Kumkum Bhagya 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya thinking about Abhi. Janki comes there and gives her laddoo saying Sarla made it. Pragya eats it and says it is tasty. Janki asks her about party. Pragya recalls Tanu’s conspiracy and Abhi doubting her. She tells Janki that party was fun. Janki asks what did Abhi give to you as gift? Pragya thinks what to tell? Janki asks if you are hiding something and asks why she is tired. Pragya says she couldn’t sleep till late night and that’s why looking tired. Janki says okay, I will leave. Tanu comes there calling Abhi. She eats laddoo and asks Janki to thank Sarla. Tanu asks if she made that laddoo because of yesterday night happiness. Janki asks what happened? Pragya asks her to come. Tanu says yesterday she got shock of her life. Pragya says she don’t know the difference

between happiness and shock and takes Janki outside. Janki leaves. Tanu asks Pragya if she don’t want Janki to know about her second man. She insults Pragya and calls her shameless to have illegitimate relation. Pragya says you will be ashamed when your affair is caught. Tanu says my affair will never be caught, but yours is proved. She takes breakfast from Robin and takes to Abhi.

Abhi thinks if Dadi is right and Pragya has feelings for me. He sees Pragya there and asks Tanu to make him have it from her hand. Tanu says sure. Abhi asks Tanu to make him have another sandwich and praises her. Pragya is jealous. Abhi asks Tanu to bring his breakfast, lunch, dinner and even his coffee. He thinks Pragya is feeling jealous and is about to attack Tanu. He thinks Pragya is not wrong, I was wrong. As I ignored her, she have an affair with that champak. Tanu emotionally blackmails Abhi and goes. Abhi thinks she knows well how to blackmail me. Mitali is having pain in her eyes still. Tai ji comes and asks if Raj had beaten you. Mitali asks do you want him to beat me. Tai ji asks did you see Pragya’s locker loaded with money? Mitali says something else happened and thinks her stomach will have pain now. Tai ji asks her about Champak. Mitali thinks how to tell her where he went. They bet on Champak and says he will come or not. Dasi comes and says Champak can’t come back again seeing Abhi’s personality. Mitali thinks she will win double money now and opens her eyes happily.

Pragya tells Dadi that she can’t bear anymore. Robin comes. Dadi asks him to keep the food tray and leave. Pragya tells Dadi that Tanu is taking advantage of Abhi and was making him have sandwich with her hand. Dadi asks her to drink water. Pragya drinks it. She says Abhi was romancing with Tanu and held her hand. Dadi thinks it means Pragya is jealous and Abhi is testing her. She thinks she will make Pragya understand now. Abhi sneezes and searches for his handkerchief. Tai gives him handkerchief. Tanu asks him to sit and covers blanket on him. She massages Abhi’s head and thinks of Nikhil’s words. She asks Abhi what he thought about them. She says Pragya has moved on and is not anymore sati savitri. She says this is the right time for us, and says we shall ask for divorce from Pragya. Abhi looks on.

Dadi calls Rachna and Akash and says Pragya is sad. Rachna says we can’t do anything as Pragya confirmed to have affair with Champak. Pragya says it is very difficult to make him forget that. Dadi says she will not accept defeat and will answer for Tanu’s conspiracy. Dadi says I know what to do and have even kneed the flour. Tanu tells Abhi that they have to take advantage of the situation. Abhi asks what? Tanu asks him to show reality to Pragya and asks for divorce from pragya. She says Pragya has moved on, then why you are standing on the same place. Just show her that you don’t need her. He says I can’t divorce her.

Abhi holds Pragya as she is about to fall. Pragya seems to be angry with him for touching Tanu and asks him not to touch and leave her. Abhi refuses. Pragya says okay, you will leave me once you gets tired. Abhi drops her on floor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. adamu alhaji adamu

    Your story is not an interesting one. Please change it and grow up or just end it


  2. never ending bullshit…..somebody stone these people….>:) :@ :-))

  3. maria chenelle

    thanks for the update

  4. What. omg! this will there till my death?

  5. If the director n writer want to expose the affair plan then expose tanu n nikhil both so that doubt come in abhi mind about nikhil that why is he helping tanu in making
    Dirty plan.

    1. i agree with u

    2. before tanus exposure 100s of these sort of thgs will happena and will take anothr year

  6. What bullshit. No logic @any point. Pragya pleads that the pictures are fake and then abhi says she wants to make him jealous. I can’t understand anything. What do they want to show same thing again and again. Stopped watching completely but updates also bore now.

  7. I love ? Kkb but now I am hating it so much of draaaaaaaaaging

  8. Pragya pleads abhi she was happy that he was about to propose her so it means that she loves him. Why abhi is again thinking that Pragya still loves me or not.
    And you can take dadi say atleast now instead of telling nonsense to abhi.

    1. He is a RETARD

  9. i hav donated my eyes brain ears nd everything. there is nothing left in this earth to watch anymore.

    1. Then watch aik tha raja ek thi rani the best on-air drama till on now……. think just for this time
      My advice is seriously stop watching kkb and join aik tha raja ek thi rani u will enjoy the onscreen chemistry
      For sure!!!!!!
      :-* *_*

      1. I AGREE with YOU>

  10. My English teacher used to say, don’t use a mountain of words to express a spoonful of thought, when a simple answer is needed and that’s what kkb writers are doing. Soon they’ll write into the script, when the characters pass wind, go to the washroom, if they sanitize their hands, etc…….etc…..the mundane things of everyday life, coz they simply have nothing to write about. Word of advice….close shop now, while some dignity is left. Writers hve become clueless and are floundering. The day Tanu n ugly Nikil is caught, will be so boring, viewers will not even notice. The excitement is gone…….

    1. very true…i2 feel samme

  11. nonsense nonsense nonsense this serial has become complete bulshit now due to tanu’s dragging unnecessary things have been added i have stopped reading the updates only sometimes i see it. just to keep track but now dont feel like reading anything it’s good that i dont get to see it. otherwise i would have become mad.

  12. Please end this story as the writers have nothing new to write about…absolutely annoying watching the same thing over and over

  13. Nathan Snazy Bansah

    wow this is awsome pragya is as calm as a woman jadit wants for abhi not tanu

  14. Bakwas drama full to flop plz take all tjhe truth of tanu and nikli out in front of abhi and take a new one romantic between duo just syop dragging it im not watching it from 2 week
    Plz all of u boycott the kkb drama ..through which directors should know the viewer feelingz..

  15. Nice episode.

  16. Borinnngggggg

  17. I think Elat doesn’t have any another that why she is prolonging this I am tired of wTching it. No more again from today. Bye kumkum bhagya

  18. Other zee tv serial the villains get expose within a month but not kkb. So many secrets unfold in jamai raja, ek tha raja ek thi rani etc but stupid kumkum has been dragged from last year. Same bullshit everyday

  19. This show is a waste of time.

  20. Every time I read updates hoping that may be they change storyline instead of dragging this tanu’s pregnancy and inspite of revelling the truth and exposing her these people are making it so boring I think I should stop reading also….really boring and intolerable

  21. Hi guys adam alhaj adamu. Asgher. And kkb fans here is the upcoming epi of kkbThe upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show that Pragya brings Champak to Mehra mansion finding his truth.

    Dadi suggests Abhi make Champak stay in house more day so that he will find about why Pragya likes him.

    On the breakfast table, Pragya makes Champak sit on Abhi’s chair which makes Abhi angry.

    Pragya feeds Champak by her hands and Abhi is jealous seeing Pragya’s pampering gesture with Champak.

    Pragya tortures Champak spoiling her life

    Apart from this, Pragya wants to take revenge from Champak of spoiling her life and Pragya makes Champak drink bitter gourd juice with her hand.

    Champak is tensed by Pragya’s behavior and tries to escape from her but Pragya will follow him everywhere so that he himself reveals everything to Abhi.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

    1. is pragya mad….she is proving she has affair with champak
      obv abhi will beleiv it its not his mistake
      all othr serials hv moved way ahead thn this bulshit

  22. I think tanu should marry abhi n finish the damm show

  23. Y zv TV directors always separate hero and heroine with SME non sense reason really pissing

  24. Abhi told that he has broken all relationships with pragya and now suddenly how can he think all this is his fault ???and y he trying pragya to make jealous???
    Still now he believes that pragya is having affair with champak at the same time he also thinks she has feelings towards him. That’s so stupid. What’s going on in his mind??? What he is trying to do ?? And what the writers are trying to tell us??? Such an confusing story.
    Again divorce drama has started. Oh my god how many times tanu will ask abhi to get divorce from pragya??? How many times he will be confused with his feelings??? The writers has no idea that’s why they are recycling old sequences in new situations.
    Onething is good that abhi realized that tanu is good in manipulating by taking her child’s name .at least now small portion of his brain starts to work.

    1. thy create some crap n thn put sme abhigya scenes in d middle. d same thg is happning…
      shobna i was thning of the same

    2. Exactly, its fun to watch but for how long, we dont know. As ultimately everything turns into mess when its least expected.
      And cause for all confusions and crap is again Daadi. I didnt understand what Daadi was trying to tell Abhi , what he understood and what he is doing now. I thought its better not to try understand as we may have to wait for some more episodes to see what is the outcome.
      Because for now, I didnt like what Daadi said and how Abhi interpreted it. It is showcasing as if Abhi has to be spoon fed and whatever Daadi says makes sense to him. But Pragya’s attempt to explain things, her tears, her concern when he was drenched, all this, Abhi didnt seem to understand.

      If this is to make Champak reveal truth himself, okay to some extent. But if Tanu will use for her own benefit, then …. Akash should not only show muscles, but use them, not on Champak may be on Nikhil. The team’s intention is not to harm baby but literally bashing baby father should be okay IMO.

      Anyways, along with Tanu, Nikhil, this Daadi is also on my hate list right now.

      1. Yes sahithi, dadi is in my hate list too, since she is the major reason for what all happening now.
        And this abhi, he has once again proved that he has no sense. If pragya loves abhi how can she have affair with champak??? Or if pragya is in relationship with champak how can she have feelings towards abhi?? Only one thing is possible at a time. Don’t know what abhi and the writers are upto.
        And yes sahithi its far better if we didn’t try to understand anything in this show. This show is filled with illogical things ?
        In one corner of my heart is telling that this champak will be exposed soon by pragya’s torcher he himself will blurt out the truth. Lets see what the writers are upto.

      2. Yup logic is coming down so much with each sequence, if you watch re-run of something that happened 2-3 months back, which u didnt like at that point, u will find that much better when compared to current sequences.

        Its same feeling Shobana, till now they showed Abhi was confused between Pragya, Fuggy, Mogambo or his alleged baby and Tanu. Now Abhi is assuming that confusion for Pragya and Champak also. Same with Pragya, it is like she is accepting her affair with Champak, atleast for now. Its such a silly thing that you accept someone’s allegation and also act like it is true to show it is false. She was already trapped so easily by this Champak when she danced with him or went to the washroom with him. And she is extending that by feeding him, dont know who is trapping whom.
        Now added to the baby truth, this Champak truth is also kept aside. Like what is true, what is fake, what writers trying to show with a fake drama within another fake drama.

        If Abhi does not realize that Champak is a fake BF brought by Tanu n Nikhil or atleast one of them, and not by Pragya, then this current jealousy track doesnt fit in at all.

        The more ppl are complaining about dumbness of the leads, the writers seem to be turning them more n more dumb.

      3. Exactly sahithi nowadays the leads are became more dumb.
        Lets see how many days the writers are going to drag this champak drama.
        And yes, along with tanu and Nikhil’s exposure now champak’s exposure also added. Now what I think if champak is exposed then the writers may bring some other characters as negative and that character will also added to the list of exposure. Like wise it will be going on like a never ending exposure track.☹. This will be the writers plan.

  25. what nonsense!!!

  26. Please end as soon as possible we are not watch anymore. What stupid yar if tanu through chill on her eyes again mithali can’t do anything and in the only one thing we understand like serial moto is to show abhi is a one stupid.because of stupid husbands what are the thing going to happen to wife’s.

  27. There is no end to d conspiracy..writers cannot think of anything other than tanu…and her BF.

    Typical tv serial…soooòoooooo boring

  28. Abhi-tanu

    Make these pair marry and end this serial

    1. Super ritvi.. nice ending

  29. ritvik are u mad or what if u don’t want to watch then don’t watch but plz don’t and guys u too ????

    1. So sorry dear…I didn’t meant to hurt you. ..just for fun…if it’s hurt u..I am sorry dear..

  30. Bullshit…abhi is shittt but nothing.

  31. such a crap ever seriel again and again divorce cancelling shadin revenge just like a cycle

  32. Cutiepie Achu

    I think so they want will expose Tanu on 1000th episode.. As the writers do not know what to do after the exposure of Tanu… They are dragging this…

  33. Ritvi,

    you forgot one more character….
    what about Nikhil?

  34. The way Pragya talks is more irritating…..

  35. it is beyond belief !
    first Pragya brings pregnant Tanu the mistress to the house,now Pragya’s fake boy friend moves in? Please! Make it more interesting and have Nikil move in as well.

  36. OMG, it’s how many years now and I think Abhi should know that Pragya loves him…why does she have to keep proving her love again and again…I think most of the writers in most of these shows have gone brain dead.

  37. A kisne banaya a serial chiii,isme to kuch bhi nahi hai,time pas hone k liye bhi nahi dkh sakte itni ghatiya serial

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