Kumkum Bhagya 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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|The episode starts with Abhi falling on Pragya and acting inebriated. She asks him to stop acting as inebriated as she can read his eyes. He wakes up and asks if she can read his eyes, then why can’t she see his love and says she earlier expresses her love for him, but then said she was joking. She says she was really joking and says she came here to inform him that Tanu has agreed to get her pregnancy test. He says Tanu is lying. She says Tanu is not and asks if he will accept her if test comes positive. He asks if she will be able to face Daadi and others whom she gave pain and says he tolerated daadi’s tears once but cannot next time.

Tanu gets a call from her secretary who asks if she is coming for shooting tonight. She says yes and asks him to cancel her tomorrow’s

shooting. She then stands in front of mirror and thinks what if Abhi finds she is not pregnant and reject her, she cannot completely trust even Pragya, so she should take Abhi to her people’s hospital.

Abhi and Pragya star each other and get engrasped in their own weird thoughts. Abhi thinks tomorrow Tanu’s truth will come out. Pragya thinks she will have to force Abhi and Daadi to accept Tanu and her child. She then feels guilty for confronting daadi, goes and stands outside her room. Daadi feels her presence and feels sad reminiscing her misbehavior.

Akash sees Rachna carrying heavy table and shouts at family who asked her to carry it. Mitali says she heard daadi asking to move it aside. Pragya starts misbehaving with Daadi and shouts that she even after knowing Rachna is pregnant asked her to lift weight as she does not like it. Daadi says she did not and says she does not like anyone talking to her like this and even she cannot. Pragya continues. Daadi asks her to ask Racha to tell if she told her. Akash asks Rachna (who was standing like a dumb puppet) says daadi not and she herself picked weight thinking of getting into Daadi’s good books. Pragya walks out without apologizing daadi. Daadi feels sad.

Abhi stops Pragya and asks why did she hurt daadi when he told not to until Tanu’s pregnancy results come. She says she wants daadi to hate her just like he is hating her and says they are getting late for the test. He repeats that Tanu is lying, but she is adamant (gosh..she is a professor but acts more dumber than a villager).

Abhi with Pragya reaches Tanu’s house and gets her into car. She yells that he has changed after coming back from kidnap and continues. Abhi gets his friend’s call and he asks if doc is available. Friend says yes. Tanu asks which doc he is taking taking her to. He says animal’s and asks if she is afraid. She nervously says no.

They reach clinic. Tanu asks Abhi why did he bring her here and says she wants to know who the doc is. He asks if she wants to change the report. She asks why is he behaving rude with her. He says she is and goes to meet doc. Tanu gets tensed and asks wardboy who is this clinic’s owner. Wardboy says he does not remember. Pragya asks why is she looking so tensed. Tanu says if her pregnany news is out and Abhi does not accept her, her career will be finished. Dumb Pragya asks not to worry as she will take care of her. Nurse informs that doc is calling her.

Precap: Tanu warns Abhi to keep her pregnancy secret as she does not want to reputation ruined, else she will ruin his reputation.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Swetha

    Oh plzzz stop it…can’t tolerate it anymore… Consume abhi pragya s marriage nd finish it off
    ….btw is tanu really pregnant.. If not y was she talking abt abortion… God..damn..plzzzzz writers u first b clear of wat r u dng.. Plzzzzz dnt confuse us tooo

    • Che'

      You are right. Pragya is acting like the dumbest b*t*h on the Planet. NO woman would do the stuff she is doing for her husband’s pregnant girlfriend. Let’s get back to reality….REALLY

    • kkbPodhumPa

      no..they can change the script to their likes…like now they ll say Tanu planned it well n saw Pragya come evrytime whn she was talkin about abortion so that Pragya ll help her(Also Tanu knew tat Pragya s d dumbest when it comes to child issues :P) watever it is…i totally agree that its boring…

      • Azmaira

        Bubbly she is not pregnant trust me,that whitch can’t be the reason for their separation!!!u will see she is not pregnant at all…if she was they would show us abhi and tanu’a intimacy,but fortunately there’s not…soo simple tanu pregnant nahi hai

  2. Too dragging so too boring so just lost all my interest in this serial
    OMG !!! Dragging story! Mudiyala theivamae !!!

  3. rithu

    Is she is pregnant r nt
    I 1 episode said she is
    and nw it is fake
    Hiiyo I’m confused

  4. I think so tanu is creating a scene before pragya by abortion drama to make her fool and get abhi. In hospital thy will be taking test for tanu, to divert attention of pragya and abhi tanu will call pragya mom there. Pragya mom will think tht pragya is pregnant and there will be confusion between abhi pragya pragya mom and daughter. I think so tanu will use this opportunity to change report.

    • kowsi

      May be its true…but bulbul also admitted in same hospital …i read in some spoilers..wat wil happen next..so we wait and watch

  5. pragya

    Abhi brings Tanu to the hospital to confirm with the doctor about her pregnancy. The doctor checks Tanu and congratulates Abhi for Tanu’s pregnancy. She declares Tanu pregnant and this shocks Abhi while Tanu looks on victoriously. Pragya gets shattered and feels bad as her trust on Abhi is broken and their marriage would end with Tanu’s confirmed pregnancy. Abhi and Pragya try to prove Tanu wrong, but doctor confirms that she is indeed pregnant. Pragya says she is sad as she has to leave Abhi and go. Since Abhi was unsure, he had the test done again. He gets confused and says he is not the father of Tanu’s child.

    Abhi had earlier thought of Pragya not loving him inspite of his attempts, now after Tanu’s child revelation wants to first express his innocence to Pragya. In the process, he ends up hurting his hand and tries much to get back Pragya’s lost trust on him. Pragya nurses his wound and feels pain for him but taunts him indirectly while cleaning the broken glass. She comes to Dadi’s room and cries looking at her. Dadi too feels something is amiss and some wrong has happened, and looks for Pragya. The question – Who is the father of Tanu’s child, with the first thoughts are of Abhi as the one ? Will Abhi succeed in proving himself true to his words ?

  6. sharmi

    Stupider and stupider this show has become…if they think idiot Tanu is pregnant then just tell Dadi, Why the dumb charades to make her hate Pragya…like she wouldn’t find out the truth in the long run and love her even more…in the meantime, it’s an insult to have viewers watch Dadi being insulted

  7. pragya

    Abhi is not ready to believe that Tanu is pregnant with his child. He asks her to get the test done, but Tanu denies.

    When Tanu tries to take extreme step of abortion, Pragya stops her and asks her to give her some time to set the things right.

    Dadi Hurt
    Abhi’s dadi is hurt with Pragya’s changed behavious and Daasi asks Abhi to take some action on his wife.

    Abhi asks some time from Dadi and promises her to get back her good bahu back.

    Abhi tries to trap Pragya to know the fact as to why she is acting weird.

    Abhi Gets Close To Pragya
    Abhi pulls Pragya towards him and they share a romantic moment.

    Abhi Hurts Himself
    Abhi tests Pragya. He hurts himself by hitting the mirror. Blood oozes out of his hand, which in turn hurts Pragya, who dresses Abhi’s wounded hand.

    Abhi-Pragya Gets Tanu’s Sonography Done
    Abhi and Pragya gets Tanu’s sonography done and confirms Tanu’s pregnancy.

    Pragya Warns Abhi
    Abhi asks Pragya about her changed behaviour. Pragya says she is ready to ask for forgiveness for her bad behaviour from Dadi if Tanu’s pregnancy test result is negative. But warns Abhi to take serious action if Tanu is really pregnant.

    Pragya gives her place to Tanu as her pregnancy confirms.

    Abhi still doesn’t believe Tanu and tries to prove her wrong. But will Tanu succeed in getting married to Abhi? Will Pragya ever get to know the fact that Tanu is lying about her baby?

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  8. kowsi

    Upcoming epidode r really sad…abhi i cant see u like this…aftr the pregnancy report..abhi sits in the lawn sadly..pragya comes to abhi..abhi cries holding pragya(this scene really superb)pragya also helpless..pragya says she will make abhi marry tanu..tanu devil happily hugs abhi ..abhi staring at pragya..pragya also sad..pragya starts leaving abhi hold her hand…pragya frees her hand and then leaves..she s also cries…i had seen in telly updates and aaj tak…

  9. snigdha singhania

    idiot pragya and dafar tanu .pragya ko lagta hai ki tanu sach me pregnant hai wow what a fool..tanu with her acting made our professor pragya a fool..ek minute tanu ne yeh nahi socha ki shaadi ke baad tho abhi ko sach pata chal jayega..tab kya karegi hamari super model

  10. She’s not pregnant isn’t clearly says in the written update that tanu is scared if abhi and pragya get to know that she’s really not pregnant

  11. OMG When this stupid pragya will understand Abhi’s love ❤ and tanu’s lie . Oh plz understand pragya plz. Make the episodes interesting pa .

  12. what happened to writer? its boring story plz make abhi nd pragya romantic story all time this tanu making bore huh……

  13. Mehek

    Ohno plz pragya pta nhi sab serial Mein ladikiyo Ki eek hi problem…pyaar ko ulti nazar se dkhte hai

  14. What is the truth. Is Tanu really pregnant ?
    Did she and the doctor change the result. What is really the truth.
    Who are the Writers and Producers of this show.
    Come on write some better script.
    Let Abhi and Pragya enjoy love also. We do not want to see at the last episode the Abhri and Pragya come together and ail is well. Just like the other typical stories.

    Why is Pragya have to act a negative role?

  15. Vennyla

    O….! Gosh so boring yar… The script writers nd director are dragging so so much to make more episode

  16. krbee

    pragya used to know tanu very well..but this tym she is doing the worst thing by trusting evil tanu.. Pragya, use ur brain if u had…

  17. Indira

    What a stupid show.Need to stop all this drama with dumbwit Pragya whom suppose to be very smart. Getting fed up !

  18. kaj

    Actually if u get happy on seeing da good side of da serial then uv got to b patience during bad times…in this period , abhis luv for pragya will be intense as he wouldnt be able to bear her rejection and distance…the truth will soon b out…i blv so

  19. ani

    Ya bad things can happen but not stupid. Whuch stupid extremely pregnant women will carry a heavy table jus to get a good name? Which proffesor will accept that a woman is 1 1/2 month and the person that has been claimed as father was not around at all at that time.

  20. jessica

    Thanks for he review but is it possible to present it more objectively and not add your own comments inside please (if you feel strongly perhaps you can add it in the comments section instead)

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