Kumkum Bhagya 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu telling that her baby couldn’t be saved. Dasi says 8th months baby can be saved and asks why this has happened? Nikhil says Doctor could save either mother or baby, and saved Tanu. Tai ji and Mitali asks her to say who is behind the accident. Tanu says you people will not believe me, and says Pragya is behind the accident and have tried to kill me and my baby. Abhi is shocked. Dadi says it is a lie. Pragya can’t do this. Tanu says why she can’t do this as she is your loving Pragya. She says I have lost my baby and nobody can feel my pain. She says she was crossing the road and saw a speedy car coming towards me. She says before I could do anything, I was hit by the car. I was saved, but my baby couldn’t be saved. Abhi tells her that Pragya can’t harm baby. Tanu

says why I would lie? She says if you think that I am lying then ask Nikhil, he was there. Nikhil tells Abhi that he saw a fast speedy car coming towards her, and tried to save her. He says Pragya was driving the car. Tanu says I have lost as Pragya has won. I have lost my everything. She says now we shall understand that Pragya was planning this, so that nobody doubt on her. She says Pragya will lie when you ask her where she was since 2 days, and says she might tell that she was kidnapped by me. She cries, acts and asks how to live now?

Pragya prays for Tanu and her baby and waits at the chemist shop. She gets the medicine and thanks him. Dadi says I can’t accept this and says Pragya can’t kill anyone, and not baby. Purab says she is right. Nikhil says if you don’t trust Tanu then can you trust me. He says there was many eye witness who can give statement. Purab says I want to meet him. Nikhil says Tanu should get justice. Purab says Pragya is innocent. Nikhil says Pragya is guilty. Purab says everything will be proved. Abhi says my baby has died here and asks if he will become alive again. He sits at Tanu’s side, sympathizes with her. Nurse asks them to come out and says she is in pain. Tanu asks Abhi to stay with her. Nikhil looks on.

Beeji calls Sarla and asks her to pick Dadi’s call. Sarla picks the call and tells that Tanu’s baby has died. She asks if Pragya haven’t talked to Abhi yet. Dadi says she don’t have the strength. She says Abhi went into trauma and might not believe on Pragya. She says I am afraid that Abhi might hold Pragya responsible. Sarla asks what doctor said? Dadi says Doctor said that Tanu can go home. Sarla says now she has to talk to Abhi. Dadi says we shall take them to gurudwara. Sarla tells Beeji that Pragya might be waiting to talk to Abhi once they reach home.

Someone knocks on Nikhil’s door. Aaliya comes there and says why he didn’t pick the call. Aaliya asks if he is still mourning for the baby’s death. Nikhil says he was my baby. He says I couldn’t sleep since 2 days and was in the hospital and made several excuses. He says I was going to sleep now, but you came.

Nikhil tells Aaliya that he went to Tanu’s room. A fb is shown. Doctor informs Tanu that her baby died in her womb itself and they couldn’t save her baby. Nikhil and Tanu are shocked. Tanu cries hearing that. Nikhil says this is not final…Tanu cries and says what I will do now. She says Abhi and Pragya will unite now and I will be alone. Nikhil asks her to do what he says and gives baby’s promise. He shares his plan with Tanu. Fb ends. He tells Aaliya that Tanu gave a mind blowing performance and have shattered Abhi. Aaliya asks what is Abhi’s reaction. Nikhil says it is a suspense. May be he believed on Tanu and may kick her out. Aaliya asks what is Pragya’s reaction. Nikhil says may be Pragya is thinking to expose Tanu, and says lets see who takes the action now. He says I just hope everything happens as we have planned. Aaliya says Abhi will not keep quiet, and says Pragya will be affected.

Abhi comes to Tanu’s room. Tanu gets angry on him. Abhi says this baby is mine also. Tanu asks him to accept, and says my baby died because of you. She says your love for Pragya provoked her to take this step and killed my baby. She says I was alone in this fight as you was supporting Pragya and strengthening her to kill my baby. Pragya comes and asks her to stop it. She says I have bear your lie, but will not bear it anymore. She says Tanu is responsible for her baby’s death. She says I didn’t tell in the hospital, but I won’t be quiet anymore.

Tanu asks Pragya to go away from Abhi’s life if she wants him to be alive and happy. She says all marriage don’t have a happy ending.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Deepika reddy

    Ohh please writers let the truth win..please do expose tanu…n her expose should be a blast..den oly it will be worth watching or reading…

  2. Sahithi

    Nikhil’s convo with Aaliya was the funniest today, the way we guess upcoming story based on segments n OLVs he was guessing Abhi n Pragya’s reactions..

    Till now mera bacha dialogue was restricted to Tanu, now Abhi also started saying same thing, every other minute, I was wondering if this mera bacha wala dialogue will get into our heads also 😂😂

    • Sahithi

      And whoever did this makeover to Pragya – Daadi n Bulbul or rather the makeup, hair n dress stylists, u guys r a big failure, Aaliya still refers to Pragya as behenji only..

      • shobana

        The writers have made each and every character as a fool. They don’t have thinking ability. Before Nikhil’s bday party they showed like abhi having doubt on Nikhil but now he is believing his words that’s so stupidity. At that time I thought our rock star is back and story goes in the right direction but I was wrong. I don’t know where story is going and where its going to end ☹ . Day by day its Irritating like anything.

  3. Priya$

    Guys I m having a doubt actually I think pragya don’t know driving.. These many days I didn’t c her driving in kkb. If it’s true then how abhi believed tanu. Wat do u think prathiksha??

  4. Aishu

    What the hell!!!! Okay firstly pragya doesn’t even know how to drive!!!! In the beginning of this show when it was the engagement of aliya and purab remember pragya got drunk and she said she doesn’t know how to drive when she wasn’t in her senses. Why doesn’t anyone remember that??? Secondly why is pragya trying to prove herself right with no proofs!!!! So stupid!!!

  5. hema

    telugu serials narakam ani hindi serials chustunte narakam kanpisthundhi.i thnk telugu serials r far beter…..then dis worst serial.such an idiotic,stupid,illogical track is running .devdaaaa pls kill tanu

  6. Sonia

    What the hell!!! How can tanu and nikhil blame pragya for driving when she herself doesn’t know how to drive!!!???!!!

    • aqib

      Its a very disgusting serial they have more story to carry on the serial when tanu exposed than drama end

  7. spoiled

    Only Mrunal Thakur had shown the courage to Quit this show at the right time. She chose work satisfaction over making money! Great job! So correct she was.

  8. steffyrao

    Pratiksha thank you for putting out that link of Sritis dialogue with Raj Baddhan. Enjoyed the interview& dialogue. Was trying to locate the link several times but could not find it. So thanks a million for sending the link.

    And Sahithi ive to agree with you totally that Tanus exposure has lost its value & interest. What’s more important is Abhi knowing the truth. Especially Tanus involvement in so many aspects of criminal activity. From kidnapping Sarla to attempted murder & eventually killing her own baby.

    Its amazing how silly & nonsensical the script has become. There are a zillion ways to extend KKBs story line. The CVs seem to lack creativity.

  9. Leila

    Oh come abhi u no pragya was missing think hard n tanu own deed kill her baby good for her ass

  10. ar

    Unbeleivable wht nonsense
    Aftr accident no polic case nothg wht ever tanu tells thy ill beliv n now abhi doesnt need proofs, looks lik he loves tanu n not pragya.
    Update readinh also headache now
    God knows y this shw has this trp

  11. jaya

    oh god when will this nonsense end i really thought tanu was gonna change but hell no after weeks of not watching i decide to take a look and lo and behold nothing has changed if abhi believe tanu he will need to have his head looked after and everyone needs to tell abhi the truth about tanu and her baby and i so badly wants to kick nikhil in the butt he is being use by tanu and aliya and yet he is not seeing further than his nose the blo*dy ass

  12. ar

    Whose car was it whn accident took place wht is police doing
    Ab proofs ki kya zaroorat
    Pagal pragya

  13. Pallabi Das

    Enough of the same drama over and over again. Please bring Tanu’s story to an end. People are bored of seeing the same things around. Please look towards a new plot after uniting Abhi and Pragya.

  14. steffyrao

    The storyline is getting too ludicrous now.
    I just cant tolerate what the directors n script team have turned Abhi into.
    He has become a CRY BABY.
    Leena Jumanis acting is so painful to watch as its so monotonous & her dialogues repetitive.
    Its hard to watch KKB now. It was so enjoyable to watch the early episodes. The script & ployts were so intelligent n interesting.
    The past 300 episodes script have been so illogical& senseless.

  15. ajwa ajwanoor

    plzzzz koi batao khe ye track kab khatam hoga and guyzzz iwant to share something with u i m passed with 1000 marks in matric and intermediate exams

  16. Sanjay

    Now show too much boring .my personly request to throw out nikhil .bcz his acting is too bad..

  17. joya

    Plssss expose tanu nd nikhil other it will be boreeee…..how many
    times repeat same thingggg…..

  18. aqib

    If tanu truth is exposed than it is end of drama therefore writer didn’t want to exposed tanu because they have no more story and took more time .

  19. Mima

    Abhi has got to be the most stupid man on earth if he believes the crap Tanu fed him without police report.infact,it’s time to end this show, nobody is enjoying watching a repeat of the same thing over and over again, end this and start something more creative. The actors talents wasted, your viewers are bored and upset, the story no longer makes sense and has no logical. 😡

  20. Muskaan

    This show will also end like Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi
    Same story line..in dat ritika got pregnant n in dis tanu..n both hv lost der baby while killing lead actress
    ye serial b matsh ki tarah end hone se achcha ki story line change kr do…

  21. ishita

    Pls makers stop this non sense show right now. It’s the worst show evr on TV. So pls either stop dis show or else pls thode characters kam krdo but atlst ek writer to hier krlo. I think aap logo ne apne writer ko kafi lambi chutti pr bhej dia. Meine ye show 1 yr pehle dekha tha tab bhi sme yehi plot the nd now aftr one year co incidntly ye show chl gya nd again vhi chl rha tha. Lol!!!

  22. pharamdai

    director of this kkb need to put good triump over evil but insted they put evil wins al de time wat nonsencecial drama is this i vote u director out itz time we see de trut stop de madness i quit

  23. itrini

    this show has no logic…. i think a child is writing the script. Next thing we are going to see is Pragya driving a car to the moon and back…. LOL

  24. satie

    I know its fiction but could the writers et al stick closer to reality. This story is so far fetched that it borders on the absurd. This show used to be promising and now its disgusting.

  25. shaheen baig

    oh plzzzz i hve been fedup with thiis.i .will not watch this any more.it is tanu or super villian who cant b expose even by dna report.n abhi is a hero or a dump. idiot why cant he ask her what she was doing there?this daily soap is getting bore day by day.i think writer dont have its climx script.

  26. Neha

    Kumkum Bhagya is rotten tomatoes full of shit. This topic has been dragged far too long. The worst drama ever. It’s been more then 9 months and still Tanu was only 8 months pregnant. Nothing but a garbage show. In short they have no story left and they keep dragging the Tanu topic. Disappointed by this show to the extreme.

  27. NP

    i do not understand how all the people who know the truth stand quietly and listening …Purab, Dadi etc…

  28. susi

    what stupid track . is this serial going to end ? now a days they r showing new promo to be telecasting from 6 th august . is that true prathiksha ?

  29. Suparna

    We read the updates rather than watching the serial hoping good to win……now this serial shows evil win over good.it show honesty loses……writer pls wake up now

  30. Alice

    Hi…if prayga wanted to kill baby y would she send divorce papers …abhi could realise this.. bullshit story

  31. nandhu

    If the story gonna be end means I think its a good choice it is better to end rather telecasting bull shit of scenes

  32. heidi

    Yes you are right This KKB story is really really B ….llshit. Its time NOW that Tanu is written out of KKB

  33. Shaz

    Guys abhi will not believe takhil’s taunts. So cool.
    He is going to prove us whether he has brain or not, through the reactions towards this critical problem.

  34. mamta

    I hate dis serial…..no interest any more….getting fed up to watch it….n it’s a wastege of tim

  35. Pratiksha

    Again bullshit episode? Full with rubbishness and illogical facts. Firstly, how can a eight month pregnant woman have miscarriage, second thing is where is the dead body of baby’s as it was eight months, why abhi didn’t ask from nikhil what he was doing with tanu, how pragya got a car to drive when he has been left abhi and his house and when she has no car in her maykaa, how tanu could b this much able after such a big accident so that she could get discharge on just next day, how she is able to talk, shout and able to attempt suicide with full force after getting this much injured, doctor was telling that she saved after so much difficulty and she has heavy bleeding in her womb. So when she was this much critical and seriously injured then how she got this much strngth to do actions? How sarla maa and dadi got to know that where is pragya and she ia safe now? Sarla maa was saying that she will talk with abhi but will she really? If yes then if she will tell the whole truth to abhi when now she is no more helplessness as pragya is out of takhil’s hands now? Team pragya was as usually useless who couldn’t save pragya from takhil’s blame, their efforts was not much strong enough who could clear pragya’s image from this blame. Abhi is still thinking that the baby was his that is another worst thing. And if he will never get to know that baby was not his then he will always think that tanu was carrying his baby and he will b remain connected with tanu until he will think that tanu was carrying his baby. The most gud thing about yesterday’s episode that doctor said that tanu could never become mother again in future. I was wishing it very much and now my wish got fullfilled. This is a very gud punishment for tanu who disrespect a motherhood and insulted happiness of getting a baby who was gift of god. She desreves this punishment. She got half punishment but half is left. Let’s see when and how she will get this half punishment. But it seems after baby’s lose, abhi is not in condition to listen, to think or to believe on anyone. It seems he has been done with both pragya and tanu and their fights and only wants to b alone. He doesn’t want pragya nor tanu at this moment. He seems in trauma and pragya too has been done and ready to leave, everybody’s focus has shifted only on baby’s lose and how they can do abhi on their side, both teams r busy in it, so how things will b solved in this condition, it seems so much difficult and impossible but if the baby’s truth will left unsolved and track will move for a new turn without solving it then it will b completely not acceptable as we waited for it a lot after tolerating a lot so we deserves it’s end with it’s permanent right solution. Let’s see what CVS have stored for us for further. I m not watching the show in this week and i m feeling so much peace by avoiding it. And if further story also will b annoying and bad then i can’t say that for how much long, i will avoid it to watch.

  36. veda

    You guys stop commenting here… everyone is keep shouting and saying story line is bullshit.. agreed.. if we comment it means people are still watching.. then obviously they will continue the same story line… some times ignorance works better than reacting….

  37. Patra

    Pls put a stop to tis nonsense drama!enuf is enuf as tis serial given us so much of mental stress. .

  38. Pratiksha

    Guys we have a segment today on IBN7. There is a dream sequence between abhi and pragya about their meeting and in other scene, tanu, aaliya and nikhil r celebrating their win in nikhil’s house with drink. Pragya comes and becomes it’s witness. Pragya finds that aliya too involved with takhil. She about to run from there to tell about it to abhi but nikhil tries to stop her. Nikhil tries to catch pragya. Pragya falls and nikhil tries tos stop her by pulling her from her legs. Aaliyaa and tanu watches it panickly.

  39. dolly gundi

    writers do not know the meaning of kumkum bhagya idiot dadi and sarala what they are doing they are good for nothing and abhi he is not ready to belive is wife i think is go on off mad idiot and rascal

  40. Jasmine

    Seeing the way the doctor conveyed the news to nikil and Tanu in the flash back I feel that Pragya would have asked the doctor to say so. The child is safe with Pragya. May be Pragya want Tanu to realise her mistake and put an end for all her wrong doings. Likewise nikil also realises his mistake and marries Tanu.

  41. devi

    New OLV July 21:
    Abhigya Romance, Dadi slaps Pragya, Pragya slaps Tanu and sees Alia!.
    . . .
    Abhigya romance to Aaj Phir Tum Pe Pyaar Aaya Hai, they’re wet so looks like some sort of rain scene. They get close, Abhi holds Pragya and they come close and then hug. Off screen TiSha moments must watch! 😘😘😘.
    . . .
    Next scene Pragta runs into Mehra mansion looking for Abhi, then goes to talk to Dadi who SLAPS her for leaving home without telling her and looks like Abhi left the house too. Pragya asks Dadi not to worry she will tell him the full truth and bring him back home:.
    . . .
    Next scene is Tanu Nikhil and Alia celebrating( maybe that Pragya left home), Pragya walks in and slaps Tanu! Pragya is telling Tanu that tears are falling from his eyes who is not the father. Tanu taunts her again but Pragya says that she’s recorded something on her phone. Tanu tries to grab her phone but Pragya pushes her and shouts at her to stay far. Nikhil goes after Pragya to stop her and they both fall. He holds her leg but Pragya hits him with a candlestick and she runs off. Villains run after Pragya:.
    . . .
    Sriti IV where talks about it being at an emotional juncture and interesting scenes when you are reaching culmination and she’s enjoying. Reporter asks about slapping Tanu and getting big proof and Pragya says yes it’s a do or die situation so now Pragya has become fearless and conviction is more and not scared. They ask her about being slapped by Dadi, she says Dadi was worried about Abhi and took frustration out on me. Reporters ask if she will be able to tell Abhi, she says let’s see, right now we don’t know where Abhi is. She gets called for her shot as reporters ask about Abhigya union and promo and she says ‘promo mein Bahut kuch hota hai’

  42. Pratiksha

    New on location video- Pragya found takhil and aaliya and got a very strong proof against them, pragya slaps tanu and confronts her along with aaliya and nikhil, Abhi is missing, dadi slaps for giving up . New promo shoot of abhigya’s romance. Full update- Promo shoot of AbhiGya romance.

    Abhi in jacket.
    Pragya In wet hair.
    Looks like a promo or a dream.
    The set up is quite filimy.

    Abhi and prags walk towards each other and they hugs. In background a song plays- aaj phir tumpe pyaar aaya hai…..
    Nikhil, tanu and aliyaa r celebrating their victory in nikhil’s house with drink. Pragya comes and slaps tanu hard and scolds them to being shameless and heartless for celebrating after losing their baby. Pragya confronts aaliya too. Pragya says that now she will tell all the truth to abhi. She about to leave just then nikhil tries to catch her but it sea pragya manages to run from there.

    Pragya and dadi’s Scene.

    Pragya is searching for Abhi. She is coming from outside. Looks like she learnt something.
    She is calling for him and saying she wants to tell him something.

    Dadi is praying. Pragya comes there.
    Dadi slaps her and says if you want to accept defeat then why did you start?
    Is this why I made you change etc. Dadi says that why u got missed without telling her.
    Basically p is frantically searching for Abhi but she finds dadi instead of Abhi. Dadi tells pragya that abhi has gone from the house somewhere. Dadi pleased to pragya to get abhi back ito house. Pragya assures dadi and says that she will bring abhi back and will tell all the truth to abhi.

    • Pratiksha

      Sriti’s interview- Sriti told to reporters that she found a very strong proof against takhil and alliya and she is all set to reveal all the truth to abhi but abhi is missing. So let’s see. Reporter asls about promo shoot and asks is it means that abhigya r going to unite? Sriti says that there is a lot of things shows in promos usually, hope abhigya unite soon but let’s see.

      • asmitha

        I think promo shoot is a dream of abhi r pragya so pragya left home without informing anyone and will pragya able to tell the truth to abhi r as usual she fails again I think we can see memory loss of abhi but y he left home any gussess guys

      • asmitha

        Pratiksha if abhi is going to forget everything about pragya then what is the need to see this stupid serial who will see it and one more thing is without exposure of baby news they r keeping memory loss its really not nice but y shabir said there is nothing like that and this promo it must be a dream of pragya after getting proof may she will dream but when they r not going to unite y they will show like this promos r dream sequences how much hopes we will keep they simply pour water on that
        But promo shoot was so nice how cute they both r looking I want to see it real but it will not happen

      • Pratiksha

        Guys pragya has recorded takhil and aaliya’s conversation in her phone with video image and she goes to back home to shoe it to abhi but abhi is found nowhere. Looks likeemory loss is going to b next.at b actually or fakely. But seems it is going to happen.

      • shobana

        Any guess where abhi might have gone ??

        Oh god I don’t want memory loss 😭😭😭😭😠😠😠😈😈😈

      • Sahithi

        Again samething repeated, why does Pragya have to go as a detective everytime, alone. Cant she atleast take Purab or Akash with her. So irritating really.

        Why are writers adamant about not including Purab in any such proceedings. They r happy giving more footage for the 3 evils than the leads, leave Purab even for Abhi also I see the footage reducing day by day. I see more of Nikhil and his irritating mannerisms than Abhi these days.

  43. farida

    i agree this story is a big joke – Abhi is the biggest JOKER of all . Pragya should walk away and then publicly make it know that NIKHIL is TANUS lover and father of the dead (happily so) child.
    Dadi and the rest of the team PURAB and RONNIE and also AKASH should come out in support of PRAGYA. The show should then end so we can have some other decent realistic story on air.

  44. Hiccup

    What the hell???? Now abhi missing nd while everyone searching for him he is gonns face a accident nd memory loss drama is gonna start… This is wat i think… Totally losing my patience… Its been a week i stopped watching.. onky reading comments !!! Pratiksha thanks fr the uodates ☺

  45. Lili

    This is f**ken shit the writers should eat shit and go to hell why is abhi so dum when he did not like pragya he was very smart I bet pragya will leave the house have a accident and die

  46. Amit Saxena

    Ye bullshit serial kab khatam hoga….

    Thak gaye ye pagalpan dekh dekh kar… Abhi jaisa stupid character nahi dekha kaan ka kaccha… Khud ka dimag hai hee nahi….

    Kya bevakoof bhara serial hai…. Kasam se iska witter mil jaye to jooton se maroon sadak par khada karke…

  47. Kriya

    plz do end d drama of tanu n mk dis serial gd nw as its boring lyk on dt track nly it stuck on tanu’s drama😏😏 mk abhigya reunite😍😍😍😘😘 for god sake

  48. Kriya

    dis serial is bcmng borng nw bcs of tanu’s drama😏😏 writer do mk dis serial kkb entertaining😍😍 by reunitng abhigya😍😍😍😘😘😘😘☺☺☺ i love dis serial lots juz waitng fr drama to gt ovr n abhi to kno d truth of tanu😏😏

  49. Reshma

    Plz stop this show….why stretching so much….Cant tolerate Tanu nikhil anymore . plz end it …..

  50. Karishma

    And again, villains win. I have stopped looking at this serial more than 2 years ago and I keep reading over here in anticipation of the writers changing the storyline, alas Pragya loses again and the truth fails. These serial does not seek to amaze me anymore.

  51. priya

    no progress, simply dragging d story in which audience are no more interested.All d best kkb.we dont expect any good story frm u.

  52. Pratiksha

    Today’s segments update with it’s video links- HIGHLIGHTS:

    The upcoming romantic scene of AbhiGya that has been shot is part of PROMO SHOOT. We’ll have a new promo soon, most likely. [Another lollipop before they poison us]

    Tanu Nikhil and Alia are celebrating their victory after Pragya decides to leave Mehra house. Pragya records Tanu-Nihil-Alia’s planning against AbhiGya. She storms into Nikhil’s apartment & slaps Tanu . Nikhil tries stopping Pragya to snatch her phone but Pragya hit’s a candle-holder on his head and runs away. Alia, Tanu & Nikhil shown running after Pragya.

    Pragya comes running inside Mehra mansion looking for Abhi. She finds Dadi who slaps her for leaving without telling anyone anything. Apparently, Abhi has left the house too & is nowhere to be find. Pragya is shown assuring Dadi she’ll find Abhi and bring him back with telling him all the truth.

    Reporters on all segments have mentioned that all this will lead to a mega twist on Kumkum Bhagya. Sbs people says aboit promo shoot that when pragy tells tanu’s truth to abhi then after believing on it, this romance gets start between them. SBAS and SBB people says that pragya found strong video confession proof against takhil and aaliya so promo shoot is a sign of big change. They indicates towards promo shoot of abhigya’s romance. IBN7 peoples says that Abhi will most likely end up with an accident & lose his memory & forget all about Pragya and will only remember those moments whom he spent with tanu and aliyaa and his family.

    Offscreen INT, Sriti: Sriti mentions they are heading towards culmination of a major track so it demands them working hard. She also mentions that a lot happens in the promo and lets hope ‘milan hojaye’ (AbhiGya unite). She says they are in a very emotional zone & the scene coming in are very interesting & enjoyable to shoot. She shares it’s a do-or-die situation & Pragya has become fearless & wants to tell Abhi everything at any cost. And once you tie a shroud on your head the level of conviction increases & you’re ready to fight anything.

    SBAS: http://youtu.be/PEjNxNkLbdw

    SBB: http://youtu.be/2r2NXYc9u6o

    SBS: http://youtu.be/rIQibsa_5cU

    BTDD: http://youtu.be/gf6wCAVI2Hs

      • Sahithi

        Yeah lot of margin between KKB and YHM but I think thats because of DT’s absence for her marriage. From this week, we have to see if YHM will be back at 1 or KKB can hold on.

      • Pratiksha

        Guys how many of u believe that memory loss is going to happen and how much of u r ready for it? If yes then how u guys will tale it, positively or negetively? If u asks from me then i m not ready for this memory loss track as i don’t think so there is any need of it here and just before truth revealation, abhi will lost his memory without getting the truth then it is again a shit. Don’t know how much thos is confirmed but if memory lose will b the next tracl for further story then i m done with kkb either it will fake or for real becoz i don’t want to watch same things from back to square one where we had started the show to watch. Abhi’s memory lose will b like we r watching the show and it’s story from the beginning where abhi was completely out from true love’s definition and he was completely a toy of tanu and aliyaa’s hands. Without ending a track properly, moving towards another track or so call twist is completely unacceptable. And now if they r going to bring this memory lose track then it will b another bullshit. After watcjing the segments, updates and news, i don’t believe on anything or anybody and on kkb, my hopes, my expectations and my trust all got finished completely. I have no more interest left not for the show and not for abhigya also. So guys i have decided that if memory lose is next then i m done with kkb. I will b here just for u guys to stay connected with u all and i will complete my duty to give u updates time to time but i will not watch kkb until it’s story doesn’t take gud turn. Till then I will b updated to know that from where it’s story takes gud and right turn so from there I start to watch it again. I already has been left it to watch from this week and it seems I have to leave it for long time becoz this memory lose track will also stretched long I know becoz we have been experienced after watching it since long and I have no interest to watch repeat things and story again. So I will not watch it until this memory lose track will end.

      • asmitha

        Pratiksha by seeing today segment and sriti INT I think memory loss will happen but if he forgets about pragya everything then how they will show their relationship r again they start like hatred -love relationship if they will do like this then it will same r if he acts that he has memory loss then it is not needed now but y shabir said there will be no memory loss

      • Sahithi

        Pratiksha, pregnancy track is incompletely complete, Mogambo track dont know when it will complete. If we will ever see Pragya in Fuggy avatar. But overall none of the things which have to be revealed are not done, Tanu, Nikhil, Aaliya stand as they have been. Even Abhi Pragya’s relation stands where it had been for ages. Only thing that changed is Raj is not longer with the evils and Bulbul is out of sight. Other than that in summary nothing changed in last 15 months or so.

        And it was same with kidnapping track also, Purvi’s truth or Aaliya/Tanu involvement never saw the light. I will want to wait but it wont be surprising that only that unknown unseen baby is gone by end of this track but everything else will remain same. As usual Tanu is never caught in front of Abhi. Except for that money theft for now.

        Dont know if memory loss track will be wrapped quickly. Even a one evening party will be dragged for 2 weeks on this show, so if u want to stop till end of memory loss track, u may have to come back after 6 months 🙂 🙂

      • Mittenzz

        Seriously I no longer think TRP stands for Top Rating Poll. I think its Total Rubbish Plot and in this sense KKB really deserves to be in the #1 position.

      • Pratiksha

        Sahithi u said I have to wait for next six months to come back for kkb to watch it again if memory loss happens but I was thinking about a year for waiting to end of this memory loss track, like the pregnancy track is going to end without proper after more than a year. So I thought I have to wait for it’s end also for a year or more than a year. It’s become cvs habbit to wrap up the things unsolved and incompletely like u said that there r lots of things which is still left unsolved. Abhi’s memory loss will b like we will watch the show from where we started. It’s like they r going to end an age of kkb and with abhi’s memory loss, they will move for the next season of it where abhigya’s story will again start with struggles. Abhi will again need a long time to fall in love with pragya eventually again and like always it will not b easy in tanu and aliyaa’s presence. God, I can’t even imagine. Already we waited for their love story from it’s starting and now we were waiting for that moment when they will take their relationship on next level but becoz of this memory loss, we will again come back to square one, from where we have to go through again step by step to watch their love story and their union. Pragya found proof against takhil and then she reached to home succesfully and safely and if at this point, pragya gets successful in revealing the truth to abhi and if after this she loses her memory in accident instead of abhi then it happens the right turn for further story and right end for pregnancy track but abhi’s memory loss without proper completion of the pregnancy track, it’s like our whole time got waste in the waiting to watch it’s climax and for abhigya’s since long . God! We tolerated so much just a hope of gud happening but does we really desrves this end of the track and further story? I don’t understand why they r only focusing on abhigya when they have parallel leads too in the show. Why they r not showing bulbul back? I was wondering that if abhi will lose his half memory then what will happen with purab? He will b forced to marry with aliyaa!! becoz abhi will keep remember purab’s fixed wedding with aliyaa!! Now along with pragya, purab will also suffer. It feels horrible by only thinking then how it will b onscreen when it will actually happen in the show? Can’t watch, can’t imagine. I m ready to wait for years to end of this memory loss track if it happens and if it never happens then also I m ready to quit from kkb to watch. But I can’t tolerate same things, craps and irritating stuffs again.

  53. jayshri

    guys please stop commenting like stupid … i will say wat it would be happen next pragya will prove all with evidence. who s the friend of pragya… the lady doctor she will come to give her proof that is the baby is not abhi gene. after that wat it will comes the tanu will get out from the house and pragya ill safe… the true love never end after marriage life
    the episode will comming keep watching and stop to fight here

  54. Mittenzz

    It seems they want to make Abhi to have memory loss. With all the stress these two women put him through why not? There is such a thing as selective memory loss or selective amnesia where you train the mind to forget stressful or painful parts of your life. You don’t need an accident for that.
    My question is though, if Abhi is to go through that, why only two years where he will forget only Pragya? Why not five or six years when none of these women where in his life?
    If Abhi is to lose his memory I think there will be episodes where his mind will remind him of moments when he was happy with one of these women. It will come in dream form for him which he can’t figure out quite yet. Eventually these dreams will lead/ or have him gradually gravitating back to one ( hope of hopes- Pragya)
    Pragya to once again get proof of Tahkils conspiracy and also to find out that Aalyia was also behind it. What is it with her always announcing her evidence to these people? Why feel the need to show your importance by revealing your plans always?
    So she got away with proof now to show Abhi but Abhi is nowhere to be found and once found might not remember her or what she’s about. So proof will once again be fruitless.
    These people write so many twists in one show that even their hands and brains are all tied up they can’t find their way out.
    Let’s see how they’re going to play this one out, if they’re really going to go with the memory loss track.

  55. Pratiksha

    Guys whatever updates and news we got since few days, it’s all either confusing or for misleading. Nobody is giving correct and confirmed news. Nikhil told in past week that finally the moment is going to come for which audience waiting for long, then we saw a promo about exposure of tanu’s conspiracies, then we got a promo where pragya calls abhi to meet with him to reveal tanu’s truth then we saw a promo shoot, where pragya comes along with sheela and reveals tanu’s baby’s truth in front of abhi, after which tanu goes in darkness, adita too tells that she have more scenes and works in the show,lots of things we saw and got who was giving indication towards the truth revelation and the end of pregnancy track but in result finally we got tanu’s miscarriage to end the pregnancy and now we r going to get abhi’s memory loss to wrap up whole matter and track. They showed nothing, like they claimed to show by promos and info. We didn’t got that last exposure promo yet officially on which was shooted last time before this new one and now they r shooting for another new promo. News peoples r saying that abhi will loss his half memory and he will forget pragya and the present updates r also giving indications towards it but shabbir said that nothing like that. Don’t understand that on whom to believe or on whom to not? Don’t know what these peoples wants? They says that they r becoz of us and they r thankful and greatful to us for making them most popular but they r making only us fool too. What we understand all this?

    • asmitha

      If memory loss will happen I think they will give a promo but they r shooting another promo what u all r thinking

      • Sahithi

        After last promo, I have decided not to trust promos. But if it is in fact memory loss, then shouldn’t we get a new montage also. Because after this current montage started, I couldn’t enjoy any of the episodes whole heartedly. Only good sequence I could recollect is Abhi Bhoot getup to wish Pragya on bday.

        There is one pending promo with Sheela that was shot, not sure if it will be used. Let us see..

      • Pratiksha

        Asmitha tanu’s baby was too important becoz the whole track belongs to him so it’s death also a big twist and thing. But they didn’t showed it’s promo. So how we expect that they will show promo of abhi’s memory loss.

  56. raven

    this nonsense should stop right now, his grandma knows the whole truth about Tanu why in gods name she is not telling him that the baby is not his he believes in his grandma so what the hell is she waiting for? AND WHEN Abhi went into the room he saw Nikhil holding Tanu,s hand duh didn’t he find it strange or is he plain stupid? puhleaseeee people we are not brainless or so the producers and directors thought and please no more memory loss its becoming a norm now on these shows you only have to scratch your head and ones loses his or her memory not being sarcastic here guys

  57. Priya

    Again pragya ll go to search abhi.. While in car she may imagine.. If memory loss sequence is thr before pragya reaching he ll met with accident r ll forget everything..

  58. Kaavya

    Pratiksha di what this new promo shoot of abhigya implies? will they unite or its just a dream sequence

    • Pratiksha

      Kaavya I can’t say anything surely as promos always misleading and abhi’s memory loss track’s news r spreading all over for further story so it is not possible to guess exact thing before the more updates or episodes.

  59. Swetha

    Guys.. I think Abhi will act memory loss to find the truth so that Tanu, Nikil and Aliya will confess all their wrong doing and plan further against Pragya in front of Abhi without knowing that he was acting. finally Abhi will come to know the complete truth. it will be nice if the track goes like that..so that we can also expect that Abigya UNion.. what you all say 🙂

  60. lu_dia

    U wat am tried of tanu and her plans ..can she just get out and lets move on to something else ..u guys have spent too Much time on this storyline…..make us happy and expose tanu

    • swetha

      Kumkum baghya is one of the Wonderful story which was most liked by all the peoples even nowadays in tamilnadu peoples also seeing this serial it’s an awesome story and thank you.

  61. Agalya K Ananjaperumal

    You know guys I stopped watching this serial from July first week. I am very tired of this idiotic story line happening now. I hope this year this serial will not get a single award and it has become sheer waste. This was the only serial I was watching. Now ????

  62. Rupali

    Fade up of this tanu, and nikhil and all this things, this serial was one of my favourite, but it seems like writer’s don’t have anything else. . The suspense is now over , tanu ll never exposed. It’s getting bored now to see tanu tanu tanu and tanu, ,, .

  63. Shreya

    Kuch nhi hoga es serial me fir directer pragya se koe plane krwayenge tanu ke against fir tanu se koe new plane krwakr pragya ko jhutha aur tanu ko sachcha sabit karenge 1yr se yhi story h es serial ki pagal hain ese dekhne wale

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.