kumkum bhagya – 2 states (Epi-2)


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The episode starts with pragya waking up from her sleep.she gets up and says good morning guys.raghav asked you wake…arey. .pragya smiles at him. RANVEER gets up and says guys we reached or not.raghav says almost. PRAGYA says I am excited.

After 2 hours of travel they reached college.pragya asked is there any ragging. RANVEER says how I know.let’s see.

A group of boys came running pushed these three.pragya fell down.raghav helps her to get up.
RANVEER asked why are they running like this. A big bmw car enters.all shouts abhi…abhi…pragya and these two stands there.pragya asked who is this to the girl next to her.the girl asked are you new. PRAGYA says yes.who is he.the girl says he is our senior …rockstar….abhi.he is famous for his songs.raghav asked rockstar abhi.the girl says yes.raghav says he is a big man guys…studying in this college.RANVEER says we have to see him.that time a tall man with white shirt and jeans with his coolers gets down the car. PRAGYA says let’s go guys.I am not interested let’s go.RANVEER says you go we have to meet him.pragya leaves with anger.abhi says hi guys …raghav and ranveer runs towards abhi.raghav says hi bro …I M a great fan for your songs. Abhi asked not for me.RANVEER says don’t worry I am here n.a….I am big fan of you…abhi asked whats your name.ranveer says I am ranveer.abhi asked you both are friends.raghav says yes and one more ..but she left.raghav asked can we join with you.abhi says sure but you are juniors.ranveer says we will always respect you.abhi says it’s not like that man….happy to see you both.ok meet my friend …purab .

Both says hi to him.abhi says you guys carry on ..I will be back. .


PRAGYA – one bottle of water please?how can they both leave me…I am not gonna forgive them
… she got water bottle and was keeping change in her bag when she was pushed and she bumped in a tall boy. water spilled on abhi’s blazer
abhi with anger … cant you see??? are you blind???
PRAGYA – i told you na sorry. i didnt do it intensionaly. why are you over reacting?
Abhi- oh ho now i am over reacting???see you miss I have no interest on you. And i dont want to fight with you.pragya says og hello…no one is longing for you.abhi says acha…chashmish.pragya asked chashmish…hey you mister. Abhi says you.you know whom am I…pragya says who ever you are. Just then raghav and ranveer came running…
Ranveer- PRAGYA ? what are you upto? tumhe pata hai ye kon hai
PRAGYA shouts shut up, you stay out of this.

Raghav- but Pragya…
PRAGYA – please. just shush…
abhi- wait. how you know her???
Raghav- she is pragya. i mean my friend…
Raghav says pragya he is abhi.pragya looks at abhi.abhi looks at pragya.pragya asked so what.abhi says such much attitude.ranveer drags pragya aside.raghav leaves with them.
Abhi says I will not leave her…I will not

RANVEER says pragya now he is our friend.just say sorry.pragya asked why.raghav says for us.pragya says ok.three walks towards abhi.pragya says sorry…I am really sorry.abhi says it’s ok.purab says let’s be friends…pragya says ha why not….let’s be.a sound from back.can I join with you…all looked back..pragya says tanu tum…tanu says ha buddy and both hugs.ranveer says oh ho…these two joined…iyappa only should save us.abhi asked who is he.raghav says god
Abhi says ha …tanu asked how are you…pragya says Good.tanu asked you took both here.ranveer says oh hello I am not a thing just to pack and carry….tanu says stop your nonsense.pragya says leave it.raghav I will leave with tanu.ranveer says dont forget us.pragya says hmmm.abhi says you both come with me and purab.pragya smirks at abhi ….

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Credit to: abhigya's fan

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