Kumkum Bhagya 20th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi and Dasi talking about the party. Akash hears them and Dadi talks to him about surprise party for him. Akash says he will keep Abhi busy in work. Abhi is sleeping on his bed. Purab tries to wake him up and falls on him. Akash comes there too. Abhi thinks of Pragya and talks romantically. He wakes up hearing Purab’s name and asks why did you come here? Purab makes excuses. Abhi thinks they doesn’t remember my birthday and asks Akash to cancel his appointment with a producer. Purab insists him to meet producer. Abhi says okay, and goes to change clothes. Tanu wakes up hurriedly and thinks to make some plan to surprise Abhi on his birthday.

Mitali asks Purab to get Happy Birthday written on the cake. Purab sees Abhi coming and asks them to get on their work. Dasi

pretends to massage Dadi’s feet. Abhi says he will call doctor. Dadi says she is fine. Abhi offers to massage her legs. Dadi says Dasi is massaging her to prove that she loves her. Abhi says you really scared me Dadi. Dadi asks him to go and meet her in the evening. Tanu comes calling Abhi. Dadi asks Dasi to do something and shows laddo. Dasi goes to Tanu and force feed laddo in Tanu’s mouth to stop her from wishing Abhi. Abhi asks about Pragya. They say she is not at home. Tanu thinks if she is planning something.

Abhi is busy in work. Akash thinks to inform at home that Abhi is busy and they can do the arrangements. Tanu tries to enquire about Pragya. Dasi says it is good that she is not here and asks her not to inform Pragya about surprise party. Tanu thinks to provoke Abhi against Pragya and thinks Pragya might went for her work. She thinks Abhi will bash up Pragya in the party for hurting Dadi’s sentiments. She calls Abhi and insists to meet him. Abhi tells her that he is busy and disconnects the call.

In the evening, Abhi calls home and calls Dadi, fuggi. He thinks why there is darkness at home today. He switches on the lights and flower petals falls on him. Everyone wishes him Happy Birthday. Dadi wishes him for his birthday. She tells we were planning since morning for this party. Abhi smiles and is happy. Dadi says you are my life’s biggest happiness, and everyone remembers your birthday. Purab says I came to wish you, but everyone got me involved in their plan. Abhi asks about Pragya. Dadi says she will see and goes. Tanu comes and wishes him happy birthday. She says Pragya is upto something to ruin your Dadi’s happiness. Abhi asks her not to spoil his good mood.

Taya ji calls we shall cut the cake and calls everyone. Dadi thanks the guests for attending the party and says she wants to share good news with them. She says her grand son is a rockstar and now going to be dad soon. Tanu gets shocked seeing Nikhil enters. Dadi asks the guests to give blessings to her grand son Abhi and his wife Pragya. Pragya enters just then and stops Dadi asking why you are announcing this. Dadi says what shall I not say? Pragya says that I am pregnant. Dadi says so what? Pragya says because I am not pregnant anymore and get my abortion done. Everyone is shocked. Dadi asks what are you saying? This thing shall not be said even as joke. Pragya shouts that she has got her child aborted and not pregnant, asking her to tell this to guests. Dadi faints hearing this. Abhi rushes to her and asks her to take long breathe. Dasi gives her water. Abhi ends the party and thanks the guests for coming. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand.

Abhi asks why did she do this? Pragya says what would I do then, to get congratulations from guests. She says Dadi will be hurt more when her dreams gets shattered. Abhi says you didn’t think about Dadi’s happiness. Pragya says we were waiting for Bulbul and Purab marriage to happen, to inform this. She says if Tanu or her parents tell something else to Dadi then what will happen. Dadi will get more hurt. Abhi asks why she has used this word abortion. Pragya says she used it intentionally as she wants Dadi to hate her and throw her out of the house.

Abhi tells Dadi and everyone that Pragya didn’t get her abortion as she was never pregnant. Everyone look on shockingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Very ice episode

  2. Interesting news

    Dadi slaps Abhi ..
    The Abhi who made tanu pregannt when pragya is in
    his life doesn’t have the right to be my grandson..
    Get out of the house..
    Abhi walking with his case..
    Pragya stops him and says I will come along with you..
    dadi says if she goes with Abhi she has to break her
    relations with her sasural..
    Reactions :
    Dadi angry
    Abhi sad and in tears
    Pragya upset
    Tanu angry
    Others shocked

  3. Guys new promo is out. Abhi has confess that tanu is being pregnant with abhi’s child. Update is- dadi slaps abhi and tell him not after living with my daughter-in-law, tanu’s baby’s father abhi cannot be my grandchild get out from house. Abhi goes on upsetly with his luggage. Suddenly pragya says him stop I will also come along with u becoz I m ur wife. Then dadi says if u will go along with him, u have to break all the ties with ur sasuraal.

  4. Guys u can see this promo’s video on websta site.

    1. Superb yaar surely pragya ll go with him. But they ll show it on Monday only 🙁 tanu truth going to come soon. Surely tanu won’t go with him.

  5. Hope dat de pregnant drama wil b over soon 🙂

  6. Thanks for this new promo….i am waiting for tanu truth come out in front of all mehra family… pragya slaps tanu atleast 2 or 3 times.

    1. ya u r rite i want even dadi to slap tanu … yaar.

  7. If abhi going out then he ll b not rich right. I think for this only Nikil waited ah. And one more thing in abhi’s birthday full day where pragya went. Is this plan planned by pragya and Nikil. Wat ever it ll b soon tanu truth going to reveal soon. If nothing is there how tanu ll marry abhi. She want luxuries life money.

    1. i also have that doubt Priya..i think Pragya has something to do with it… otherwise why is she ready to go with Abhi..actually she should ask Tanu should go na..telling anyway Abhi is father of her child..so he should take the responsibility…

  8. oh god …. i am so very excited after seeing this new promo ….. wow awesome…. but soo sad abhi got a slap .. 🙁

  9. After watching this promo let’s start discussion on this guys. After seeing promo, what I m thinking is, will abhi lost his all name, fame and money after leaving his house? I mean his name, fame and money is just becoz of his singing talent na and he still have it so he can still earn na. He will lost all this only when, if everyone outside will get to know about his relationship with tanu. And another thing is pragya wants to go with abhi but I think abhi will stop her to come with him and he will say her to take care of dadi behind him. Becoz if they both will go together from the house then dadi will b so unwell and she will not have anyone except u who will take care of dadi after him. So I think abhi will stop pragya to come along with him.

    1. yeah..there is a chance for Pragya to stay back Nikki… but i feel she mostly will go as from beginning she is thinking that only her exit will make way to Tanu…so she will know that if she stays back, Tanu will never ever get the chance to be the Bahu of Mehra mansion…

      1. Ya chithu but pragya’s wish was that dadi accept tanu’s baby and her as mehra’s daughter-in-law that’s why she was doing all this becoz she knows that if dadi will get to know that tanu is pregnant with abhi’s child even after living with pragya, she will never accept tanu and her baby. And dadi loves pragya a lot so she will never give her place anyone in this house so that’s why pragya was continuously pretending being bad in dadi’s eyes. But after revealing truth and after knowing that pragya is totally innocent but abhi is guilty, Dadi has proved it by throwing out abhi that she doesn’t want abhi’s child anymore but only pragya is important for her. And no one can replace pragya in mehra mension.

    2. U r right nikki… i also think like that .. abhi leave from home and he stop pragya come with him bcos of dadi health and care… for this action abhi can lose his name and reputation.. his rockstar image will be damage.. after that tanu can think to marry abhi or nikil bcod she only want money to live big life.. so she avoid abhi .. for this activity pragya get dout of tanu and she finally find out truth.. then praya can make abhi life colourful.. she tell that truth infront of all media and she tell abhi didn’t do any mistake… for this action now tanu image get damage also nikil… so tanu take revenge pragya and abhi.. may be nikil also.. but abhi and pragya life dadi didn’t accept abhigya get so easy to unite.. abhi and pragya missing each other for every moment…

      Its my assumption… it may be happen or not.. all in writer hand

  10. interesting promo but not good to see abhi getting slapped….if abhi leaves everything, then tanu might not be interested in him as she is with him only for money…..how is this all connected with nikhil’s plan?? want to see the drama of pregnancy to end soon!!!

  11. achooooo…. so sad for abhi…

  12. I know all of u r upset seeing abhi slapped by dadi but guys abhi is repenting for all his mistakes. And seriously guys I m happy with this promo becoz I was waiting for this since long time. Whatever pragya has faced, abhi is facing less then pragya becoz abhi have pragya all the time with him in all the problems but pragya was facing alone,all the problems and torchers. I know he helped her at last but at the beginning of every problem, he have leaved pragya alone. He always ignored and insulted pragya’s love and care for tanu. Dadi’s slap is the punishment of all this for him. But one thing is not gud that he slapped for that mistake which he never did. I have pitty for only this, for abhi. Another thing which I like most about promo is that abhi has proved it that he truely loves pragya by confessing his guilt without thinking it’s result. And he made tanu’s plan flop too, of being daughter-in-law of mehra mension and enjoyment of it’s luxurious life forever. One thing is more, dadi should do, that she should throw out tanu from the house.

    1. also Nikki..after seeing this promo… I feel Tanu herself will decide to leave Abhi..as for sure Abhi will not get back his properties from family if he is going alone… Tanu will not be ready to be with him if he starts from the beginning… i think at this time, Abhi will realise that Tanu’s love is not true (as till now , he is thinking that Tanu loves him truly..only negative about her she is more selfish), he was telling the same to Aaliya also sometime back that he knows watever he is doing for Tanu is not good..this guilt feeling will go after this incident i feel…

      1. Ya chithu if any other thing tanu knows or not but one thing she should know at least that dadi is the owner of abhi’s house and properties so if he goes out from the house, he have only his bank account with him nothing else. Or if this news will spread out publicly then abhi’s all name, fame and carrier will b destroy along with his image and reputation and then he will b empty handed. Even tanu’s carrier and image will also b ruined becoz she is a supermodel and is unmarried pregnant with a married rock star.

    2. Really nikki I too happy. Without facing the situations prob won’t clear. Once abhi lost his name money everything then tanu ll leave him. But my assumption pragya ll go out wit abhi. Then Purab and bulbul ll find the truth behind tanu from Nikil I think so.

  13. Super promo..its gud …tanu wants only abhi’s fame and money…now he gng to out of house..tanu plan flop…ok lets see anothr matter bcoz dadi does not know about abhigya marriage reason..i think it will be revealed by alaiya…one more time abhi gng to facing the tough time…its high voltage drama…we r all want this only…but pls dnt seperate abhigya…hey nikkil wat r u dng there ..do something …..get back ur stupid lady love

  14. Pragya stuck between abhi and dadi…this time clearly abhi should know about tanu true face..bcoz wen he s ready to go out of home pragya only said i will come with u…wat abt tanu???..she s also shocked bcoz she never xpect from this dadi..(slap and get out from here).. I think dadi and hole mehra parivaar to do detective work…bcoz dadi knows abhi verywell…he never do this …

  15. In Kumkum Bhagya, Alia has turned against Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) and Nikhil (Nikhil Arya) has become helpless as Tanu is adamant on obtaining Abhi. Tanu had even known as her oldsters and nearly fixed her engagement, however with Tanu’s interference and conjointly since Abhi had asked for time, they spared Abhi. On the opposite hand, Pragya (Sriti Jha) is in dilemma, as she is totally stuck with her fake pregnancy news and Abhi’s love. although Pragya does not wish to go away the house only for Abhi and Tanu’s future, she decides to play once more. Already each Pragya and Abhi’s family were in confused state, with what happened throughout bulbul (Mrunal Thakur) and Purab’s wedding. the wedding got halted as bulbul was hurt badly by Alia, WHO took the latter’s place to marry Purab. once Abhi stops Alia, the latter becomes dead against her brother and blames him for breaking her life. Abhi is completely shattered with Alia as he had broken all ties together with her. he’s conjointly troubled of Pragya leaving the house shortly as Tanu could take over, as a result of Tanu claims that Abhi is father of her unborn baby. All we all know is Nikhil is that the real father of Tanu’s baby. Nikhil gets irritated with Tanu’s act. There area unit 2 choices for him – one. To reveal the fact to Pragya and get Tanu or two. facilitate Alia to destroy Abhi, in order that Tanu involves him. Well, this is often Ekta’s show and we cannot expect all sensible. to pull the show, there should be twist and that we predict that Nikhil will select the second choice and facilitate Alia to destroy Abhi.

  16. Nikki one doubt I think tanu only tell to dadi she is pregnant like tat. Y u know everybody shocked except tanu. She was anger in promo.

    1. Priya tanu was angry in promo becoz abhi has spoiled her plan by confessing about him and tanu’s relationship. Tanu can never told about her pregnancy to dadi by herself becoz she knows from the day one that dadi loves pragya a lot than anyone even note than abhi. So if she will get to know that she is carrying abhi’s baby, then dadi will never accept her and her baby and even dadi will not forgive abhi. One more thing she knows very well that if something will happened with dadi after knowing the truth, abhi will never accept her and will throw her out from the house and his life by himself forever. She is telling this from the day one of her pregnancy. So I don’t think so she will take the risk to tell about the truth to dadi.

      1. how long we have to wait for this promo to happen ? 🙂 we waited for this abortion to happen for more than a week… also, at any idea at what situation Abhi is opening the truth to Dadi?? I think Pragya will again do something to prove herself wrong to Dadi and Abhi will fed up and open the truth to avoid Pragya’s this behavior ??

      2. I think chithu it should happen in tiday’s episode becoz this is the right situation of confessing the whole truth. If this will happen in today’s episode then i think today we will see abhi’s confession and tomorrow’s episode we will see dadi throwing abhi out if the house. Well let’s see what will happen today and how this scene will happen?

      3. ohh..if it happens in today’s episode then it is good 🙂 as earlier..after huge # of episodes for a problem track.. they ll end up in a solution in just few episodes 🙂

      4. Ya nikki may b rit. I too think tat today only abhi ll tell everything to dadi

      5. no i think it wont happen today becos in promo they are wearing some other dress not like yesterday’s.

      6. No pa dress is not a big thing u know tat dress abhi wore in baby shower party. I think they may took tat promo in tat day.

  17. I really don’t want to see this kind of episodes….. I am irritated with this track since 2months…..don’t know when this track will come to end….. When will pragya and abhi reunite……dragging is tooooooooooooooooo much……….fed up of this dragging……hope to see good episodes soon.

  18. What i think guys that pragya will not leave the house along with abhi becoz abhi will stop her for taking care of dadi after him. After going abhi, pragya will get to know about tanu’s truth some how then she will herself decide to expose tanu infront of everybody and will bring abhi back in the house after proving him innocent.

    1. ya it can happen . if it happens like this it will take another 1 months.

    2. if it happens like this surely it will take another 1 month nikki.

  19. Waiting for today’s episode time not moving yaar.

    1. Iam also waiting … time not moving… i always think about kkb … 🙁

  20. I think so now tanu will feel for abhi and will go to nikhil. Because as per the promo abhi leaves the house that means he is not rich and fame. So definitely she will be back to nikhil and after knowing truth abhigya will unite this is my prediction for upcoming track

  21. Hey friends. I have watched a video now on aaj tak. Onlt abhi dress is changed balance all other are same. Dadi, abhi and pragya all are crying. Pragya is making dadI to accept marriagr for abhi and tanu saying tanu is pregnant. She is convincing dadi but dadi told abhi to get out of the house. Even though pragya convinces but dadi is not changing decision. Abhi is crying seeing this. And pragya is struck between both abhi and dadi. Let see what happens next.

    But they are still dragging do no now what they are going to happen.

  22. Guys kkb’s updates and segments r back. Here is SBB and news nation’s update- dadi ahi and pragya is in mehra house, talking about tanu’s pregnancy matter. Dadi is crying so much and blurts out her anger on abhi. Abhi is standing in a side silently with teary eyes. Pragya is trying to console dadi and requesting her to forgive abhi. She is trying to convince dadi for abhi-tanu’s marriage but dadi is not ready to being agree for this and she is angry with pragya also for supporting abhi even after knowing his extra marital affair with tanu and misguided her with abhi since long. Dadi is in so much anger ordered abhi to get out from the house and not show her, his face again.

  23. Abhi moves from there with tears helplessly. Dadi says in her interview that she did never expect from this disgusting kind of thing from her grandchild. That’s why she is very upset and angry with abhi and will never agree for anything and never forgive him.

    1. Nikki it means today this episode won’t happen right. 🙁

      1. No idea priya. Situation says it should happen today but after seeing their clothes in segments I m confused bwcoz their clothes were different from party episode. And other thing is reported says dadi has learnt about tanu is carrying abhi’s baby. But they didn’t told that who told about this truth to dadi. And another thing is, I m thinking that may b after listening truth from abhi, dadicould not b in this condition to decide anything and then in morning when abhi pragya will go to apologize from her then this segment scene will happen. Anyways what will happen, for this we hv to wait for tonight.

    2. nikki serial gossip told pragya reveal the truth about tanu pregnancy.but telly guru told tat is today promo aftr abhi tell pragya never pregnant..instead of tanu pregnant with my child..dadi heart broken she shout pragya..u r also support ur husband aftr knowing xtra affair blah blah..they r cofusing us

      1. Don’t go with spoilers. Only go with updates which I have given u. I will give u only that news which will confirmed. So u will not confuse.

    3. Do we have any link for this SBS Nikki?

    4. Ryt nikki…spoilers so many times cheating …sbs segment update in utube..do u know about tat

  24. I don’t get it. Why don’t they just stop this abhi and Tanus drama . It’s rather irritating and annoying. They r just dragging it on and on.

  25. Hey what happen here…… tanu truth realeving ga tavara ellam nadakkudu…
    I like promo… but iam sad of abhi slap…. this kkb day by day give new twist and turn.. i think this promo should be done by today or 2moro may be

  26. acho abhi paavam….?i think he hd dis punishment fr trtrng pragya n past episode guyzz

    1. U r right yuvi…
      Abhi pragya va romba ve torture pannan… but appa pragya ku sprt yaru illa… but ippa abhi ku pragya mattum dan sprt..

  27. i have become so crazy on this kkb…. always thinking about this drama only… 🙁

    1. Same to you divya

  28. so sad for abhi.. 🙁

  29. it is same like in bade ache lagthe hain priya and ram left the house and stayed in jaipur like this abhi and pragya will be left the house….
    by my guess

  30. it is same like in bade ache lagthe hain priya and ram left the house and stayed in jaipur like this abhi and pragya will be left the house….
    by my guess so sad for abhi

  31. Upcoming Twist In Kumkum Bhagya…
    The upcoming episode of Kumkum
    Bhagya will show that Dadi gets broken down when Pragya told her about her abortion.
    Dadi scolds Pragya for breaking her
    dreams and curses her.
    Abhi feels bad for Pragya and tells Dadi that Pragya didn’t get her abortion as she was never pregnant.
    Furthermore, Pragya reveals to Dadi
    that Tanu is pregnant of Abhi’s baby.
    Pragya tells Dadi that she wants to
    divorce Abhi so that Tanu and Abhi get reunited.
    Dadi is furious knowing the truth and blames him for hurting her feeling very much.
    Dadi also scolds Pragya for hiding this truth from long time.
    Abhi angry asks Abhi to get out from
    the house and never show his face to her.
    However, Pragya makes Dadai realizes that Abhi is not bad man as he thinks.
    Pragya tries to change Dadi’s decision and insists her to let Abhi stay in the house.

  32. Hi guys can i jo in u??

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