Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi to let her do this. She says she will make bad in Dadi’s eyes so that she kicks her out of house. She says you are always right infront of my eyes and I feel you are someone else. She asks if Dadi asks you if I have taken your permission before aborting the baby, you should say I didn’t talk to you. They look at other emotionally, Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays………..Dadi asks Dasi to call Pragya and says she can’t do this. There is definitely something wrong. Dadi asks Pragya to tell the truth and says are you angry that we didn’t tell you about the surprise party. She asks how can you take such a big step. Pragya talks rudely and says she is not joking. She has got her abortion. Dadi says she can’t bear it. Dasi asks have you gone mad? Pragya

says this is my life and my child. I have decided that I don’t want this baby as I am not yet ready. Dadi says you are very matured and understanding, how can you not fulfill the responsibility. Pragya says she wanted to do many things and achieve much more. She says her life will be lost between home and kids. Taiji shouts at Pragya and says we have the right to question you.

Pragya says she is not ready and no one can force her as it is against law. Dadi says I have seen your drama before and asks her to tell the truth. Pragya says she has decided. Dasi asks did you inform Abhi before taking this decision? She asks Abhi and he nods no. Dasi asks Pragya, how can you abort your baby without informing Abhi. She says it seems Pragya is acting and asks to call Sarla. Nikhil looks on. Pragya tells that she is not scared of anyone and asks them to call Sarla. Tanu smirks and thinks Pragya shall get more rude to make Dadi angry. Taiji tells that Pragya is taking revenge from them, as Aaliya stopped her sister’s wedding. Nikhil hears it and thinks this family is full of secrets.

Tanu thinks she has to add fire now, and badmouths about Pragya. She says she is taking revenge on everyone for Bulbul’s marriage break. She asks if this is true? Pragya accepts to have taken revenge from them, and says she wanted to give same pain to this family which they gave to her sister. Purab and Bulbul come there and are shocked. Tanu says so this is your adarsh bahu. She asks I didn’t know that you are so bad. You would have taken revenge from Aaliya, but why family? She says you have taken a baby’s life for your revenge. Bulbul asks her to stop it and asks Pragya about the matter. Pragya asks her to go home. Tanu thinks she has to increase the level of drama and tells that Bulbul shall also know about Pragya’s dangerous work. She asks Dadi, what you will do now? And asks her to kick Pragya out of home as she is the black spot(kalang) on the house. She asks to kick the black spot out of the house.

Tanu tells Dadi that nothing is beyond baby and says she has killed her baby today. She will kill you tomorrow. Bulbul asks her to shut up and asks Pragya to confront her. Selfish Tanu tells Dadi that Pragya will never walk on the right path. She says when I showed you proofs against her, you forgave her and was happy with her pregnancy. She further adds that Pragya might have done the abortion because it was not Abhi’s baby. Everyone is shocked. Abhi says it is enough Tanu and asks her not to say anything against Pragya. He says Pragya is lying. Dadi asks what are you saying? He says whatever she said is not true? Dasi asks why she is lying and hurting us. Pragya says she is saying truth. Dasi asks him to say the truth. Abhi says Pragya was never pregnant. Everyone is shocked.

Taiji tells Abhi not to support Pragya in her lie. She says she is shocked to see Pragya’s true colors. Abhi asks her to stop badmouthing about her. Tai ji asks why Pragya was playing with our emotions? Abhi says Pragya was bearing pain and was saving you all from pain. She says Pragya’s pregnancy was just a misunderstanding. He tells clinic sent a wrong report. He couldn’t tell her truth seeing her happiness. He says Pragya told him that they shall tell the truth, but he stopped her. Dadi asks why did you keep quiet. Abhi says Pragya tried to save her from lying and says she was just protecting him. She was never wrong. Tanu looks on angrily.

Pragya asks Abhi, why did you tell truth to Dadi? Abhi says I don’t know why I did that. I couldn’t see everyone blaming you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Gigi

      Yeah…that is right. The writers must think we are all dummies. They write it in to the script and then hope we forget about it the next week. Why doesn’t he just speak up? What is he afraid of?? This is Dumb!!

  1. kowsi

    Selfish tanu wen did ur true face know everyone..tat day they r all give tight slap..stupid nikkil his entry of this show is very waste…till he did not do anything…he calls only tanu’s mom and dad..poor pragya …

  2. Ye yipeeee.., my prediction is proved right. Abhi said every word same as I wrote in my prediction. I told u na guys he will not tell to dadi whole truth. He will turn matter after confessing pragya is not being pregnant. And I told also that he will tell that we misunderstood pragya’s pregnancy’s report beciz of the mistake of hospital authority and they decided to not tell about this to dadi becoz she will hurt. Those who read my tomorrow’s prediction of precap, they knows that I predicted all this.

  3. Now it is clear that abhi will not tell about him and tanu’s truth to dadi and not pragya. Becoz of he wants to tell the whole truth, he tells it today at this moment. I think tanu or tanu’s parents will tell to dadi about abhi and tanu’s relationship and also about tanu is carrying abhi’s baby.

      • Ya PRIYA now I understand. But one thing is more which may happen that as I said tanu OR her parents will tell dadi about whole matter. So it’s not clear yet who will tell about this to dadi.

  4. Aki

    so much dragging…..i didnt like today…not so interesting…y they dragging this muuch…i think stil it ll go for 2 weeks as Aliya should come n she has to do some drama n after that only this dumb Nikhil ll open the mouth

  5. Tanu is talking how many bullshit things about pragya but abhi have shut her mouth by saving pragya and supporting her. At that time tanu’s expression was worth watching. And how abhi stops taiji to talking like that. Well done. But one thing was little disappointing that he opened his mouth after so much insult of pragya. Guys I sware, I was just wishing to give 3-4 tight slaps on tanu’s face on every bullshit word which she was saying for pragya. God she is such an irritating jerk.

    • TINA

      Nikki u r right …. i read ur last day comments… very nice assumption capacity…

      Surely tanu can get more slap from abhi for her each every word …. iam waiting for that..

  6. TINA

    Tanu nee eppadi pragya poi appadi sonna…. nee panna tappa pragya mela podura…. nee mattum en kaila kadasha i will kill u…

  7. Aki

    Read this update
    “While it remains to be seen what the family has to say regarding Pragya’s abortion, it has been revealed that in the upcoming episodes, Aaliya will learn that Tanu is pregnant not with Abhi’s but Nikhil’s child, reported Bollywood Life.”

    Now hw ll Aliya turn this against Abhi. Confused

  8. srimathi

    Superb precap. Abhi pls tell pragya that you love her. I am now eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode…..

  9. Malar

    Fantastic precap. Pls pls pls abhi talk to pragya about your love for her. I feel very interested… I am waiting for abhigya unity… Make it fast and simple.

  10. Chithu

    Guys.. I have a doubt.. where is Abhi standing in long shot? in close shots, he seems to be sitting when Pragya and Bulbul talking..but in long one, they are showing a person from back with same dress as Abhi who is standing near Dadi..but he doesn’t seem to be Shabbir..did anyone notice??

    • Kanchi

      Hi Chithu..

      U r right.. that is not Abhi!! wherever they show the back pose of Abhi in this episode is actually not him…i think they put dupe for that scene.. might be he is not available and they have put dupe to took those scenes..

      You may see the same in the episodes where Abhi proves Pragaya’s innocence (Episode 178 and 179). In that Abhi will go and get the envelope from a man whose is actually not Abhi (This is in Episode 178). In Episode 179, Abhi will play the video which shows Pragya’s innocence, in that scene also it is not Abhi.. they will show that in a long shot, you can clearly see that it is not at all Shabir, the next scene they will show Abhi as closer that is actual Abhi..

      You may also notice the same in yesterday’s episode, i mean during the surprise given to Abhi, whenever they show the back pose of Abhi it is some other person, his walking is different and Shabbir’s way of walking is different..

      I guess they put dupe for those scenes and then they will merge that with actual Abhi scenes…

      • Chithu

        i think in entire yesterday’s episode.. Abhi was not in the same frame as others except first few mins where Abhi and Pragya alone were there… after that in all the scenes, Abhi was shown separately and other people separately..

    • U r right chithu. I know it was not shabbir. It was his body double means duplicate artist. Becoz the shooting of these scenes was held on that time when shabbir was on his Canada trip. So they used his body double for shooting these scenes.

  11. Kanchi

    Hi Friends!!

    It is my assumption.. i don’t know how much it is correct..

    Nikil is not at all opening his mouth.. Well it means he is planning against Abhi something HUGE!!!!!!

    When Purab introduce Abhi to Nikil he said that, Abhi has already worked with Nikil and he was Junior at that time. Might be he was insulted because of Abhi (I mean he was insulted not directly by Abhi, someone have insulted him by means of Abhi) and because of that he thought of taking revenge against Abhi by using Tanu.. That’s why Tanu got pregnant..

    Upcoming updates said that, Nikil is going to join hands with Aliya instead of Abhigya to ruin Abhi’s life. If he wants Tanu he will take the support of Pragya/Abhi to get her back, instead he is joining with Aliya to spoil Abhi. I think Tanu is not going to deserve anyone. Nikil is just using Tanu to spoil Abhi.

    Let me know your thoughts…

  12. Wasn’t pragya and abhi were supposed to ” expose ” tanu with nikhils help (apparently)
    And shouldn’t dadi open her mouth and kick tanu out as it is not her house but she is behaving as if so I HATE TANU AND THAT NIKHIL – WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO TELL PRAGYA THE TRUTH ABOUT HIM BEING TANUS UNBORN BABYS FATHER!
    this serial is getting worser and worser and better and better ( with the romance brewing between abhi and pragya – obviously LOL

  13. miss nas*

    Stupid nikhil is not man enuf. He don’t know how to handle such situations. On other hand abhi is soo sweet. He saved pragya from gettin blame. He should tell pragya how much he loves her. They make such a cute couple.

    • please manisha,just becoz of a serial dont say india a dumb.dont critizise ur own country.if we ourselvess insult our country,who will support it.dont,take me wrong,its just my opinion.

  14. this serial is he most nonsensical serial I have eve watched to many unnecessary storylines which is heading nowhere up to now I really do not know what is really going on with this serial would someone enlighten me why did abhi got married to pragya and why have they not consummate their marriage why is tanu always pushing herself on abhi and claiming to be his so called girlfriend and then their is bul bul what a name LOL and purab why Aliya is only stalking him with this great obsession purab is not even so much of a hansome guy so why put yourself through all this trouble for him I could go on and on but to tell the truth this storyline sucks and the serial needs to end why abhi has to please tanus parents and get married to her and the child she is carrying is nikkis own why doesn’t he speak out and pragya doing all this for granny to throw her out of the house wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is bacchanal and confusion in this serial see what I mean it needs to end too many useless and unwanted scripts/storylines

  15. manisha this is not a nice thing to say why say the Indians are dumb what you could have said is that the writers seem to be amateurs and not professionals hence the reason for the copying of all the serials with more or less the same storylines

  16. Useless serial…waste of tym.. No sense… No story… Nothing… Its just dumb… Nikhil, aliya, tanu 3 idiots…. Evn d devil wudn’t take them… Dis serial sucks my brains out… Think abhi and pragya will unite myt b after a 100yrs…. Wonder hw did this script writers become writers 1st of all… I don’t think dey evn deserve 2 write.. Nonsense… N dis lady ekta kapoor. Cnt c think smthng nyc n gd sumtyms??? Y c is alwys creatng sch crap serials??? Dnt lyk dis women.

  17. Leila

    I hope abhi tell the truth to everyone dis time n make pragya look good in front of them n get tanu out of that house n his life

  18. lemonade

    when will Rachna give birth??????????? is she carrying an elephant??????? when will Tanu’s baby bump show??????? is she carrying a tumblina???? and tht flipping Abhi!!! wht does he think of himself???? he is a rockstar who never sings or has a show!!!!!!like wht the hell yaar!!!!

  19. Jashi

    Abhi is such a pathetic excuse for a husband. How can you possibly allow your wife to endure so much and keep your mouth shut for so long?? And to have the other woman among your own family? How filthy! I don’t understand how this horrible storyline has continued, what morals are being taught with this show?

  20. I don’t understand one thing that why every spoiler is claiming that aaliya will get to know about tanu’s pregnancy and about nikhil too do she will take nikhil’s or tanu’s help for ruining abhigya. I mean we didn’t saw aaliya yet in this whole picture since she went out of place. Then how will she get to know about this? If this will happen then I think mitali bhabhi will tell aaliya about whole matter becoz she can’t digest anything. And this is a big matter which us related to abhi-pragya-tanu and she knows that at this moment aaliya will b most happy after listening this so may b she will tell about this to aaliya. Tanu can’t tell it to aaliya becoz when she met last with aaliya, it was her suggestion for her to go out for sometimes becoz she was thinking that aaliya could ruined her plan of marry with abhi beciz at that time she was wishing to spoil abhi.

    • Chithu

      Nikki..do you have the latest SBS link??

      Also, i think Aaliya might not involve in this till Abhi is thrown out..later she may come and prevent Pragya & Abhi from knowing Tanu’s pregnancy truth…atleast she may get it delayed..so that she may plan to get Purabh when Abhi is out..but in that case also, Nikhil can not join with Aaliya as delaying the truth exposure may separate Tanu from him for some more time…

      But , not sure why makers haven’t started using Nikhil’s character till now…

  21. shruthi

    Iam really very tried ….
    Iam going to change my mind from kkb.. actually i didn’t do anything … i always think about kkb… what will happen nxt what will happen nxt…
    Iam really very very tried for this… i am going stop watching kkb and also stop written update also… i see this kkb in nxt month same date… for that date i belive they can revealed tanu truth hope to see u..

  22. ragavi nehru

    yeah!!ss bulshit tanu…..avaluku la heart ae ila…che…avalukaaga tha pragya ivlo ketta per vaangii…even she is sacrificing abhi…but intha tanu pragya oda pregnant ku reason abhi ila..vera aal nu..chee….konjamathu avale nikhil oda baby ah vachrukaa..bt abhi pera sollitruka..vekkankettava…na irunthrunthaaa… .i slappp slap blo*dy…luv u pragya& abi…..seekro tanu oda pregnancy truth ah veliya kondu vaanga ..plzz ..nikil tha tanu baby ku kaaranam nu abhi ku therira maatri scene pannunga..plzz apo tha pragya meka irukra luv increase aaite irkum

  23. i think this show has a serious disease of dragging tracks…….. and thats y it will loose audience and i also stopped watching it due to same dragging ………… plss writers dont drag the tracks too much and finish the track on a good note ns soon despite of irritating the veiwers from these long super dragged tracks………..

  24. Priya $

    Guys if abhi didn’t say the truth then there ll b a question arise. Y he want to send the pregnancy report from hospital. Dadi ll ask na for tat they don’t have answer rit.

    • PRIYA it’s ekta kapoor’s daily soap and as I said before, u will see lots of illogical things in her shows. This pregnancy report matter is also in one of these. And this is not the first time they r making fool us. CVS has been done many attempts upon us to from beginning till now for making fool us.

    • rose

      Yes ragavi, Enakum same thought than . Pragya va romba avamana padithita andha tanu. Heartless creature. ?

  25. hozefa

    the biggest coward is abhi who has no guts in teling his grandma that he will be taking on 2nd wife tanu as she is carrying his child so everyone is happy abhi gets tanu, dadi gets pragya

  26. sukanya

    its really a pity that even though the show has good actors who are capable of giving good performances and attracting viewers, the show is getting boring day-by-day……the storyline is pathetic which makes it punishment for all….. tanu is really a blood- sucker….plus, both the main leads have lost their brains, i guess… none is interested in getting the truths out,,, they only continue with what they assume…….new stupid of this show is nikhil, total crap!!! The characters are introduced and suddenly they jump out…y can’t we reveal the truth easily—y to create drama when it is totally baseless….. ekta mam.its a request— plz dont think how to cross 500 episodes mark (all her episodes are dragged that far usually) but better concentrate on the ways to make the show impressive…..we request u to let abhigya share some nice moments together….

  27. kavimay

    Hi am silent reader of this site ,as per my view, Nikki will call to alliya to know what happened any d purab marriage, he dont know what happend in d marriage he feels something wrng thr,so to clarify that he may call to alliya she s d frnd of tanu ,while that time he told abt tanu pregnant is bcoZ of him not by abhi so alliya use this chance to get revenge on abhi,by telling to dadi

  28. Guys here is new update for all of u. SBS update is here- first of all guys aaliya is back.they showed her on the location of kkb where they were shooting of abhi’s exit scene from mehra mension. They showed that abhi was going alone from out of the house. Abhi meets everyone before going.Pragya runs behind him and hugging him tightly from the back when he goes.Then abhi turns and he hugged again her tightly from the front. They both were crying a lot. Taiji, tauji were looks on sadly. Pragya tries to hold her hand but he moves his hand back. And when she about to tell him anything or she was trying to stop him then he puts his finger on her nose to not to tell anything which he usually does with pragya. After that he goes out from the house. Pragya breaks down and sits on the floor sadly and helplessly and cries vigorously. Reporter says abhi has gone alone without pragya on dadi’s order. But sure he will b back again but till then pragya have to b strong. Guys I told u na pragya will not go with abhi. I m sure abhi stops her for taking dadi’s care after him. See my prediction has proved right once again.

      • Ya PRIYA even I have doubt now that most probably aaliya have told dadi about tanu’s pregnancy and tabhi’s relationship. I think somehow now she knows the truth so for taking revenge from abhi she have told everything to dadi. Otherwise what will b the reason of her sudden coming becoz she had gone for sometimes na so why she came so early. But I m not sure if she don’t know or knows that nikhil is the father of tanu’s baby not abhi. Well let’s see what will happen but whatever is going to happen I think it’s only for gud and finally this track is moving towards it’s end.

  29. Asna

    good job nikky ur prediction was crct nd i also read ur prediction ystrdy….and the scene vch they put sng hamari adhuri kahanii was superb…i luv that sng and abhigya too much…And 1mr or miss KANCHI assumpted that nikhil was dumb bcoz he was planning 2 take revenge on abhi..and i hope and i wish it shud not happen that like…alrdy abhi has so much prblms..and aftr this he will fall down….and i luv abhi♥♡♥he is really a rock star…..

  30. Asna

    and can anybody tell me y dadi kick abhi out of the house..i am not undrstndg any thing…y my rockstar abhi was out of house???:( :(…..

  31. Innu

    Nice episod,iam sure abhi tell the truth . Good precap .thank you ekta and don’t drag story

  32. and also nyc episode nd nyc precapm….well done abhi..u hve done a grt job…keep it up….nd i dnt knw if i can ths or not,but 4 my satisfication i am saying this,,that i read sme cmnts about ektaji badly…for me she was really nyc writer…so plZ cnsder her as a writer not urs some1..so try to dnt badmouth her…if i said anything wrong plz forgiveme…

  33. nàineesha

    I think nikhil should say truth to pragya and they should both plan together to teach a lesson to thanu.

  34. i dont know i feel this dragging good,i know its all crap,but im liking this crap.bacause im able to see abhis silent love.kkb is the bestest serial ive ever seen wud be the worst statement of my life but i feel this is the best feeling ever….but i feel nikki is better than this writer,infact she is awesome in handling kkb.

  35. Asna

    harini agree vth u…me too lyk dis dragging…i dnt feel lyk it is disgusting or somethng….i luv abhigya nd daadi♥♡♥

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