Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Pragya and Abhi’s argument. Abhi asks Pragya to take her stuff out as he doesn’t out her to disturb him in night. Pragya leaves from room. Abhi thinks he talked to Pragya strictly and thinks he have to forget her. Dadi meets Pragya and tells her that they know that Abhi will fight with her. Purab tells her that Abhi is trapped between his feelings and his duty. He thinks Tanu’s baby is his and that’s why he wants to fulfill his duty. Pragya says she will expose Tanu. Dadi asks her to do something else it will be difficult for them to bring Abhi back. Pragya says she will take care of Abhi and will never leave him alone. Purab says if she saw that man. Pragya says they will talk later, but now she has to go to Abhi. Tanu thinks why did Abhi come there? Mitali sees

her coming home late at night and thinks to follow. Tanu comes to Abhi’s room and sees him sleeping. She thinks she will talk to him in the morning. Mitali thinks to spy on her. Abhi wakes up and thinks if Pragya slept somewhere else, she haven’t come till now. He thinks why I am pressuring on my mind and thinking much. He asks himself to sleep.

Pragya comes back to toom. Abhi sees her and asks why did she return? Pragya says you said that you will sleep, but is still awake. She asks if you was missing me? Abhi says if anyone misses you then he will die. Pragya says your theft is caught. She asks what is fuggi doing with you? He says he had kept her in cupboard, but she came out. He keeps her back. Pragya asks why you are doing this? Abhi says it is my life and I will decide what to give me happiness or pain. Pragya says everything will be fine in somedays. Abhi says it is his life and he wants to end her chapter. He says I am going to be dad and I can’t let injustice to my baby. He asks her to help him forget her. Hamari Adhuri plays………Pragya gets sad and teary eyes. Abhi gets teary eyes too. Pragya thinks why she is helpless and can’t tell the truth. Raj takes Tanu to a corner. Mitali asks where did she vanish? Raj tells Tanu that Mitali is spying on her. He asks what she wants to talk to him? Tanu informs him about Pragya’s deal. Raj asks what did you say? Tanu says I was confused and haven’t told her anything. Raj asks her to tell Pragya that she doesn’t know anyone. Tanu says she took Nikhil’s suggestion. Raj asks her to be alert and says he can save her from Pragya, but now from Mitali. Tanu thinks where to go?

Pragya tells Dadi that Abhi will go far from her if this continues. She says Abhi gave date to Tanu to marry her, and can marry her also. She says I have to do something fast. Purab asks what we can do? Dadi says we have one way now. We shall tell truth to Abhi, and leave the decision on him. Pragya says what you are saying? If we have to do this, then we should have done it long before. She says all this drama wasn’t needed. If we tell Abhi that the baby is not his, then he might think us wrong. Dadi says what to do now and cries. Pragya asks her not to cry and asks her to have strength. She promises to bring Tanu’s truth out. She says the man helping her was none other than her baby’s father, but I couldn’t see his face. We have to be careful. Tanu’s truth will come infront of everyone.

Pragya comes to Tanu’s room. Tanu says you should have knock on the door before coming. Pragya says it is my house and I can roam anywhere. Tanu says it is a good idea to spy. Pragya says she knows her real face, and reminds of her offer. Tanu says I don’t know anyone who have helped Aaliya. She says Aaliya will never try to ruin Abhi. Pragya says she wants to catch Bulbul’s criminal. Tanu says so you was acting all the while and fooling us. Pragya tells her that she hasn’t give divorce to Abhi as he signed on the property papers and not divorce papers. She says you have instigated him to marry you, but you can’t marry without my permission. Once your truth comes out, you will go to jail just like Aaliya.

Abhi tells Pragya that memories will be faded with time.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. N again even though they drag kkb tops the trp chart even nw .. This wil lead to even more dragging ? No it won’t I hope .. Waitn fa new segment the very next day itslf 😉 wat I feel is within a month I mean bfor valentines day tanus truth vl b out n abhigya vl b together on valentines day .. Also I strongly feel tanu is nt pregnant nw .. I don think tat CVS vl b tat dumb .. Since tanu dint have baby bump yet .. There may b sumtng els too .. Jus said wt I felt ..

  2. When is the bukbul’l re-entry

  3. Todays episode ..umkum Bhagya Episode 47121st Jan’ 2016Epi starts with dadi scolding pragya why did she tell tanu about their divorce. Now tanu will tell abhi that their divorce is not finalized ,abhi will pressure pragya for divorce.. when the truth is they r actually divorced !! pragya said its not gonnahappen cox he still thinks he signed the property paper not divorce paper. and even if he asks her to re-divorce him she will never do that…its was necessary to confuse tanu. last when she she got confused she went to see the father of her child.Pragya thinks this time she will do something similar .Dadi says do something so that the guy comes here and if u go after her someone will go with you…Purab bought clothing for bulbul. Sarla says why are you doing this..find a nice girl and get married and then their sad talk.Tanu talking to nikhil..She told him if she does not help her catch the culprit she won’t let then get married. Nikkil says what do u mean she wont divorce him !! they were divorced ..Tanu said no she got him sign the property paper not divorce paper. Mathali bhabi heard the half convo and their comedy !!Pragya drinking tea thinking about nikkhil and tanu..that she did not see his face , she sees abhis pic and Allah wariya plays … flashback . She thinks a little more and then we will be together..Abhi walks in and sees her with his picture.He asks what are you doing??Pragya says i am dusting. Abhi says dust is in your eyes not on the frame. and its good for some stuff to gather dust like memories..its better for memories to fade by time ..pragya says u can decide about your memories but i will decide with i want keep alive inmy memories.Mithai thinking what to do about tanu ..who can help her.Ronnie too thinking what happened to pragya ! She is always sad. mithai thinks they should team up.Pragya and purab talking about what to do next. Abhi grabs her by the arm and takes her to their room.Pragya says u could have just call me!!why is to important that u had to drag me !! Abhi says its important for me ,last night when i asked you to involve police in this matter u said they will only harass my family ..do you really care about my family !! Pragya says yes. Abhi just don’t say it prove it. Pragya says how?? He says divide all my money and distribute to all my family..pragya asked why!!..he says i can’t take it anymore..everyone is after money so give then what they want..i don’t want anything and u can keep ur share ..my entire family lost everything bcz of money..i lost you too bcz of money. i can’t lose anyone..your after someone from my family.the truth is i don’t want to know who is behind all this. i can’t see anyone going away from me..after momdad i worked so hard to keep everyone together. before everyone gets crazy for money lets give then what they want.Pragya says what are you gonna do after giving everyone everything ..he says i will leave with my family.. me tanu and my baby. Everyone is happy you too. Pragya says u think tanu will marry you if u don’t have any money!! Abhi says stop this rubbish tanu loves me .pragya says are you tell meor telling yourself !!Tanu is still with you bcz she think ur the rockstar and you can make everything again once you dont have she will leave you.. well ican’t give u your money back now. i need them to catch the killer. till then u go find out why tanu wants to marry you..she leaves and abhi puzzled.

  4. Story s moving in a right track… if abhi also have doubt on tanu it will be easy to pragya when she expose tanu… abhi plz wake up this is high time.. open ur eyes and c the real face of tanu.. just try.. it will support pragya a lot and give him more strenght…

  5. Highlights of today’s episode’s- Episode starts with dadi scolds pragya for telling about her divorce with abhi when they r actually divorced!!! Dadi says tanu will manipulate abhi for this and then abhi will ask u for divorce. Pragya says it was necessary to confusing tanu becoz last time when she got confused then she had gone to meet her baby’s father and this time she will again get confused and will do similar things. Pragya says that abhi still knows that I have given his sign in property papers not on divorce papers and if he will ask her for divorce then she will not give. Dadi says do something soon and bring here that person or if u go outside, u take purab with u. Pragya says fine. Purab talks with sarla maa. Sarlaa maa says him to remarry with some other gud girl. They have some sad talks. Pragya in her room sees abhi’s photo frame and says our distance will get finish only in sme days. Abhi comes in the room and asks pragya that what she is doing. Pragya says she is dusting. Abhi says dust in ur eyes. Memory shiuld b fade like dust. Pragya says u can do whatever u want with ur memories and this will my decision that what i do with my memories. She leaves. Tanu informs nikhil on phone about pragya’s warning. She tells him that if she will not tell her that person’s name then pragya will not let her marry with abhi. Nikhil gets shocked and asks did their divorce not happened yet. Tanu says no, pragya has taken abhi’s sign on property papers not on divorce papers. Mitali listens their talk incompletely and makes fun of it. She thinks about tanu that his to find out her secret. Ronnie too comes and says why pragya di is sad during these days. Mitali says to him that we should team up to find out about tanu and pragya both. Pragya talks with purab to how to execute their next plan. Abhi comes and hold pragya’s hands and draggs her in their room. Pragya asks him why he brought her here like this when he can call out her name. What’s so much important? Abhi says it is important. He says when I asked u to involve police in this matter then u said it will harass his family. Do u have care for my family? Pragya says yes. He says then divide property equally between each family member and give them their share and u can keep ur share too. Becoz i don’t want to loose anyone becoz of this property and money as i lost u. Pragya says what about u? Abhi says I will leave with tanu and my baby from here. Pragya says do u really think that tanu will get ready to marry with u without money. Abhi says stop talking rubbish, tanu loves me. Pragya says r u telling it to me or to u? Pragya says tanu knows very well that u r a rock star so u can make ur name and fame from anywhere. So go and check that why tanu wants to marry with u. Abhi gets puzzled.

    1. Two- three important things happened in today’s episode guys. First pragya’s confession that she and abhi r divorced but by my memory says to me that when pragya was taking sign of abhi before leaving her house for tanu then she was saying to abhi that it is those papers who give u permission of marriage with tanu which we known as mutual consent papers so when and his they become divorced!!! More confusion. Anyawys second thing which is happened in today’s episode that purab and pragya r thinking about telling truth to sarla maa after discussing it with dadi. And third important thing is happened in today’s episode that finally pragya have put doubt in abhi’s mind regarding tanu that she wants to marry him becoz of his stardum by which he can earn from anywhere. So guys these three important things r happened in today’s episode. Rest of things were same abhigya’s emotional scenes, mitali’s unnecessary comedy but lovely taunts on tanu, same tanu- nikhil talks and mitali- raaj talks. That’s it. Only sarla maa’s scene with purab is new. That’s it.

  6. Happy that the show retained no. 1 slot for consecutive weeks. I think the momentum will be maintained till Tanu is exposed.

    And how much ever we wanted Pragya to say that, she said she is the legal wife at the right time, in yesterday episode.
    One more good thing is Mithali is after Tanu, she wouldnt have done it if Aaliya is around. This is kind of double pressure on Tanu from Mithali n Pragya.

  7. Shraddha Sharma

    Today’s shok…. ????
    I saw today on SBS that abhi is going to marry tanu within 7 days…
    Very bad abhi….

  8. Lovely episode but the suspense should not drag for so long

  9. Borringggg…

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