Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi thinking his plan has failed and thinks Pragya didn’t tell him any truth. He thinks why did I make her drink and thinks she was reacting like before. He thinks I have to do something before she wakes up, and gets an idea. He thinks his idea is typical, but every girl will like it. He feels odd and thinks he has never done this for anyone. He thinks I forgot to keep something and is going towards room, but just then Tanu comes there and says I want to talk to you. Abhi says I am doing this for you and asks her to excuse him. Tanu says I want to know what happened yesterday. Abhi says I did a mistake and gave drinks to Pragya mistakenly. Tanu asks did you both come closer to each other? She asks where did you sleep yesterday? Abhi asks if her brain is like old pressure

cooker, and says his plan failed when he gave her drink mistakenly. Tanu apologizes to him. Abhi says he had only one drink and says he was always careful whenever I am with girls. He wonders how did I do mistake with you? Tanu recalls Abhi sleeping in her lap. Abhi says I don’t drink whenever girls are around, else they will take my advantage. Tanu asks did you mean that I have taken your advantage. Abhi asks her to let him go and says he needs to take his money back from Pragya.

Pragya wakes up and sees lots of bouquets around her with a message. Pragya thinks he is doing all this from his heart and wonders why he is feeling for her again. She thinks she can’t hurt him again. She thinks my all mornings would have been beautiful if I was not acting. She thinks why did he make me drink when he knows that I can’t handle it. She thinks what did I do yesterday and thinks to find out. Ronnie comes and informs her that Nikhil came. Pragya asks him not to let anyone enter the room. Tanu asks Nikhil why did you come? Nikhil says I was called here. Abhi wonders about Pragya’s reaction. He asks Nikhil about his purpose of visit. Nikhil tells him that his wife called him. Abhi says I haven’t married yet. Nikhil says your ex wife. Abhi says Pragya…………He asks Payal to call Pragya there. Pragya comes and thinks it is good that everyone is here. She says good morning to Nikhil. Tanu asks why did you call him. Pragya says I don’t need anyone’s permission to invite anyone. She asks him to sit. Nikhil sits on sofa. Pragya asks him to give business plan to her, and says she will decide about investing. Nikhil says I will ask my colleague to give you details and leaves. Pragya says okay.

Dadi comes and asks what happened? Pragya messages Dadi. Dadi reads the message. She tells Abhi that she needs to talk about him about something important, and says you are careless about Aaliya’s marriage. She says we will have much difficulty to get her married later. Abhi says let a good match come for her. Pragya says we have a guy infront of us, and suggests Nikhil’s name. Aaliya gets shocked and refuses to marry Nikhil. Dadi says she is saying right and tells Abhi that she likes Nikhil. Abhi says I will talk to Nikhil. Pragya thinks her idea worked.

Nikhil asks Tanu about Pragya’s suggestion and says you know my decision well. He tells them to make everyone understand and end the matter right here. He says if anyone asks me directly then I will tell truth that I can’t marry Aaliya as I love you. He says my business dealings shouldn’t be affected else I will tell everything.

Pragya, Kumkum and Surbhi come to temple and pray. Surbhi says she doesn’t know why Karthik hates her. Pragya suggests her to talk to karthik. Twinkle tells about Anita…and says she wants to ruin her. She says she wants her marriage to work well. Pragya suggests her to face Anita if she wants to make her marriage successful. She says she is fighting with her enemies and have gone against her husband. Surbhi says you are our inspiration. Pragya asks them to win their love and marriage and asks not to lose hope irrespective of the troubles coming their way. Pragya says lets pray now.

Pragya tells Dadi and Purab that her she is sure that Nikhil is the one who is responsible for Tanu’s pregnancy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. narendran

    After 50episodes pragya found father of tanu baby now it will take 50 episodes to find who is helping aaliya pls expose them fast

  2. Priya $

    Atlast pragya conformed… Supb.. Now only they r in right track.. Now surely some new suspense promo going to come… Don’t know wen :-S let’s c… Dadi too acted well today… But today abhi’s expression was something fishy after hearing nikkil aliyah marriage… May b my assumption..

  3. FuggiPraggi

    Finally!!!! But epdi pa idha ulagathuku nirobikka poranga? After Tanu’s delivery? Strangely,Tanu has no baby bump, no morning sickness, no change and when ll Pragya find out Raj is helping Aaliya? an even if she finds out,is she going to kick them out…she always says relationships cant be broken…hmm..for this,she could have directly told Abhi that if you trust me, transfer all your properties to my name and I ll take care! then without her sign, aaliya and raj cant do anything and she wouldnt have lost Abhi’s love. (Though I strongly believe Abhi is not totally worth of Pragya)

  4. K.praveena

    pragya know father of tanu unborn baby truth. It’s nice. But she takes how much of times to knows the truth.

  5. I was right. Abhi got some hint through pragya’s behavior. Now he knows that pragya is hiding some truth behind her change. That’s why he is continue with his antics. And at the same time he is fooling tanu also by saying it that he is doing all this for property sake so tanu could not disturb him becoz he knows that tanu never let him go close to pragya. Keep it up abhi. Gud going. Hope he will find his fuggy soon by his efforts.

    • nivi

      nikki @last v got smthin gud thin in tis weekend na
      nice ya
      v need abhi nd pragya back
      bcoz waitin 4 a long ya
      lets hope 4 d best

    • Priya $

      Ya nikki u r rit he was thinking about truth behind it only not property… Super he using property to escape from tanu… But one thing if dadi comes to know abt this plan from dasi then it won’t work… But before that he wants to find out.. Nikki u saw Nikil’s expressions now only he behaving lik father (Tanu’s baby)…

    • reji

      ya nivi and nikki aliya is a smart girl and nikhil too abhi said that he will talk to nikhil if nikhil refused and said that i am loving some other girl will abhi ask who is
      she and nikhil can reveal that he is loving tanu then whole truth will be out and abhi itself will expose the truth but pragya’s effort will be wasted and finally mahamilap has saved my hope and i hope that to escape from this marriage i think aliya will go to foreign studies or she will create an fake unknown person’s and she will say she is loving him like this also can happen

      • reji

        and she will create fake unknown person’s photo and can say that she is loving him and abhi will search for him a and like this the whole life will be gone

    • nivi

      1 more thing nikki
      abhi s playing came wit tanu nd pragya 4 name sake property back
      bt he wnt gv importance to money
      he actually wanna to get reveal wat is in pragya’s heart????
      if he need property ly means he can take her sign sterday itself wen she was in unconscious stage bt he dint do
      so finally abhi s also in d separate mission to reveal his fuggi’s truth
      im happy nw tat he ll ly gng to reveal everythin in his style
      ensoy d upcoming episodes guyzzzzzz

  6. reji

    wow superb as our guess pragya has decided to arrange marriage for aliya and nikhil wow precap was so good i am waiting for next episode


    Guys tanu gonna be reveal???? 😛 😛 😛
    How would they show that nikhil is tanu’s baby’s father??? :-* :-* :-*

  8. Ayesha

    So sad for abhi … Whatever Abhi is doing tanu asked him to do .. He wants to take property back from pragya..

    Abhi havnt think whatever happened on date ..

  9. nivi

    k pragya smthin u hv concluded abt tanu’s pregnancy
    bt CVS if u drag tis anymore im sure u wil lose ur audience soon
    abhi b fast to find pragya’s heart dn b dumb
    bt u got d point 2day tat u wnt misbehav any girlz when u drunk
    nice 2 hear rockstar
    v r waitin 4 d abhigya’s 343-345 episodes again to confess ur luv
    abhi u hv to confess 4 us also tat u shldnt leave fuggi @ any cost

    • reji

      ya nivi he had to prove it abhi had said that if he is with a girl he will not drink so much but with pragya he had drink much like in the episode 88 . 164 and 167 i can’t understand this point

      • nivi

        haha tats wat luv reji
        he cant confess his luv til 370 episodes even he din knw tat he s in luv wit his fuggi
        aftr tat his luv track startd na
        he startd to luv her 4m d 1st site itself bt he didnt understand bcoz of aliya nd tanu’s devil plannings
        he believed tat he was loving tanu bt tat was an infatuation
        so nw he has to find out d truth bcoz tis s d peak time to get his fuggi back

  10. Why don’t they get someone else like dasI the lady that was standing next toabbi grandmother on top of the stairs waiting for phagya, they can trust her to keep a secret, and not get to emotional and spill the plan, and why is nikhil helping tanu and aliaya against phagya. And why is abbi taking so long to find out about the three crooks

  11. Akshara

    New update .Bulbul is gonna die in order to save abhi and Pragya .she gets to know some important matter regarding abhi which is really danger to him and before she gets to tell it to Pragya she gets killed …coming week this will happen

    • Jennie

      Now if that is not the same old story line all over again…….. Pragya also died before she could tell Abhi anything, So BORING a Story!

    • Akshara I guess aaliya is going to get sign from abhi for some share papers which raj told may be bulbul would have come to know about it ……,which she was planning to tell pragya ……killed probably by raj….I guess

  12. Sharad

    Guys it was told th that tank will be revealed after diwali….I too was expecting ….well they didn’t say which diwali ?

  13. navi

    nw abhi js told evrythn by his ow mouth tat he ll b controlled wen gals r around.. so he ll also gt to knw tat he s nt responsible.. I thnk abhi may work on his own abt tis.. n thn pragya finally found out tanu’s secret lover.. bt pls reveal it soon.. guys I wanna knw one thing.? ll mrunal stay back fr tis show or she s gonna leave..? pls say tis.. maggie..? say tis na.?

  14. ramz

    Guys do vote ITA .. Indian television awards .. Our sriti in best lead actress n shabbir in best lead actor n best jodi abhi pragya .. Do vote fa dem .. N support them

  15. hema

    Friends awards not are not show of our love we have for abhi and pragya(personally and profession ally) we love them for their real and reel characters.. Feeling very sad because as of now KKB is not in leading position and may be this time we can’t expect any awards this is only because of such stupid writers.. But we all love them… Many actors of this industry are very famous through their characters played but a few people stood live in viewers heart only by their real characters and inspired by their living and values.. Whatever may happen I personally very connected to Sriti and Shabir because of their respect to family values and relations.. LOVE U…

  16. Nida

    Nikki what is abhi trying to do ?? I am very disappointed with abhi behaviour .. From my point of view pragya given three hints to abhi
    1) she wear eye glasses
    2) abhi asked pragya that what she is hiding from him .. She replied yes she is hiding something from him .. Important baat .. She also says I feel bad that I didn’t tell you
    3) pragya says she can feel his pain ..

    in dawali episode Salman khan says to abhi that you less love and more misunderstanding .. He is doing what tanu asked him to do …

    They will drag the show ..

    • reji

      ya nida anyway abhi has three hints but he has to recall and use that know i think it is in ekta’s hand to reunite abhigya

    • Nida abhi got to know last night wgen pragya was in drunken situation that pragya is faking and she is hiding some truth behind her change which he is trying to find out.

  17. Bharathi

    Pragya’s character is designed properly…..but i couldn’t feel real love from abhi……everytime I see him doing more stupid things…..he considers her a new person as if she has turned into a man overnight….how is tat possible…… make him think writers!!!….oh sorry he thinks but again he goes back to zero……

  18. Madhu

    Finally there are some loving episodes btwn abhigya instead of hating n heart breaking things..and the dolls are soooooo cute..especially the rock star doll..fuggie’s boyfriend is much cuter than Abhi’s girlfriend haha.. n if bulbul dies, a lot of tragedy will be there, it my overcome abhigya’s unity..it’s better to replace her as like Tanu..

  19. Bulbul’s life in danger pragya might not breakdown infront of everyone…..abhi will see her breaking down probably and he is now anyway in jasoos mode ……he might see the meeting where dadi and purab he will confirm pragya is hiding something from him…..he will tell daasi and probably even inform her not to tell anything about this to taaliya….daadi will be forced to say to daasi….then daasi to abhi then abhi will confirm the doubts about pragya. ……all this will take a min of 50 episodes if cvs don’t waste any episodes. ….probably like the mms track will be completed by December so they can celebrate new year together. ….then I don’t think bulbul would die probably she might get injured…..

  20. ramz

    Sad fa pragya .. As she thinks of she din promise dadi n act in this way .. Def al her morning vl b this romantic .. No issues ..soon it will happen

  21. If bulbul die wat s meaning for true love,purab love bulbul very much 4rm his heart den how can bulblu die.am so tensed abt bulbul die.they have more dreams it will be overa?

  22. This show needs to be given award of the most dragged show ever.and if bulbul die thats the end of the show for me.cos she and purab add spice to the show.its like the writers and producers of this show dont give a damn about rating.

  23. akshita

    Sad that mrunal thakur aka bulbul quitting the show 🙁 ….good news–. Will be seen next as Sita in ‘Siya ke Ram’ on star plus.

  24. Nida

    Okay nikki …. What do you think what will he do to find pragya truth..

    Is he fooling tanu .

    Any new update

  25. The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya is going to bring high voltage drama in Pragya’s life.
    Pragya is behaving rudely with Abhi and family members just to expose Tanu’s truth.
    Pragya and Abhi also having sweet-bitter fight over Pragya’s changing behavior.
    Apart from this, Bulbul finds out some secrets which can harm Abhi and decides to tell about it to Pragya.
    But before meeting to Pragya, Bulbul gets killed by someone.
    Bulbul’s death will make exit of Mrunal Thakur from Kumkum Bhagya.
    guys this msg I coppied from upcoming spoilers of kumkumbhagya…..

  26. Nida

    Yes Jessy I know this … Different news are coming ..
    Spoilers and upcoming twist are both different from segments ..

    Please wait for segment .. Then we will get to know what will happen next ..

    Nikki any new update .. Ramz maybe they will upload tonight or tomm

  27. jas

    so finally pragya found the father of tanu baby but this serials dragging so much i want to see abhi and pragya toghether

  28. chiii waste of watching kkb
    why bulbul has to die
    always some body or some body has to injuried in serial
    wat writters are thinking i dont but but dont kill bulbul plz

    any new update plz ???????????

    pragya and abhi plz reunitee for ur fans sake plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    dont dragg
    zee tv wards are cmng so ratings in nt first so dont dragg

    • Reji

      Ya roja everytime they are injuring bulbul character because of aliya especially in purbul marriage aliya tried to kill bulbul I think purab should let the police ? to arrest aliya

  29. Guys zee rishtey awards held in Mumbai. Our abhigya won most popular male- female face awards. I saw their pics from the award function and red catpet, purab, purvi and old tanu ( madhurima tuli) was also there with them. Abhigya was in royal blue outfits. Abhi was on royal blue suit and pragya was in dark royal blue saree with white sleeveless blouse. They both were in glamourous look and was looking so hot. They have shooted for a couple photo shoot for award function, in which they both were looking so adorable and cute with each other. Rest information is left to coming regarding the functions and other awards but as I got about it then I will inform u all.

  30. nida and reji ya u r ryte….always CVs will show onethng and anthr thng will happn in show..but this segment frm whr I copied it will happn hw the way they posted..coz I watchd all updates hw the way they posted before…..so it will happn….me too felt bad aftr saw this news…..one thng if bulbul die pragya’s situation will b so bad….don’t know in which aspects this story line going nwadays…..we can’t predict anythng….and we discussing abt this seriàl means we all lovng to see abhigya but this writters need to cncrn our expctation once….but thy will not do…aaliya caught two times by abhi but nothng happnd against her….pragya didn’t do anythng but her family hatng her….writters plz cnsdr viewers once and mke story line…we r here to see abhigya…I think kumkumbhagya will end of uniting abhi and pragya untill thy won’t b togthr…this thng only in writtrs mind thnk so….

  31. Nida

    Jessy they havnt confirmed any news till now … Waiting for segment to come …
    Different news coming in different sites .. I think its fake … Bulbul contract is finishing in December ..

    Nikki any new update ??

  32. Nida

    One more thing Jessy .. If bulbul dies then I think they will change the track to find real culprit who killed bulbul and more misunderstanding between abhi , pragya and sarla ma .. Purab will also blame pragya for bulbul death .. If abhi finds pragya truth before bulbul death then it will get more interesting to watch this serials . let’s see what happens in upcoming episode ..

  33. Maggie

    When Abhi told that he will talk to aaliya in alone means she will definitely manipulate him n propose Pragya n Nikhil marriage by saying if Nikhil is so good than y not Pragya marry him n Abhi will also get along as he will think if she is my fuggie she will not marry him even dadi can’t do anything as she also agreed that Nikhil is good
    Aaliya will manipulate Nikhil by telling u marry Pragya n than when Abhi marry Tanu u get divorce n Tanu will divorce Abhi so both of u will get lots of money
    But this will make Nikhil so angry that he will tell everything to Abhi or Pragya
    Than all 3 plan to trap taaliya

    • Maggie it can’t possible becoz aaliya could never suggest for pragya and nikhil’s marriage becoz talliya still knows that pragya has changed and owner of abhi’s everything so if she will marry with nikhil then obviously nikhil will too become partner with pragya in property and they will lose everything like this forever. And abhi will also not agree for this becoz now in his heart he developed a strong doubt that pragya is still like before becoz on last episode he was saying to himself that she was behaving like before after drunk so I don’t think so he can take this risk when he knows that pragya can do anything to hide her truth from himself and maggie abhi is on his mission to get to know her truth and taaliya also thinks that abhi is doing fake love drama to trap pragya for getting his property back so if they will suggest abhi to pragya and nikhil’s marriage then how they could they get back property from pragya through their trapping plan? So I don’t think so it could happen in the show.

      • Ya taaliya will definetly try something to get rid of this problem, specially aaliya. They can stretch this matter by some excuses or plans but then also there r less chances to escape this time becoz doing their attempts to solve this problem, they will definetly do some mistake, by which pragya will finally know takhil’s relationship’s whole truth.

    • Maggie

      Ya I know nikki but Abhi can do such things like in mms track
      Cvs r repeating things so thought Abhi will use Nikhil this time to reveal truth

  34. Ayesha

    Maggie nothing will happen like that .. Let’s see what happen ..

    Why they are not uploading segment …

  35. Reji

    Guys I have posted the outfits of abhigya which they wore in zee rishtey awards 2015 red carpet in my fan fiction you can see it

  36. Guys just saw abhi gya’s performance promo in zee rishtey awards. They r presenting their love journey through dance. They showed three ages of their love life. First they showed their teenage love in starting, then next they showed their adult age’s love and last they showed their old age love through their dance. Abhigya were looking so adorable and cute as well as hot too in this whole performance. ???Guys watch it, u all will definetly loved it. Guys u can see it on ahluwalia web instagram site and for pics u can go on it’s twiiter website.

  37. hema

    Friends just watch a promo of ZRA of KKB.. Abhi and Pragya dance performance so amazing promo… Love it.. ❤ they are so cute..

  38. Arshika

    I think the eriters have forgotten that tanu is pregnant from past 5 months.. No baby bump, she still wears heels, tight dresses, runns arond, that nikhil pulls her like a dog.. I think that there will be no truth relevation for another two years…

  39. Rex

    Nikki any new update regarding serial .. No segment , spoilers and news havnt camed yet ..

    What do you think what will happen next ???

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