumb ..dadi is dumb …y d heck can’t they seak up …my god it’s boring watching d same shit over n over ..never ending buulshit …never hav I seen villian like Tanu ..Nikkil n Aaliyah getting away with all d lies n shit …writers it’s been years n years n nothing interesting to look forward to ….drink your coffee n wake up writers ..u r dreaming crap

  25. Sapphire


  26. kalps

    I totally agree this serial is so regressive it is not even funny anymore…Nikhil alia and tanu always get away with every wrong and pragya never proves her innocence. Abhi is the dumbest of the lot who gets taken in by wrong and not right. The dr does not come forward, the people who saw the accident are magically missing..how did pragya commit accident when she was on the road? Are there no fingerprints on the wheel of the car ….god please fill some sense into everybody’s heads who are associated with such mindless serial’s…ekta kapoor are you listening

  27. Sheela

    Seriously haven’t seen anything like this in my whole life even a small kid will tell that pragya is an idiot. Pragya sold her brains. Everyone knows the truth why the hell does everybody keep quiet? Kasam li ha I pragya ne sabse, usko diye kasam Ke liye wo Mar bhi jayegi to bhi woh log chup hi rahenge kyuki pragya ne kasam le li unse. Ab bhagwan dharti mein pragya ka sach batanein toh nahin ayega na, jhooton ko itna saboot mill jata hai sachon ko koi saboot milta hi nahi. Jab dekho bagwan se prarthana karte rehte hain, apna bhi mooh khol do. Pragya itni mentally week hai ki tanu use easily manipulate kar deti hai. Dil kartha hai pragya ko bolum tum na chooloo bhar pani mein doob maro. 🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅. Idiots+brainless+stupid+#$#@$$$$$@$$$$!@$$$$$!$#####$#$.

  28. Mittenzz

    These production houses and script writers con these actorsvin their parts. They starts the story off on a nice and entrapping note. Getting the actors comfortable in their roles. Then everything goes down hill. I wonder! Don’t these actors have families who watches these shows? Don’t they tell them the show makes them look dumb and stupid and that even the story line is frap and illogical? Or are they too behaving like the members of the MM house hold, knowing the truth and still stands mute?.
    I don’t think they only receive the script on the day they’re to act it that way they can’t align the flow of the show to see how stupid these people are making them.
    I also wonder do they get the chance to read these updates and comments posted by the fans of the show? How do they feel about the name callings and possibly the thought of wasting their talent on such crap.

  29. Writer

    Pragya plz leave abhi. There is no point in staying with him as he has not having a single penny of love for u. If so, he will not do like that. Writers, plz end this show forever. Because people will get a bad idea about true love. Please…

  30. sravs

    hai guys. main yeh soah raha hoon ki afterwards we will hav fun kyon ki jab prafya gar chod ke jayegi tab abi ko pata chakega pragya kya hoti hai muje ek doubt hai ki kyon dadi abi ko kyon sach nahi bata deti abi ko kitni bar samjayena usme toda sa bi pragya ke bare mein samja di toh yeh problem hi nahi hogi

  31. sharmi

    Lord god, I pray this show should stop!!!!

    Just deleted almost 20 unwatched episodes I taped. I haven’t even read the updates in weeks but reading today, the story has not moved in all this time, how can these writers have no imagination to write a better story…they are suppose to be storytellers aren’t they. Stuck in the same circle of over a year or more. I don’t even understand how they keep showing this on TV…I like watching EK Tha Raja or I would unsubscribe this channel 🙁

  32. adamu alhaji adamu

    A child is always a child, but please grow up from this ur rubbish story. Please don’t be annoyed mr producer, how old are u? Because this is children story from the era of seventeen century. Pls kindly close this story and move on to another one. I really don’t understand ur story because is not educative and nothing to learn from it. I don’t know when u will close this nonsense story of ours cos it is boring and in addition to that no entertainment or happiness from it. I strong believed Indians are the most educated people in the world with the exception of u. Pls wake up from dreams because the whole are reading and watching ur nonsense story of kkb

    • Adie eldin

      I’m agree with you Adamu, the KKB story doesn’t bring good impressions to reflect the Indian ppl. As if there is no judicial system, no law enforcement mno good values in people. Takhil and Aliya can get away with their criminsl actions. Shame on you producers, directors and screen players👎🏽

  33. preetha

    After one and half year the writer had just killed the baby character alone. He doesnt want the serial to be upgrading. They are just revolving around the same concept. Pls ask the writer to end up the serial if dont have an idea for another orientation.

    Hectic and stupid serial.

    Serial ratting will reduce only. many of us now not watching this serial bcz of dragging if it prolongs v wont even read the telly updates.

  34. Muskaan

    Pragya hd taken all the property n money from abhi for saving him n on other side nikhil n tanu cheating abhi for money. .but still nikhil giv money to goon mtlb nikhil k paas itne paise h ki wo sabut karid skta h kidnap n murder krwa skta n gunde karid skta h n champak ko b kharid skta h n pragya the mahan aatma property n paiso ka kya Achar dalne wali h kya..?

  35. Ashana

    This show should definitely end. It’s one of the most fished up serial I have ever follow. Those soaps like kasam se, saat pherI etc. They had some great story line. I got attached to Indian soaps through those I mention. I enjoyed pavita rishta but kumkum bhagiya is messed up. This is the first time in history I see people so dumb and stupid. They are foolish to the maximum level. Imagine everyone is against tanu nikkil and aliya and yet no one has the mind to speak out. Every one is waiting for evidence. I’ve never seen evil won over so many times. Maybe the writer/s of this series need to go back from all the way to nursery level and educate their mind as to the writing of a script that makes senses. This soaps turned out to be great at first but now it came pure bullshit. Why is zee TV still tolerating this show? I don’t now but honestly this kind of soaps should be banned from TV.

  36. rr

    Seriously y is the writer picturing hero so dumb. Seems like females hv sharper brain than men.cant abhi do something..and this dadi, purab, Aakash soo useless.

  37. Amiyna

    Apparently we have to wait till the end of the yr for tanu truth to be revealed I have been anticipating this and every time I am let down really feeling to take a break from this show only when tanu truth is out i will start bk watching .

  38. Payal

    Ms. Kapoor, you must be sitting, counting and calling the fans fools to keep on watching. Just remember that putting out this pathetic serial shows what kind of person you are….

  39. indira

    This serial is really losing its magnetism…. Why do the writers insist on showing such abusive situations? The falseness depicted by Tanu is so easily accepted by the gullible Abhi. I’m tired of his weak character…. All this serial depicts is negativity and lies. Things need to change in the plot …

  40. Madhu

    When will Abhi the foolish guy try to find out what is truth…why can’t he try to find where Pragya was the previous night…. strange way of portraying a Hero so foolish … ye shabir aisa role kya sırf pais e ke liye kar raha… Foolish role karne ki bhi ek hadd hoti hai.

  41. Evan

    Why does Abhi always insult Pragya in front of Tanu, and why does he never listen to her? Also his house is like a Supreme Court, with lies and plots, and he needs proof for everything, and his family members are the jury and they know everything, but they are not delivering. So the judge who Abhi cannot make a informed decision. Poor Pragya, I’m sorry for you sweetie.

  42. kkB-fanornot

    Whhhaaaattt? They now have killed the baby?!!!! Ridiculous!!!

    Each time I take a break from reading about the story..i come back to no change. And then this! Ridiculous…after almost one year of Tanu being pregnant, they killed the baby! Weird and silly writer! They have no concept. Stop watching….or keep ranting here. Best way. Now will probably read after a week – guaranteed the story would not have moved. Or better still they will kill someone, or Aaliya will show her evilness. Or the story will leap 15 years! CRAZY!

  43. callisse

    I have never heard of such stupidity ! How long will this conception go on for ? It is to much crap and why does it always have to be some kind of ‘intended’ rape screen. Bring the story to and end now

  44. mohini

    This show should end . Such a boring and crap show..
    I ,too wonder why no one is telling the truth to Abhi . I like Both Abhi and Pragya ..
    But Stupid Tanu.. I hate to see this Biggest cunning fool..
    Please bring some positive episodes now..

  45. saman

    i think writter wan to show us dat da fale peopl n evil olwaz win over truth ….. o may b he is jss draging shw bcz he wans k ye show tanu n pragya etc ki rozgari ka shadhn bna rhe😂😂
    ….. bcz i dnt think so dt dey hv gud story to show us…

  46. Jada


    |Registered Member

    I don’t know which character is the dumbest. Pragya is one of the biggest fools ever, always thinking silence and patience is the answer: Pragya that does not work in real life. She is the WEAKEST character, and I know she’s been through a lot all for the sake of love and blah blah blah but come on there is a limit to stupidity. Abhi is a fool for his constant need for evidence. He should have married a freaking lawyer dammit…

  47. lips

    Wah phirse ek new faltu drama suru hogaya.1st bulbul margeyi but uski gunhegar ko pakad nhi paye wo khud batadiya.then tanu kiske wajah se pregnant thi ye abhi ko pata nhi.then DNA report ke sachai ke bare mai abhi ko pata nhi.then prgya ki kidnap ke bare mai abhi ko pata nhi.aliya wapas ake kuchh na kuchh gadbad phirse kar sakti hai ye v abhi ko malum nhi.par ye sare dadi rachna nd akash nd pragya ko pata hai par wo bol nhi sakte.iss serial se abhi ko uda dena chahiye kyun ki hero hai per uska dimag hi nhi hai.ese story se jyada achhi wali stoly to main likh sakti hoon.phir Dr.sheela ki beti to mil geyi to wo to ab sach bata sakte hai.par wo v nhi hai.i cant see this serial any more

  48. Sasha

    Middle finger for this story.. Fed up… Shit.. Ektha Kapoor go to hell… Always u r continuing ur crap..Never ending blah blah blah…

  49. Pratiksha

    New promo out which we saw in yesterday’s segment and update but with adding a scene of takhil for twist. Update of promo with it’s link- Abhigya Milan and takhil’s conspiracy – Voice-over says that Crossing all the challenges AbhiGya have come together but will another conspiracy seperate them?

    They show AbhiGya hugging like they were hugging in yesterday’s promo shoot. Both r wet they comes close to each other. Pragya feels shy. Abhi holds her face and then they hugs each other intensely.

    Otherside, Nikhil has removed the bolts of the car.

    Tanu says you pragya have snatched the winning game from us.
    Nikhil says now pragya will pay the price for it by giving her life. Takhil smirks after doing something with car.

    Will the hope of a new start get over because of this new conspiracy?

    Mon – fri 9pm sirf zee TV par



    • Pratiksha

      Keep ur head bashing😇 guys that now what turn will take the story after it and what is going to happen before it but remember that don’t loss ur memory in it’s thinking.☺😂

      • Pratiksha

        Now I m confirmed for two things that this sudden change in story is becoz of the number-1 position in trp ratings since two-three weeks whichever the reason to cvs for making the story more complicated, that’s why they showed this new shooted promo instead of that last shooted promo which they shot for tanu’s exposure with sheela and pragya. Now they cancelled it and brought this another new promo of abhigya’s Milan and takhil’s conspiracy, after getting audience’s gud response and otherthing is whatever is going to happen but in every result, abhigya r going to b seperate for more long for sure.

      • Pratiksha

        Guys show’s time has changed and now it will b aired for monday-friday at 9 pm, like before. Two days will b free from torcher. But with the upcoming storyline I think we will wish to b free for everyday for long.

      • shobana

        Thank god prathiksha, its really a good news that the show time has changed back to mon-Fri . Its irritating to the core. Yesterday I was pulling air while watching the show.
        I always used to say unless and until the trp is high we can’t see good episodes. Few weeks back kkb slipped to 5th position, after that only we saw some good episode like the writers are returned abhi’s brain. Since the show become no 1 the CVs have started to irritated us.
        I don’t want memory loss track. It seems that the CVs are not ready to unite abhigya as of now.

      • Sahithi

        Yeah they shot one promo but never showed it or brought up those sequences. And now another new promo and Nikhil is such a funny guy, he was removing bolts from car like a mechanic. Seriously Tanu didnt choose Nikhil intentionally but she is damn lucky to literally get such a partner in crime. Its her bhagya. Even without the baby they are oh-so-together.

        So now it is pointing more towards a ML and instead of Pragya I strongly feel it will be Abhi. But as some are predicting it may be his drama to know the truth as precap shows Pragya returning property today. Like in Mogambo track first its shown Pragya back in new getup, then its shows its all false attitude, Daadi being mastermind, Bulbul also part of it. Similarly they may first show ML and then FBs, to show who all involved this time in drama.

      • asmitha

        After their union it is better to end this serial waited fr 1 year to see their union but nothing

      • shobana

        What if abhi gets accident and comes in new avatar like pragya did???
        The writers are expert in recycling the scenes. So it may be like that also

      • asmitha

        Sahithi I think there is no need of drama of abhi he will loss his memory because of accident after pragya saying truth what is the need to do it and he to believed it that what said in promo after so many efforts they r going to be one and what is the need to act as memory loss and he loss his memory really but it happens it will be known story and bored stuff as so we have seen like this in so many movies and serials y can’t they try anything new it will be interest to watch and shabir also did like this as losing his partial memory in one of his serial better they can show any new and if they show again same story I think their trp will also fall I decided to not to watch it if they show same crap

      • Pratiksha

        But guys I don’t think that memory loss will b for fake becoz if abhi will do fake memory loss drama then he will not spend a long time to find out the truth like pragya spent. We all knows that his much he was better than pragya in solving the matters so cleverly and carefully. So if CVS will show abhi’s memory loss fake drama then they couldn’t stretch the track for long and at last trio evils will get exposed together then how they will show the story withoit villains. If pragya doesn’t know about aliyaa’s come back then it was possible that abhi will fake memory loss and omly takhil gets exposed and aliyaa willbn safe for later for further story but here cvs have exposed aaliyaa also infront of sarla maa and pragya so chances seems less of fake memory loss.

      • Pratiksha

        And according to the news peoples abhi will forget only about pragya, through which cvs cam keep abhigya seperate from each other again for long and he will keep remember tanu and and his family, through which they can bring taaliya back in mehra house, in abhigya’s life again for showing evilness. So I will b vote for real memory loss of abhi. CVS will show partial memory loss of abhi for real.

      • Sahithi

        Why is everyone thinking ML will happen after Abhi knows truth. I have this strong feeling that before Pragya can show him the video, Abhi will end up with an accident. Let us see but this time I chose not to trust the promo showing the leads are coming close, as before that happens evils plan may be successful.

        This promo might well be to mislead ppl to believe truth will be out but before that happens, accident may happen.

    • ar

      pratiksha i thnk abhi will loose memory getting into the car after knowing d truth..but whats d use bulshit!
      again after loosing memory bak 2 sq.1
      the same old bullshit

    • asmitha

      So after knowing truth abhigya going to separate so up to their union I will see and all we know after their union what is going to happen so gd bye for kkb

  50. Harry

    When tanu stole da money nd blame pragya in case of chmpak so abi rejct tanu now why abh cnt understnd that tanu is wronf

  51. ashthad

    Hi All – This shows creators and writers are brain dead but what about the actors. Seniors of this family – when they talk it makes no sense. Some of us watch sows for entertainment but then there are others watch serials to learn how twisted they can be.

  52. Suparna

    Mr producer you r only showing criminal winning in the show is will have wrong impact on people

  53. fuggy

    abhi ka memory loss ka news such ya jhoot pragya bolri thi ki aisa kuch bhi nahi hone wala hai agar abhi ka memory loss hua tho koy bhi nahi dekhega ye serial

  54. Renju

    Such a dragging serial I have never seen before. Everyone knows the truth except the hero.the story will remain the same even after two more years.no good thing is happening in this serial.only evil wins every time.the worst serial I have ever seen.

  55. Pratiksha

    After watching the promo, it seems pragya will get succeed in telling takhil’s and aaliya’s truth to abhi, on which abhi will believe and then they will finally consummate. But after it, when they will b on drive or abhi will b on drive, then accident will happen becoz of takhil’s plan. Pragya will b safe but abhi will get injured badly and when he will come in consciousness then he will forget his half memory for real. He will forget about pragya completely and will remember only that days when he was with tanu and aaliya, purab and his family. Pragya will b left shattered and heart broken. Evils will celebrate their victory as pragya will b out from abhi’s life finally becoz of his memory loss. After sometimes, pragya will get pregnant and will carry abhi’s baby. But she have to with abhi’s baby in her womb without abhi and far from him becoz abhi’s memory loss. No body will try to remember him anything becoz of her health. So pragya will again wait for abhi and evil will keep trying to keep them seperate as much they can. Tanu and aliyaa will enjoy with abhi andchis wealth and pragya and ithers will b shading tears. Between all this, time to time cvs will create some situations where abhi amd pragya will clash with each other and abhi will see the dusty scenes and past from his lost memory of hia life, sometimes becoz of pragya or sometimes becoz of some situations, whenever ahow’s trp will b affected then they will create a situation where we will think that now everything will get fine but whenever they will get it’s trp on high then they will again pull us back by putting some so call twist. Like this, cvs will keep the viewers engaged with the show always asuch as possible. This is my assumption on the bases of my experience of kkb and on the bases of this new promo. Rest things depends on CVS.

    • Pratiksha

      But whatever will happen I m no more intrested in it. I have been totally fed up by seeing same story, things, events, situations and peoples round and round again and again. I have no more patience to tolerate same with little difference again. That’s why I have decide to keep me away from abhigya and kkb as much as possible. I will get busy from next month becoz I have a lot of new works to start and to do from next month. And hopefully, in sometimes I will completely forget this show becoz of my busy schedule. Someone said right that life never stops from anyone’s going. And this is just a fictional show, all for just a drama, just for time pass but our life is real so it’s better to concentrate on it more than any other drama or show. Until they were giving gud entertainment, it was better to give time to it but now when it has become waste so it’s better to not to waste our time and mind on it. This Show was very scopy for showing the story with different turns and flavours but god knows what’s going in CVS mind and what they wants to do? They r thinking that they r getting successful in running the show successfully becoz of their story then they r in big misunderstanding. TTheir show is running successfully just becoz of sriti and shabbir’s onscreen chemistry but until when sriti and shabbir also will b succesful in keep maintaining it’s popularity since long, let’s see.

      • Iswarya_santhosh


        |Registered Member

        From the begning itself they are running the serial and got the trp bcoz of eyelocks only and now they again started the same way to get the trp. Guys we love abhigaya and they know that very well.

    • Sahithi

      Pratiksha, nice guess but I dont want that to happen, where they are happy for few moments and then separated for another 1 year. Of course this is what happened last time, where Abhi proposed Pragya but Pragya left MM. And we have been seeing recycled stuff.

      But by now everyone who watched thru this Mogambo track lost their patience and expecting some good happy time for the leads. I would rather prefer Abhi forgetting Pragya completely and they starting back again fresh rather than Pragya carrying their baby and Abhi not aware/acknowledging that.

      I mean he had Tanu stay in his house when she was carrying someone’s baby, but when his wife carries their baby, she is far somewhere. Heights of saddism right.. Unwanted negativity. And also we heard this ML being brought to avoid a leap, so I doubt if Sriti would be okay to portray a pregnant lady and keep crying.

      What entertainment will be left for us to watch in such sequence. I dont even want writers to get such ideas and take this show the way of such cliches. But if that is what they chose to, then it well lives upto EK’s reputation of destroying all well started shows.

    • asmitha

      After memory loss of abhi then what dadi will do she can allow tanu and aaliya into mm r they will end dadi character also and how purab will react to it I think arjit will quit the show instead of doing this stupid serial if he quit it will be better to him

  56. mohaa

    this is the worst series i hv ever saw what the hell is wrong,all d people who work in this story r fake they were wasting our time

  57. thinker

    what they showing in the show.they doing the same with us also.they know we love abhigya.that’s why they separating us.

  58. Alka

    Here hero abhi is so dumb first pragya”s mother than she herself got kidnapped and he doesn’t know anything. Foolishly believe tanu. In between he shows some brain and start suspecting nikhil but director doesn’t want that further

  59. Shiela Abdul Rahman

    This serial eps should stop..now,i want to remove this programme from my taped..it so boring !!!!

  60. ashima

    see i have a bttr assumption pragya will reveal takhil and then in that barish wala scene abhi will ask pragya “itna pyar krti ho mujhse mere liye itna kuch kiya”
    pragya ” bc shak h tujhe”
    pragya will hit abhi on his head by iron rod abhi will lost his memory and then dadi and team will go against pragya and pragya will be khooni dulhan she will start killing eveerybody and show will over this is what my kumkum bhagya experience says bcoz CVs dnt have mind 😂😂😂😂😂😂 aur berozgari kitni badi samasya h ye hum dekh hi skte h koi bhi character ye show nhi chod rha kyuki inke pas kam nhi h bas bulbul mey dimag tha chod diya ab usey koi show nhi mil rha iss bat se characters ko ehsas ho gya h they shud nt leave the show and have u guys seen pragya ki figure kitni gandi h jhuki hui h wo itna kama rhi h thoda apne upar kharch kre by the way i have a lot of work to do in my lyf in future so i m nt gonna waste my tym on this show anymore.

    • SURBHI


      |Registered Member

      bilkul sahi soch hai bhai 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 shak nahi saley yakeen karna seekh ek to waisey hi ghar par pada rehta hai dimag me kachra bhar gaya hai ek banda chahiye sboot dikhane k liye warna to kab ka such bahar aa jana tha is alien ka 😂😂😂😂 maza aaya tumhara cmnt padh kar

      • sweety

        surbhi di why u r not update your ff di pls update di i waiting for u r ff long day di pls update di pls…..di by u r crazy fun di

  61. Gogo

    Itna ghatiya serial aj tk nhi dekha meine meri lyf me. Even pavitra rishta bhi isse better tha. Mtlb how can a lady be pregnant from last 1 year rather more then that, 15 mahine se tanu pregnent thi or ab jb bcha hona tha to usko maar diya. Itna ghatiya serial, k is serial me vamp or villian ghoom ghoom k vapis aa jaate h. Ye pragya n gang se tanu ka khulasa ni hota or ye show ka writer or director to maha neech h saale kya dikha re h ek saal se ye tanu aliya nikhil ni pkde gye. Hatttt saalee kuttee

    • Reena

      Zee tv ki aj tak ki third class serial kumkum bhagya.bakwas hey sab.really .ab jaise bhi kumkum bhagya 9 pm ko lagta hey ,hum Chanel hi change kar dete hay,time waste story

  62. Razzy

    I was thinking similar like you pratiksha and to be honest I hope this never happens as it means abhigiya wil b separated. I think abhi needs to wake up and understand what’s happening and this nikils voice is so irritated. It’s always just as abhigiya gets together the writers separates them. I have not been watching this serial almost for 3 months and yesterday was the first time I watched it in 3 months, the track is still there were I left it still pragya trying to expose tanu.

  63. jennifer

    Hey guys… any idea where Dr shellac and pari are. Aren’t they grateful to be safe and sound thanks to pragya. …why don’t they tell the truth. This story is so illogical these days.

  64. vasanta

    So funny…..and crazzyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1) Pragya so educated that she doesnt knw about DNA test.
    2)Abhi listen whatever dadi say,but he will not believe if she tell tanu’s truth.
    3)Nikil entry hamesh tanu room se hi hota he,vo kab andar ata he kisi ko bhi pata nai…great!!
    4)ek saal(i think more than 1year) baad tanu ka abortion huva.

  65. kalps

    hi guys i joined the group just yesterday, because all your comments are such fun to read and it is nice to see so many like minded people in the group… i think we all need to seriously tell the production houses that they need to stop taking readers for a ride and get their act together…

    why call it kumkumbhagya at all call it evilbhagya or something like that as only evil always prevails .. actually i have a better one

    joothe raho jeete raho

  66. #Tired_Viewer

    This is my ardent request to KKB producers, directors and story writer.
    Please do the viewers a favour. Please end up this tanu episode. The more you make it long, the boring it becomes. Once upon a time, my whole family used to leave all their work and sit down to see the soap but now no one even bothers about it. Please learn from other shows where varieties of stories take place. I mean like, Abhi is supposed to be rockstar but how come he is such a fool? Had it been real life, tanu would have been caught in the beginning itself. How can a person be so not sure whether he was in a physical relationship or not with a girl? C’mon people, please stop dragging this boring crap! People are getting tired. Please.
    If any people related to the soap KKB are reading this, please do something about it.
    Thank you

  67. Anku

    Yaa.. Mee to had alrdy stoped watching n even my fmly membrs n fmly whoever was watching it.. Is not seems to be intrsted… Ajeeb hi story h… Ye tanu ka drama end hone ka nam hi nii le rha… Got its tooooo iritating… Plzz go off air.. Plzzz kumkm bhagya otherwise aadhe log to pgl hi hojaenge dekh k ye serial..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.