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The Episode starts with Tanu filling Abhi’s ears against Pragya. She says she is so clever and snatched his property. She asks him how can he stay silent after getting big betrayal from her. She says we will file case against her, will gather your fans, media and inform about her doings. She asks him to reply. Abhi says he can’t let anyone take his property. She hopes Abhi do something else her luxury life will just remain a dream. She thinks if Pragya is money minded or is just acting. Abhi comes to hall and looks at Pragya. Pragya too looks at him. The lawyers check the papers and tells that these paper are genuine and signatures are original. All property, money, assets and even clothing of Abhishek Mehra belongs to Pragya Arora. He says no one can spend a penny without her permission.


asks Robin to drop lawyers till the car. Pragya says I told that this family has a habit to waste time. She tells about new rules asking them to obey her else they will be punished. She says Abhi The rockstar, your brand name is also mine now. I will decide which project you will take? You can’t compose any song without my permission else I will take you to court. Abhi says it means everything is yours and you will decide my career. He says I refuse to agree to your sayings. I will not let you control me. I, Abhishek Mehra refuses to obey you, and will leave this house. I will return when you leave this house. He asks her to show the strength and control him. Everyone looks on tensedly. Abhi walks out of house. Pragya is teary eyed.

Tanu tells Dadi, this is your favourite bahu. You are silently standing even now and didn’t tell her anything. I am not surprised as I know her. She asks Dadi to call Abhi and throw Pragya out. Pragya feigns smile. Dadi says Tanu said right. She is betraying us and this is the result of of our over pampering and love. She asks Pragya why she took illegal advantage of their love. Dasi asks don’t you have shame? She says we did a mistake by loving and trusting you. She says you can’t be at peace, and will get our curses. She asks why did you do this? Abhi would have given you everything if you would have asked him.

Pragya says I don’t want to give any justification. She says she didn’t throw Abhi out and he went with his own wish. She says Abhi will return else she will bring him forcibly. She asks them to continue crying and later she will inform them about the do’s of the rules. Sarla, Bulbul and Purab are shocked.

Mitali thinks if she is Pragya or aflatoon. She says Pragya put hole in the plate in which she had food. Taiji tells middle class people can’t digest the ghee. Dasi asks Dadi, why did she do this for money. Dadi says I don’t know what is happening. I am tensed. Tai ji says you have given her a chance to loot you. You didn’t trust me or Mitali. Mitali says Pragya has bankrupt us because of our family members.

Sarla couldn’t believe that she was Pragya or someone else. She tells Dadi that she didn’t know and can’t believe that she is her daughter. She says Pragya believes on relations and never gave importance to money. Tai ji taunts Sarla and says they must have broken the alliances and grabbed opportunity to marry rich Abhi. Mitali taunts her and says why did you loot our house. She tells that Sarla is pretending and acting with her daughter. Dadi asks Mitali to shut up and tells Sarla that she can understand her pain. Sarla says I can’t look in your eyes after Pragya’s doings. Beeji says we are very ashamed. Dadi asks her not to think anything and asks them to think it is testing time for them. She says whatever God will do, will be good for us. She asks them to trust on God.

Pragya is in room and thinks about Abhi’s words refusing to accept her sayings. She thinks she knew that her family will get angry, but didn’t know that Abhi will leave the house. She thinks she came home to save him from his enemies, but he left the house. She looks at their marriage photo frame and says I am your same fuggi. She asks him to show anger, and asks why did he left home. She asks him to come back and cries.

Pragya asks Aaliya to come directly to her if she needs anything rather than sending her representatives. She threatens to throw her out of house, if she comes without permission.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pls someone tell the repeat telecast time of Kkb

    1. 9 am , 12.30pm , 3pm,5.30pm

      1. Thank u frnds

    2. It is 12.30 in the afternoon..and also 3.30..

      1. Pls tell me correct retelecast time

    3. 9am,& 12.30 pm

    4. Frnds some other serial in on the air now

  2. If the family members including abhi really loved pragya, they would have understand that there should be some valid reason behind pragya behaving like this.

  3. It is the end of the week. I have waited but the mystery is not yet solved. Anyhow, I did not watch today’s episode. I could not be bothered. I don’t think I even finished reading the update. Pragya was in her room again crying. Even parents exercise ‘tough love’, but they do not spend their time crying behind close doors ever so often. It can be hard to do what is right for those you love especially when they do not like it, but if it is necessary it has to be done and hopefully you all win. If Pragya can’t handle the plan then just tell the whole truth and whatever happens, happens, but stop the sloppering and crying. This is so schizophrenic. One face in public and another completely different face in private. Where is Fuggi?!! You cannot decide to do something like this and be crying every step of the way. Clearly, you don’t believe in it, and you will eventually undermine the objective and fail in your plan. Waste of time.

    I will be reading updates for a while, hopefully not though.

    1. Read ur comment after posting mine…. Yes shes mental …. Her character is becoming almost unlikable,certainly totally unrealistic

  4. Pragya’s character is kind of sick. Slightly mentally deranged and even selfish.
    They are people in her life who have rights on her: her mom, grandmother, husband, dadi and her sister. They all love her so deeply and could themslves become sick at this shock.
    She could have informed all of the above of her plan. I only hope her mom and abhi’s Dadi don’t have heart attacks behind this. Hoping also this doesn’t push Abhi closer to Tanu … Remember even enemies become one if a force is against them . Who would know she is lying. She should trust her loved ones with the truth….i think she has become ridiculous and foolish…. That said, God protects fools and babies so let’s see

    1. LOLOLOLOLOL…LJ it was worth the laugh. Agreed, but she can’t tell her Mum as Sarla lacks self-control and would spill the beans somehow to Biji or worst BulBul. Since Bulbul (BB) has no patience and likes to drop hidden threats, she might do something too soon spoiling the timing of Alia and Tanu’s recompense. The only person Pragya may be able to tell is Purab, but he can’t hid anything from BB for long and her radar is sharp. BB will know something is up and won’t rest until she finds out what. So…technically, Pragya can’t say anything to anyone. The real question is, was this the only way? For me though…none of it matters, not even Ahbi’s reaction since it is highly unlikely that the writers will marry him off to Tanu, which is the only real risk Pragya faces and he certainly can’t marry anyone else since he has no money, not even his famous name belongs to him now. At this point to me, the writers have only created a situation where the only real risk is Pragya’s ability to resist her own self and execute to plan and bring Tanu, Alia and accomplice to justice.

      Right now, we are just waiting on one of two things:
      (1) Nikhil or Pragya’s support to show up and/or
      (2) Abhi to consider that this drama is all for him and try to get the truth out of Pragya.

      If the writers have other interesting ideas, then I may be watching on Monday. LJ, let’s read and see.

      1. Oh yes…Ahbi could marry someone for their money, which would bring us back to a Sense and Sensibility track. If you recall, this novel is the inspiration for this serial. That might be interesting, but I feel it would be too ‘much’ too late. Naah. I doub’t the writers will go there.

  5. It ll b so harder for pragya to sort out these many problems alone. Surely someone ll help her. But don’t know who is tat. Abhi having doubt in pragya but don’t know how easily went out nu.something is there behind tat. Wat ever the case tanu won’t marry abhi if abhi likes to marry means also she won’t without solving this problem. I don’t know what tat Tanu’s parents doing and Nikil.

    1. ha ha Priya…Abhi will not definitely like to marry..even if he accepts for this marriage now..then i think it should be for bringing out the truth from Pragya..he may accept it hoping that Pragya is still loving him and she will definitely tell the truth and stop the marriage …

      1. Ya chithu I know abhi won’t like to marry tanu but sumtimes in anger he can do tat na. But sad thing is now situation become worst. If pragya came normally means there is a chance to believe but if time goes like this worst. Surely none ll believe her without proof. Wat ever it ll b v want Abhigya scenes more. Chithu abhi back to shoot ah u know abt tat????

      2. yes Priya..he is back to shoot 🙂 and we will definitely have Abhigya scenes…it might be usual comedy ones or romantic ones or mostly might be romance with anger also 🙂

      3. but i was expecting some new promo in the week end …

      4. yeah Priya.. i hope Abhi will not really accept for marriage..as i told, even if he accepts, there should be some plan behind that … 🙂 and most important thing is, even if Abhi accepts, Tanu will not be ready now..as she wants only money from Abhi…

  6. I too feel that abhi should have understood pragya.he know pragya for a long time.he knows her innocent nd truthful character.yet he misunderstood her.Poor pragya.but if pragya shared the truth with abhi before he would have supported her.but what’s the point after knowing the truth he supported her.is it true love??

  7. Sorry to comment so much
    Just watched episode
    Her choice to play this game is just plain stupid, all her crying isn’t going to help her loved ones. In my culture this type of plan would never be forgiven even if it was done to achieve a great objective…
    Ekta you and your team have really gone mad! I hope you can write your way out of this maze of deception as fuggi has created a trap that EVERYONE can Potentially be harmed by her

  8. If Pragya wants to save Abhi, she has to workout olans to reveal the true colours of Aaliya, Raj, Thanu, Nikil and the fact about the baby. And not his wealth! I don’t agree with this turn that Pragya takes up the in charge of wealth instead of Abhi and Dadi is soul. And this is not coincide with the Pragya’s character build.

  9. not olans, it is plans.

  10. Too much drama I can’t handle it pls I hope the truth come to light soon

  11. I think this s not good. Abhi was trusted tanu aliya and their foolish drama and all. But y can’t he trust his true love pragya. I think it may be the joint drama of abhi and pragya. Let it be so. If not this all not be a true love story. So abhi should trust pragya even in her evil behaviour. He should care and support to pragya and he happily comes under her control and throw tanu out of their house.

  12. yes Guys… it is very bad if Abhi starts hating or unbelieve Pragya in such a quick manner without even giving a single thought 🙂 after showing such terrible and passionate love from Abhi for Pragya, i think writers won’t do the mistake by showing hating track so easily 🙂 so there is something positive behind Abhi’s this move for sure 🙂 letz wait and hope for the best 🙂

  13. I think Writter can make pragya situation is more hard and difficult… in future also she can face more prblm before releving taliya …. she can prove alonely tanu and aliya drama… that means writter make pragya have more guts and boldness she can do anything as alone without anyonce help for this time she does not give place for her emotions. Wtitter make pragya as a brave lady…

  14. She wants to save abhi from aliya and Tanu so she is pretending.

  15. So disappointed to see aabhi behaving like this..despite of understanding the reason behind all her doings.,, he became against pragya!! Now where the hell is his Love for Pragya!! 🙁

  16. I think abhi trusts pragya and his going out of the house, was just acting. I say this for the following reasons.
    1) He just went out without thinking about his dear daddies or even a goodbye . When has he ever done that?
    2) Shouldn’t he be reacting more when pragya made all these revelations? He just heard her, said a couple of lukewarm things and then just walked out.
    3) When pragya said “aap ne apna sab kuch mere naam kar diya tha”, abhi’s expression was very strange and looked like he was thinking something.
    4) When tanu asked him if he was going to let pragya snatched all his money from him, he did not say I won’t let her do it. He did not take anyone’s name. Instead he said “I won’t let anyone do it”.
    So I really think he is doing all this because he believes in pragya and somehow plans to figure out what’s going on.

  17. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Gud comments from all i like reading .
    exactly how long wil it tk to get the villians tanu aaliya n rk?????
    Toooo much dragging isnt ?

  18. What will abhi do next, only time will tell but one thing is sure, it will b very difficult task for pragya to save abhi from all his enemies. Becoz she is still unaware from raaj’s intentions. I feel that raaj could b use pragya to snatch abhi’s money. Becoz raaj’s aim not only spoil abhi but he himself wants to b rich like him. So that’s why he is behaving with pragya gently and respectfully. By this he will b try to gain pragya’s trust and will try to work with pragya as pragya said that everybody in the house will work under her. And before it, he was actually loyal and honest as pragya knows that he was innocent in marriage hall case, may b pragya will believe on him and she will involved him in official work and after this he could easily theft or transfered abhi’s money in his account and becoz pragya is the owner so pragya will b responsible for it and he will b clearly out from this.That’s why he was telling to aaliya that if pragya will b owner of property then it will b more fun in game. I hope pragya will not trust on anyone easily and keep her eyes on abhi’s property, accounts and financial status, continuously when she is are that abhi’s property is in danger. If she will believe on raaj and will give him official responsibility then definetly she will b in big problem becoz after proving own self as a gold digger, everybody will easily believe that pragya is spending abhi’s money becoz she is the owner of abhi’s property at this time. So it will b most difficult task for pragya to save abhi from enemies, defeat then and gain abhi’s love and trust again. I hope abhi will find out soon that pragya is faking so he could save and support her when she will b in any problem.

    1. yes Nikki… if she starts trusting Raj then definitely she will be in a big problem provided Raj himself is not acting to save Abhi from Aaliya….

  19. Guys…i saw some news like Mrunal might be playing Sita role in upcoming star plus show
    “Siye ke Ram”..so there is news like Mrunal might be quitting Kumkum Bhagya for the new show…not sure whether it is a rumor or confirmed one…

  20. Any new updates guys???

  21. guys,did u hear the news???it seems abhi is joining hands with aaliya and tanu against pragya as she gave him a big doka..and guys ,abi is really innocent,i dont think so we can expect him to be a typical lover who beieives his love in then most critical situation…if he believes in pragya now,the track will be interesting but he ll be seen a fool before everyone….i just wish abi doesnt join hands with aalya and tanu ,that too for ruining pragya …do u think ab

    1. yes Harini..i read some comments..but i feel that as just a rumor since all of those sites are telling it as Abhi has left the house, he is against Pragya and he ll join with Tanu and Aaliya since he told to Tanu as “he will not let anyone do it”…but no proper news yet…

      1. Ya chithu u r right. I also read that spoilers. They r just assuming possibilities becoz in last episodes, it has been seen that tanu tries to manipulate abhi and abhi also leaves the house by going against pragya. So that’s why they r saying that may b abhi could support aaliya and tanu against pragya. But I don’t think so. May b he will remain angry with pragya till then he finds out that she is faking but I m sure he will not give company to aaliya and tanu against pragya. Instead of this I hope he will try to find out that pragya is just pretending and she is not changed.

      2. But it’s there that fueling by tanus words, abhi Will scream at pragya and warns her to leave them alone. “Leave THEM ” means??? Will he reunite with tanu again??? Plz guys reply…

      3. but Nikki..did you see, till now Abhi hasn’t shown any proper reactions at all..i mean no disappointment ..no anger… yes..while leaving home , he was talking in a rough tone..but i felt some confusion or thinking behind that tone..so really not sure what is going to happen… becoz, even if Abhi wants to know the real reason behind this, before that if Aaliya/Raj make the situation worse for Pragya..then it ll be more difficult for Pragya to survive unless she has some true support…i hope atleast Tanu’s truth they can reveal soon and let Pragya be usual with innocence , then they can reveal Aaliya/Raj’s truth..becoz, more the Pragya tries to pull in , the more the load for her..not sure whether she can survive that load all alone..since now she has made everyone believe that she is bad..before all this happens, Abhi should realize the real Pragya…otherwise we need to see muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh moreeeeeeeeee draggingggggggggggggggg 🙂

      4. But chithu nikki and Harini abhi character was like tat from first he believed aliyah then tanu after tat pragya his character seems like blind love. Whom ever saying anything he ll believe it but only for pragya he felt it. So I think he may support aliyah and tanu but if critical situation comes he can’t control himself helping pragya. Tat much he loves pragya.

      5. if it happens i stop watching this show………

    2. What news harini and from where u hear that abhi will join aaliya and tanu against pragya?

      1. it is there in telly news Nikki… but it seems to be just a prediction as Abhi has left the house…

      2. Ya I also seen it. It’s in d webpage of kumkum bhagya

      3. guys,its really dissapointing that everyone is against pragya and abhiis in a very critical and crucial situation.how can a person manage to think deep when his believe itself told him that she is been giving a doka to him all this while…how will a person try to think deep or behave intelligent at this moment??so it will be better of pragya going to abhi and saying him that theres a very big reason behind all this drama(crap) ?? so that atleast abhi will not think baddd about his darling dear wife….let her not say the reason ,but let him know that its all for something….

  22. I think d writers are planning to unite abhigya in 500th epi. Sorry correction- they have decided . But will it be acceptable to see abhi hating pragya after developed a passionate love??? If he did so, then it will be just like d begginning episodes of dis serial. Better we can watch d starting epizzz again than seeing this brainless track. Am just consoling me that ekta will not disappoint us in such a disgusting way. Hope so somewhere in my heart…

    1. But one thing is confirm. We will definitely miss d cute fights and love scenes of abhigya specially with their awesome background songs. It may be there. Otherwise many of us will stop watching it regularly. But will not like befores. Ekta is really testing our patience. I just wanna see them back together as suniye and fuggiiii… dats it.

  23. If abhi will going against pragya i defently stop watching kkb….
    Not only me!!! Lots of people will stop kkb to watch…..
    Infact this pragnancy track starts 5 months ago…. they draging this many ways… 1st pragya rude behaviour 2nd abhi know truth 3th pragya fake pregnant 4th nikil entry 5th inbetween rabul mrg aliya truth came out 6th pragya fake pregnancy end 7th tanu pregnancy came out to dadi 8th aliya join raj to runi abhi 9th abhigya love 10th pragya get away from abhi life 11th pragya know truth about taliya met with an accident 12th pragya new avatar….. oh my god !!!!!! There are so many confusions…..

  24. adamu alhaji adamu

    I don’t like watching or reading rubbish in my life. How comes pragya will not at least share her secret with anybody. She should tell bulbul or purab or even her mother the truth before embarking on this mission. I hate dull producers in my life.

    1. that’s not secrete

  25. baquas drama

  26. Among of all these questions, there is a question which is continuously suspective and unsolved and that is how pragya got the signature of abhi on the property papers? She was telling that she took abhi’s sign through consent papers. But we knows that it was not property papers becoz it was written on those papers as she told before leaving abhi’s house that pragya as abhi’s x- wife, r allowing the second marriage of abhi without any objection and she doesn’t want anything from abhi for this. So it is clear that there were no clause on that papers about the property ownership transfered to pragya. And after checking property papers, lawyers declared it original. And pragya never took signature of abhi on any property papers or blank papers, through which she could claim on abhi’s property. But lawyers declared those property papers as original. If those property papers r original with abhi’s signature, which r obviously not related to consent papers, as we know that pragya is just using it for gain trust of everyone on that papers, so how pragya got that original property papers with abhi’s original signature? This question is still suspence. But pragya has given consent papers excuse, which we knows that it is not true then most of possibility is that someone is involved with her in all this definetly. But who could b this person, who could provide pragua property papers with abhi’s signature? According to me it could b dadi, purab, akaash and last but not the least raaj! Can anyone of u guess, who could b that suspective helper of pragya? Or how much of u guys believes on that someone is helping pragya?

    1. I think tht purab or akash can help pragya because they both have no reaction when pragya has say tht all abhi property, investment, banking belongs to her.may be purab can help her…

    2. According to me it could b akaash becoz after pragya’s declaration as the owner of abhi’s property, he was the only person who was taking side of pragya, indirectly, when his mother was accusing sarla maa by bad mouthing about pragya and her family, akaash was feeling bad for her. That’s why he was telling from his own mother to shut up. At that time, all were against pragya and no one was taking her side but he was only person who was feeling bad for pragya among all the family members. That’s why I felt that may b he helped pragya for taking abhi’s signature on the property papers becoz he handles abhi’s all official works and abhi also trusts on him blindly so he could take abhi’s signatures on property papers by giving excuse of concert contract papers or any official papers. I know at that time dadi also stopped mitali for telling anything to sarla maa but I felt she stopped mitali becoz mitali was blaming sarla maa for pragya’s betrayal. And how dadi was accusing and cursing pragya for her betrayal, I don’t think so, she helped pragya. Purab’s possibilities r also minimum. Becpz he is handling his own business and other side busy in taking care of bubul’s family in pragya’s absence. So I don’t think so, he could b. Raaj also couldn’t becoz when aaliya informed him about pragya’s step to owned abhi’s property, he was saying to ownself that pragya was not in the list of him. Now something have to do of it. I don’t think he could b. So most of my doubt on akaash.

      1. And did u remember guys that it was only akaash, who was searching for pragya by help of police, when dadi ordered him to call the police and tell them to search pragya. May b at that time akaash found pragya but may b pragya requsested him not to tell abhi or anybody about her and then pragya made this plan with the help of akaash.

    3. yes Nikki….i also 100% believe that someone is helping Pragya… i belive mostly it should be Aakash or Purabh…. but who knows to our shoock, it might be Raj also..but Dadi , i believe less chances Nikki… because, though Dadi is related to all Abhi’s matter..she was not shown as invovling in any official docs or property matter till now..so if she has got the sign..then Abhi should feed something different…but CVS can do anything to our shock 🙂 we will see….

      1. Chithu raaj couldn’t helped pragya. As i told u in my above comment so Do u remember when aaliya informed him about the pragya’s move of taking ownership of abhu’s property by call, after cutting the call, he says to himself that this pragya was not in our list. Something have to do of it. If he helped pragya or he is helping pragya then he never say that he have to do something of pragya. And purab is handling his own business and otherwise busy in taking care of Bulbul’s family in absence of pragya. So he have no time to involved in abhi’s office matters as well as pragya’s planning. And purab is just an advicer of abhi but akaash is his manager so he handles his all official works, contracts, paper works etc. So if anyone is helping pragya or helped pragya in getting original property papers with original signature, it could b only akaash, from my point of view.

    4. I think akash there is more chance. But even Purab can also do tat. These writers can do wat ever they like don’t know sumtimes unexpected one may also help her. But it ll b gud if someone is there in house to support her in critical situation they may help her. But y no new promo til now.

      1. yes Priya..i was also expecting the new promo in the week end…

  27. I agre wid u nikki but i thnk its not rajj coz pragya said n thursdys epsd dat he s here to find the one who s helping aaliya so i thnk it wont be raj..nikki

  28. guys ,did u see pragya saying to herself thta shell continue her invesyigation in all critical situations which include going against abhi tooo….. i just wish abhi doesnt join hands with evils

  29. pragya looks beautifull
    and no spectclus thats why she more and more beautifull

  30. I really hope abhi doesn’t join hands with tanu nd aliya. Don’t drag this drama too much.

  31. and did you Guys, heard some news like Mrunal might be quitting the show (no official news yet), since she may be seen playing Sita in Siye Ke Ram upcoming show… but no confirmed news yet…

    1. Ya chithu I got this news through spoilers. If mrunal will accept this role then it will b difficult for her to manage both shows together becoz she is offered for lead role of this show.And I heard that this show’s set is also somewhere far from Mumbai,the main city. So it may b possible that mrunal could quit kkb. Well it’s about her carrier so it’s her choice.

      1. yeah nikki..its hyderabad..

      2. yes Nikki…thatz true..it is about her career..but i hope they will not change story line in KKB for this..since here also she is having quite important role and we have separate stream of fans for Purabh-Bulbul pair, if Mrunal really quits the show, then the new person replacing her has to put lot of efforts to justify it, since the RaBul pair has already set some rules for the character 🙂 but in case of Tanu’s replacement (from Madurima to Leena), the show was in itz beginning stage..so there were no much confusions.. we will see what is happening…

    2. huh sss chithu…but i dnt want to quit kkb..but news not yet confirmed …i want to see both serials..

  32. its tooooo draginggggg…….

  33. Nikki… if someone is really helping Pragya… and the Abhi’s sign in the property paper is a real one got from Abhi thro that person… then it means, consent paper is still there somewhere..and if it resides in Pragya’s home ..since after accident she didn’t go there..if Bulbul or Sarla Maa sees the consent paper, then in guilty feeling they may give it to Abhi or Dadi, for using it to get their property back (as in that Pragya has mentioned , she doesn’t need any property from Abhi)…if it goes to Abhi, then he may realize that Pragya is acting like this for something …but if it goes to other’s hand, like Aaliya or someone else, then it will be a problem for Pragya…in this situation, if it goes to Dadi also, not sure whether she will be able to use realize the reason behind..since she is also angry over Pragya…

    1. Ya chithu it’s very logical one but don’t know in anger abhi can also do wrong things against her may b sum times. May b he identify it some thing was wrong. If sarla ma got tat paper means surely bulbul ll make her clear tat something is behind pragya to do such things. May b it may also a great lead to find pragya’s truth.

    2. Chithu firstly, sarla maa and bulbul no one knows about consent papers. They knows that pragya has left abhi and his house by her wish and they also knows like everyone outside that abhi and pragya has taken divorced. Even they still doesn’t know about consent papers becoz they came after and pragya have been told about consent papers to abhi before their coming. Ya if they got that consent papers at the house then it could give them a doubt that if pragya doesn’t want abhi’s property after leaving him then why she has came with this property papers and claimed for it’s ownership. Then after get to know this they will firstly go to pragya to talk about this. If sarla maa will go to talk to pragya then definetly pragya will change the matter by giving some excuse but ya if bulbul will get to know about this and will go to pragya about this then she will definetly get some doubt about this, no matter how much pragya will try to divert her attention by any excuses but bulbul will surely try to find about the reason behind all this. But I think if cvs wants to show this then they will show it later but for now I don’t think so they will reveal pragya’s truth to anybody. In fact if abhi will doubt on her behavior and try to find about her reality then also it will take some time becoz as we knows that when cvs introduces any new twist then they drags it long as much they can.

      1. yes Nikki..Sarla Maa and Bulbul are not aware of consent papers… thatz y i thought , if they got it, then they may try to give it to Abhi to get the property back… becoz , as per them Pragya was fine when she came to their home after separating from Abhi…only after she gone missing, she seems to be changed per them… so, if they get the paper, then Bulbul also may not be able to relate it, unless she knows about Pragya’s explanation of Abhi’s signature..if she knows that, then for sure she will think Pragya is doing all these becoz of something…but in the episode, i think they showed like, Arora family reached Mehra Mansion only after Pragya mentions about that consent paper..

  34. Yes all of us want to know who’s helping pragya.let see what miss ekta have for us this week.I hope that we can see some good things between pragya and abhi.

  35. I believe abhi know all the weekness of every step pragya doing sure hv reason coz he go throo all wt her n him in bad situation.

  36. I think someone is helping Pragya but who? Maybe Akash?

  37. Just saw SBS and SBB kkb segment. Guys get ready to watch our abhigya’s cute nok- jhok again. Pragya beats abhi thinking him a thief. Abhi comes to his room through balcony, silently and hidingly. Pragya sees him and thinking him a thief becoz she sees him from the back. Pragya comes with an iron rod and hits him on his head from the back. Abhi falls on the floor by sudden hitting on his head. Then pragya runs back to the room and comes back with blanket. Then pragya puts this blanket on abhi and wraps him in blanket. Then pragya again starts beating abhi from the rod. Abhi comes out from blanket and stands up in front of pragya. Pragya gets shocked after seeing him. Abhi shouts on pragya for beating him so badly. Pragya feels bad for her mistake but then she controls on her emotions to hiding it from abhi and says to him in anger that yes I will beat u if u will come like this, Next time I will beat u after hanging u with the fan. After saying this pragya goes back to room by showing her anger. Abhi also follows her to the room in anger. They were fights cutely not seriously. Then they shows sriti and shabbir’s interview which was full of fun. And one more news guys, that kkb set could b change along with some more balaji’s shows becoz they got a notice, in which they have given 6 months time for changing the sets of these show becoz on which set, these shows shooting helds, that set will b broken.

  38. and Guys… i saw some update in serial gossip that Abhi will be coming back to Mehra Mansion secretly… Pragya will be thinking of him as thief and starts beating him… she will react in a normal way… later she will realize that it is Abhi…then she will act with attitude and starts blaming him… not sure how much it is true…

    1. It is true chithu. It has been showed in SBS and SBB segment of today and I also have given it’s written update above. But abhi is not like he came back. It was like he came to throw a letter. It was wrap in something. He came to throw it in pragya’s room but before it, pragya sees him from the back and beats him thinking him as a thief.

      1. Oh ok Nikki…I think we can expect some nok-jok scenes again 🙂

  39. Guys read tellyexpress article. It says sriti is enjoying her new ultra modern look but she is also missing her spects becoz in real life she wears it. But in this new modern look, she is forced to use contact lenses. Guys this arrival says that tanu will ditch abhi by saying no to the marriage becoz abhi has lost his all wealth and money. Later pragya will reveal tanu’s truth as well as aaliya’s truth also. Then Abhi will throw tanu and aaliya out from his house and life. Well let’s see guys how much this artical proves true.

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