Kumkum Bhagya 20th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Abhi telling Tanu that Pragya is his responsibility and he will rescue her at any cost. She says if he goes, he will lose her and she will go far away from him. He says it is her life and she has right to take her own decisions and walks out, leaving her annoyed.

While driving car, he thinks of SMSing kidnapper that he will be at the venue in 15 min. Corporator gets SMS and his goon gives phone to him. He gets happy seeing Bulbul’s message and asks his goons to take Pragya to the venue and once Bulbul comes to inform him.

Aaliya sees servant taking coffee to Abhi’s room and follows him. She is surprised to see Purab there and asks why did not he go with Abhi. She also sees Bulbul sleeping. Purab tells her about Bulbul getting kidnapper’s

call and the incident thereafter, Abhi going to rescue Pragya instead. She thinks of informing corporator.

Abhi makes a lady call corporator’s goons and tells them the address, shows a girl with blue jacket and jeans and to tell he is wearing blue. Goons come to the spot and follow the girl. Abhi identifies them. Meanwhile, Aaliya calls corporator and informs him that Abhi is coming to rescue Pragya instead of Bulbul and asks him to bring back his goons. Corporator calls his goons and asks them to bring Abhi to their den. Goons surround Abhi.

Abhi starts running and goons following him. Usual Bollywood type comedy continues with Abhi beating goons with his brains. Goons then surround Abhi again. He says he wants to pee. Once goons relax, he runs and hides. Goons think he escaped and reach back their den to inform their boss Corporator. Abhi follows them and thinks of informing goons. Goon informs corporator about Abhi’s escape/ Corporator thinks Abhi loves his wife and he will try to rescue her, but he will make sure he does not get his wife.

Bulbul wakes up and asks Purab about Abhi. Purab tells her how Abhi tricked her, gave sleeping pills and himself went to rescue Pragya alone. Bulbul asks why did he let Abhi go alone. Purab says this day is best day of our life as Abhi has started developing feelings for Pragya.

Aaliya gets tensed thinking Abhi must have rescued Pragya and what if corporator would have revealed her name to Abhi. She calls Corporator. He gets irked but picks call thinking she may want to inform him about Abhi. She yells at him. He asks her to stop her rubbish and tell if she has any info about Abhi. She asks him to come and meet her right now, else she will inform police that he is the kidnapper. Corporator thinks he should close Aaliya’s chapter before Pragya and informs his goons to keep an eye on Pragya until he comes back. Pragya does not hear goon’s sounds and thinks Bulbul must have come.

Precap: Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi has broken relationship with her and has betrayed her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Aliya is super mad!

  2. Aliya is psycho…what’s wrong with that women…I hope tanu get out from abhigya’s life…

  3. pehle to corporator aliya ka call ni utha raha tha achanak galta tym pe hi call utha kar plan chopat kar diya.

  4. Iss tanu ko pehele lath marke bahar nikalna chahiye. Aur aaliya ko toh marna chahiye.

  5. The show is sucking!

  6. Wen will this end n I wish AAliya gets caught also along with that stupid b*t*h tanu

  7. Writers please expose Aliyah/Tanu at once and bring PGya and Abhi together already. Why the high rating for repetitive story lines

  8. When will this kidnapping end.This is going on and on like a revolving decimal.Where is the police in this?This is all about the goons and the goons.This is showing me that as long as you can dish out some money hire some goons and get the job done.What the hell kind of society is this?Abhi should have had Tanu packing long time.He had his intimate times with her but he does not want her as wife material.This is the difference with Tanu and Pragya.Pragya may act comical but she is a virtuous woman and who man in this universe does not want that type of woman to be his wife and mother of his children.Aliya ‘s mind is wicked and ugly and that makes her ugly.In reality she has no beauty and qualities as Bulbul.She believes she can make Purab marry her .Even though they eventually get married ,Purab will never love her as he loves Bulbul.This Aliya is suppose to be Abhi,s sister and because of her action she can cause her brother.s death by giving the corporator information.She is a dumb backside,no brains.When will this mess comes to and end and show us some thing good.

  9. This serial I quite annoying it needs to cum to an end

  10. KKB has no storyline same old nonsense

  11. I wish I could slap the shit out of aliyah… she is so selfish! N Tanu should realise her place… and y do I feel this kidnap scene is getting too draggy? I really cannot wait to c wat happen next between abigya and rabul couple. If things get better im gonna WATCH this show!

  12. It’s a comedy show. I think they forgot to tell us. There is no genuine emotion or show of love from Abhi. Even the scenes between him and Tanu, who are suppose to be madly in love with each other, is so dry….I think the comment section is more entertaining lol.

  13. Oh this comedy show is still on air???

  14. Guys why don’t you just create a romantic story with some humour in it ? And why do bulbul always cry in every episode why don’t Purab get control over her??

  15. Alia is the sickest b*t*h!

  16. tanu very well deserves what has happened to her

  17. Well am missing kkb Tonigh

    1. Because the schedule is wrong and it’s way too late plus i missed qubool hai too


    wanna smthng new…yaar plz stop dragging

  19. This kidnapped scene is really irritating. I don’t understand how this show got high TRP becuase of the kidnapped scene. I read TRP this week KumKum— number one. I liked Pragya’s dream scene with Abhi but The SONG MERE HATHUME— WAS PLAYED ON DREAM SCENE PREM AND HEER SONG FROM ” KIS DESH MEIN HAI MERAA DIL ” SHOW . ALSO THE BACKGROUND MUSIC ON THAT SCENE AS WELL.. Please Ekta Kapoor don’t mixed songs from your other shows. The reason when i heard the song it’s reminded me PREM AND HEER FOR KIS DESH—-. PLEASE COME UP WITH NEW STORY LINE. ALL THE CORRECTERS LOVE INTERESTS KEEP CIRCLING. ( EKTA YOU ARE AN AMAZING DIRECTOR MADE SHOW LIKE KIS DESH—–. THANKS A MILLION FOR INTROUDUCED TO OUR BELOVED PREM AND HEER . (HARSHAD CHOPRA AND ADDITI GUPTA). WE LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!

  20. This show should stop it sucks!!!! I wonder how people can tolerate watching this crap!!! Script writter brain is corrupt can’t compose good story line,director and the whole team sucks!!

    1. kumkum comes up to late . 7pm was fine.consider time please.

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