Kumkum Bhagya 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi coming downstairs and Aaliya asking what happened in his room. Tanu asks did you teach a lesson to her? Abhi couldn’t say anything and goes from there. They are puzzled about his behavior. Pragya cries looking at the things which Abhi showed her. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays……………while she reads the diary and letter. Abhi is sitting in bar and recalls Pragya’s words. Pragya recalls Abhi’s heart talk. Abhi thinks of Pragya’s words that his brand name, Abhi the rockstar is also under her name. He thinks his Pragya can’t be like this and he don’t want to see her face. Hamari Adhuri plays……..She comes to puja room and sits infront of the in house temple. Aaliya and Tanu are curious to know, what Pragya might be doing. Tanu tells Pragya might be crying

like before. They see the light off and thinks she is crying. Aaliya says we will scold her and gets inside the room. When they don’t see her in room, Aaliya tells she must have eloped from here. Tanu gets excited and says now we can go shopping and my marriage can happen now. Pragya cries and tells everything is going from her hands. She says she is going far from her love rather than making him away from her enemies.

Someone comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder. Pragya says I can’t share my pain with anyone, and want to tell the truth to him. She says I am doing this on your sayings. Even If I fulfill my motive then don’t know if I will be able to find him. She asks her to take out from this mess. The person supporting her is revealed and she is none other than Dadi. Dadi hugs her and asks her to stop crying. She says I am with you. Pragya says why did you saved me on that day. Dadi says if you had gone from this world, then what would have happen to me and Abhi. She says three lives was saved that day.

A flashback is shown, Doctor checks and tells Pragya that she is no more. The nurse sees Pragya’s mangalsutra and asks other nurse to deposit it in the counter. Dadi is going from there and happens to see the mangalsutra. She sees the mangalsutra and is being informed that it belongs to dead patient. Dadi insists to see the dead body, and goes to see. She uncovers the cloth from her face and is shocked to see Pragya died. The nurse tells we tried to save her, but she died. Dadi says nothing can happen to my bahu. She asks Pragya, did you hear what she is saying. She asks Pragya to wake up and stop the drama. She holds her ears and apologizes asking her to get up. She tells my life is in you and asks her to wake up for her and Abhi. She keeps head on Pragya’s chest asking her to come back to life. Pragya moves her fingers and comes back to life.

Dadi tells Nurse, did you see? I told you that nothing can happen to her. Nurse goes to call the doctor. The doctor checks Pragya and tells this is a miracle. I saw it today, that second birth is possible too in the same birth. He asks her to relax and says she is fine. Nurse tells Dadi that Pragya was holding mangalsutra in her hand and loves her husband very much. It seems she came back to life because of her husband. Dadi gets happy and calls at landline number. Aaliya picks the call and asks where are you? Dadi says she came to hospital to pick the report. Aaliya thinks Dadi might call her to pick her up and pretends to not hear her. She disconnects the call. The nurse informs her that Pragya is fine. Dadi sits at Pragya’s bed side while she is unconscious and tells that we will find a way to get you back in Abhi’s life. She gets Abhi’s call. Dadi is about to pick it, Pragya gains consciousness and calls Dadi.

Dadi thanks the God as Pragya gained consciousness. She tells my life was going seeing your condition. Pragya tries to get up. Dadi makes her drink water. She asks how did this accident happened? Pragya tells her something which is muted. Dadi tells I will inform Abhi that you are fine. Pragya asks her not to inform him and says everything is finished. She tells Aaliya and Tanu are betraying and lying to him. A flashback is shown, Tanu is shown talking to Nikhil and Pragya overhearing her. Then Aaliya’s conversation with Raj is shown, and Pragya hearing her. FB ends. Dadi tells it was good that Abhi didn’t marry Tanu because of you. She says Abhi forgave Aaliya three times because of me, and she is doing wrong with him. I will punish her. Pragya looks on.

Abhi tells whenever you touches me, I feel like a murderer is touching me. You are a murderer. Pragya looks on hurt with his words.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Kanchi

    Hey Zoya…………………………….

    Your finger crossed prediction comes true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s Dadi!!!!!!!!:):):):):)

  2. R.k.Roja

    wow wat a episode.but abhi please soon come to know tat pragya is in a good motive and also join with her

  3. tasnim

    wow fantastic epi…totaly amazed to read d update….super turn out…. Coming api wil mr intrsting with d devastation of meralinu d devils hope so

  4. soniya

    Its becoming boring day by day
    Dadi knows everything
    But still she is not showing good side of pragya infornt of abhi
    Aliya is such a b*t*h
    Now haw many this dadi n pragya drama will be dragging us

    • santya

      soniya…the writer wanna drag the drama as usual…that’s why there’s a silence in dadi.. hahhaha…what else…just wait as usual for abhi and pragya to get together for few days.

  5. santya

    my prediction was wrong. the main heroine(dadI) saved pragya..hmmm..so dadi won’t let pragya to go anywhere after this and for sure abhi will listen to his beloved grandma. thank God.after this the drama won’t be boring for the viewers.I hope tanu and aliya won’t get to know the help of dadi for pragya.or else aliya won’t mind to kill her own grandma bfre abhi get to know the truth.

    #kumkum is improving base on its story line.thumbs up!

  6. kowsy

    Miracle happens in these serials only wow i m impressed dead person …..came alive……. Shit yaar …. Should have done something else

    • santya

      so true…like the writer don’t fell that it doesn’t make any sense a dead person came alive out of sudden and it happen after few mins later- so far what I’ve studied only rebirth can happen like in seconds…- funny la this drama

  7. Yeee…yipeeee….congrats guys.☺? Our prediction has proved right. Dadi knows both tanu and aliyaa’s truth. At least pragya told about it from dadi. Now she is biggest supporter of pragya then our abhigya will definetly unite. No tabhi’s marriage and no spoilation of abhi by aliyaa. When dadi is with pragya then she will b definetly get success in her plan or if she will b in any problem then dadi will b there to support her in any situation. Guys we were feeling na that someone is supporting pragya becoz without any strong support she couldn’t do anything and couldn’t get abhi’s property. So it was dadi who provided property papers to pragya with abhi’s signature and it is all dadi’s plan to bring pragya in this new totally changed and different avatar. I hope dadi will manage and take care of abhigya’s relationship also. But overall CVS give us a big relaxation by showing dadi as pragya’s supporter. Now it will b easy for us to tolerate this track. It will b more gud if CVS not show abhi’s hatred and hateful words to pragya. We just want abhi keeps continue his doubt on pragya’s changed behavior and we could see their cute nok-jhoks like always. That’s it.?

    • Jilly

      Now the track NO longer makes sense. Abhi would Believe whatever has grandmother says – so WHY is Pragya risking her relationship instead of sharing with him and letting him investigate for himself? The element of surprise is what would get tanu and alyia. He could investigat but let them think that he still does not know. Now this storyline is useless and too BORING.

      • Yes chithu. He was drunk. He was drinking in a club. But that drink was not like alcohol. It was an orange juice type drink. I saw it when he leaves that drink glass on the floor and it was broke.So I m not sure he was really drunk or not but in precap, he was behaving as a drinker.

  8. chithu

    This Abhi is going too much yaaar 🙂

    Nikki..as u told ..yes ..once Pragya fell in love with Abhi..watever be his behavior she kept on loving him…even after she came to know that Tanu is pregnant..she was justifying it with the matter that Abhi always loved Tanu..then also she didn’t hate him… but this Abhi’s character 🙂 he is exactly like a child … i mean when he hated Pragya , then also he was so much affected with this MMS thing and hurted Pragya like anything 🙂 when Pragya rejected his proposal, he was angry like anything..so that he slapped her 🙂 at that time only, he would have proposed her ..he could have told that though u r not loving me, i will keep on loving u…but his ego stopped him .. 🙂 now, Pragya left him without asking a penny and more than that with no complaints….but now when she comes back and acts differently, he again started believing it..though he is aware of the fact that how much extent Pragya can go for the ones she loves through this pregnancy track (that time also she acted like hurting Dadi and everyone else in the family)….

    Not sure how it will go 🙂 but i hope Aaliya ,Raj and Tanu did not hear Pragya and Dadi’s conversation 🙂 also, so Pragya is aware of Nikhil and Raj as well???

    • Racha

      Remember Abhi has always been an asshole. He treated Pragya like dirt when they were first married. He is still that same jerk.

    • Ya chithu. This is the thing which I want to make u understand. Abhi is repeating same mistakes again and again and in this process he has started to believing on taaliya instead of pragya. Did u noticed in yesterday’s episode when taaliya told abhi that pragya has given order to eat stale food to dadi and everyone. How he believed on them. And when pragya told him that he didn’t give stale food to dadi, he didn’t believe in pragya even a once. So he is again mistaking and if he will not correct his mistake on time then he will b paid a big cost for it.

      • chithu

        yeah Nikki..i was thinking y the writers want to show the male lead character of the show like this..with this much ego 🙂 then i thought, Pragya started loving Abhi with all the minus things…and she found how much good he is from heart…. so now also the same Abhi she is seeing… but Abhi fell for a Pragya who is so soft and lovable and also who ll always think for others..she can’t hurt anyone …but the Pragya now he sees is different from the one he fell for…though he shouldn’t believe it if we consider his real love 🙂 but again and again , Pragya herself is breaking his hope and makes him believe that she has changed…but i think only becoz of his love , he is stopping by..otherrwise it will not be much difficult for him to get back his properties and throw her out…. even after hurting Dadi..he was talking about his old Pragya whom he misses a lot… he was feeling more longing for his old Pragya than feeling for Dadi’s hurt 🙂 so we will see…how it is going..i hope in today’s episode , Abhi will just act like drunk to see the real face of Pragya…i wish he will get some clue that he will not share to the so called good people Aaliya/Tanu 🙂

        And Nikki, also am afraid that y all of a sudden they revealed Pragya’s supporter truth 🙂 it shouldn’t be like,Raj/Aaliya/Tanu overhears Pragya-Dadi’s talk …if they have heard it, then it will not be much difficult for them to fail Pragya… and i think this Aaliya can go to any extent, that she can really hurt Dadi also..so that when it comes to revenge Pragya..no one will be there to reveal or support her truth ..and other people in the home also will not believe her now with out some person supporting her…

      • Chithu think positive. I don’t think so somebody listened pragya and dafi’s talk becoz aliyaa and tanu was busy in doing party becoz they were thinking that pragya has gone. And raaj was also not shown in yesterday’s episode anywhere and that room where dadi and pragya was talking. It was looking like that room was in some alone place where no body could come normally. So I don’t think so that somebody could listen their talk. And chithu if something will happen to dadi and no one will believe on pragya, as u said then it means abhigya’s reunion will b impossible and tabhi’s marriage will possible then what will use of bringing back pragya in abhi’s life and what will the use of kumkumbhagya if it will not able to save itself from the evils. Ya hurdles will b definetly come in the way of pragya but at last she will win.

  9. mirza

    wow I am super happy. … as d pragya s supporter z non othr than DADI.my guess hpnd 2 b real.awsm epi…. eager to see 2mro episode. . kkb rocks…..s

  10. TINA

    Now i really happy…. dadi is the helper of pragya .. .. onemore thinks in future pragya can face many more prblms of tanu aliya raj and her lover abhi. For that prblms if pragya doesn’t releave truth or abhi didn’t belive pragya that time dadi will save pragya… abhi always belive dadis words ..

    Here after abhi didn’t belive pragya bcos of yesterday behaviour… abhi can hate pragya… actully in sterday episode pragya told i didn’t gave that to dadi but abhi said “jute boolriyo tum” …
    here after pragya can tell abhi i can do this for u only . taliyas are using u something like that without proof… abhi didn’t belive pragya …
    Now pragya stage is very hard and tough stage….. only think is dadi will help pragya.

  11. YanLan

    Dadi is her support…No shocker there, but the history of the Justice Plan is. I feel better, now that Pragya’s constant crying has been explained. OK, now I can start watching the show again, I hope.

    • Gigi

      There you go. What Abhi should be is upset with Pragya and Dadi for not having enough faith and trust in him that they felt that they could tell him what was going on. That should be another major issue in their relationship when he FINALLY finds out the Truth.

  12. I’m completely agree with you chithu.abhy did so much with pragya,pragya still loved him . abhi is sooo dumb to believes the enemies than his own wife.I don’t like his behavior towards pragya.he’s very very dumb

  13. razia

    Thumbs up Dadi … Pragya feeln very sad Fa u … Abhi hating u nowadays why can’t u try to understand yua fuggy … Believe in her …

  14. Jo

    I hope nothing happens to Dadi…. hope the writers are not thinking to kill Dadi and put Pragya in trouble… fingers crossed

    • danish

      im thinking same,they r uselessly streaching story,we are waiting to see abhi pragya together…but writers are planning to stretch story mre..

  15. ra...

    Hereafter wil not be afraid f abhi hating pragya … . Happy that Dadi wil handle the situation … She’ll not let bad happen to abhigya’s relationship

  16. srimathi

    Will pragya reveal the truth to abhi..in a video I had seen abhi s quietly watching taaliya’s work in kitchen which s ordered by pragya..nikki chithu do u hav any confession for that..


  18. Vk

    Wow nice episode…dadi is helping pragya..nice to hear that at least someone is there to support pragya.waiting to watch how they r going to punish aliya and tanu.but abhi is hating her I hope he will soon clear his misunderstanding…

  19. Myra

    what rubbish..
    both dadi nd pragya r rubbish..
    for what hell they r waiting for ??
    plzz writer change da disgusting sense..
    we r not liking pragyas new roop too much ??

  20. Ria

    omg..i knew it was dadi whoz helping out pragya.. n i agree with some of u tht abhi believe on dadi..so if dadi would support pragya while she’s confronting abhi regarding aliya n tanu he’ll surely belive it..so plz stop dragging the track n developing gap between abhigya’s love at least …plzzzzzzzzx

  21. I’m agree to ull but if dadi tells him he wil blv but wat abt tanu she hav to exposed na n Bcus all reports r made in abhi name as per tht episode. Before pragya accident aliya says if abhi say no also the he has to marry n wer the he’ll is tht nikil I hope tanu n aliya wil be exposed soon niether in tht abhi mite be hate to pragya.

  22. Leila

    I knew it was dadi n since she knows the truth she won’t let anything happens to pragya n raj will turn against aaliya n her stupid puppet tanu

  23. Charmin

    The reason they are not saying anything is because even thou Pragya heard the conversation between Raj and Alliya, she don’t know who it is Aaliya was talking to on the phone, which is what she is trying to find out. If she was to reveal the truth now without knowing Aaliya accomplice it still would not matter. until she learns about Raj she will have to keep up pretense.

  24. This is totally dumb… Makes no sense. Two of the closest people Abhi believes and loves are hiding the truth and creating unnecessary drama because of nothing at all. He would have believed anything they say. Then why this nonsense? Both Dadi and Pragya could have informed Abhi about Tanu and Aaliyah’s truth. And also included him in their plan. In this way Abhi and Pragya’s relation would have become stronger. And it would be much easier to expose the devils. But what writers and stupid Ekta is showing now makes no sense at all. Its just a dumb storyline. Have the writers seriously lost their minds?? How did these idiots become script writers anyway???!!!!! ??

  25. Chanu

    Let hero hav importance too.. he z damn good actor.. let hero knw ahout tanu.. dnt drag n make audience hate serial..

  26. heidi

    WOW finally. Very good episode But really why they don t expose Tanu s drama now Sooo dragging Comon writers its enoough!!!!!!!

  27. Priya $

    When they r going to stop dragging. Getting irritated yaar while seeing aliyah and tanu. Y they r dragging this much. Atleast they showed dadi now. Like this if they put end card to Tanu’s drama means it ll b more good. Abhi won’t stop loving pragya he may show like hating but he can’t. I think 3 to 4 months over this Tanu’s drama still they are dragging. So sad yaar writers don’t want to reveal the truth now about aliyah but put an end to Tanu’s drama.

  28. farida uttan

    Load os interesting comments – bottom line expose TAALIYA and make ABHI see how me misunderstands the person who loves him most

  29. shuvi

    I hate one thing in kkb that they drag a twist soooo long…. that it becomes boring….. and this one, after pragya’s makeover… it has become bore….

  30. neha

    nice epi . I like this breaks in prabhi’s life not more than their unity. now only abi is realizing his mistakes few days ago pragya was very much hated by abi. but now abi love her more than he hate. I love prabi’s Jodi very muchhhhhhhhhhh…………..

  31. New segment update- pragya and dadi was talking on upstairs near of their rooms. Dadi was telling something to pragya. Dadi says her that turn other side and listen what I m saying. Then dadi tells that don’t go on her tears, u just determine on ur aim. Then pragya says dadi I can’t do anything becoz purab has signed all the appointment letters himself so if I will do anything then purab will trap. Then suddenly indu dasi comes there. After seeing her, dadi and pragya gets alert and pragya again starts pretending bad towards dadi and orders her that what’s matter that this is another’s work but u have to do this work. Look at hat side, there r so much dirt, go and wipe it. Then in another clip they showed pragya was talking with a girl who was standing out from someone’s room, on upstairs. I don’t know guys whose room was is this and who is that girl? May b she came to meet abhi or may b she was background duplicate artist who was shooting instead of tanu or aaliya! Reporter was saying that pragya is lucky that dadi is supporting her and may b pragya had changed her look and behavior but her aim has not changed, she is still taking care of her sasuraal’s. Sriti says to reporter yes dadi is supporting her, in fact this is all dadi’s plan becoz according to dadi, there is no other way to teach lesson to the all the evils. That’s why pragya has came in totally changed avatar.

    • chithu

      Now Pragya and Dadi are showed with bit carelessness… if they talk like this inside the home, one or other day they will be caught…

      • Caught or not, can’t say but ya somebody could doubt on them. But then also it could create problems for them. So it’s better they meet outside somewhere on any secret place.

      • chithu

        though in the end Abhi and Tanu marriage will not happen… if Aaliya/Tanu/Raj finds out Pragya’s truth, then we may need to see Pragya suffering a lot 🙂 and also more Abhi-Pragya hatred scenes…

        also i hope Tanu’s truth might be revealed now…but Aaliya..am not sure..becoz revealing her truth means…then new villain or completely new track has to be introduced…or Raj might escape now and later he will play something…

  32. when is tanu and Aliya going to account for the wrong they always commit cos this is the 3rd time they are going Scot free it’s time to bring there wrong doing into account so that we can see some romance between the two couples praabhi and bulpra

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