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The Episode starts with Aaliya calling Raj and asks where are you? Raj tells that he is in Abhi’s office to get his work done. Aaliya tells him that Pragya came home and asks him to reach soon. Raj tells that he has to do something to Pragya. Abhi asks Pragya not to lie. Pragya tells that she planned everything very cleverly and took his signs. She says when everyone was thinking that I was doing a big sacrifice, but only I knew what I am taking from this house. Abhi feels disgusted and says I was suffering here, but you was scheming against me and my family. Pragya says I was doing drama then. She says Pragya is the one who gets her work done by others. She says this is reality and I am the owner of this house from now. She makes it clear to everyone. Dadi looks on shocked.


pushes Sarla to go inside Mehra house. Sarla refuses to enter, but is forced by Beeji. They enter and see family member standing shockingly. Pragya turns to say, and is shocked to see her family. Sarla sees and hugs her, asking where did she go leaving her. Bulbul asks where were you? She says how did you come so suddenly. Sarla asks how can you changed so much. Aaliya tells your daughter has changed completely, not only in style. She says she is Pragya Arora, the owner of this house. She says she came here to inform us that Bhai’s bank accounts, house, property and everything belongs to her. She says she got all this after betraying us. Sarla tells Aaliya is saying nonsense and asks Pragya to come.

Pragya refuses to come and says Aaliya is right. She says this house is mine and I will decide who will stay here. Sarla says I am your mum and knows you well. She says you never ran away after money and luxury. You can never think like this, then why you are acting. Pragya says I need this and was fed up of her old life. Bulbul asks why you are doing this? Pragya asks her to take Sarla home else she will be pained. Sarla refuses to go home and says she will see to which extent she can go. Pragya says okay. She says no one is confused about my ownership. Tanu says you were innocent before and now why you are betraying us. Pragya says she has to settle scores with everyone. Aaliya says I will settle scores with you and will send you to Jail, else my name is not Aaliya Mehra.

Pragya says you can just put accusation on me and can’t prove anything. Raj comes. Aaliya shows him papers and asks to kick her out of the house. Raj tells that Pragya’s name is everywhere in the papers and asks to talk with calm mind. He apologizes to Pragya on behalf of Aaliya. He tells that he will get the papers checked by their lawyer and if he says it is genuine, then they will agree. Pragya says okay and asks Robin to keep her stuff in her room. She says no one shall disturb me.

Pragya is in her room and thinks of Abhi and Dadi’s words. She gets emotional and hugs Abhi’s photo. Maina Dil Ka Haal Sunawa……………Tu Meri Jaan Hain…………..plays……..Aaliya comes to Raj’s room and asks what was that nonsense? Raj says sometime we have to shake hands with enemies to weigh her strength. He asks her not to do anything until he asks her. Aaliya says what will happen if lawyer confirms the papers to be true. Raj says game will be interesting.

Pragya’s heart wrenches for behaving arrogantly with Abhi and everyone. She cries and apologizes to his photo. She says she have to find out about the person supporting Aaliya, and also have to expose Tanu. She says if she tells him about Aaliya betraying him, then Aaliya will put blame on Purab. She says Tanu has already made fake reports. She tells I have to save you from your enemies and I will not step back if I have to act to be your enemy. She says I miss you and this room very much. Everything will be fine. She says she felt good when he hug her, and says everything will be fine. Yaariyan song plays……………

Tanu asks Abhi, will he keep quiet and let Pragya snatches his everything from him. She asks him to reply. Abhi says he won’t let anyone do this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hey peeps m teejay frm nigeria.i enjoy reading ur comments

  2. I guess in the upcoming episodes she will get someone involved with her…maybe bulbul…

  3. Rajakiruthika

    Ahhhh what a headache show…
    This is irritated ………………

  4. Pragya should inform somebody about her plan. Or else in the end everything will turn upside down and they all will blame pragya only. Let’s hope for the best. Lets hope her plan works out.. pragya in new avatar sounds nice….

  5. I’m just a sucker for this bhakwaas. I get irritated and threaten not 2 watch but I keep coming back 4 more. What 2 do, the writers know just how 2 hook us.

  6. I hope pragya is doing the rite thing n abhi doesn’t hate her for dat

  7. This is ridiculous… Pragya could have informed Abhi atleast about Tanu. Though tanu might have made fake reports. But since the begining Abhi has a doubt about this pregnancy and the child to be his. Moreover he loves Pragya and not Tanu so he definitely would have trusted her. Or atleast try to find the truth himself. Next dumb Pragya (no matter how much beautiful and good) knows that Aaliya is trying to frame Purab and snatch Abhi’s wealth and fame. So she should have informed Purab and Bulbul about it. So that Purab can protect himself from the conspiracy. Also its not possible for her to win this fight alone. So at some point or other she would need help. Including Purab and Bulbul in her plan would have helped her to expose Tanu and Aaliya faster or better. But stupid Ekta and her nonsense writers would not use there common sense or logical explanations. But rather keep dragging the whole story till people get fed up of the same dirty thing….. I wish god would have given them some good brains also without garbage in their heads.

  8. I think Akash myt b hlp pragya to 2 do all these.

  9. WHy does the story line not as interesting as i thought, i’ve already predicted what gonna happen next,and thats finally showed in this epi. WHy the writer cant think out of the box and give suspense for us? THis is just a normal story line instead.please b creative mr.writer! .

  10. Luuuvvv u Pari…..so true. Wat cab b obviously done is always dealt with the BS way. They forget that there are a gd number of thinking viewers. As much as the storyline is in their hands….viewers too can make a choice to evoke change in the the way scripts are written. The twist KKB has taken is really a gd one. But the content seems to be heading to where So Luv u Pari….so true…. wat can be done the obvious & intelligent way is dealt with THE BS WAY. The idea of this twist is great. But the content is slowly beginning to get annoying. Its very obvious that this track is gonna drag till the padi is fully grown. Hopefully the viewers get gd basumati grains at the end of it . Prags must battle it
    out like a bull in the padi field for others
    (esp her beloved Abs) to realize the fruits of her labour.
    Lighten up male writers/directors …pls. Y
    does everything always hav to be so tight fitting for u men. Loosen up & put some boxers & breatheeeee…. pls….

  11. I think its Dadi helping Pragya becoz in the earlier episode Dasi mentioned Dadi has gone to hospital for check-up. She wud hv met apragya there.

  12. Superb episd keep going pragya and save ur abhi frm devils

  13. The cvs have already decided to use a bull to plough the field instead of a tractor. Whilst the viewers are in the 21st century wanting to see a positive change with this interesting twist, they have decided to use a bullock cart. Such back ward script writing. Same “shat” different century.
    Chittu & nikki u shld seriously consider script writing. At least Indian tv serials can see a positive change.
    One thing that is getting every viewer thking is …”who is helping Prags???
    How can Abs even think his Prags is money minded after what theyve been tru?
    Will Prags win this battle?
    I sincerely hope so. With Abs by her side quickly. The episodes are so interesting & funny when they are together. Kudos to the writers & directors for that. That has really made KKB stand out frm the rest. And of course the screen chemistry & acting of Sriti & Shabir & brilliant cast too.
    So really hoping for the episodes to move in a positive direction. 356 episodes for Abhgya to not even unite seems really ludicrous & tiring.. ..

  14. New track is really confusing

  15. Read most of all your comments and I’m quite surprised that some of you have no patience. It’s getting interesting as the show is progressing now. If you have seen any of Ekta Kapoor’s shows, Her dramatization is quite interesting and long. This storyline will take time to reach its culmination. Tanu’s secret will be out first and then Aaliyah and Raj.
    Just hang on for the ride.

  16. Guys bad news.? I don’t know how much is this true but someone has posted an upcoming on location video’s pics and saying that abhi leaves the house, pragya is upset and dadi and dasi is angry with pragya and blaming her for this. What’s wrong with abhi? Why he is doing? I searched a lot for this video but didn’t found yet but I m continue trying to find it. If I will get then I will give u all full update.

    1. Good Nikki … there should be some reason behind this.. i mean he may try to find out the intention behind this Pragya’s act … with both of them in Mehra’s mansion..it will become more difficult for Pragya to act badly infront of Abhi.. Abhi might have understood that Pragya wants to become bad infront of everyone including him…so he might not be able to know anything from Pragya with all these people in the same house..so i think he may act like going out angrily and try to find it out…. i hope Tanu is also not going out with him…

    2. I think Abhi is trying to support PRAGYa by pretending or he is testing her so that he gets to know of her intentions.

  17. When did pragya got those papers sign

  18. New on location video written update- abhi tells to pragya that I will not go by ur rules. Go to court and do whatever u want. I abhishek mehra refuse to go by ur terms and conditions. I will go wherever I want, I will live wherever I want. I m leaving the house right now. Dadi and dasi scolds pragya and says abhi is leaving becoz of u. We gave u lots of love and u did this to us. U have cheated us. We should not trust on u. Pragya says i don’t care anything, do whatever u want.Then tanu also fights with pragya. Then tanu tells dadi and dasi that it’s not late yet. U can bring abhi back and throw pragya out from the house. Dasi says tanu is telling right. Guys it means we r going to see another separation of abhigya and dadi and dasi as doing support with tanu. How could abhi do this? He has ruined all our expectations with pragya’s love. How could he believe on pragya’s fakeness so easily. Couldn’t he try to think again?Now god knows how we will tolerate this track like this.??

    1. any link Nikki?

      1. Chithu the link which I have found, it is not working. I gave u this update through India forum site.

      2. oh ok Nikki…anyway i feel this is Abhi’s way of drama.. if they have shown Abhi being angry after trying to find out the truth or afet much thinking ..but still he is not able to find anything and feels Pragya for real has changed..then we may believe…but without thinking anything or he simply started showing his anger means..then for sure something is behind this… so am 100% sure Abhi is having some positive conclusion on this Pragya’s behavior and he is doing this for her favor…

      3. I think u r right guys otherwise it is totally illogical for abhi to believing on pragya’s fakeness and doubting on her intentions, when he is truely and deeply in so much love with pragya. I also think that cvs will not show this kind of illogical thing at least after the love confession of abhi. I also think that may b abhi is using the house leaving trick to know what is actually in her heart or does she really have no care for him? I think Abhi knows very well that if pragya still loves him and if she have any care for him then she will not do anything which could harm or hurt abhi. I mean in his conversation with pragya, he says to pragya to go to the court if she wants to rule on him. Abhi knows that pragya knows if she will go to the court and if abhi will refuse there also to go on her rules then he could b prisoned or punished for that and his reputation could b also ruined if whole matter will come out. Abhi thinks that if pragya has changed actually and fully then only she will go against abhi if she is old pragya still then she will not go with it and then abhi will understand that pragya is up to something and hiding something from him and everybody.I hope guys our predictions will b true otherwise it will b torchering for us to see abhigya’s separation and abhi’s hatred to pragya. And chithu tanu will not going with abhi. Becoz she is actual gold digger and she knows if she will go with abhi then she will lost this luxurious life. I have still faith that abhi will not forget past things, at least about pragya.

      4. But one thing is going to b gud that tabhi’s wedding has postponed for sometimes becoz of this and I hope pragya will get the proof soon at least about tanu and she will throw tanu from abhi’s life forever.

    2. he may be pretending to leave home so that he knows whats going on with pragya or maybe abhi overhear pragya talking to his pic in today’s episode but didn’t show us and he questions pragya about it and maybe she tells abhi the whole matter and they both plan to do this drama it could turn out like that

  19. Sheetal Shinde

    I think Abhi would be helping pragya… he must be knowing the truth… well I hope they reveal the truth soon.. tanus pregnancy is long dragged…

  20. I don think pragya is planning alone. Some one should be helping her. If Raj s helping Pragya indirectly then the game will be interesting as he said.

  21. ABHI – believe in Pragya – don’t be swayed by the greedy b*t*h TANU , she is only chasing all your fame and wealth. Also see through AALIYAH.

  22. I’m confused guys // y pragya is behaving like this to abhi… they both love each other so much… I know that she is doing for aaliya and tanu’s evil plan’s disclosure..but so sad for abhi… 🙁
    do any one know what is going to happen next???

  23. Now this is interesting… haha but nikhil?

  24. I think hitvik and purvi is helping to pragiya 4 revenge

  25. Oh. Ilike it. Realy. Come. On. Pragaya. Let’s. The. Game begin. Aliya tanu. Rest in peace.

  26. In serial gossip of today they said that abhi knows that pragya has changed but in his minds he knows that pragya is hiding something

  27. Just saw SBB kkb segment. They were showing pragya was crying and talking with abhi’s photo frame in abhi’s room. She wears her glasses again and says to abhi’s photo frame that look at me. I m ur pragya. I m not changed. Why can’t u see this in my eyes? She was continuously crying. Becoz abhi has leaved the house. Other side, in another house, abhi is also restless and thinking about something. Tanu comes to him and tries to manipulate him. She says to him that why he came here like this. U think if u will leave the house then pragya will b crying. No, she will not, in fact she will b very happy there. If he wants his everything back then he should live in mehra mension. Abhi says that he leaved that house and he will not go back.In another clip, pragya calls abhi and orders him to give her his works report and she gives him ultimatum also that if he will not give then she will go to the court. Then pragya cuts the call and gives scary expressions. Other side abhi was giving expressions like he is confused. Sriti tells to reporter that pragya is very upset becoz abhi has leaved the house. She says pragya tries to talk to dadi, dasi, purab every possible person who could help her to bring abhi back. But all in vain. Reporter asks to sriti why she is not doing abhi in her side by telling truth. Then she says pragya can’t tell truth to abhi becoz aaliya is his sister who is involved in both plans. Then she says does pragya and abhi talk with each other later or not? For this, u have to watch the show.

    1. Guys after watching the segment, I reached on this conclusion that abhi is still confused from pragya’s changed behavior. His expressions was telling that his mind is accepting pragya’s change but his heart is not ready to believe on this.

      1. i think Abhi will accept to work under Pragya to find out the reason behind her change though he will not stay in Mehra Mansion… and there we can some Abhigya scenes … i hope he will not start planning against Pragya and he is virtually supporting her by staying away…

      2. and from the beginning of the show..watever Pragya did was shown openly always..i mean saving Abhi from that accident case, helping in Tanu’s pregnancy matter and few other things… but incase of Abhi..being a rock star, inorder to show his style differently…watever he is doing, they are showing it with a suspense or shock 🙂 let it be Kumkum Bhagya Marriage Hall case, MMS track, stopping Bulbul from going to the kidnappers during this kidnapping sequence, Pragya’s pregnancy report and everything…so i am expecting something differently from Abhi for supporting Pragya 🙂
        and Nikki..i think even the purpose of keeping the confession part amidst all of this Tanu’s drama might also be becoz of this twist.. i mean, if Abhi hasn’t proposed Pragya.. then he might not have knew the real love of Pragya for him since she started hiding it after Tanu’s drama..now that he knows how much Pragya loves him explicitly, he will think twice before doing anything negatively…but to keep the thrill up, CVS might definitely show some episodes where Abhi is completely against Pragya ..though in the end there might be some positive justification for that 🙂

      3. Ya chithu. I hope so.?

      4. Now tanu is frustated to see pragya as owned abhi’s all property. She is continuously forcing abhi but abhi also is not doing anything for getting back his property from her. His all focus is only on thinking about pragya’s sudden changed behavior. So what if tanu will show her greediness towards abhi that she only cares for abhi’s property not for abhi, in her frustration. Then it will b best.

  28. I think purab is helping pragya..I saw purab and pragya having scenes in Prague it was posted by arjit taneja aka purab in his instagram..

  29. I think defenitly tabhi mrg will come on that day only pragya will prove everything…

    In mehra and also arora home everyone hate pragya now… so dadi will deside atleast the mrg will done. tanu also accept the mrg… bcos she will think like this abhi is a rock star he defenitly get back his property from pragya soon…

    After that pragya prove everything everyone like pragya more… but that sutiation prgaya get feel no one should not belive me in past… she can more feeling of abhi after proving

  30. thank u for the reply cutie pies and so sorry it was a mistake

  31. it is really disgusting because y are they separating both of them . in meri asique tumse hi also separated so must viewer may thing there is no chance for reunion

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