Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pragya and others plan to get the papers

Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with a girl asking Abhi for the autograph. Pragya tells Disha that Aaliya and Tanu will have 1 hour to get the property registered. Disha says what we will do in an hour. Pragya says we have to do something, we can’t sit idle. She prays to God and asks him to help her and show some way. Just then she collides with books shelves and some books falls down. She picks the book and finds a pic with someone in disguise. She thanks God and asks Disha and Purab to go there in disguise and fight with them to divert them so that she can get the file. Disha says she is best to change avatars and goes. Little girl kisses Abhi and goes. A woman collides with Abhi and he holds her. He imagines Pragya. Woman thanks him for holding her. Abhi says you reminded me of my wife and tells that she

looks good in specs. Raj tells Tanu that Aaliya don’t have to spend a penny to get his property. Tanu says he will be scolded by her. Lawyer tells that their number will come early and asks them to reach registrar office in their car. Purab and Disha wait for them on road. Aaliya, Tanu and Raj are in the car.

Purab indisguise of a sardaar comes infront of car, gets hit and falls down, silently puts red color on his face. Tanu says you have hit a man. Raj says he came infront of car and tells that he can’t leave the injured person on road. Aaliya says we will suffer because of their honesty. She also gets down from the car. Aaliya tells Raj that they shouldn’t have get down from the car. Disha argues with him while wearing ghunghat and fights with them. Meanwhile pragya checks in the car for the file. Disha says I need justice and asks people to call Police. Purab thinks her acting is natural. Aaliya asks why she is looking at her car. Disha says your car is big, but your heart is small. She asks them not to think of giving her money and tells that she will lie down infront of car. Purab thinks Disha’s acting is turning overacting.

Disha says I got married a year ago and curses them. Pragya thinks Aaliya will return soon. Tanu scolds Raj for doing the accident. Aaliya asks Disha to shut up and says we are getting late as lawyer is waiting for them. Disha scolds them for not checking that her husband is alive or not. Raj is about to check him. Pragya sees suitcase in car’s decky and thinks to check the file in it.. She tries to open it and couldn’t open it. She gets Abhi’s call and switches it off. He calls her again. She picks the call and says she is busy. Abhi says you are cutting your husband’s call. He says he is calling from someone’s phone and tells that he is missing her and the flight was cancelled. He will come soon. Pragya checks for the file.

Abhi asks Pragya what she saw in dream. If they were romancing or fighting in dream.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. afifa saadaoui

    the last episodes of kumkum bhagya are mundane and have no sense unfortunately

  2. I didn’t ever saw such an idiotic character like pragya character …… Worst illogical screenplay

  3. My humble request,please stop this nonsense

  4. One month more for this story of property papers. We know how long they can drag a story so no hope on this one.

  5. these serrial is making us mad on each day… just stop it soon let pragya & Abhi live happily

  6. Instead of trying to unlock the briefcase why din’t she take the briefcase with her. Logical ?

  7. most disgusting serial


    1. kumkum bhagya is disappointingly foolish – everything about it is sickening – there’s nothing uplifting about it!

  8. Mohammed Amin

    ok this episode is good.But we are praying that pragya will be able to get the file so that the drama of the property papers registration will end.

  9. This time pragya team only win so only this much dragging . think so

  10. So no one thinks to call abhi’s lawyer and contact the police to inform them that a fraud and kidnapping is happening and to alert the courts not proceed with the title change? ridiculous plot..ridiculous story has been done to death.

  11. Useless and time wasting series very boring as always

  12. My thought exactly. They will wait for either Abhi to do everything or Pragya. I thought Purab is a lawyer?? ?? So why is he not thinking like a lawyer???? Indian Series are annoyingly too long.

  13. Same old , same old

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