Kumkum Bhagya 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 20th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Purab that he is worried about Sarla. He says Aaliya can harm her. Purab says Aaliya said that she will not enter home. Abhi asks him to keep an eye on Aaliya and if anything happens to Sarla then he will be responsible. Tanu comes to meet Aaliya in the outhouse, and tells her that she missed her very much. Aaliya says that’s why you didn’t come to meet me in jail. Tanu tells her that she is in problem since she left. She tells about Sarla knowing her truth, Nikhil hitting her with his car, and then says that she have changed her injection with poisonous bottle and she will die. Aaliya asks do you want to kill her. Tanu says she has learnt all from her. She asks do you want to stay here. Aaliya says this place is good than jail. She says she will ruin Abhi

and will make a name for herself. She says she will build a big company and will malign Abhi’s reputation and name. She says Abhi will not understand how he got ruined. Tanu says okay, lets go home and see if Sarla have died. Aaliya refuses to go. Tanu says I don’t want to miss the final show and goes. Nurse takes the injection in a syringe. Tanu thinks just 5 mins, and she will die.

Ronnie tells Abhi that he can’t see anyone getting injection. Pragya also closes her eyes. Doctor gives injection to Sarla. Tanu is happy and asks Doctor when will Sarla get consciousness. Doctor says course is complete and she can get consciousness at any time. She says her mind and body are working now and she will get fine soon. Abhi thanks him. Tanu thinks all these fools are happy, but they didn’t know that I made her die. Pragya thinks Sarla should get fine and says I will not spare guilty. Doctor asks them to inform him once she gains consciousness. Tanu thinks Pragya will cry after Sarla dies. She thinks how to hide her happiness and goes to call Nikhil.

Nikhil is in the car and thinks why Tanu haven’t called me yet. Tanu calls him and asks him to give grand party to her. Nikhil asks did you change the injection. Tanu says yes, and says I saw doctor giving that injection to Sarla. She says poison will kill her. She says Sarla will die with the truth and says I heard about ghosts. Nikhil says no one can harm us, not even God. He says Sarla will die within 5 mins. Tanu says there is one problem that her marriage will be delayed more after Sarla dies. She says she can’t push him for marriage. Nikhil asks her to talk to Abhi about marriage soon. Tanu says I don’t want to miss her death drama.

Tanu thinks if she manages to convince Abhi that all this is happening because he didn’t marry her, then he might agree. She says Dadi believes on kundli and all, and thinks to convince Dadi. She collides with Mitali. Mitali asks Tanu not to talk within herself, and says you would have fallen from stairs. Tanu says I am happy and that’s why will not tell you anything. Mitali asks if Abhi is marrying you? Tanu says no, and says trouble is going to move from her way. She says my destiny is going to change. Mitali says I was born with bad luck and says I thought to do something bad with Sarla. I have stolen her medicines, and thought that Sarla’s condition will deteriorate. Tanu gets tensed. Mitali says but then Doctor came and gave injection from his box. Tanu gets angry and tries to suffocate Mitali. Mitali says I thought to help you, but you are pressing my neck. Tanu says I will not forgive you. Mitali says what wrong did I do?

Abhi remembers the love which Sarla used to give him, and recalls Sarla giving him sweater once. He gets emotional and keeps his hand on her head. Dadi comes and asks Abhi to take some rest. Abhi asks Dadi not to worry and says everyone want her to gain consciousness, but I need to be with her as I have some questions in mind. Dadi says we all want to know what is responsible for her condition, and asks her to sleep. Abhi says Sarla did something before fainting, and says she gave Pragya’s hand in my hand. He asks what does she mean? Why did she do this? I think she wants me to support Pragya. Pragya hears him and gets emotional. Abhi says Sarla might wanted me to accepted Pragya back in my life. He says why she wanted this, as she said yes for Tanu and my marriage. She hates Pragya and now why she wants Pragya and me to unite.

Abhi tells Pragya that he cares for heart feelings, and he knows that she doesn’t care.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. in zee tv all serial we can see pyar ki jeet expect kkb i think soo what do u think guys? coz kkb is too much dragging that is why say

    1. Same here shriti but the thing is someone should give strength to pragya to expose tanu I think this time if bulbul is there means pragya will be very strong and she will win her love dono pyaar ki jeet

      1. Hw many ppl are supporting pragya reji…dadi,sarla,purab,akash,rachna…Ronnie…i agreee bulbul is needed…but she not only a scope…with remaining ppl only pragya cud do…

  2. Thank u so much guys m vry happy to join wit u all yss prithiksha m also waiting fr the end of tanu track…..ys reji m a muslim inshallah soon evryting vil sort out guys fingre cross yaar nw v all r one family m I right

    1. Absolutely yes Fatima?

    2. exactly fathima absolutely i agree

  3. Can anyone translate “pryar Ki jeet” for me please. What does they mean by that.I’m not speaking Hindi.

    1. callmeprincess3

      “pyar ki jeet” means “victory of love”

  4. Eagerly waiting for the day Abhi will give a tight slap to that annoying Tanu. I think that will be a revenge on behalf of all the abhigiya fan hehe.

  5. 1st dey showed tanu as dumb character.. now dey r showing her 2 much intelligent. .. :/

  6. Hi everyone.. Am also fan of kkb. Waiting for pyar ki jeet.
    @ prathiksha.. The person helping to Aliya may be that corporater..?!!

    1. May b, if he is out but aaliya has ditched him in fullfilling his promise to bring out him from jail, so I don’t think so he will help her. Most suspected and possible person is raaj. But let’s see.

  7. Hi friends I am not able to see any ff for past 2 days….nobody updating the ff or any technical issue in uploading d ff…..
    is anyone facing d same or only me

    1. Hi nithi .. Actually wen our frenz I mean the ff writers posted their ff the TU ppl replied lyk they ll post al ffs only after Wednesday .. They wer in leav it seems .. So v ve to wait till Wednesday I miss al the ffs even I feel the day incomplete widout readn ffs lyk
      Love of life .. A mistake kkb n matsh .. KB story of faith .. Hum dono .. U aur n me .. Love makes everything possible .. N a ff by ria Cassandra .. Another one dunno name bt it includes yhm matsh wit kkb .. N many other I miss all of them yaar

    2. Ya nithi I also can’t post any ff I am also bored without ff

  8. hi everyone v can comment anything na but the writers make us very stupid right fans so crazy y thy r not seeing the video footage what ever its is i only want abhi n his sweetheart pragya reunite thanx fans 4 commenting bcause i like to read your comments na

  9. Guys in kkb pyaar ki jeeth happens only in pragya’s dream. ……..crap keeping high hopes for this week and as always turns out to be dream track stupidity to the core……….

    1. Billu y they r always showing dream and fooling the fans after every dream sequence my hopes r getting decreased but happy to see that atleast in dream they r exposing villains but my mind will be asking wen this will happen in real

  10. Any update???

  11. I come to this site just to read comments!!

  12. Hai friends i am new in this comment page i am in tamil nadu first i watch this serial tamil in polimer tv then i watch in zee tv this serial was starting few weeks it was nice but now in hindi the track it was soooooooooo boringgggg.Any one tamil in this page

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      You are welcome here many people are Tamil only????

      1. Hiii me too frm Tamil Nadu
        I started to see zee Hindi exactly when tanu gets pregnant initially it was gud n interesting bt nw they r dragging like anything
        Getting bored

    2. ya swetha me too tamil welcome to this page

    3. Even.me too tamil.i am frm Bangalore.swetha..ur welcome..

    4. Yes swetha me too tamill .. am also waiting for end of this track.. lets think position .. it ll end soon… actually in Tamil kkb is rocking now a days

    5. Yes some tamil people also here. Myself from Salem. I’m watching the show from day 1 in tamil. I’m impressed and start to watch in hindi. I also commented on this website. I like to welcome you all who added newly. I too daily read all the comments. I don’t left anyone’s like Pratiksha, Razia, Sahithi, Jaydeep, Reji, Billu,…and so on. I like these pupil comments and I read it 4 – 5 times a day. Waiting for ‘Pyar ki Jeet’ this week. I like we all watch and comment this week. Also please give new updates guys…..love you all KKB fans….let’s rock….:-)

      1. Yes megha eagerly waiting for pyar Ki jeet week
        Pyar Ki jeet should nt b a dream
        Cuz nowadays in dreams ly abhigya is reunited

      2. Hi megha .. Im from chennai yaar .. Enaku Salem la oru frnd iruka .. 🙂 Actually I was waiting fa these episodes in the Tamil .. Tamil la kkb rocks nowadays I love his track n Im enjoying alot .. Daily comment yaar ..

    6. I’m also tamil

    7. Hi I am also tamil. I am also new here.

  13. Hi guys am silent reader for the past 5 months specially prathiksa & shahiti both of ur comment…..I started watching from last year november..the story become so boring…

  14. I still continue reading and watching even it is boring……ohhh I can’t wait to Abhigya reunion and tanu’s chapter close.

  15. i miss bulbul so much.we need bulbul even her character back.am i right guys?

  16. Thank you Ranaji

  17. Come on Zee tv, am sure your writers can do better than this. i can stop watching the series for weeks at time ,come back and still have not missed anything at all.make your dramas short and it becomes memorable, once it drags people tend to forget the story.

  18. Hai guys nice to see you all even i am also miss bulbul and guys all know hindi

  19. Me too from Tamil….. Silent reader for last 4months specially pratiksha, reji and sahithi. Thanks to u all for the comments and updates.

  20. Fool fans

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