kumkum bhagya – 2 states (Epi-1)


Hi guys I don’t know how I started to write this ff but I am simply presenting it.2 states is a story ( not the film may be it have some touch ) revolves 2 people ,ya abhi and pragya…..
Abhi is a pakka Punjabi boy ( in the movie) , lives with his dadi ( in kkb ) .he also have his own young sister aliya( the great ) .and his best friend purab….
On other side our pragya is a cute tamilian ( brahmin) she gonna join bca in abroad.yes she wants to look her father’s business after him.his father is none other than Neil and mom ragini.she has a cute sister bulbul ,ofcourse other pair purab – bulbul.she is an outstanding student. She prefers to read books than other things.so because of that may be ,she wears chashma….and finally I forgot to intro other two it’s raghav and ranveer ( matsh) .ha they gonna play as pragya’s best friends….that’s it.oops….tanu….I know some may get anger but not to worry…she is gonna play a positive role as pragya ‘s friend..

The episode starts with a nice place in Tamil nadu and famous too..ya…your guess is right.
At airport
Ma….I will be ok not to worry and these two are with me n.a..a beautiful girl with a green and yellow chudi with her hair perfectly tied and ha…flowers tooo.she is our pragya.papu …actually she used to call her dad as papu…you itself make your wife to understand that I am not a small kid.Neil says you know about your mom n.a. beta …pragya says that’s the problem dad.ragini says ok promise you will not go out late night…not to roam with strangers..should eat at right time…read good…pragya intrepts ma…stop ok..I will.but one condition I will go out but with these two.henna ranveer ..ragini says that’smy problem that you are going with these two.raghav holding ragini’s hands ..aunty don’t worry we will take care.ragini says I know you will but this ranveer ( beats on his shoulders) will spoil my daughter.ranveer with fear looks…ma. your daughter know all things.ragini asked how.ranveer says because she is reading lots of books n.a..all laughs.pragya beats ranveer.ranveer says see …ragini says she knows good things but you will reach her bad things.ranveer says it’s not time aunty.pragya says enough of your family drama.papu take this lady to home…we gonna board the flight.ragini hugs pragya and says take care.Neil says take care all.ragini to ranveer …take care…ranveer says ji aunty…with a big smile.RAGINI says of my daughter.ranveer asked kya. Raghav and pragya laughs.pragya says let’s go.all three are on the way to board the flight….
That time pragya gone missing

Raghav notices pragya missing and informed ranveer.both searches for her.
Suddenly ranveer turned because someone tapped his shoulder
He turns and sees a young girl with blue jeans and a yellow t-shirt with her coolers and a scarf around her neck. standing.ranveer says Hai …the girl says yup hi. ..whom you are searching.ranveer says my friend.the girl says she is near only.ranveer asked where ..the girl removes her coolers and scarf saying here….ranveer says you dammit…he calls raghav.ranveer says I love this change yaar.pragya says thanks.ranveer says will you be my girlfriend.pragya asked what.if my friends know n.a. he will kill you.ranveer says cool…it’s a joke and moreover I will not marry a girl like you.raghav comes there.what’s tis pragya.ranveer says let’s go…please no more drama.
They boarded the flight.pragya sits between raghav and ranveer.ranveer asked are you feared.pragya asked what..ranveer says then why are you sitting in between. PRAGYA says safety.raghav says leave it.time passes.pragya and ranveer slept by placing their heads on one another.raghav was reading a book.suddenly pragya places her head on his shoulders.he was amazed and stared her face…he thinks I am working hard so that I can achieve my goal and I will win your heart.I am in love with you for many years but I didn’t propose because I am feared but I will do on the day of my success.and he too sleeps.

Will his love story will be unfound.I know and people also know Abhi is our hero….but who is he…New…we have to find it…let’s see in nect episode
So wait for the best episode guys..

Credit to: abhigya's fan

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