Kumkum Bhagya 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya crying infront of Sarla and tells that she is missing Bulbul. She wishes that the moment goes back to old time. Sarla cries seeing Pragya crying. Pragya asks her not to cry and says if you cry then I will lose. Aaliya and Tanu come there. Aaliya asks Pragya how can she leave Sarla go, and says anything can happen to her. She says Pragya’s emotional drama was mind blowing. She asks Pragya to tell the truth to Sarla. She says I am very happy seeing the emotional scene. She says I thought to make your life hell and don’t have to do any effort as Tanu did everything alone. She says Tanu have made me lose and have gone beyond finishing line. Pragya asks her to come out and talk. Aaliya says we will talk here also. She says Sarla should know your truth, your husband’s

truth. Tanu says Sarla should know. Pragya requests them not to tell anything to Sarla. Tanu tells Sarla that Pragya and Abhi are now divorced. Aaliya says your beta ji have taken her signatures by cheat. Pragya requests them to go. Tanu says Pragya should pack her bags and leave now. She says Pragya has not said her anything and is behaving like stone. Aaliya says she is broken.

Tanu says she is owner of the house though. Aaliya says she is having money, but she is all alone now. Tanu says Pragya might hate money now as her husband betrayed her. Aaliya says she came here on doli and will leave from here without aarthi, and says it was a stupid middle class line. Pragya cries badly. Aaliya tells Pragya that there is no Kumkum or any Bhagya. They make fun of her and goes. Sarla is shocked and teary eyes as well. Pragya sits down cryingly and apologizes for hiding the truth. She says I have lost it. Aaliya says Pragya will not create problem in your life and marriage, as she is shattered now. She says why Abhi will care for her when he fills kumkum in your maang. Tanu laughs.

Dadi slaps Abhi heavily, and asks how dare he to betray Pragya? She asks why you didn’t get scared by doing such cheap thing, and says you can’t eye contact with me. Abhi asks whether Pragya haven’t done anything wrong? Dadi says she has snatched money, but have respected everyone in the family. She says Pragya have protected you from your enemies, and exposed Raj and Aaliya. She says Pragya have lost her real sister for you, and says you have fallen from my eyes. She says you don’t deserve her favors. You have relation with her, but you have broken it. She asks can you bring her sister back, she is sacrificing because of you, and is ready to die for you, but you have killed her already. She asks Abhi to apologizes to Pragya and says she will never forgive him. She ends relation with Abhi. Abhi is shocked.

Pragya cries looking at their pics and gets emotional. Hamari Adhuri plays…………..She wipes her tears. She wears her specs and cries miserably thinking nobody will call her chasmish, fuggi etc, and she will be Pragya only. Abhi comes and asks if she is crying? Pragya says no, and says someone have fallen from my eyes. Abhi thinks why did she wear specs today when I have broken relation with her. Pragya asks if you want to tell me anything and asks him to go and plan life with Tanu. Abhi thinks Dadi is right and he shall apologize to Pragya. He tells Pragya that he want to talk to her. Pragya asks him to say. Abhi asks her to take off her specs. Pragya asks why?Abhi says memories is related with this specs and I couldn’t say anything. Pragya removes her specs.

Abhi apologizes to her and says I have done wrong with you, please forgive me. He asks her not to look at him, as he is not having strength to face her. He says he did his life’s biggest mistake and took her signatures. He says lawyer went to court with the divorce papers and then we will be separated after he brings order from court. He says now you can turn, and says you can punish or slap me as I am guilty of yours and have took advantage of your drunkness. Pragya says you haven’t done anything wrong and have proved that you always support truth. She says I am very happy today…..Abhi hugs her and gets emotional. Pragya also hugs him and cries. Kaisa yeh Ishq Hai plays………………

Pragya tells Abhi that she will come infront of him before he misses her. She says friends and forwards her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Abraham Lawer

    Abhi’s mind will be back . Pragya does not know what to do now . Will Abhi follow Pragya now

  2. Pinky

    Get lost writers. Hating this idiotic crap. Felt like killing aaliya and tanu. Go to a place more worser than hell cvs.

  3. sh

    I hate pragya for forgiving abhi
    He doesn’t deserve Pragya
    He should actually marry that witch

  4. Nithi

    Totally bakwass..I can’t tolerate tis stupid serial anymore
    Is pragya really gone mad…
    I dunno for wat purpose she done tis makeover..
    atlast she become friend of Abhi….irritating
    cant she slap that both evil creatures wen tgey r taunting her atleast she would have given back by words..instead she is begging even know thier actual truth n plan..
    Wat is d use of still hiding d truth frm Abhi..even they r going to get divorce. .even she only going to take care of tabhi marriage also…

    There is no use of bulbul sacrifice for her

    I hate pragya nowwwwww.
    she is still dump inly..dont hav strength to appose thise evils..n telling truth to abhi…

    So all d mistakes are created by pragya only…n make Abhi as always guilty..

    instead making her life with abhi..she so much helped for tanu…

    and now she only want friendship with Abhi..n not kumkum…



  5. Abi

    Seriously ??? How could one drag the same track more than this…I am pretty sure the writers have had special training to extend the storyline for such a long time!

  6. karthika

    hi frnds after a long time,i’m back here.i missed this kkb fan page and reading ur comment and commenting and replying.but i kept watching kkb.i missed all of u my frnds.in the beginning of today’s epi, i felt disgusting they r even dragging for abhigya’s confrontation after divorce.i expected more that pragya will take some drastic step.but nothing happened.i thought she would slap abhi for his betrayal .she is really a”qurbani ki devi”.she apologized abhi.there is some proverb in tamil “kazhanalum kanavan puzhanalum purushan”.the meaning of this one is whatever husband does we should support him at any cost.pragya had really proven that. dadi will give lectures about all qurbani of pragya for abhi but she will not reveal pragya’s actual motive of coming back in new form.this is really sick.i hav watched the new promo “sindoor ka sangarsh”.i will not hope anything becoz this time they will drag.struggle of kumkum ,nothing is gonna happen this time also.plzz end this track i’m completely fed up.

    • shobana

      Welcome back its been days.
      How are you???
      I daily used to check ff whether you have posted or not.
      I missed you and your ff

  7. Philamina

    It is abou time that Abhi was SMACKED….he is “always” smacking on Pragya and everyone else. She should have smacked him several times. A Big Dummy.

  8. wendy

    Hi, can someone please explain what exactly dadi said to Abhi?? I donot know Hindi, Tellyupdate shrink most of the dialogue..can someone please says what did Dadi said in details ??

  9. wendy

    Hi, can someone please explain what exactly dadi said to Abhi?? I donot know Hindi, Tellyupdate shrink most of the dialogue?

  10. Again heart wretching episode.? Firstly, that vamps taaliya’s torchers ?which made us angry and then abhigya’s emotional moment which made us cry.?Half episode finished in anger and half in sadness and pain.? Tanu was not enough yesterday?, today aaliya completed her efforts? which was left to torcher and break pragya emotionally.? It was very painful to see pragya like this and later in abhigya’s scene the pain crossed all the limits.?? Instead of enjoying the episodes, it’s like CVS r hitting on our heart through hammer.?? Frankly, today i cried so much fir abhigya.?Only dadi and abhi part was awsum.☺ Finally dadi opened her mouth atleast for saying something in favour of pragya and to wake up abhi’s mind. Dadi was fab today.?Only that part I enjoyed otherwise while episode was not more than a torcher. And the worst part is that nobody still have any idea or plan to stop tabhi’s marriage and expose tanu.? Even pragya is giving up! and let abhi settling with a witch tanu and let him accept tanu’s baby which is not his!!! How could she let it happen after knowing the truth? How could dadi let this happen? Still they r silent to tell the truth.? Instead of doing her last effort, she is doing friendship with abhi!!? In segment, we were understanding that they r happy and calm becoz they could have a plan but here things r totally different.? They r happy as a friend, to becoming friend of each other!! ?What is this happening in the show. ?Still there is no way and hope is seen by which tabhi’s wedding could stop.? Even sarla maa is also not looking like in helping mode.? So what’s the mean of this new promo?? I m not getting it.? God knows or only CVS knows that what miracle is going to happen in the show to stop this unfortunate tabhi’s wedding and to expose tanu. ??

    • May b sarla maa will b the miracle as she is moving her hands normally and properly today by holding pragya’s hands near her chest but nobody even oragya noticed it becoz of her pain of separation from abhi and her broken condition. Firstly, I had so much anger on taaliya but otherside I thought that may b it will b the medicine of sarla maa to get her voice back and to recover her. And later more torcher parts and tabhi’s marriage preparation could back in full form of helping pragya to expose tanu and all the evils. This could b only miracle which I think could b. Otherwise, no other way I haven’t seen yet.

      • Nithi

        But prathiksha..im feeling so bad fr Abhi only…
        becos everyone are playing with his emotions as always…

        he is d one always getting pain atlast…atleadt y cant pragya tell d truth now watever if he believes r not…I hope Abhi will beleive her if she tell d truth…becos he dont want to seperate frm pragya…

        still they r hiding truth n making him fool day by day. . Atlast all his family members including his love also fool him….so sad of Abhi…

        And dadi instead of telling truth to him she is asking Abhi to do apologize to pragya…ahhhhh wat kind of dadi she is. ….

      • Well nithi, here I will say that everybody is getting their punishments for their wrong steps and decisions. Abhi, pragya, dadi everybody who is wellwisher of abhigya. They all r tolerating punishments by their poor conditions except those both vamps who deserves most and worst punishments for their evil deeds, for which we r waiting. It should get start from next week according to me that abhigya’s destiny bring happiness back in their life and punish the evils for their evilness. Becoz now abhigya’s pain has been cross all the limits. So it’s time for them to b happy.

    • shobana

      Today dadi gave al possible hints to abhi by talking Pragya’s side that’s nice but when will abhi start to think of hints given to him by Pragya and dadi.
      Do u remember aft bulbul marriage stopped in MM, abhi asked Pragya will you be my friend??? Now Pragya is asking
      Actually abhi should get doubt on Pragya for her change in behaviour. He thinks his fuggy is back but he didn’t think how she changed from Mogambo to fuggy and y this sudden changes happened.
      I was thinking when abhi hugged Pragya, if Tanu comes to their at that time, definitely she will get heart attack

      And pratiksha what do you think about promo???? Will her truth be out???

    • sheetha

      i m thinking that.. as per promo they will stop the wedding… but exposure wil not happen… becos ther is no hint about exposure in promo also

    • Don’t know shobhna. Promo suggests that pragya will fight for her kumkum to get him back and will stop tabhi’s marriage but here in the show, still we haven’t seen anything happening like Pragya has been accept her defeat and seems like ready to give up and give abhi to tanu. It is so indigestible that a wife who knows that her husband is going to get a punishment, which he doesn’t deserves becoz he is not guilty for that, how could she easily give up without telling the truth. She haven’t any proof as she got failed in her each efforts but when now she has no option so she should tell him the truth and let him decide on what should he believe and on what should not, which way he should choose to move further in life and which way shouldn’t. At least it will b satisfied that she told him the truth. Even dadu said sobmanything yesterday to abhi about pragya but again in keeping her one portion in dark that she snatched abhi’s property by cheating. At least at this point, she should tell him the while truth if she really feels bad for pragya and cares for her sacrifices. Purab too missed that chance to tell abhi the truth when abhi was confessing his guilt with him. Nobody is bothered to tell him the truth. They all r ready to give up and letting vamps win, when they knows whole truth but not tellling as they just haven’t any proof for it to prove. Even sarla maa have started moving her hands properly so why they r not taking a paper note from her? Seriously too much crap, they r showing except how the track will finish. Let’s see what happen in these next two days but I think it will also passed in abhigya’s friendship celebrations. Sahithi was right they e behaving like a mad person. Instead of finding any way to defeat the vamps, they r busy in stupid enjoyments. So I think we have to wait for next week for getting any hint if exposure or how tabhi’s wedding going to stop?

  11. koki

    Today I missed epi.. Hey abhi who gave the rights to hug her..praga don’t believe abhi.. Then only u ll get more strength to kick out ur enemies..

  12. shabana.

    nice episode and nice precap abhigya is just amazing pratiksha was right i saw the promo and dadi to beat abhi and he deserves that slap…..pls pragya say the truth to abhi in one or two days.

  13. Mansi

    What nonsense. Why can’t dadi tell the truth and slap tanu in front of everyone or Abhi check tanu’s acts and deeds and cross her. As earlier when the entire game plan began and the new make over of Pragya appeared. She had called abhi and even dadi had called abhi from hospital post the accident. Why can’t Abhi be acting all the while as he had heard the entire betrayal from pragya’s mouth at that time when dadi meet pragya in hospital after her accident.

  14. gowtham

    there are too many good things happened un today’s episode….. taliya are awesome by giving energy booster to sarla ma…. now surly sarlama wants to be on her knees to tell the truth…. this is best energy booster fr sarla ma…. and about dadi,… tday i liked her performance aftr a very long time… last couple of episodes she is good…. i knw y kkb writers done this change to dadi… coz in maariage, dadi ll not be a part… this ll be writers plan… other than her, whoever says the truth abhi wont believe,…. so purposely writers make dadis character to make this decision, since she can a threat to tabhis marriage….. so in mms track she was in coma… now she ll be invisible i thnk…. and abji and pragyas acting tday juz awesome…. especially abhi to d core he s great…. the moment whn he hugs prgya it was like awesome as always….. and tomorrows episode ll be gr8 fr sure…. nikhils appearance is very less fr past couple of weeeks…. wat writers thnk to put fr his character… or will he be juz static?? and pratiksha i have seen the promo… in that abhis gonna put kumkum on tanus forehead…. but prgaya wwas in not in same place she was somewhere else and saying that ll not happen…. why all three are not in same screen any inner definition fr this… i thnk i have slightest doubt whether truth ll come out… coz all it says about saving her kumkum.. that means to stop the marriage….. according to this, to stop the marriage it is not necessary to provoke the truth…. is there a cjance writers may thnk and execute like that?? this is my slightest doubt arising in my head… coz its cvs routine to disappointe us…. r they ready fr another one??
    and tamil guys IM today all seen ah??
    when abhi was saying kidney stealing hospital… i juz laughed extremely…. that scene was good…. so i kuz wanted to specially mention this…. next couple of weeks will be great fr IM…

    • shobana

      I think this time also Tanu truth is not going to come out because in that promo background voice didn’t say that Tanu is going to be exposed infront of abhi.
      What I feel is there are lots of blunder in divorce paper with this Tanu wont get divorce and Pragya will stop the marriage saying they are not divorced.
      And in that promo Pragya fills her hairline with kumkum could’nt get meaning for that. And abhi neither filled Tanu’s hairline nor Pragya’s hairline with kumkum.

      And ya these many days Nikhil was sarla ma energy booster . In his absence Tanu alia were continuing the job get
      Actually my mom only said that truth wont come out now and with this divorce paper Pragya will do something and stop marriage and sarla ma is the only one going to expose. Lets see how far her words are going to be true

      • In yesterday episode dadi told about pragya’s sacrifice but she could have told she is up to something find out the reason behind & I didn’t expect only sorry. Sarala started moving her hand that says she will be part of exposure in the end. I still hope pragya is up to something bcoz alliya was having doubt on pragya whether she is really shattered so she came with tanu to check her status & that was the medicine for sarala. Pragya felt bad bcoz she did not expect abi will be doing this for divorce so she was shattered even thought he got sign in property paper. After this pillow fight I think abi will thing & he will try to find out without joining hands & in the end abi, pragya. & sarala all trio will expose & rest of the family member will join with them. What do u think guys ? may be over imagination In KKB we cant believe with promo bcoz many times they don’t show the scene in serial. we r coming to the end of tanu track but I don’t think marriage will take place.

      • Reji

        Ya shobana u r right….so till divorce paper didn’t return to home. …and this means abhigya still not divorce so they r enjoying their happy moments ….some confusions r there in the divorce paper…and sarla maa’s health is recovering very well…and i read in wiki that sarla is temporary paralysis right? ???In the net it has written it will take more time to get recovered ….so CVS will surely do some illogical thing let’s see and pratiksha sahithi gowtham shobana can anyone pls tell me when tabhi’s marriage is going to happen??

      • shobana

        Reji in promo they said this week lets see whether they are telecasting this week or by next week

    • Fowziya

      Yaaa Gowtham coming to IM, i’ve watched just now, haha yes that kidney stealing scene was very funny?.. N new promo pothu irrukangua in Zee Tamil, pathingala?
      Wer Tanu says to Dadi that she is pregnant n Abhi nly is responsible for her child, n Dadi slaps him, then Pragya talks to Dadi for Abhii..

  15. sandy

    Hi, I am a silent reader of this site. Good updates from prathiksha. Will. Be waiting for ur updates as soon as episode ends. Keep up good work prathiksha. And feels like climax is nearing, may be by this wk or cmng wk thanu’s episode will be over. Waiting for the moment when abhi slap her. Though she deserves something more.

  16. Tannu n abhi r goin to married….!!! N pragya says she hs lost…!!!! Wt d hell… were thy dragging dis serial fr a year only to shw us dis????? … bakwass…

  17. Y so mch of suspense??? To expose tannu… n nt to frget aaliya … she too is in mm… whn wil she expose aaliya thn??

  18. Aishwarya

    Hey u guyz were noticed this tat sarala maa nods yes today which means her head was moving becoz whenever nikhil she will not nods her head bu today she did which means that she recover before marriage n stop it may be chances r there n guyz u were right that pragya not taking promise she asusual say frns n but one thing is confusing tat how a frn is kissing like a lover or husband anyway cvs r making many mistakes in tat we have to add this also but one good thing is tanu exposure is near but how?????no idea but as per the title tabhi marriage will never happen if it happens then i will definitely stop watching this but i hope pragya will expose her n after watching today epi tat abhi deciding to marry tanu becoz of depression due to dadi breaks relation with him or he may be planning something solo there is chance for tat also but i think tat pragya was really upset may be she will make abhi to wait also aftwr d exposure becoz of his this bad did or she will forgive him asusual no idea that how tanu will be caught only the episodes can give answer but my wish she should caught by both abhigya lets see if my wish comes true or not plzzz fast reunite abhigya

  19. Shaz

    I hate dz episode. Engayaachum oru Veeta ipdi nadakuma???enaku visar pidika pogudhu… It is better to sleep than watching dz useless, illogical,irritating, sad serial. First of all pragya have to take a training from aaliya to put a plan and then she also have to take another training from tanu to activate the plan. Oru loosukooda indha 2 idiots madhiri behave pannadhu. Brainless person ku intelligent life partner than thevai. So abhi, it is better to marry tanu than foolish pragya. If abhi marries pragya, then his life will fill with tears by pragya’s the worst decisions and hiding habit. Pragya plz go somewhere don’t come forever. Because it is good for everyone. Everyone get hurt because of u. Can’t go alone then get the dadi with u.

  20. stepphyrao

    This is so confusing. Pragya knows Tanus truth. Why is Tanu so confident. Dadi & team know it too. Doesn’t a divorce have to go tru some proceedings? This is really doesn’t make any sense at all. Can someone pls enlighten me.
    All that crap coming out of Tanus trapmouth is senseless as half of MM knows the child isnt a Mehra.
    N the director made a such a boo boo with his direction of the divorce papers. Pragya first signed if as Pragya Arora. When Nikhil
    looked at it Abhis signature was not there. When showed it to Pragya. Her signature is shown as Pragya Mehra n Abhis sig. And the date on the divorce paper was 2014.
    Gosh wat a blunder.
    It would be really great if Dadi & Sarla Ma
    exposes Tanu. Becos dadi started this. N sarla ma kind of messed up the plan.
    I wonder how Tanu will be exposed. Hope she is tortured bit by bit.

  21. abhigya

    why they r dragging hope so abhi should soon find tanu’s truth and pragya’s sacrifices… as per d update pragya will stop d abhi & tanu’s marriage n a filmy way… waiting fr tomo epi pragya should not loose…truth always wins tanu should pack her bags and make a move to nikhil’s house…

  22. sharaya

    This AbhiGya has different kind of definition of friendship that’s why abhi will kiss pragya. I don’t know what the CVs are thinking I think they are thinking if they show many AbhiGya scenes the trp rates will increase

  23. rajvi

    Dadi, pls stop talking bukwas, come to the point. Pragya se sorry ke badle Tell tanu’s truth to abhi. Waste body.
    Heights of Nonsense.

  24. Shaz

    Is pragya waiting to expose takhil after her mother’s death? Pragya is the main culprit and the sub culprit is dadi. Those two idiot culprits r the most dangerous selfish in the world. When I see them in TV, I think to hang a board in their neck as WARNING or CAUTION. Fools

  25. Megala V

    Abhi is broken he really loved his wife pragya but when will tanu’s truth come out please director explore tanu.

  26. Zuleekhah

    So Baaaaad…….I really hope this track ends soon….Tanu is feeling like a queen already….I wish dat aliyah will rot in jail ……pragya is in so much pain nd she can’t even tell abhi how hurt and betrayed she feels……I really feel sorry for….she has been trough a lot already…..I hope she gets her happiness back soon

  27. Richard

    I still cant understand why they not telling the truth, Pragya you let me down…doh talk bout Dadiji…..lady cant be serious after knowing the truth and not saying crap….

  28. bony. ....

    hellooo pragya and abhi ……
    please make abhi to know the truth fast….. its so boring and lenthy…..
    cannot tolerate any more…..

  29. Abcd

    Nobody knows actually what going on ? Everyone is confused here .

    Just see whole episode again .. But I know what’s going on ..

  30. Nandu

    Seriously ….worst part of epi is pragya telling abhi..he z on truth side..o come on..pragya I m hatng u…n y can’t she behave brave ..before aliya n tanu..n anyway ..I knw pragya vl gve back to them..abhi character is such dumb 4m starting of serial itself..at frst he married pragya as his sister told…later aftr knowing truth he again blamed pragya..ur da one who hid it frm us…..again same story continues …hw can one be…so much blind…throughout the serial ..anyway EKTA..is mother of all ..she z master in spoilng stories… And these CVS r obsessed with evil…uffff

    • Nithi

      Well said nandu.. she is praiding fr telling d truth…butvshe is not telling d truth to him……. oops

      • Nandu

        Hi..nithi…no one can save us frm dis bakwas..ha-ha…abhigya reunion has become a nightmare to us lol

  31. Naveen

    Today dadi open the mouth tell about some Pragya save u Aliya and raj infront of u expose as evil I think tanu marriage will stop now otherwise abhi and tanu marriage success ful over

  32. Zari

    What the hell is this y dadi didn’t tell abhi whole truth ? and I hate taaliya……. End this all soon can’t tolerate anymore

    • Zari

      Earlier abhi was trying to find out y sarla gave pragyas hand in abhis hand when was not able to speak or move but now when sarla is moving her hand and leg no one is giving her paper and pen so she will write about takhils truth and sarlas kidnapping

  33. Amiyna

    All this crap so long I waiting for tanu truth to come out instead tanu get pragya and ahbi divorce i still waiting for them to reveal tanu . writters dragging story line

  34. Mittenzz

    Three things can happen in this story now that will stop the wedding between Abhi and Tannu.
    1) Raji can come back just in time from his phantom business trip and stop the wedding. After all he did say he would protect Abhi after he found out the truth to his arrest.
    2) Sarla might get back her voice in time to say what happen to her and
    3) Nikhil might himself stop the wedding because of Tanu’s duplicity. He will just accept his fate and his loss. After all why should Tanu’s win while he lose everything?
    If all three should stop the wedding at the same time. This will give Abhi pause.
    Pragya will not be aware of this because she’ll be elsewhere licking her wound, not until either Purab calls her or Abhi himself comes looking for her.

  35. Very very idiotic storyline
    Too much stupidity
    Dont know who likes this show
    Nobody have so much time to waste on this bakwaas show
    Worst team also
    Specially the actors are insane to work in such a show
    Senseless show
    Fake acting and emotions
    Shabbir acting is worst
    Writers an director seriously is this what you think is entertaining us
    Actually this show is most irritating..
    Hate this serial to the core
    I hope everybody realise how boring and crap it is
    I request the makers to stop this show.. Dont drag it more

  36. andreasofia

    I’m trying to figure out HOW this stupid serie is #2 in rating. How it is possible? Unbelievable!

  37. stepphyrao


  38. cool dude

    haha guys this is the bakwaaas serial i have ever watched ….it is better not to watch this serial from now …. may it have many fans but when we all stop watchimg this senceless serial then directors will do sth change in this otherwise no chance ..,,draggg untill our death

  39. Ramya

    Very soon viewers will get heart attack by watching this story line I think . How they can drag a single line for so long.pls reunite abhi and pragya . They deserve to be together .

  40. karthika

    i know shobana sis that u will miss me.i also missed u and our other frnds so much.as pratiksha said pragya didn’t notice sarla maa getting better.there is some progress in sarla maa’s condition.dadi have also given possible hints to abhi.now everything is in abhi’s hand.if something happens like as same as mms track means,it will be good.why can’t they accept their defeat and reveal takhil’s truth to abhi?for dragging sake they r playing with the viewers.nowadays whenever i watch kkb i feel lik fuming.

  41. Sab yaha pe bol rahe hain bakwas track .hate it. To dekhte kyu ho. Main ne dekh na chor diya. Written update parti hu. Wo vi ab sirf precap. ?? dekh na chor do sab. Akal thikane a jaega writers k. Bt nehi bakwas bol k bakwas hi dekh rahe ho. ?


  43. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Tanu n aliya are cheater so they both will not win n they are going to be thrown out of the after knowing the truth of evils tanu n abhi will help praghya n she will not allow abhi to marry tanu becsuse praghya is a true faithful lover of abhi n abhi will marry praghya instead of tanu. Abhi please at least now listen to yr heart n help praghya n be with praghya forever.

  44. Mkc

    So when will Abhi be the hero of this serial?..so far his role is more like not a so smart guy. Pragya’s plan always fail ..nothing much to say…Hope the writer has some interesting twist coming up for this drama…

  45. sheetha

    Hi tamil frndz… In our area zee hindi not working.. 2 days ah work agula.. Yest day kaala teeka scean la struk agi erunthuchu epo varai apdi tha eruku.. And on tuesday jamairaja secen la struck agiduchu.. Vera yarkachu same problem eruka.. Cable problem ah zee tv problem ah nu therila.. 2 days ah kkb paka mudila…

    • gowtham

      sheetha… cable services la zee tv varum nu neenga soli than theriuthu.. whn we were using cable services zee tv vanthathu ila…. but polimer la ithu maari prob came…. two days edukama stuck aaidum… apram varum… but ipo dth using so ethum stuck aagala….

    • karthika

      sheeta don’t worry.enakum indha mathiri problems vandhuchu.i contacted cable operator and complained.adhuaparam sari aiduchu.neega lum unga cable operator ku phone panni inform pannuga.apparam unga problem sort out aidum.

    • Reji

      Sheetha at first when we r in cable service we got this problem …now we shifted to HD. ..so now no problem…

    • sheetha

      Ho… Apdiya … Ok apo cable operator ah contact pani pakara… Thank u frnds… Cbe full cable la problem nenakara en frnds um varla solranga..

  46. karthika

    yes gowtham enga veetulaiyum cable connection dhan iruku.ippolaa cable tv la kuda hindi channels la varudhu.apparam neega iniya irumalargal parthigala.innum konja naal la super scenes la vara podhu.i’m realy excited.

  47. jaz

    Cheep story line the have show only tanu tanu meine ye serial chodke zamana hoogaya nothing story line have this show only abi tanu pragya

  48. Fowziya

    The episode was down in the dumps.. Apart from Dadi’s moral to Abhi was just terrific, atleast from now he will be able to come out from his DUMBNESS.. ? but seriously guys i feel very pity for him he was cheated by each n everyone from his family.. i donno why till the beginning Dadi n Pragya didnt open their stupid mouth ? okay nlw its too late to talk about, it has been one year? !
    Even today Dadi could make him understand na, he trust Tanu so why he ll not trust Dadi? ?
    N about Taliya, really repulsive ! ?
    Abhigya’s scene was very heart melting n emotional too.. they are loving each to the core but again they are going to b friends ? What rubbish!! ?
    I really donno what is going to happen next, nO guess ! ☹
    But Shobana Gowtham n all, i think Nikhil also will give a hand to expose Tanu ? .. what do u think guys?

    • gowtham

      no fowziya i dnt thnk so…. if nikhil helps pragya to expose tanu, he ll be frst person who ll get affected… if tanu betrays him, there might be a chance like u said….. but juz a fr cause he cant juz go with the side of prgaya… considerng the effect, his future also in tanus hand…. so having all this in mind i dnt thnk nikhil will give a hand to prgaya and co… its my guess

      • shobana

        Thank you karthi
        I’m gud I daily used to check ff whether you have posted or not.
        As I said before I don’t have interest in reading ff but I used to read for u since its nice and I really like the way u r narrating the story

    • shobana

      Fowzi I too don’t think that Nikhil will join hands with Pragya because if Nikhil goes to abhi and tell all truth then immediately abhi send Nikhil to jail for cheating him these many days. With this Nikhil wont have any benefit

      • karthika

        shobana sis.i’m fine.how r u?i missed u so much.i hav posted my ff today….en ff pagela unga putthandu wishes parthen.thanq and my belated wishes for u.

    • Sahithi

      However, I feel Nikhil is last option for Pragya. As Nikhil had been hinting from last few encounters with Tanu that he only cares about getting a big position in Abhi’s company now, may be even his unborn child or Tanu no longer matter to him.

      If not Nikhil what option is Pragya left with, other than finding her mobile that Tanu stole or find the video footage when she went in watchman getup or her mom opens her mouth.

      In that video confession did Tanu mention about Nikhil name? I remember she only confessed to Ronnie that she is cheating Abhi and not carrying his child. She also confessed about what she did with Sarla.

      Say if Nikhil strikes deal with Pragya for a CEO post, and somehow Nikhil finds that lost mobile, Nikhil will nowhere be caught. Pragya may even offer to say that she knows that he tried to kill her mom, but she wont bring it out, if he helps her in throwing Tanu out.

      Who is father of that child, that is not Abhi’s concern, even if Tanu says Nikhil was partner in crime to implicate him and not let him get that CEO position, Abhi may not trust Tanu’s words. Nikhil already showed his pregnant wife in front of police to Abhi n Pragya. If track goes like this, Tanu has indirectly helped Nikhil that day in police station by calling other girl. As always if there r no proofs against Nikhil, Nikhil will benefit from that position in Abhi’s company. And as Nikhil already warned her, Tanu cant even go back to Nikhil in that situation.

      So Nikhil need not tell the world that he is Tanu’s baby father, but can still help Pragya expose Tanu, if he wants to. But let us see what writers will show as they have been showing more illogical things these days.

      • gowtham

        there is a point sahithi…. as u said, nikhil shown his wife to abhi…. so even if tanu told abhi that nikhil is helping her… abhi wont have to believe it… but i dnt thnk ths ll happen… coz cvs priority ll be tanu rather than nikhil… so if something happened, cvs ll put all blame on nikhil and sent him to jail… lik in kidnapping case, corporater was sent to jail… same way nikhil could be sent to jail… it may happen … coz writers ll not easily let tanu out from the screen…

      • Sahithi

        Why will Tanu go out of scene in this case? Tanu n again Aaliya can be sent out from MM, but not from the show. Now Tanu will not have model career, Nikhil or Abhi to marry, may be not even parents to go back to. Being a single parent without any support, don’t we want to see Tanu suffer also, after all her torture for Pragya, her mom, Abhi n us audience.

      • gowtham

        yeah that is wat m saying too… cvs wont let tanu go out…. and aftr this she ll come fr revenge… fr sure….. who knws maybe her son ll take revenge on prgyas son or daughter ??? aftr all its their routine knw

      • Sahithi tanu took nikhil’s name too during the confession of her crimes in front if Ronnie. But through which way, tabhi’s wedding will b stopped and tanu will b exposed, it is difficult to say becoz like u suggested these options, just like these, so many more things has been happened in the show which could prove takhil’s guilt and their truth to expose them. So which way CVS will take from all those options, it’s hard to say as this is CVS habit to surprise us at the end by using that things which we didn’t guess and thought. So we should wait and watch his the things will unfolds.

      • Brintha

        oh my god u hv so much doubts.. our cvs can’t answer u sahithi… because they hv done blenders continously… its very difficult to ckear ur doubts

    • ya fowziya gowtham and shobana r right……..me too don’t think that nikhil will help pragya……becoz already pragya tried to trap him ……but it failed and became alert..so nikhil will helpt not pragya

    • Fowziya

      Lol yaa Guyzzz ur viewpoints are alsoo acceptable.. so lets see what CVS will bring us ☺ this crap is so fuzzy ?

  49. Pavithra

    Why no one is saying the truth..back to friends..what stupid..when sarala maa can move her hand why cant she write nd show the truth….

  50. karthika

    pavithra they will not do it becoz they wanted to get a slot in guiness world book for the record of most draggging show ever.

    • Pavithra

      Well said…The same friends track is going on in tamil..and now in hindi also back to same state..

  51. And tamil friends in iniya iru malargal tanu manipulated nikhil that he accepts to marry him……but he want to help his parents ….nikhil says ayyo en mamanaar maamiyar ….naa help panna maattena..so he is moving to delhi…….appurom intha tanu ava drama va start panittaa…..so dadi is going to know abt tanu’s pregnancy ….so emtional episodes r going to come……appurom abhi pragya vukku propose panna poraan …eagerly waiting ….

    • gowtham

      ha ha…. reji telly updates vida un update and potray nala iruku…. sema…. and yeah as u said eagerly waiting… fr proposal…. and athoda nala neram over…. in iniya irumalargal….

  52. karthika

    yeah innum konja naal iim a enjoy pannala.adhukapparam hindi melo-drama mathiriye tamilum aidum.

    • karthika

      hi tharu.i hav posted my ff today.i’m sorry for laaattteeee update.thanq for ur support for my ff

  53. karthika

    at any cost nikhil can’t help tanu.but if pragya makes him to believe that tanu is just betraying him and she won’t divorce abhi after marriage and make him to open his eyes.perhaps nikhil can help in expose tanu.becoz already nikhil witnessed that if tanu tries to double cross him then he will tell the truth.already he feels suspicious about tanu.in this time pragya can easily mould his mind to tell the truth,perhaps in anger he will reveal the truth.what do u all think frnds?

  54. Kumkumbhagya is on number-3 among the weekly shows and number-2 among daily soaps.
    First place took naagin
    Second place took ye hai mohabbatein
    Third place took kumkumbhagya.
    Ye hai mohabbatein is on top becoz
    of it’s leap and changed story line. Kkb dropped becoz tanu’s victory and abhigya’s separation.

    • Brintha

      actually prathiksha its a gud news for us.. bad news for cvs. hw much patience audience will hv yar..

  55. Abhigya

    Total nonsense pragya asking abhi to become friends joke of the century ? like really will she accept tabhi’s marriage will dadi accept akash rachna purab will they accept??how illogical things cvs are showing…nd dadi gave abhi so many hints it’s time for abhi to come back in his form nd still he will not think when pragya will ask her to become friends? He should thinking na that y pragya changed…uffff fed up now it’s more than 1 year we r waiting for abhigya’s reunion….
    But one thing guys like shobana nd many people were saying that marriage will stop but tanu’s truth will not come out I don’t think this will happen cuz except revealing the truth there is no other way to stop the marriage I think that truth will come out but the question is HOW?? Pragya gave up abhi is still dumb dadi is the biggest enemy of abhi as she is not telling him the truth purab is also not ready to tell the truth without proofs…only and only sarla ma is the last hope…but in the promo pragya was filling her mang with kumkum so this means she will stop the wedding expose tanu nd get her right back…so much confusion we can just wait nd watch the episodes

  56. Sena

    It’s really idiotic dragging , dragging n dragging omg it will lead to years may be !!! Not even for Abhi n Prag but also for us Tanu, Nikhil & Aliya are really boring (same people, similar dialogues, same house, same boring twists… Crap) Oh oh pls stop this craps !! At least discover or invent new problems for Abi n Pragya let Tanu n Aaliya to take summer vacation

  57. shiba

    I guess d writer actually don’t know how to write a storyline to expose tanu … so they might b dragging. dumboos .. ???

  58. Guys another news is this that kajol have chosen the colors channel show samrat ashoka over the kumkumbhagya. I just get a article then I thought to share this news with u guys as they confirmed it from kajol.
    The article says-
    Kajol Srivastav, who was approached to play Bulbul’s character in Zee TV’s ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ will now be seen in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat.

    Kajol was approached for the character of Bulbul. The actress waited for the character’s entry on the show but her entry never happened. She had been finalised for the role in December but things didn’t get executed. So finally, the actress decided to take up the show ‘Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat’. Kajol will be seen essaying the role of Devi on the show.

    Devi’s character promises to be the shining beacon in Ashoka’s life. Entering his life as just another woman, Devi will go on to become Ashoka’s wife. As she is a simple and kind-hearted woman. Devi’s relationship with Ashoka will shape his personality in many ways.

    We contacted Kajol who told us, “Yes, I was signed for Bulbul’s character and I was waiting for it. I continued to be in touch with the production house, but later on, I decided to take up a new show. It is sad that I couldn’t be a part of the show.”

    • gowtham

      which means it ll take more time for bulbuls reentry ???? or cvs juz put an end abruptly…..??? many loop holes are there in her character… so they cant end… i thnk it ll take time… and i have seen in fb long back that mrunal again coming….. is it true?? or fake??

    • Sahithi

      Thanks for posting Pratiksha, I have been waiting for a confirmation from Kajol after I read that leap is happening on Ashoka and she is being considered for the lead role.
      So looks like even after finalizing an actor for Bulbul role, this show makers kept her waiting for so many months, that she took up another show.
      Same as why Mrunal quit when there was no scope for her role these days.

      So not sure what to guess now, if Bulbul character will ever come back on the show or if makers will drag this track more before they finalize a new actor if at all Bulbul has to make re-entry.

      Btw Mrunal is selected as one of the leads for an Indo-American movie ‘Love Sonia’ which has some very good ppl for other lead roles, like Frieda Pinto, Rajkummar Rao. And it is for same production house who made Life of Pi movie.

    • Reji

      So this means now kajol is not play this role. …but pratiksha any chance that when it is time for bulbul re entry again kajol only will give the entry or new actor will play that role??becoz y i am asking this is I don’t think that kajol will suit for bulbuls role wat do u think??

    • Well guys I also haven’t any idea about Bulbul’s character, what CVS will decide for it? But they can’t finish this character as Bulbul’s character is parellel lead of the show. So may b they will search for another actress to do Bulbul’s role. They r on the edge of ending of this pregnancy track. Shikha’s wedding also on the way. So let’s see what they will choose for next track or they will stretched this pregnancy track more until the availability of the charcters?

  59. suman

    many of us saying dat sarla ma hand is moving na.y no one giving pen n paper.but actually in case of paralysis moving is different from writing.personal moving hand means it is not compulsion dat they can write.writing needs great sensory n motor co ordination.hence sarla ma can write only if cvs people want to.if they want they can make her to dance.but in real she can not write anything based on her condition.

  60. tanvi

    Guys I saw a photo of abhi, pragya n tanu in fb, where Tanu is in middle n abhi paragya are in right n left side of her. N TANU IS WEARING SAREE. WHY SHE IS WEARING SAREE??? Is d marriage between abhi n Tanu really going to happen??? Plz plz somebody tell me

  61. mel

    Ohhh my gosh, pragya is finished.inshort broken as aaliya and tanu said. They both dealt with pragya and rendered her speechless. I don’t hate tanu as much as i hate oda villians in diff soap opera’s. This kumkum bhagya is crab

  62. Lagata hai!lagta hai kya puri taraha confirm hai ki ekta kapoor ka na dimag pura kharab ho gya ha esiliye tho serial ko bina wajah etana dhakhel rahi hai!!!! Tanu preganant huye 1and 1/2years hone ko aaye usaka baccha hi peda nahi hua!!!!recently in a episode her baby has kicked now!!!ab baby ne kick abhi mara hai tho pheda kab hoga socha hai kabhi!!!!!:oTRP badane par tule huye ho TRP kam hoga tho apne aap rasste par aayega teh serial..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.