Kumkum Bhagya 21st April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya hugging each other emotionally and cry. Aaliya feels pity on Pragya. Tanu says Pragya will spend her life taking care of Sarla now, and says she can’t put black eye on my marriage now. Mitali looks at the wafers and asks for it. Aaliya gives her wine to drink. She couldn’t drink it and keeps it. She looks at the cards. Tanu likes a card and says there should be one girl here who is seen running and crying. Aaliya asks her to add specs to that girl. They laugh. Abhi apologizes to Pragya and says I should say the truth, and accept my mistake. Pragya cries. Abhi says I did a mistake. He says I met Tanu before you, and thought she will be of my status and people will say our jodi is good. He says relations don’t make with wrong thinking. He says I am punished,

as I am leaving my first true love for that girl. He says I got myself by accepting my mistake, but I lost you.

Pragya with teary eyes asks how can you lose me, when we haven’t united before. She says it is not necessary to be together. You are fulfilling your duty and I am with you. She says if you shaken up at anytime then I will hold your hand. She says you told me everything and says everything don’t have this strength. She says we can’t be husband and wife, but can be friends. She says whenever you need me, I will be with you. I will come infront of you before you remember me. She says friends and forwards her hands. Abhi looks on emotional and shakes hand with her. Pragya smiles. She sits beside him. Abhi holds her and kisses on her cheek. Just then Rachna comes and sees Abhi kissing Pragya. Abhi says sorry and excuse himself.

Abhi thinks how can he act madly and kiss Pragya after divorcing her. He says Tanu shouldn’t know this. Tanu comes and asks what he was saying? Abhi says nothing serious. Tanu asks what are you hiding? She says you went to Pragya’s room, and asks what happened? Abhi says she was crying, so I asked her why she was crying? I gave her emotional support. Tanu says don’t go to her room, she will slap you if you try to touch her. He looks at the cards and asks about it. Tanu says it is for their marriage.

She gets Nikhil’s call and asks him to see the cards until she comes back. Abhi sits down on the bed and looks at the cards. He says why only bride and groom are shown in the cards, and hopes a girl should also be seen in the card who is your best friend. He recalls Pragya saying she is very happy, their emotional talk. He recalls kissing her on cheek. Nikhil tells Tanu that he came to the same lawyer who will be filing Abhi-Pragya divorce case. He asks her to fulfill the promises made to him, else he won’t let her marry. Tanu says I am not married to Abhi still, and says I can ask anything after marriage. Nikhil says I want my rights before marriage, and says I am coming there to discuss. Tanu thinks Nikhil will stop her marriage.

Abhi thinks how to select a card when he couldn’t select a right partner. He says I couldn’t forget pragya and kissed her. He says I thought my life will be set if I marry a super model, but I don’t even like her. Tanu comes and takes the cards. Abhi wishes he wouldn’t have meet her before. Pragya tries to excuse herself. Rachna asks what happened and teases her about the kiss. Pragya says nothing happened, he was just motivating me. Rachna says what type of motivation. Pragya says I got motivated for good work. He was telling me not to go and made me realize that I need his love. She says I felt like getting his love, and tells about Dadi’s words. She says I will fight for him and for his love. Rachna asks her to give some strength to Abhi by kissing him. Pragya says Rachcho. Rachna says yesterday he divorced you, but today he gave you a big happiness.

Nikhil comes to Abhi’s house with lawyer, and says Aaliya and Tanu shouldn’t get any advantage. Purab sees Nikhil with lawyer and gets doubtful. Nikhil and Lawyer come to Tanu’s room. Tanu asks why did you come here? What is your problem? Aaliya asks her to calm down. Tanu says I know your problem and says you are jealous of me. She curses the night which she had spent with him. Nikhil asks her to remember her status and says you are not a celebrity. He says you are dancing and flying high because of my mistake (baby). He says I brought lawyer here to make you understand, and asks her to fulfill her promise else he knows other way also. Aaliya says we will discuss. Nikhil says it is simple, I want to be CEO of Abhi’s company, and Tanu will do this work.

Abhi asks Pragya, if she will stay in the same house, or go to her mum’s house after divorce. Pragya looks on. Pragya tells Tanu that her divorce is not processed or her marriage, and says she will make her lose with her trick.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I have strong feeling, Pragya is upto something, may be she will cheat Abhi again, she will pretend to give Abhi his property back n get his signature on marriage certificate n they will b married again Wink
    As she was tell Tanu that she will play her game now in precap

    1. I’ll be the happiest person alive if that happens. THUMBS UP PRAGYA!
      We are all behind you.

  2. So much dragging

  3. Realy too good abhi u kiss pragya superb episode but litle bit disapointing u kissed pragya after divorse not good abhi but love the scine

  4. nice episode.

  5. Only siyapa stupid pragya daddi is also stupid




  8. How is it that Nikkil walks all through Abhi’s house and talks freely about “his” baby and Abhi does Not know and does Not hear him? WTH

  9. I think praygya is up to ssomething dat why she is calm n abhi cant see how tanu talks to him

  10. I hope Purab, after seeing Nikhil come into the house with the Lawyer, follows them to find out what they are up to. I hope he will have the brain cell to video this conversation… what am I saying? Probably another wasted effort.Their phones never seem to work when things like that goes down!!! and when they do, the crooks gets it back from them anyway… he should probably try to get Abhi to go there and he goes without dragging his foot this time. That is always Abhi’s MO whenever they set things up for him to catch Tanu. UGH!!!
    So these witches might now what to get rid of Nikhil because it’s obvious they do not want to share and Nikhil has threaten to blab the truth if they don’t give in to his demands. I guess they never hear that “cheaters always get cheated in the end”.
    Well…let’s see how they play this out.

  11. Today episode is good please bring the tanu truth fast to infront of abhi this much of dragging we cannot see

  12. Loved watching the programme, the writer has lost the plot. Can Tanu and Aliya plot and not get caught.

  13. Just dragging nothing else…. I only like nikhils part that was awesome… The way he talked to tanu superb she deserves this

  14. What does lady mogambo means?

  15. I really miss Pragya’s curly hair. It is more FUGGI-ish. I feel like they are planning on just having Pragya wear a braid when she is fuggi again:(

    1. me too i love her in her curly and with her specs missing her very much she was very cute with those

  16. tamil guys kandipa very good news…. zee tamil trp increased bcoz of the arrival of kumkumbhagya…. and sad news enana polimer lost its top5 position… thats also bcoz of kumkum-bhagya left…. and elarum ans panunga… naagin epdi top la iruku… pakringala yarachum…. since its has tat much trp, why tamil la remake panla… i dnt knw about naagin but mouni roy i knw… so tel me wats wd naagin?? why high trp?? and why tamil la remake panla???? normally high trp na tamil la remake aagum…. la….

    1. hi gowtham.naan naagin parpen.as naagin is a supernatural serial and potrays abot the revenge of icchadari naagin.another one reason of top trp may be becoz of it’s cast mouni roy,arjun bijlani(rithik),sudha chandran,ada khan(sesha).it’s also a different love story amid rithik and shivanya.their chemistry is really sizzling.ippo naaginla tringle love is going on amid sesha,rithik,shivanya.i think naagina tamila remake pannuranga zee tamizha.i hav watched the promo of serial naga rani somthing related to naagin.

      1. hi karthika.. I saw in a website tat tis naga rani s dubbing of kannada naagin n not of the hindi naagin. bt the story plot s the same.. I dnt knw If tis s true

    2. since naagin s a weekly show they mi8 hav not remade it.. Tamil channels usually dnt do weekly shows bec they dnt gain much trp frm it.. v usually c films n othr spl programs on weekends.. tat show s one hr on Saturdays n Sundays.. if they remake it they should telecast it as daily soap opera.. fr tat editing work ll b mre.. may b they ll telecast latr.. bt naagin s gonna b ovr by the end of may.. since its weekly show it tops the trp..

    3. gowtham sometimes i feel so bad beco after the arrival of naagin kkb is not getting it’s first position,it’s getting only second position.this week our kkb is at third position.day by day it’s going down.if CVs team reads these comments,plzz understand the fans feelings and try to write something by which trp rises.

    4. Ya i m watching naggin .. Superb story.. And main reason of trp is there is no dragging.. And its going to end in may i hope after that our kkb will get 1st in trp

      1. hi sheetha unga veetula zee tv struck aiduchunu sonnigale,ippo sari aiducha.actually ennakum innaki kazhalil tashn e ishq repeat 9:30am podum podhu zee tv struck aikuchu..i contacted cable operator.i hope inaku kkb poduradhu kulla zee tv thirumba sari aidunum.

      2. s karthika yesterday afternoon sari agiduchu… But unga msg patha aprom marupadichum poirkumo nu doubt ah eruku.. eve poi tha pakanum

    5. Gowtham ya u r right always iru malargal rocks…but in Hindi little bit only rocking and naama guess pannadhu sariya pochu now zee tamil is in top 1st position…definitely polimer is gonna end some serial and telecast other ekta serial may be kasam ….wat do u think guys ??will they telecast kasam ???naagin they will not telecast becoz it’s a supernatural serial..and ya moondru mudichu is too nowadays a supernatural serial only. . and i think after somedays they will telecast kasam…

      1. reji neega sonna mathiri avanga edhavadhu ekta kapoor serial dhan poduvanga.kasam potta nala irukum.sharad and kratika’s jodi is just awesome.avanga kasam a dubb panni potagana trp will rise.or else polimer tv tashn e ishq ka dubb panni potalum avanga trp rise aidum.

      2. ya u r right karthika ….and don’t give me more respect and call me neenga vaanga ponga …and all just call me reji ……i am younger than you only……ok ??……u can casually call me ..reji……then only i will like it ..my name is Ragela …..pronounciation (Rejila)…..my nick name is Reji …..??..ok.

    6. Actually gowtham naagin vandhu only on Saturdays n Sundays .. So average la Dana trp idu panuvanga .. So obviously 6 days pakradhukum 2 days pakradhukum average patha differ aagum la .. So adhunala Dan nagin tops .. I think this might b the reason

  17. y should pragya leave the house wen evrythn s her’s.!!! abhi n tanu should get married thn pragya or dadi have to send them out n abhi ll nt gt any concert so no money.. n tat foreign contract ll b spoiled by nikhil so they ll stand in mid of the road.. tat tym tanu gets irritated n leaves abhi n thn he realizes evrythn n cmes back to pragya n thereafter abhigya lived happily..! btw Bulbul’s reentry should happen soon.. cvs plans r flopping bec of dragging.. nxt tym tis show ll nt cme in top 5 itself if thy dnt end tis tanu track.

  18. Silent reader

    Theres no logic in this story! Writers pl hang up urself!

  19. I’m confused ms pragya sacrificed bulbul her mom and everything to be “friend” w her hubby!?

    1. Naa.. She is just trying to pacify the cry baby Abhi, Pragya knows best how to cheer up Abhi in any situation.

  20. pls try to show out tanu truth too much of dragging no patient to watch abt tanu…..getting kick out of the house

  21. So Nikhil is the man of the moment, as expected. But we have to see if he continues putting pressure on Tanu or Aaliya the smartest comes up with some plan to manipulate and shut him up again. Or may be again hire someone to get rid of Nikhil, as Aaliya is expert in such things.

    Best dialogue was Nikhil saying that her marriage with Abhi is happening only because of him. And indeed he helped Tanu overcome all hurdles created by Pragya, so he definitely deserves back some favors from Tanu 🙂
    Let us see if Tanu tries to steal those international contract papers n again gives Pragya a chance herself. As I mentioned before, any plan of Pragya is second last as she always finds a new one again.

    And I think yday Purab was shooting at a studio outside of the general MM set that they shoot everyday. It was same studio which had the police station setup, where Pragya hoped to show Nikhil n Tanu to Abhi. It may be again a police station scene like last time or may be some other place in the same studio. Purab didnt post any picture, just tagged this studio, so we have to see in next 3-4 episodes what will happen outside MM.

  22. Silent reader

    Abhi is not that much dumb! Now he has no doubt on pragya! And writers plz bring some reality! Wedding is not a joke nd divorce too! We r in INDIA not in foreign countries! In serials ppl get easily divorced! Nd they remarry! Wat the hell! Nd is this the way ppl behave when they r divorced?? OMG! U r bringing romance to drag! If u dont have any future ideas for this serial just stop this crap! Instead dont make marriage a joke! First of all a married girl will say the truth to her husband but here shit is happening!! No logic! Nothing! Pity the actors! I wonder wont they even tell that the story is bullshit!

  23. i think as all said nikhil wil be the last hope in exposing tanu.nowadays nikhil’s attitide towards tanu is realy aggressive.perhaps he could be the weapon to expose tanu.yesterday’s episode i luved the way rachna tells that pragya’s one cheek went red and suggests abhi to kiss in other cheek also so that two cheeks will become red.in precap pragya is really looking confident.it’s really a positive sign.her next move will be drastic.in kkb one thing is really complicated,abhigya’s relationship.first hatred,then frndship,then love,then hatred,now frndship.now like alia tanu, abhi also wanted some girl standing far in the wedding card.this is really insane and humourous.thankaiyal thanake mannai vari podum abhi vazhga.

  24. Episode was gud. Specially abhigya’s part and discussion between three evils tanu, aaliya and nikhil. Tanu has so much celebrated on her victory, now it’s time to face more problems and tensions in her life. Loved the way nikhil talked with her badly. She deserves only this tone. Abhigya’s discussion was gud but if pragya tells him the truth then the scene’s gudness gets more increased. But anyways I liked the kissing part and their expressions after seeing rachna. They were behaving like those girls and boys who recently married not divorced.? And then the abhi’s talk with himself that part also were gud. Now come to the evil’s discussion’s part. Nikhil’s discussion about his deal with tanu to make him CEO of abhi’s company and let him handle abhi’s international contract seems like put by CVS for the next step of pragya’s plan. In precap, pragya was telling to tanu that she will defeat by her way. So I think pragya’s mean that how tanu used abhi for taking her sign on divorce papers for own benefit then she will same use nikhil to defeat tanu. Purab saw nikhil with lawyer then may b he will listen their discussion and then he will tell it to pragya then pragya may decide to offer her deal to nikhil for stop tabhi’s marriage or expose tanu. As tanu can’t fulfill nikhil’s deal and demand becoz pragya is the owner of abhi’s wealth, property and business. Ya she could try to convince abhi to convince pragya to fulfill nikhil’s demands. But then also everything will b in pragya’s hands that how she will use it and deal with it. I understood this much. But maagie is saying that pragya may cheat abhi once again, I don’t think so. She will not hurt abhi anymore as abhi is still going through so much pain and depression. But using evil against an evil will b the gud option for pragya. I think that pragya should not believe on nikhil also completely as he can also ditch her in last moment so before dealing with him, pragya should collect and take every possible proofs from him against tanu’s truth. I know it will b risky for nikhil also to deal with pragya as after revelation of tanu’s truth, he will also get trapped and abhi will not leave him. But if pragya says that she will handle abhi and will not let anything happen with him then he could accept her deal as he knows it also that how much abhi loves pragya and she have not only his everything even she is his everything. So chances r there that nikhil might accept pragya’s deal. This is what i get from yesterday’s episode’s as a hint of pragya’s further plan. But what I feels that pragya should do everything silently. She should not give hints to evils for her next move as they r evils and have evil mind which could reach in every corner. Well let’s see how pragya will deal with tanu further.

    1. Prathiksha
      I ve 2 options on seeing precap
      One is as u said Nikhil joining hands with Pragya and trying to expose or to stop the marriage
      Another is what if alia makes a u-turn and helps Pragya.
      Y im saying alia is because Tanu believes alia more than Nikhil.
      There are more chances for Nikhil to be trapped again as purab saw him with lawyer.
      I’ve doubt on alia from very beginning but im not even sure that she will help Pragya.
      I m in dialamo whether its Nikhil or alia going to help Pragya

      And u said Pragya should not share her plans with Tanu always she shares and looses. This saying will be most apt for Pragya “Talk Less Work More”

  25. Guys today’s episode chances r turning that nikhil will help pragya becoz when tanu refuses nikhil says he knows other way also …wat will be the other way??will be say evrthng to pragya ??and in today’s episode i don’t know the intention y abhi kissed pragya??⁉and in precap I think pragya will not leave the house ??becoz evrthng is hers…and when she is speaking to tanu she is so confident …that she will win by a cheating trick by way she did??so some back plan is with her…and taaliya and mitali r drinking wine happily …now mitali also started to drink ..I will call that 3 as 3 idiots …how is this name guys??

    1. reji… nikhil actions towards tanu is fot threatening her… i thnk tanu ll not go against nikhil.. she ll do manipulate him by saying something.. coz nikhil also cant tel anythng to abhi… so he ll also listen watever tanu says…. now in tamil, tanu manipulated him and sent him away…. same way now also she can do lik that.. aftr all she is the most intelligent person in kkb… so she can do that…. nikhil also cant join wd prgya or abhi… but scenes whch are currently running shows that nikhil might join wd prgya… but i thnk it ll not happen coz he s also involved in this.. if he joins there, thn fr tanu it ll be easy to change the plate against him…. so in the end it ll be sarla ma and abhi… i dnt knw but i still have confidence in this…. prgya ll stop the marriage fr sure but truth ll not come out… again it ll take some time…. meanwhile sarla ma can also recover… abhi can also get some information frm prgyas activities… so things ll go like this i guesss….

      1. gowtham this nikhil wanted tbe ceo position befire tabhi marriage itseemz.. before marriage only tanu has that much influence with abhi means once she get married abhi she wkll be more powerful.. tanu will not kick out nikhil from ceo post?…as if ceo post is permanent and no one can do anything…

      2. brintha nikhil has tanus key… so she is like a toy to nikhil…nikhio can make anything possible by using that key. so aftr marriage also this key can be used if happens.. …. right ah???

    2. Reji I also guessed same that nikhil could b the part of pragya’s next plan. And I want to suggest name for trio mitali, tanu and aaliya. Mitali says tanu and aaliya as sundari, mundari. Then trio is together sundari(tanu),mundari( aaliya)and bandari( monkey) ( mitali).? How’s this? Becoz mitali is just like a monkey who jumps here and there in own benefits place. So she is bandari.?

      1. ha ha super name Pratiksha ……..sundari mundari bandari …actually u r right …..really mitali looks like a monkey lol!!!… ha ha ………

      2. 3 idiot is nice
        And pratiksha nice rhyming sundri mundri bandari

      3. I m so scared prathiksh becoz some news are coming tat tabhi marriage will happen abhi do fake marriage to know pragya truth but according to the it should not happen pragya kumkum never go far from her but if it happens no i cant even think tat in my dream becoze seeing other serials one plus if kkb is tat pair were not united but the male lead or female didnt marry any other girl if pragya can see abhi with tanu but i cant see him with her then ill defenitely stop watching it

      4. M also so scared pratikha i hv seen a photo of tanu, pragya n abhi in fb where tanu is in d middle pragya and abhi are in left n right side of her. But TANU IS WEARING SAREE. WHY SHE IS WEARING SAREE ???? Is d marriage really going to happen ??? I think its going to be d montage of the show. Plz reply

      5. Aishwarya 90% chance is tabhi’s marriage cancellation according to their concept of the show. 10% depends on CVS mad mood. And tanvi the pic which u saw on fb is an edit photo of abhigya and tanu from their past scenes. I believes that abhigya will reunite for sure as they can’t keep separate both leads and parallel leads together. And most importantly the concept of their show’s is that the couple who destined to b together, can’t b separate in any circumstances. Abhi is pragya’s kumkumbhagya so he can’t get separate from her. Tanu was always between abhugya from the day one, even abhi was going to marry with her instead of pragya in starting. But abhigya’s destiny played it’s game again and again and brought them together every time. This time also will same happen. Only difference is it is delaying becoz of CVS dragging. That’s it.

    3. Reji
      Pragya always looks confident while sharing her plans and before executing her plan but after executing her plan Tanu will look confident

      1. Shobana actually u r right …….but this time it become more …so this the last chance to expose tanu ……this time i saw more confidence in pragya’s eyes …….so i have hope that this plan will work out but for sure she is going to stop the marriage .but exposure only little bit doubtful…….

    4. so all u guys saying that nikhil will join hand wd prgya…. so it seems m the only one who differs in this…. but lets c.. wat will happen….

    5. Nikhil may or may not join hands willingly, it may so happen that Purab n Pragya may either lure him with post of CEO, or find something of Nikhil which they can use to manipulate him.

      Or it may so happen that Nikhil himself may find dealing with Pragya n Purab better option than with Tanu n Aaliya.

      Fact is by exhausting all options, team Pragya have been making it complicated day by day.
      For Tanu, this Nikhil will be a headache some day or other, as she took help from him n used him all these days.

      Anyways, Pragya is not opening her mouth even now, So as Daadi. When she slapped Abhi n gave all that lecture, Daadi could have put the samething in diff way. To make her grandson understand better.
      Pragya behaved more like a boss n authoritative wife, as Abhi called, like Mogambo. Daadi could have told, she was ur wife all along, u didnt see her truth. Atleast try to think what else changed other than her glamorous saris, straight hair n no chashma look.

      But no, Daadi n Pragya r never supposed to tell Abhi the truth. The summary of this whole track is how Pragya n Daadi characters have been destroyed by the writers. They can see Abhi in pain but dont open their mouths.

      1. exactly sahithi…. dadi and prgya…. both char is been destroyed by the writers fully agreed…. wd u

      2. Agree with u sahithi, with r both points, about nikhil that how’s his charcter coud used now and about pragya and dadi that how the lost their charcters charms. Even every positive character has ruined to stretched this track.

      3. Sahithi ur right dadi would have told abi that pragya is up to something try to find out the reason since she saved & helped u in many ways & sacrificed many things. even I feel pragya will use nikil to expose bcoz in precap she mentioned the way tanu cheated u reverse u back so will hope for the best. we might get some clue in today & tomorrow episode

  26. 3 idiots,very good name reji.they r really idiots

    1. thanks karthika…

  27. in the precap pragya was giving back nicely to tanu… for what? again tanu will get alert.. she wud hv done same as like aalua exposure silently and surprisingly.. aalia can’t move arround anywhere.. like that tanu also caught.. why she is giving hints to tanu… if pragya got proofs then its fine.. if not tanu will be very careful.. because now alia is wit her..

  28. If this is going to be like the mms track, then will our pragya help abhi to get ready as a groom for the wedding with tanu like he did pragya’s bridal make-up??????

    1. Silent reader


  29. Seems like there’s no more story left…
    Draging n draging n draging…..
    Bore to watch now….irritating

  30. hi all…. today marakama IM parrunga…. reji shobana brintha karthika sheetha navi razia aiswarya fowziya and all tamil frds…… coz tday abhi is gonna confess to dadi that he is the father of tanus baby…. so dnt miss it to watch it in our language… and paathutu tell your comments…. dnt miss guys….

    1. ya ya ……..gowtham …..abhi is going to say to dadi that he is the father of tanu’s baby…but that is not the truth na???………hindi la itha prove pannanum thaan rendu varushama odudhe ……but avalavu patience namma tamizhargal kitta irukumaa nu theriyala …….tv ya odaikkama irundha sari……lol !!.and definitely i will see today’s episode…….but feeling sad for abhigya!!.

      1. ya ya tamil makkal ku avolo poruma irukathu… but one thng is certain reji…. iniya irumalargal permanent viewers nerya pera grab paniruchu… so epadi iluthalum permanent viewera poga maatanga like us….. so IM porutha vara permanent viewers paathale trp koraya chance ila…. currently hindi kkb la kuda permanent viewers nala than trp maintain aaguthu… once show got success, ena aanalum makkal paapanga… tamil hindi enava itunthalum ithan case…. correct ah???

      2. Absolutely crt gowtham …romba sari ippo athunalathan kumkum bhagya top 5 la irukku ..

    2. s gowtham i have to see… yesterday pakka mudila… do tdy offz la half n hour permission portuka….

    3. Ya Gowtham kandipaaa.. ipo pathutuu thaan irruken. Pavam Abhi ?

  31. yes gowtham.i will not miss it and i’m also eagerly waiting for abhi’s concert.in hindi he sung hamari adhuri kahani…song.i don’t know what song they r going to put in tamil.apparam abhigya oda love confession episode da naan hindila 5 dathava parthen.eppalam repeat potangalo athana time parthen.now tamila parka poren.i’m really excited.

  32. reji i thought that u might be elder than me.ok..sorry…i’ll call u juzt reji.ni sonna mathiri namma tamilians ku dragging pudikave pudikadhu.en veetuku vara oru aunty daily lum enta abhigya sendhutangala kepanga as she is watching it in tamil.avanga ippave desperate ah irukanga.indha dragging ah partha avanga frustate eh aiduvanga…

    1. Karthika don’t say sorry I am also like a sister to you ok??? Its ur wish will u consider me as ur sister??…actually u was right …my parents r not in home town ….even too my mom will daily call and ask me tanu is exposed ah? ?pregnancy truth or not…so tamil is dragging partha romba kovama varum …so we have to wait

      1. My god
        Reji u r younger than karthika ah ???
        I’m really shocked
        Don’t mistake me first I thought that u will be studying college and when you said abt ur results I thought u might be in 11th std like that. So only this shock

      2. Reji plz update ur next epi of magic of my love… i am waiting

      3. Oh shobana for this only i said I am younger ….u told that don’t call me ji and all ..so i said I will call u shobana …sorry for calling u by name …if u r hurted by calling u by name then I will call u as akka and ya I am in 11th std..

      4. Haiii Tamil girlzzz.. will u b my friends ? ?

      5. No issues reji I’m ok wit calling by name.
        Why should I be hurt???

      6. Sure fowziya… Welcome

      7. Ya thankss Sheetha ? Shob Reji Gowtham already my friends haha ?

  33. Could it be that Pragya had forewarn the lawyer that something might reach his table and he’s to play along with who ever done it? After all Pragya has the money so whatever Ahlyia thought she could pay him… I don’t know with what…air? She doesn’t have money! Anyway Pragya cried not because Tanu gave her copy of divorce papers but because she didn’t believe Abhi could let himself get fooled like that and had done such an act.
    Nikhil coming back to the house could be added bonus to what Pragya may have plan. She finally gets to find out why Ahlyia came back in the house and that she and Tanu both planned it to trick Abhi to let her back in. Now instead of using phones to record their actions a camera got placed in Ahlyia’ room?!.
    Maybe that is why it was shown with Pragya putting kumkum on her head is because she’s finally taking back what belongs to her. Divorce not filed like Tanu’s, Ahlyia and Abhi might thought and the final nail which I hope Pragya doesn’t disclose, the recorded confession of the conspiracy the three are dicussing in Ahlyia’s room. Three bird. One stone.

  34. yes reji.of course u r my younger sister.after coming into this kkb fan page i have got elder sister(shobana) and younger sister(reji) and many other frnds.i’m really happy and i’m glad.

    1. Thank u karthika for considering me as it sister ….

  35. pratiksha and sahithi u both from north right… can u say about zee tvs all time fav serials top3??? coz currently here most dubbed serials are from zee tv… so only asking…?? and tel me about en mutthai aasmaan?? was it nice?? did it end well?? did it have good trp?? coz i like this serial in tamil dubbed so.. kindly give some information?? and if other frds knw.. let me have some details… guys

    1. Gowtham I didn’t watch many more except jodha Akbar and pavitra rishta. These two shows were the best and long time famous shows of ekta kapoor on zee TV. U can watch these two. It will provide u gud entertainment.

    2. Ya gowtham is right..now a days I am also sticking with ek mutthi aasmaan ..but i don’t know wat will be the story ..and gowtham first they telecasted jodha akbar in zee tamizh na ??now y they r not telecasting??

    3. Gowtham. Do u watch Mouna Ragam ? Its a good serial also.. dubbed serial “Itna karo na mujhe pyaar”.. is one of the best serial of Ekta Kapoor ?

      1. yes fowziya… was a big fan of mouna ragam…. but aftr siya ke ram started in vijay, i had to quit mouna ragam… coz siya ke ram romba fav….

      2. Ohh okay Gowtham.. ipoo Mouna Ragam super ah poithu irrukuu if yu hav time watch it ? retelecast pandranga lei andha time’la parunga ..

  36. actually gowtham my mom is great fan for raghav and kalpi.she juzt likes their love story.i’m also watching en kanmani urff ek mutthi asmaan.i hav read some written updates of ema.raghav and kalpi’s love story will bloom and pakhi too will love raghav.raghav will do court marrige with pakhi first to take revenge for his mom and will promise to kalpi that he will divorce pakhi after one year.but pakhi will get obssessed for raghav and will kidnap kalpi.raghav will come to rescue kalpi.by that time in a cliff they will meet accident.their family members will think that ragna is no more.kalpi will be alive as she will lose her memory will get someone face and identity(suhana).by this way rachna(kalpi) will quit the show and asha negi will play kalpi’s role.after ragna’s accident this show is not much liked as kalpi character will be played by someone.atlast 2episodes only they will know that raghav is alive.atlast kalpi and raghav will get united and kalpi will regain her memory.

    1. oh… thanks karthika fr this information…. actually my mom s also a big fan of kalpana and ragavs romance… but u give this information that she ll quit… but i am not gonna tel this to my mom.. thn she ll lose excitement and ll quit the show… let her continue watching it until she get bored…. thanks karthika

    2. Oh god karthika kalpi will be changed ah??no after raghav and kalpi get United …I will stop watching this show …

  37. in every time pragya looks confident but she fails in every time. Don’t know how the writers can justify tahil truth before abhi. somebody says shows video to abhi. but if that way u guys wants expose tahil. The writers will do more which we can’t expected. I hope it will be good twist. what do u guys thinks

  38. So if my guess was not wrong, there is a chance that Nikhil ll b da last option to expose Tanu, coz nowadays he is having a kind of anger displease towards Tanu so there is a chance that he ll do this! Nd in the precap it seems Pragya is somehow confident n bold, maybe she hav an another plan for the exposure ? so lets see!!
    And coming to Abhigya’s romance it was stunning as usual??

  39. It’s so stupid they drag it too much y can’t it jus get over

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