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Kumkum Bhagya 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Pragya why did she tell Tanu that they are not yet divorced as Abhi had signed on the property papers and not divorce papers. She says abhi might pressurize you to sign on divorce papers, as he doesn’t know that you both are already divorced. Pragya says Tanu will meet that guy being tensed. Dadi asks her to take Purab with her. Pragya agrees. Purab comes to Sarla and tries to cheer her up. Sarla tells him that Bulbul is gone and asks him to marry a nice girl. Purab asks if I don’t have relation with you. He says Bulbul is watching me and will think that I am not taking care of you. Sarla gets teary eyes and says my blood relations have gone far from me, but you are with me. She says don’t know why God has made blood relations. Purab talks about Pragya.

Sarla asks him not to take Pragya’s help and says she is crying for Bulbul. She asks him not to let Pragya touch her if she dies. Janki brings tea. Sarla cries and is angry at Pragya. Purab thinks you would have known Pragya’s helplessness.

Tanu calls Nikhil and tells him that Pragya has threatened her. She says Pragya got abhi’s signatures on property papers and not on divorce papers. Mitali hears her. Nikhil asks her not to take tension. Tanu says she will tell Abhi to take Pragya’s signs. Nikhil says if anything happens to our baby then I won’t like it. Mitali asks Tanu with whom she was talking to? She says you might be talking to someone who have helped Aaliya? Tanu says you can doubt me, but don’t have the right to question me. She asks her to question Abhi and leaves. Mitali thinks to spy on her. Pragya recalls seeing Tanu with a man and thinks she couldn’t see that man’s face. She thinks she should do something and looks at Abhi’s photo. She reminiscences the happy moments. Abhi comes to room and asks what she is doing? Pragya says she is cleaning the photo. Abhi says dust is on your eyes and asks her to clean her eyes. He says dust should stay on memories so that one can forget. Pragya says you can decide about your memories, but I do have a right on my memories. I will decide whether to keep it or forget. Allah Wariyan plays…………….

Mitali thinks how to find out about that man, and thinks to take Ronnie’s help. Ronnie thinks what happened to Pragya? She don’t want my help. Mitali thinks she can take his help. She asks him to share his worries. Ronnie says he want to help Pragya, but doesn’t know , how? Mitali says you shall catch the person who have helped Aaliya and Tanu. Ronnie agrees. Mitali asks him not to inform anyone. Raj comes and asks what is happening? Mitali asks him to start the work. Raj asks why he was happy? Mitali tells him that they have planned a mission to trap that third person infront of Pragya. Raj thinks Mitali is trying to trap him. Pragya asks Purab to take care of Sarla. Purab says Sarla’s anger is increasing day by day and says we shall tell the truth to her. Pragya says I want this, but I will talk to Dadi. Purab agrees. Just then Abhi holds Pragya’s hands and takes her to room. Pragya asks if he has changed his decision. Abhi says yesterday you said that if we involve police, then they might call Dadi, Dasi or any family member to Police station. He asks if you really care for my family. Pragya says yes. Abhi asks her to distribute his property and money among his family member and asks her to keep his share of money with herself. Pragya asks why? Abhi says everyone is after my money and I have lost everything because of money. I can’t bear anymore. He says Aaliya was after my money and you have changed also for money.

He says he felt much pain losing her, Bulbul and now Aaliya. He says he will be in shock seeing the family member who was helping Aaliya. He says I have earned day and night so that I can take care of their every needs. He says there is one way now and asks her to distribute money to make them right. Pragya thinks he is having clear heart and thinking to make everything right. She asks where you will go after distributing money? Abhi says he will stay with Tanu and his baby. Pragya asks if this is the way? Abhi says yes. Pragya says you are having a big misunderstanding and tells Tanu will leave you if you don’t have money. Abhi says Tanu loves me and will never leave me. Pragya says I can’t return your money and property now, and asks him to find out from Tanu if she really loves him.

Abhi finds greeting card in Tanu’s room. He asks who has sent kisses, hugs etc written in the card for her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ayoooo these writers will drag this episode that one day no one will watch this kkb Tanu true face will come once he baby will look like Nikhil till then all u guys keep watching this bhkvas boring draging senseless over ratted drama

  2. omg today abhi ll disappoint us to d core
    bcoz new segment update arrived
    in tat tanu as usual black mailed abhi nd finally abhi believed her

  3. Today’s update not yet posted but saw pictures sriti in gorgeous green saree

  4. Today’s Episode going to be a treat for us… Abhi taking tanu out for lunch by auto rickshaw to some local area… Tanu going to get a big nose cut…

    1. Is tat true ? Or yua guess ?

  5. any new updates..? wt ll happen next.. curiosity s increasing.. soon they should expose tanu

  6. Give detailed update guyss.. waiting from 2 pm.. yet now didn’t got any updates

  7. Pratiksha any updates?

  8. No updates yet guys .. Jus saw a PIC of sriti in green saree ..

  9. Pragya and Abhi in different rooms and crying.. Kamoshiya playing in the BG.. Abhi tells that he would prove that Tanu loves him not is money..

    * Tanu wakes up in mrng thinking that she hasent been to SPa or parlour in days.. thinks that once the wedding is over she’ll get the luxury, name, fame , money and everything. leaves to the washroom and abhi comes. sits on bed n thinks wat P said.. Notices the card and T comes. Same as shown in segment. A asks T for lunch.

    * Purab and Dadi convo about telling Sarla the truth and Dadi says to leave the final decision to P. P comes and Purab and Dadi tell her their opinion..

    * DADI tells Pragya that I am with you until now.. I cant anyfurther.. It’s your battle and you have to make your own decisions and i cant help you in it..

    * Every1 having lunch.. A n T come down and A tells that he and T are gng out for lunch n Dadi gets tensed..

    *Purab comes to A’s room looking for him and P also comes followed by Dadi. Dadi tells them about A&T’s lunch date.. Purab ells how can abhi do this and m going to call him n spoil their Lunch. P stops Purab saying dont. Dadi says dosent it bother u. P says it does.. Always some1 or the other has to show A what is right and what is wrong and this way he wont learn anything. Let him find out on his own.. P tells our goal is only one thing, that is to bring T’s truth out and then its upto A to believe it or not. And All think weather to tell Sarla the truth after T’s exposure or before.

    *A&T come in an auto to a road side stall.. T asks there is no hotel or a restuarent over here to go for lunch.. A says we r gng to eat at the stall. T says she cant eat here.. A thinks of the scene were he n P went to drink road side Tea. A says he dosent have money to go to a restuarent n T says she has some and lets go and catches his hand. A removes it that this is wer he came from and all.. He asks do you love me or my money?(loved A till this scene) . T starts emotional blackmail.. crying saying that everyday i have to prove my love towards you etc etc.. crying.. She says that she said no to the road side food coz its unhygienic for the baby and it might cause food poisoning. No problem.. i’ll suffer even that for you and pulls him to the place.. A says no need.. U dont need to prove your love to me but have to prove it in front of some1.. END..

    Loved how Abhi confronted TANU . He clearly saw what she is… but in the end he Believed her..

  10. I got really angry on knowing dadis reaction that I m with u till now not any further its your battle now how can she tell like that its dadis idea to do like this otherwise pragya was ready to tell abhi everything & now when pragya is losing her love she is telling that its your battle now its just ridiculous i just felt like killing dadi

  11. Highlights of today’s episode’s-
    Abhi and pragya cries different rooms and reminds each other. Abhi says that he would prove that tanu loves him not his money.
    Purab and dadi talks with each other that should they tell the truth to sarla or not? Dadi says we should leave it on pragya.
    Tanu wakes up in her room and thinks to go spa or parlour. She thinks after getting married with abhi, she will have name, fame, money etc. She goes to washroom. Abhi comes in her room and sits on the bed. He sees greeting cards behind the pillow. He gets shocked after see those lovey- dovey cards. Tanu comes out from washroom. Abhi asks her about the cards. She gives excuse of aaliya. Abhi asks her for lunch date with him. Tanu gets happy and goes to b ready.
    Everyone having lunch on dinning table. Abhi and tanu comes down and tells them that they r going out for lunch. Dadi gets tensed.
    Purab searches for abhi and comes in his room. Dadi comes there and tells him about lunch date of abhi with tanu. Purab gets angry and says how abhi could do this? He is going to callhim and spoil their lunch date. Pragya comes and stops him. Dadi says does it not matter for u? Pragya says it does but there is no use to stop abhi. She says every time abhi needs somebody who tell him about the person that if the person is right or wrong so it’s better that he gets to know by ownself. She says ourmissipn is only to expose tanu , it is up to on abhi that he will believe it or not. They all starts thinking about should they tell truth to sarla maa before tanu’s exposure or after it?
    Abhi and tanu reaches on a radside stall forlunch date in an auto-rikshaw. Tanu says that she can’t lunch here and says let’s go to some other restaurant or hotel. Abhi reminds his tea time with pragya on a road stall. He says to tanu that he have’ nt money for restaurant or hotel. Tanu says I have some so let’s go. She holds abhi’s hands and about to take him with her. Abhi stops her and asks do u love me or my money? Tanu gets silent for sometimes. Abhi says yr silence has given me my answer. Tanu gets sstart her usual emotional drama and crying. She says every time she have to proof her love for him. She makes excuses and SATs that she was refusing for having lunch on this road side stall becoz it could b unhygienic for baby. She could have food poisoning from it. She says if u wants to having lunch here so I will take only for u and could suffer for u. Abhi says stop and says u don’t need to prove ur love for me but infront of someone. Episode ends here.

    1. God! These abhi- tanu scenes r sucking my blood?more than abhigya’s emotional scenes.

      1. very very true prathiksha … i agree with u..

      2. Tis abhi is a big fool.. I think he will ask tanu u prove infront of pragya..

      3. Yep..I hate to see both together

  12. very very bad ..except pragya abhi will believe all others emotions true… again fedoff with the story line.. dadi is that selfish with his grandson t ruin pragya’s life this much… cant tolerate.. for all these nonsense writer’s should bring a megatwist to reveal tanu’s truth..

  13. I feel really bad for Abhi no one is telling him the truth n finally Dadi leaves herself from the plan if Pragya tell the truth to Abhi he won’t believe OMG tanu just go off don’t irritate

  14. Wat is the abhi love fr pragya…
    he never believe pragya for anything but he will tell tat he loves her a lot…
    he tells tat he is not loving tanu but he will believe whatever she will tell..

    is this his love?? Im just confusing….

  15. Leave this dragging guys now valentines day is going to come atleast now abhigya will be reunited or not did abhi plan any dinner for tanu for the Valentine’s day ♥ I am wishing to have our abhigya together and re united on that day any update for that did tanu is going to be exposed on valentines day my guess during valentines day abhi will take tanu to dinner pragya will follow them and this nikhil definitely will come to meet tanu on valentines day pragya will come and show this to abhi and finally takhil will be exposed this is my guess and I heard a fact that when the two true loving lovers ? like our abhigya when they unite on that day means they will not be separated forever this is a magic will happen to our abhigya ??? Pratiksha sahithi razia nivi srimathi any guesses is this magic is true ? ? Wat do you think about it guys

    1. Reji .. Sumtyms I feels lyk pragya vl expose tanus truth cyz she is determined nw n.so strong n focusing tanu .. Bt cuz f abhi .. It’s getting tougher .. Therila reji ena solradhu nu daily m expectn sum gudness bt .. Dunno bt I badly need abhigya together ..

  16. if on Valentine’s day they get united thn it ll b a year of hr pregnancy I think lol

  17. Guys I guess tanu will go to any extend to prove pragya wrong …….then abhi will tell pragya tooo see she is the one who craves for money and not tanu I am pretty sure he will taunt pragya even more. …………we have to see more painful scenes of abhigya. …….I guess now even more painful scenes are yet to come. …….god why is this cvs doing this to uss……forget valentines day they never celebrated new year after new year comes valentines day. …..I guess before celebrating new year pragya will become fuggi……I don’t want to think more because watever we think exactly the opposite happens

  18. What are the cvs up to here???? Dadi is abandoning Pragya. Pragya n Bulbul almost died being in this plan that was initiated by Dadi. Now Dadi tells Pragya that its her battle now!!!!
    Poor Sarla ma has 3 of her daughters including Purvi becos of of the Mehra family.
    I m not fond of Sarla ma…but this is really unbelievable to put the Arora women who are the more decent women of the show in such a situation. Surely CVS you have more class in your script writing. The dragging in your writing has really taken a
    toll in thy brains n in the manner this script is going. Truly unbelievable.
    Its not sense n sensibility. Its not nonsense.

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