Kumkum Bhagya 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Purab tells Pragya if she doesn’t do this show, then some other model, Tanu might do it. He says it’s final she will do it and asks her to start rehearsing today. He gets call from Abhi. Abhi wants to stay at his place tonight as he can’t face Pragya. Purab says ok. Purab then comes to Pragya and tells her Abhi is coming, so she will have to go. She asks why. He says because he can’t answer to her question and avoiding her. He suggests she should do the promo shoot. Pragya leaves.

Aaliya shares her happiness with Tanu that Purab hugged her. Tanu asks how did that happen. Aaliya lies because she showed concern for Bulbul. Tanu says she always said everything will be fine. Today he hugged, soon he will start loving her. Aaliya says in her mind if she had told her the truth

that she’s helping Purab to bring Abhi and Pragya together, then she would not let that happen and she can’t miss chance getting closer to Purab.

Sarla comes to Bulbul and tries to get her up all different ways. Biji consoles Sarla.

Producer asks Pragya to get ready fast. It’s time. Pragya is afraid how all this will happen. A make-up artist comes with all short clothes. She throws them all away saying some are kids’, some are incomplete. She calls Purab and asks him to come here. Purab comes. She asks him what kind of clothes are those. Purab scolds the makeup artist and tells him to bring saree or gown. He tells Pragya she can’t give up. Everyone has confidence in her, she should keep faith in herself too. She was so nervous when proposing him, but she did it. She says what if something goes wrong, what if he doesn’t like. He tells her to calm down and not to think about second step without taking first step. She’s doing this for his happiness. He may scold, but that’s not a big deal. If she thinks she’s doing it for Abhi, then she will do it perfectly. Pragya agrees. She says, I can do it. I will do it. Purab says that’s the spirit. Love is her strength, and Abhi is her goal. Keep love in heart and goal in front of eyes and then she will be successful. Pragya is happy. Purab tells the makeup artist to do her make up like a super model.

Purab meets Aaliya outside and asks about the model who will be Pragya’s partner. She says she brought such a model that everyone will keep looking at him. Purab holds her hand and thanks her for being there as a friend and helping him. She smiles.

Abhi arrives. Media takes his interview and aska about launching a new model. Abhi says he doesn’t know. Media ask how come he doesn’t know. He then says it’s a surprise. Later, he comes to Purab and asks him about new model. Purab says he didn’t know either. He can ask the producer. Abhi says he doesn’t care who the model is. Purab asks why is that? has he developed feeelings for someone? Abhi thinks about Pragya. He asks Purab why he’s saying that. Purab says because when he was with Tanu, he was so excited to meet new models.

Abhi comes inside his van and is annoyed with media. Aaliya comes and asks him what’s wrong. Is he missing Tanu? Should she call her? Abhi says leave it and goes for the show.

Abhi joins everyone. Press takes his interview about the new album. Abhi says after his accident, his view of looking at music is changed. So in this album, with love, he will talk about depth and feelings of love as well. Press asks so that means he started understanding love after that incident and it happened because his wife was with him? Abhi says he will leave that to his fans. They can watch album and decide. Press says they want to hear it from it. Abhi says love is love, you don’t need to say anything. His fans love him and they will understand him. Purab is impressed. Press asks about the new model. He tells them to see her themselves. Abhi thinks why he’s getting so bored. He feels as if he’s missing someone. The producer introduces the new model. All press run to take her photos. Abhi is shocked to see Pragya in a model’s dress. He can’t believe what he just saw.

Purab smiles seeing Abhi surprised. Abhi goes closer to look at Pragya. He seems little mad seeing Pragya dancing with her partner. Purab takes him to a side.

He tells Abhi he said he doesn’t know new model and he’s secretly promoting his wife. Amazing. Abhi says what amazing? He didn’t know for real. Purab says he knows it’s his old habit of hiding things. He did same when launching Tanu. He tells Abhi that he did right thing by launching Pragya and asks him to look at Pragya, she looks so hot. Even her partner seems to be liking her the way he’s giving poses with her. He tells Abhi he must be feeling proud that his wife is modeling. Abhi says what proud? His album is getting launched and everyone is giving all attention to Pragya and her partner. And them too, giving poses as if their film is launching. Purab says they two are looking good together, so media will take their pictures. He should know it. Press asks Pragya whose idea it was to launch her. And they heard she doesn’t like glamour world? How she said yes for becoming model. Pragya is speechless. Purab and Abhi come there. Purab says Abhi will answer all questions, but not now. Right now they have to do the promo shoot. Pragya is tensed.

Precap: Abhi stops Pragya going outside from his van saying she doesn’t know what all think if they see a girl coming out like that.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Aahliya is terribly wicked

  2. aliya is in dream land

  3. wow! Awww epi….& i cnt wait that momnt when Abhi will confess his feelings to pragya & accordng to SBB Abhi will realize & will confesss his feelings infront of pragya vry soon..yayyy! But tanu will defy create problems in AbhiGya’s life again bt hopefully AbhiGya will solve this matter togther

  4. Superrrbb episode ……..purab smiles seeing abhi ….
    Wowww fantastic ….wat a smile yaarr..abhi jealous so super abhi…

  5. Priya shankar

    Wow wat a magical episode!

  6. Aaliya is a great criminal mind

  7. Pragya gets stuck on a high eaves, and calls for help. She gets tensed looking down and says she did not come to commit suicide. Abhi takes a rope to save her and throws to her. She could not catch it and he throws it again and again. The scene gets filmi funny to watch, much needed after the boring kidnapping drama. He asks Pragya to jump and come towards him. She refuses and Abhi goes to her to hold her hand. Purab holds Abhi’s hand and helps him go forward. Abhi also slips and holds a cable wire to balance. The neighbor aunty asks who has cut the cable and Abhi sweetly apologizes. Abhi asks Pragya to look into his eyes and walk towards him, as he will not let anything happen to her. She slips and shouts she will fall and die. Abhi gets her upwards and he succeeds to say ‘Main Hoon Na’ to her.

    Later on, Tanu gives her pregnancy news to Pragya. She tells her that Abhi is the father of her child, which shocks Pragya. Pragya does not believe Tanu and shows her trust on Abhi. Tanu tries to convince her and lies further Pragya worries for Dadi’s expectations from her and how this news will affect Dadi. What will be Abhi’s stand on this? Keep reading

  8. Acc to spoiler tanu will tell pragya that she is pregnant

  9. Praya wss awksm & abi is also cool ya.am waiting for tomorrow episode

  10. aaliya neither can become a good friend nor a true lover nor a understandable sister….she is just big selfish….

  11. aaliya neither can become a good friend nor a true lover nor a understandable sister….she is just big selfish…. by the i love 2day epi

  12. Oh my god, this purab is so innocent believing aaliyaa

  13. Oh my god, this purab is so innocent believing aaliyaa

  14. Wow Tanu is desperate. Hope she turns against Aliyah.

  15. I couldn’t watch this episode bcoz of my long travelling. I really miss thz drama..

  16. Pragya knows how Tanu is so why can’t she trust abhi instead of listening to her fake story

  17. Whata episode superb awsome fantastic or maybe more than ?_?

  18. I loved todays episode, cant wait to see abhi confess his love and when will they share an intimate kiss, they have had so many opportunities but still looking forward to it. I hope abhi sees tanu lies and ends it with her and the show move on to him start his family with pragya

  19. m waiting 4 tmrw’s epi.i think abhi started 2 forget tanu if so then the show has improvement.

  20. Wonderful episode

  21. wow,wonderful episode.OMG Abhi is so jealous.and a very good precap

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