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The Episode starts with Aaliya tells Pragya that she want to harm Bulbul and spoil their honeymoon. Pragya says they are married. Aaliya says she don’t accept this marriage as Purab is hers and she is his. She asks if she has realized her relation with Bulbul and taking her side. She asks her not to interfere in her life again else….she threatens to kill her. Pragya says it is my house….She says Purab is not her love and gives her lecture on love. Aaliya says you have betrayed my brother and have snatched his money, property, everything, and telling me that I don’t know meaning of love. She says purab is mine and can’t be of someone else. She says she will decide what to do with Bulbul and how to get Purab. She says love is crazy. She says you said that you have no relation with Bulbul.

Pragya says relations are not broken if it is said by mouth, and says she didn’t harm anyone. She says you are betraying your brother and said that you don’t have feelings for Purab anymore. She asks her not to take test of Abhi’s patience, and says I will protect Bulbul always as she is my sister. She says I was weak before, but now you are weak. She says she will expose her in 2 mins, and asks her to mend her ways.

Purab comes to room and calls Bulbul. Bulbul teases him and pulls his leg saying he is changing in a day. Abhi comes and sends Purab out. He asks Bulbul to give the papers which he had given her. Bulbul tells him that she has kept papers in the same place as Pragya came there. Abhi says where is the keys? Bulbul says it is with Pragya. Abhi says I will be suffocated till I get papers. Bulbul asks him not to worry and says papers are safe. Purab comes back. Abhi says I am gone…and asks her to start her new life. Purab asks what he was talking? Bulbul says nothing and asks where are the flowers. Aaliya recalls her conversation with Pragya, Abhi and purab’s words. She thinks she shall kill Pragya first and decides to kill her in 3 days, and says it is my commitment to myself. She calls someone and asks to meet her.

Bulbul tells Purab that Abhi has taken Pragya’s signatures. Purab asks what? Bulbul says Abhi made Pragya drink wine, and got her signatures. They start fighting cutely….Purab asks her not to leave him. Pragya comes to their room and asks if they have done breakfast. Bulbul says they have done lunch also. She asks what happened? Pragya recalls Aaliya trying to push Bulbul from the stairs…She says nothing..Bulbul tells her that Abhi asked about papers and tells about his strange expressions. Purab asks Pragya to be careful.

Dasi asks Abhi if he got Pragya’s signatures. Abhi says yes, but says may be Pragya has snatched his destiny also with money. She asks if Pragya knows about it. Abhi says no and asks her to pray. Dadi comes and asks what they were talking about? Dasi says nothing. Dadi says she came to talk to Abhi. She reminds Abhi that Purab and Bulbul’s marriage was his responsibility, and Sarla have some wishes with the marriage. She says we shall have a grand reception for them. Abhi agrees and says Shahrukh and Kajol suggested the same. Dasi says your mogambo will not give money. Abhi says I will snatch from her if she don’t agree. Dadi asks what they are saying? Dasi says it is their secret talk. Abhi says he will make arrangements and says it will surprise Pragya.

At the breakfast table, Dadi signs at pragya. Pragya thinks Dadi want to talk to her about Aaliya. Tanu thinks Aaliya’s anger is cool down. Abhi comes and says he is thinking to throw party. He says he is thinking to throw lavish reception for Bulbul and Purab. Pragya asks who will give money? Abhi laughs and says obviously you. He says you got them married secretly so you have to pay the compensation. Pragya refuses.

Aaliya tells Pragya that she didn’t do anything wrong and says she loves Purab genuinely, and not acting like her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    In spoilers they show that Abhi got sign in papers that he got no!!! Pragya will come to the hall Abhi tells her to go out but she slaps him and heads to leave but dadi stops her and slaps Abhi and tells I have teacher you this Abhi and takes the papers and tears it off or dadi will go with Pragya out Abhi can’t bear it so he will bring both back. My intention says this will happen

  2. So aaliya have again started to try to kill pragya. I m sure she called vijay for killing pragya. And what I think, that instagram pic of abhi and vijay will about that sequence when vijay will again come to kill pragya and then abhi will catch him or chase him to follow him. And this time aaliya has taken this step in her madness and without tany and raaj’s knowledge so more chances of her catching. And I think in trying to killing of pragya, bulbul will get injured and then I think, mrunal will b replaced by kajol srivastav, in the show. Well let’s see what will happen? But one thing I don’t understand why these both brother and sister r talking about three days. I mean they both r telling again and again that after three days this will happen, that will happen. Abhi is saying that after three days, he will get his power, aaliya is saying after three days, she will end pragya’s life. I mean why they r waiting for three days? Is it they r meant from purbul’s reception? I just understand this reason for waiting of three days. Do u guys have any other ideas about this?

    1. ya nikki 1 why they are waiting for three days i think they are denoting something i think actors have some commitment or as you said purbul’s reception or maybe killer vijay is out of town or to arrange money for the killer i think so and why abhi have to wait for three days these things are confusing me

    2. 4 new yr they r talkin lyk tat????
      last time they hv celebrated new year na, in tat abhi announced who s he luvin???? dadi came, so he suddenly changed pragya instead of tanu
      lyk tat they r gng to showing in tis ah………..

      1. ya nivi like tat also may happen last bacause of dadi he said pragya’s name but this who name he going to say that he is luving may be this time tanu name too because this tym dadi can’t question him

  3. How do you guys watch this continuous Flow of Bull SHIT????

  4. I havnt seen today’s episode .. Total boycott of this show ..

    Don’t know what the hell writer will show us ..

  5. Nikki 1 what do think what will abhi do when he gets money and property back from pragya ?? Will he try to find pragya truth or will he throw her from mehra mission ..

    Or abhi will also starts his game to search who tried to kill pragya ?? I thought pragya will change the papers but she havnt done it ..

    If they wants to show this so whats the use of makeover of pragya .. And where is dadi in all this ??

    Nikki 1 waiting for your reply ..

  6. Is bulbul going to b replaced?? ??

    1. yes samyu bulbul is going to be replaced by kajol srivatsava

  7. priyankaganesan

    pls end aaliya & tanu story.they are very disgusting

  8. Complement bulbul is looking pretty with sindoor n mangalsutra.plz don’t kill pragya.

    1. This comment is deleted.

      1. How is Barun Sobti related to Kumkum Bhagya? He was never even part of it. Even if it is dragging, it is not that actors fault, but the writers. All the actors are doing great and they are working hard like Sriti, Shabir, Mrunal, Leena, Shikha, Arjit and the rest of the KKB team. I agree the show is dragging but you should not bash the actors. Also, I don’t understand why you are spreading negativity by comparing these actors with another actor. Every actor works hard for the viewers.

    2. This only barun is really mad .. Go to hell man

  9. Mrunal (bulbul) going to quit.. no one can replace her acting.. pragya and bulbul relation is nice to see.. bt duno whether the new comer will maintain d same tone as of bulbul.. oh I m very sad that she is quiting d show. .

  10. All those complaining of Abhi’s dumbness can finally rejoice, as per segment, locked Pragya in the room n broke the whole cupboard to get the papers. So after 4 months of Pragya makeover track, Abhi finally became smart thanks to Mogambo’s torture n attitude.

    Now he can happily hand over papers to Tanu, all of them can push Pragya out, while the 3 masterminds behind her plans can try to analyze where their plan went wrong.

    Wait a sec, Abhi can ask Pragya to stay back in the same room, use the kabaad sofa n do all that she made his family do. Clean MM daily, cook food, decorate house for every party.

    Tanu will marry Abhi, Nikhil will hope she will leave Abhi n come to him with property share. When Tanu doesn’t do that Nikhil can threaten Aaliya n Tanu to reveal secret n they can again hire Vijay to kill Nikhil.

    Happy ending for Tanu’s story right. I am not able to predict more than this for now.

    1. Hahahahaaaa…?sahithi I can see and understand ur frustration. But what I think that I don’t think so that abhi will get his property so easily like this. Becoz as purab was saying yesterday that if pragya will lose property then everything will get finished and there will b no other way to expose evils. Ya if for a change or surprise if really abhi will get all his power back finally then I think he will not let pragya to go from the house becoz according to his plan, his next move will b to hold his control on pragya and then change her into fuggy. But his this plan cannot achieve it’s aim becoz of tanu. She will again start blackmailing abhi through her unborn baby for marriage. So now let’s see what way CVS will choose?

      1. Okay sarcasm apart, Vijay and Abhi chase scene is it before the reception or on day of reception is what is not clear now. Trying to guess the flow of events.

        Abhi has a band-aid in that scene with Pragya in their room where she gives medicine, but today saw one more pic on IG where Abhi is in same dress as he was with Vijay. But in this pic, Pragya was there and band-aid was there.

        However, in next set of videos on day of reception when they open locker, that band-aid is not there. So for now I think these Abhi injury n chase scenes are before reception day.

        Now what I am waiting for is, other than Purab, Bulbul n Aaliya we didnt see pics of any one else from reception. So may be before it starts, someone may attempt killing Pragya, Abhi also gets papers around sametime n in between Bulbul may be harmed, to get her replacement.

        So if we still want to be hopeful, in between these action scenes and tragedy of Bulbul getting hurt, Abhi may know truth partially and may not use the papers against Pragya. Because Pragya will definitely show her concern for Bulbul if she is hurt, she won’t be able to hide it.

    2. really sahithi i too expecting d same as smhz tanu’s story wil be end soon. wat to do?????
      tanu s still 3 months pregnant, no doctor, no treatment, no medical check ups, really v shld wry 4 her.
      even abhi pushes pragya on bed, actually he uses to misbehave nd torture wit her lyk tat ly, so v wil leave tis.
      aliya wil surely plan 4 smthin nd finally trapped everythin, if she caught also abhi ll slap nd forgv her, so v wil leave tis also.
      then dadi, purab and bulbul alwayz make plans nd finally all wil comes on d head of our sacrifice devi pragya, all ll wil hate her, v wil leave tis also.
      then raj s alwayz alert nd ronnie wil instruct him wit intelligent detective capacity, so v knw he s safe villain, leave him also.
      mithali, taj jind all r dng their wrk nd commenting all, so no use wit them nw
      sarla wil alwayz blame pragya nd gv lecture hz d wife shld b behave towards her hubby?????, sssssbbbbbbbbbaaaaaa…….. then he ll get bp nd tk tablets
      wat else v can discuss apart 4m tat?????

      1. 1 like

  11. Kill pragya n kill bulbul r kill everyone… Anyway afta sum episodes everybody Il come bak vid sum rubbish flashback n who knows thy may show that all r Anil ambani’s dadi n bagu n sum bullshit…. Frst temme wr s dat elephant woman who s still pregnant vid a 9 mnths baby fr years… Lol frst it was Suresh’s sister now its tanu… I don think tanu Il give birth any soon… Lol kkb writers rockzzzzz….

  12. Hey guys please whats going on? We can’t see kkb on zeetv any more all the way from Nigeria I have to pay to watch it in internet please any answer

  13. Y pragya just choke aaliya n done or tell abhi about her before she does something horrible to bulbul

  14. well as far i know tanu was pregnant months ago but doesnt have a baby bump so that is wierd and the track started in august and it already the middle of december and the writers i guess have not tought of how to end the track or start a new track.Its dragging like how pavitra rishta did and i think its so crazy PLZ WRITERS GET A NEW TRACK BECAUSE WE FANS DONT LIKE THIS TRACK AND THE TRACK SHOULD END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:\

  15. yes kanchan is so right

  16. Plz end Aliya n tanu story i m getting bored with there story

  17. devishivakumar

    Nothing going to be change

  18. Guys new on location video update- Bulbul overhears someone taking about how to kill pragya. They were two peoples, they were planning about to kill pragya. One person was saying to another one that we have to do it today at any cost. When she will come, just there, u will b careful with ur target. Pragya should dead today anyhow. Bulbul gets panics and tensed after listening it. She starts thinking, between this they both people gets vanished from there. Bulbul goes there and try to catch her but she couldn’t found anybody. She comes back and starts thinking that did i heard right? Yes I heard that they r making plan to kill pragya Di. She worriedly goes from there. Rest of part will b about purbul to get ready for party. That’s it.

    1. Guys one more thing, bulbul overhears their talk during reception party.

  19. Guys from here I think mrunal’s replacement’s countdown begins. Get ready for new bulbul.

  20. While trying to harm Pragya or Bulbul they can injure Aaliya and make her forget everything… Regarding Abi and Tanu… While Nikil visits Aaliya in hospital Tanu and Nikil can speak out there plan towards Abi’s property… On overhearing this frustrated Abi comes home silently… And overhears Pragya and Dad’s caring words for Abi ..And end up with Abi kissing pragya… This way of story will have happy ending.. No more harmful scenes too

  21. But sahithi I just don’t understand one thing that why was no injury on abhi’s forhead on next day of reception? What medicine pragya gave him, through which his injury got vanished in a night. Or did he applied cosmetic surgery on his injury so he look perfect in party? How can CVS do such mistakes? Abhi had not a single mark on his forhead on next day. What do u think sahithi?

    1. If you have seen injuries in previous episodes for any other characters also, they stay for one episode only, even the recent bandage for Raaj came off in a day. I was taking reference of the injury on Abhi head to predict the order of events that we are seeing in on-location pics and videos. I think that is not something to be taken serious.

      But what I was disappointed in yesterday’s episode – even after seeing the signed papers and saving them once from Abhi, Pragya doesn’t try to destroy them with the urgency she should be having. Agreed she is upset with Aaliya’s words, and was a bit lost in thought. If they are not going to destroy the papers, then showing that she and Bulbul saw the papers was not needed.
      Abhi could have directly got them, when he ultimately got them 2 days later. It is like stretching the same things again n again. The potential in the track is not explored by sticking to some silly things only.

    2. everythin bcoz of CVS nikki
      on location shoot she gave gems chocolates na
      i laughed out loud
      did u c tat?????
      bt hz he got d injury?????? no more info abt it na

  22. I don’t understand what CVS is upto atleast during the mms track I was able to predict something but this is horrible yaar if abhi gets the property khel khatam…….I think abhi will start torturing pragya after that

  23. I used to like this show. But now it is a total bull shit.

  24. I don’t like the show anymore. The good ones are suffer so much and the evil ones are the winner one.how is that possible.

  25. guys new news about mrunal thakur came whether it is true or not i don’t know mrunal is going to star in salman khan’s next movie sultan the makers are finding two heroines for this film ali abbas zaffar is the director of this film the shooting started on last week of november but yash raj films still didn’t finalise any heroines mrunal is approached for this film the sources and rumours are saying in two heroines one of the heroine will me mrunal but they didn’t finalised to this and as per mrunal is quitting the show i think this is similar to this i think after quitting the show she will act in salman khan’s sultan film nikki 1 do you have any idea about this if this is true waiting for her film guys please find out and tell me whether she is going to act in sultan film or not waiting for your reply guys

  26. hi guys I love u all and all actors too also Aliya and Tanu they act very good that we hate them
    i saw video that bulbul will die saving Abhi life

  27. guys don’t watch this stupid serial…otherwise you all become stupid!!!

  28. Guys rabul reception pics Leena posted in her IG Abhi in red and pragya in black outfits purab in blue suit and tanu is in golden gagra a lovely Selfie

    1. oh is it srimathi i will see it i am waiting for their reception do you srimathi?

    2. Yes all 4 looking great! Hope then there won’t be any disturbance in the reception. After seeing Purab Bulbul marriage I was hoping Mrinal won’t quit but reading news about her exit being confirmed. That’s bad. She will be missed very much…

      1. ya sahithi u r right we will miss her very much

  29. guys i am sad that mrunal is quitting the show but i want to know that for wat reason she is quitting the show can anyone please explain me

  30. Also boring always boring.. nahi abhigya ek hora ha he,nahi sach samne aa raha he

  31. Boring as always…. This serial is full of bullshit.
    Very sloooooooowww.

  32. I love bulbul acting. Will totally miss her. But if she acting sultan movie. I wish her best ofluck

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