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The Episode starts with Tanu mixing tablet in the drink and gives to Abhi. Abhi drinks it and says he will make a call to Dadi. Tanu stops him and says someone called and said that Dadi is fine. Abhi asks then why you didn’t tell me when I asked you. She thinks once you gets affected by this drink, you will get closer to me. Someone knocks on the door. Tanu thinks she won’t let anyone disturb them, and thinks she put DND board out. She puts on the music and asks Abhi to dance with her. Abhi says I heard someone knocking on the door. Tanu says no. Simran calls Purab and tells that she tried to knock on the door, but Tanu is not opening the call. Purab says okay. Pragya asks Purab to drive fast. Purab says we will reach in 30 mins. Purab’s car stops. He checks car and goes to get mechanic.

Mechanic checks car. Pragya asks Mechanic to tell how much time it will take to get the car repaired. Mechanic says 30 mins. Pragya says then we will reach after 1 hour and get tensed. She gets Dadi’s call.

Tanu gets closer to Abhi and asks how is he feeling? Abhi asks what do you mean? Tanu asks him to come closer to her. Abhi refuses and says I need one more drink. Tanu says sure and goes to bring another drink. She thinks why medicine is not showing its effect and adds another tablet in the drink. She thinks to add one more tablet with more wine. She adds two tablets and thinks he will remember only me. Abhi says I need to sleep. Tanu brings drink and asks him to do cheers. She says cheers to our coming wedding. Abhi drinks it and finds the drink bitter. Tanu says it is ordered from france and 12 years old. Abhi says that’s why it is bitter. He misses Pragya and thinks if he would have been at home, then fuggi would have served him food, here Tanu is getting him bored. She asks Abhi to dance. Abhi says no. Tanu asks him to enjoy her dance. Mechanic repairs the car, but it doesn’t start. Mechanic checks again and says your accelerator wire is broken and goes to bring it. Pragya says there is no advantage of going there. Tanu will succeed now. Purab says now we have to twist our finger, we have to use other formula no 444, I won’t let Tanu win.

Mitali massages Aaliya’s hand and tells that if Pragya gets power then think that this massage is last for you. Aaliya says everything will happen as I decided, and Tanu will do her work. Mitali asks are you underestimating Pragya or over confident about Tanu. Aaliya says I have done great work and changed Dadi’s sim card with mine. She says I called her and heard what I wanted. She says Pragya can’t reach there.
Tanu start dancing sensually on the song Yeh Raat Rukjaaye….Abhi gets uncomfortable. Tanu tries to get closer to him……Abhi imagines Pragya instead of Tanu. Purab asks Pragya to sit calmly and says everything is in under control, think that Abhi is save there. Abhi dances with Tanu thinking her to be Pragya. Abhi gets closer to her. Tanu thinks medicine effect is on and thinks now they will marry.

Police team comes to hotel. Manager tells that Abhi Mehra is a big rockstar…and says you can’t disturb him. Inspector asks him not to dictate him rules. Abhi calls her fuggi…..Tanu gets upset. Inspector knocks on the door and asks her to open the door. Tanu opens the door and scolds manager for disturbing them. Abhi tells that they were romancing. Tanu asks him to shut up. Abhi says I am your boss and boss is always right. Manager tells that she told that she is his fiance. Tanu asks Inspector to check her profile and tells that they are from reputed family. Inspector says we will check where you was caught before and with whom. Tanu asks him to shut up. Abhi asks where you are taking us. Inspector says to have dinner. Abhi asks him to take Tanu. Police takes Tanu and Abhi downstairs. Tanu argues with Inspector and tells that she is Abhi’s wife. Inspector asks her to show marriage pic or certificate. Tanu says we are not yet married, but Abhi thinks me as his wife. She says I am an adult and can spend time in any hotel with him.

Inspector says we got a tip off from Purab Khanna about your racket. Tanu thinks she did a mistake by sharing her plan with him. Inspector asks her not to tell that Purab Khanna is her brother. Tanu says I know him. She says I am really Abhi’s wife, a star wife. She asks him to listen. Abhi is fully drunk. Media comes there and clicks their pics. Abhi proudly asks them to click pics oblivious to the situation. Pragya and Purab come there. Pragya asks Purab about media. Purab says I sent only Police, and says he will ask hotel about media. Aaliya thinks if Tanu slept and didn’t call me to give good news. She thinks to wait for her call and sleep. She says I will get good news seeing Pragya’s crying face.

Purab asks Hotel staff about Media. He tells that they thought that his hotel reputation will get better, but now we came to know that Tanu was nothing to him. Purab asks where did they take them? Hotel staff says Police station. Pragya scolds Purab for sending Abhi to Police station and asks if he don’t dare about his image. Purab tells I am more concerned about his respect than his image, and says Tanu’s nose will cut and Abhi’s reputation will not be ruined. She was trying to ruined my Ram like brother’s respect.

Inspector tells Pragya that she can take Abhi home. Tanu asks what about me. Pragya says I don’t know her. She is just a model who came here to shoot with my husband, but made him drunk much. Tanu says I am his to be wife. Pragya says you are nobody to him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally somebody with sense did something smart and called the police! I really hope the police isn’t bribed by aliyah or Tanu. Aliyah will get the shock of her life when she gets up tomorrow ?

    1. yes she will

  2. where is the rest of the story?

  3. Today somewhat good happen.Smart move purab. intha seriala unaku mattum than konjam brain use panna allow pannirukaga. and abhi you are very very cute child man i love u alot. u r really good actor

  4. At last…. Purab did one thing in his life in right time…. He was of no use in the show….

  5. Happy for one day…. But anyway alia made a plan by using media news avout abhi and tanu.. So abhi will again agree to marry tanu.

    1. True..Most probable that alia called media.

  6. I hope they run a drug test on Abhi as well as alcohol level. This will prove Abhi is not drunk but drugged. This they can surely hold Tanu for. They should also go back and check the room. At least this much would be appreciated for now in the show. Aalyia must not get the Chance to bail her and a full blown investigation must take place, no skim over like they did with other scenarios. It’s time an investigation be completed in full and not just start and forgotten like other time and life continues as always. Aalyia hands must be tied where she won’t be able to pull a fast one. For once let someone not be bribed that easily and let the truth comes out. If not all right now, just let this one come out so Abhi sees Tanu for who she is and call off the wedding.
    Please after giving us a year full of crap, just for once, in good judgment, finish the year with something positive.

  7. purab only uses his brain in this serial. that no noboby uses it.
    purab did a right thing tanu should be rooten in jail without getting bail…
    how can she tell she is abhi wife irritating tanu
    but who called media now it will ceate more problem for abhi who compulsory want to marry tanu for her self esteem like before this is also a trap..now aliya use this as a plan.
    always coming to a same point and ending where its stared…

    pls show some romance between abhi and pragya they r the leads ,this is only serial that leads doing only eyelock,but leaving to love eachother,trust,support they forgetting all these things

  8. Today epi was sounds good guys but we have to think in another way that i saw today’s segment that aliya challenged purab that she will make another plan for sure n says that purab cant ruin that plan for sure after oday epi i m damn sure that media were took their pic so marriage will defenitely preponded by aliya i m sure that this is gng to happen so i ve no hope now with this cvs or kkb and what u guys think???n als what abt zee rishtey awards last time it had happened 4th december but what abt this time guyss anyone know??

  9. ayyo everything is gone the media has taken pics and now they will publish it in the paper . abhi will feel guilty that he slept with tanu and will arrange their marraige

  10. Writers nice please go like this and don’t turn the situation to the favour of tanu like last time ” her reputation and respect went off bhai plus no no u have to marry tanu”.

  11. They should just hit repeat after every 20 episodes……

  12. What’s up with these soaps, why is it that their CARS always broke down, and sometimes run after the driving car and eventually catch up with it in the nick of time. This shit getting old now.

  13. Whatever going s interesting. As for aaliya she n tanu will never stop planning until abhi gets them with all the proof… Serial todangatum

  14. yes aishwarya aliya will prepond the wedding.but abhigya end up marrying eachother same like before when they first married with eachother and as always tanu and aliya come between them and involve their nose in every matter of abhigya….the same routine abhi memory also will not return,…same grab

  15. Good take her ass to jail n i hope abhi remember something about pragya

  16. Hiranmaychellapat

    it is too crap .irrigating Leena she is not a women character and she is spoiling abhi’s image . so sad but anyway abhi so cute and nice .

  17. Nice episode..

  18. Hiranmaychellapat

    hats of to purab . his plan was brilliant . I like him .he is the only person having scene .

  19. GeethuNivas

    too good except abhi’s dialg sayng v r romancing. pragya finally opend d truth. ipathan relax ah iruku… antha aaliya again image damage nu drama panama irukanum.


  21. looking back at the wu and the little I watch last night, I honestly don’t think someone could be as dense as Abhi was acting last night. Anyone in their right mind would check their phone if they happened to be outside the room and believe to hear it rings. To just take someone’s word so blindly?… I mean nowadays it’s like second nature to check your phone whether or not if anything comes in.
    A knock on the door and you look behind you instead of where the knock is coming from. You heard it twice yet you sit as if someone plant your ass to the bed looking behind and asking if there was a knock at the door before getting up to see for yourself.
    You’re 30 min away and your car broke down and so happen to take exactly 30 mins to fix…hmmm?
    I hope the media presence is a poetic justice for these witches. The same negative publicity that causes Abhi to propose in the first place. I hope this time it will be a beacon for Abhi to break the engagement. I don’t want Aalyia to get no chance of using this to her advantage.
    I hope Purab just show up with Abhi, I don’t want him to call Dadi, it will only alert Aalyia because she has Dadi SIM. She must wake up to her own surprise, Abhi at home minus Tanu???

    1. After Mogambo track I left hope for any logic in this show. After seeing promo, I thought episode will be disgusting. But it was hilarious, Tanu was so amusing and stupid. If one drink is not working, use another drink, add more dosage, mix wine and what all. She literally wants to drug Abhi without thinking for a minute what drug overdose can do to a person.

      She was sounding so stupid all through and in precap what is she expecting from Pragya, to bail her out. Someone else in Pragya’s place might well take a knife and slash Tanu for what she did and was caught for.

      As per segments, Aaliya reached police station and will challenge Purab. What a joke! If Pragya and Tanu challenge for Abhi that has some 1% sense. Purab and Aaliya challenge about some one else’s personal life, makes them look jobless.

  22. Wowwww…I really can’t count how many times I watched Abhigya dance today..what a chemistry..and drunk Abhi imagining his fuggy in a s*xy posture..the way he looks at her and the body language that shows he is drunk..Shabir..ohhh mannn..u r too adorable..Sriti..too pretty..
    And the relation built btn Abhigya is just amazing..A hot n happening Rock star is seeing a simple middle-class girl in a top super model and being romantic with her..
    Some how I loved today’s episode..

  23. Omg finally this thing ends

  24. if tanu and alliya will get fight and they get some prob,the episode goes well .bze we to also need some changes in the story.prub and pragya are plan to do this.for separating alliya and tanu the drama getting some intrest.

  25. shivika sarvik

    Awsome episode

  26. Now again tanu aur aaliya emotionally black mail abhi for speedy marriage due to public embarrassment happened…

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