Kumkum Bhagya 1st October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi calling Pragya and asks if Aaliya came. Pragya says she didn’t come till now and asks her not to worry. Dadi prays to God to expose Aaliya infront of Abhi. Purab comes back to Abhi and tells he complained to manager about that sardar. He says manager kicked him out of hotel. Abhi says you took revenge for my insult. Purab says we will have dinner here, and asks him to sit on the table. He plans to expose Aaliya. Abhi asks him to order food. Aaliya comes to meet the producer. Purab asks who told you about this place. Abhi says it was Aaliya’s suggestion. Purab asks did you see the lamp? Abhi asks we came here to have food. Purab asks him to order food. Aaliya asks producer (Bulbul), if he got the money. Producer shows her cheque. Aaliya asks am I fool to sell scratch

for this paper? Producer says it is a cheque. Purab tells Abhi, that the man is looking like Akash. While Abhi tries to look, Aaliya sees him and hides the cheque. She throws water on the people sitting on the other table. The girls fight with the boys sitting on the other side. Producer tells that he needs genuine CD.

Aaliya asks if this cheque is not authentic. She says this deal is on trust and leaves with cheque. Abhi calls the management, and asks about the fight. The manager says you are standing on the chair. Pragya tells Bulbul that Aaliya went away. Bulbul says we couldn’t expose her. Pragya says we will go with the plan and says still they can expose her. Pragya asks Ronnie to release the song in Abhi’s name and says this song should be hit. Bulbul says I will come to house tomorrow. Pragya asks her not to come tomorrow, and says I will pretend as if it was Aaliya’s mistake.Aaliya comes back home and tells Tanu that Abhi came there. Tanu is shocked and asks if Abhi slapped her. Aaliya says I ran from there before that happens. She says it was my mistake and I told him about that hotel. Tanu says my dreams are broken. Aaliya says we got the money and shows the cheque. Tanu gets happy. Aaliya says producer was fool to give cheque of Rs. 10 crores. She says I am very much tired and will keep CD copy in the office. Pragya comes home and tells everything to Dadi. Pragya tells Dadi that their plan is going on. She says tomorrow morning, Aaliya will be trapped.

Abhi and Pragya fight with each other. Abhi calls kyunki tumhi ho mogambo. Purab calls Abhi and asks about the scratch. Abhi asks did you upload it? Purab says some other company have uploaded it. Abhi thinks if Pragya did this, and then thinks she can’t make her loss. He asks Pragya, if you released the scratch. Pragya says no, and accuses him for selling the scratch without his permission. She says I will take you to court and asks who did this. Abhi wonders who did this and says I will not leave him. Abhi calls Aaliya and asks where are you? Aaliya asks what happened? Abhi asks her about the CD which he gave her for safe keeping. Aaliya says it should be in the office and asks why you are angry. Abhi says someone has stolen it and uploaded on net. Abhi tells my music is stolen. Aaliya says how can it be possible. Abhi asks her to answer. Aaliya says I kept it in office and didn’t give to anyone. She says I am saying truth and kept safely. Abhi asks how can it be uploaded online. Aaliya says she kept in office. She asks are you doubting me? She asks him to accuse her of theft and send to Jail. Abhi asks her to shut up and says truth is that his music is stolen. He says Purab was busy so that’s why he didn’t give him CD, and asks her to answer. Tanu says we will investigate the matter and asks him not to be hyper. Pragya says it is not a small thing and says music was stolen which would be profitable to her. She says I will get the guilty punished.

Abhi slaps Aaliya. Everyone is shocked. Abhi holds her hand and takes her somewhere.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Reji

    oh god…………. appa now abhi found aliya’s real face in precap ……… so i am waiting for tomorrow episode what about u guys………….

    • RIaa

      Now bulbul n purab will expose tanu …tanu will be admitted in hospital due to some injuries so bulbul will post this news over internet and thinks that the baby’s real father will surely come……….

  2. tuti

    And Aaliya’s good luck keeps going on….and on….and on……haiyya….[trying to think positive].

  3. chithu55

    I truly ‘t understand what this CVS are about..why they are always draggginnnnnggggggggggg with out a proper story or reason….

    hmm..i think they should close atleast Tanu’s pregnancy track before the viewers loose their interest completely…

    • I hope chithu. CVS should do this tanu’s truth exposure thing first becoz now it’s really enough and high time to end this pregnancy track. I m saying this since long.

  4. I still didn’t get this whole plan yet. Which scratch CD has stole and uploaded? original or fake one? And why pragya said to Ronnie to upload it on abhi’s name instead of another’s name and make it superhit? And if fake one has uploaded then why abhi is getting angry when his original one is safe. Nothing understood. Can anyone of u guys solve this mystery?

    • chithu55

      Nikki..Pragya has asked Ronnie to upload the music in the name of Abhi since their plan to expose Aaliya shouldn’t affect Abhi’s reputation..so she didn’t prefer another name …but wit that , Aaliya can easily tell that she did this just to get money for fighting back and she made sure that it is uploaded in Abhi’s name..definitely with this, Abhi will be convinced..becoz he was also having almost the same plan…

      and i think the only reason for Abhi to get anger would be that Aaliya was not aware of that Abhi has 2 versions of music and one with her is fake one made just to convince Pragya..but still she decided to sell it to someone without Abhi’s knowledge… but he could be easily convinced if Aaliya tells the above reason…

      so not sure what CVS has, to show as Pragya’s plan 🙂 but am mostly expecting like they will end up like Abhi asking sorry to Aaliya for slapping her as anyways she has done the good thing for the family 🙂

      and one more good thing is 🙂 as the matter is anyway out to the family, Pragya can take back the cheque telling it as her property 🙂

      which means we will be back to square one again 🙂

      • chithu55

        and Nikki.. i am thinking another way possible is…Raj may help Aaliya somehow telling that he got the cheque from his frnd and asked Aaliya to keep it safe or with some other reasons…and thro this Pragya may come to know that Raj is the one who is with Aaliya 🙂 just a guesss 🙂 becoz, at this point we all r expecting Aaliya or Tanu to be exposed…but CVS may expose Raj to Pragya to surprise us… 🙂

        but..if that is done then all the villains are known now 🙂 so not sure CVS will do it that soon 🙂 we will see….

      • [email protected]/Puli

        Would be good if Abhi & Pragya together try to expose Aliya and find tanu’s kid’s real father..There are so many characters not being used in this serial..and i am guessing Tanu’s pregnancy ll create another world record like Rachna’s..this may take 2 years for her delivery and even then thi serial will be at the same stage.Where is Nikhil? Tanu’s parents? Rachna? Akhash? Rachna’s kid?? and why does Dadi support these stupid ideas. Pragya knows Purab ll b framed if she exposes Aliya,so why cant she just tell Abhi that Purab ll be framed as per her plan.and then why cant the both find a solution…I can watch endless dram but not a pointless one!!

      • [email protected]/Puli

        Chaithu, there is one more thing for them to find..abt Nikhil. But the truth is, they know its not Abhi’s kid, then why bother to find who is the father!! enama neenga ipdi panrengale ma!!

      • Chithu this is the thing which was cane in my mind that if CD will uploaded on abhi’s name then where will b the harm of abhi becoz of aaliya. As I said before that aaliya could b easily escaped by giving this excuse later that she was forced to do this for getting money to file case against pragya so they could get back their property and home back from pragya and they had no other option to earn this much amount so soon. And chithu now when CD is also uploaded on the abhi’s name and according to pragya’s order it should b superhit so then it will give abhi profit and fame so if abhi will b safe from everywhere after uploading CD by any other person then there will b no need of his anger to aaliya. Becoz this is the plus point which pragya have given aaliya foolishly. I understood only this much about this whole plan so I thought that what type of a plan is this where they could and they will again come back to square one. That’s why chithu I asked it from my confirmation that is it only me who is thinking this or u too guys.

      • And chithu as u said that tanu’s truth exposure plan could bring differences and misunderstandings between abhigya. But I don’t think so yaar becoz pragya has now become saviour and wellwisher of tanu and her baby after taking tanu to the hospital after tanu’s accident. So if anything wri g will happen with tanu and her baby then abhi could not doubt on pragya and will not blame pragya becoz of her’s this saviour act. And purbul r also there to support pragya So there will b no misunderstanding between them becoz of tanu and her baby. Ya there will b some difficulties definetly come between the way of pragya to exposing tanu’s truth with full proof.

      • chithu55

        Ha ha..am also thinking that only Nikki…Abhi could be easily convinced as it is uploaded anyways in his name… And he is going to apologize to Aaliya for this 😉 we will see wat this CVS r going to show Pragya’s master plan as….

      • And chithu one more thing yaar in yesterday’s episode purab was telling to abhi that his fake one scratch music’s CD is uploaded so chithu if it was fake CD then why was abhi hiding it from pragya in his room after making it and when suddenly aaliya was entered in his room following with pragya. So becoz pragya had seen it so he was forced to give it to aaliya to testing it in music lab? CVS r making fool us?

    • nivi

      but nikki one thing is really confusing a lot……….if they hv upload d 1 which was gvn by abhi to pragya, then the music uploads falls down ly, tis ll turn back abhi to pragya nd get more angry towards pragya ly…. already both hv swinging relationship,……. wil it be happn??/ sterday itselg v notcied hz aliya was smart by made fyt between girls nd boys in d restaurant….. she can escape wel but v cant judge abhi tat he ll b stable in his angry towrads aliya, he ll forgv her soon, then tanu also can convince abhi by bcoz as she s preganant, apart from tat if no video proof nd al wil abhi easily belive aliya’s crime????? they hv fixed camera in d restaurant… if possible they ll upload the video which 1 is aliya getting cheque from sardar bulbul means it ll b a big issue, aftr tat abhi got storng proof he ll throw her not ly from house, even from his heart, bt tis s children’s playing game plan nd draggin…. v r waiting for d strong nd speed track @least for sm more dayzzzzz…. v reallly missing KKB old segments….. director plz tk fast track…….

      • Nivi as I said before that whatever is happening and whatever will happen in future now purab and bulbul will b there to save pragya and hwr relationship with abhi from any harm. So don’t think about it so much and just see whatever cvs r showing us becoz they always shows something illogical always so becoz of it we cannot think right and exact possibility and things about the show.

      • nivi

        u r ryt nikki…. bt they can think tis way na, if they upload aliya getting cheque from sardar tat ll b easy na even if she thinks also she cant break d truth… y writters make such an elongated way to expose tis things nd all.. even no use 4 tis to upgrade their trp ratings too na….. making us irritaing ly….. if pragya get abhis hatred fully even bulbul nd purab will be helpless ly aftr tat….. lots of illogical there, making abhi dumb nd idiotic attitude…… if abhi knws tat pragya ly planned 4 tis then he ll think tat she did purposefully to break thier relationship…. anyway tis blah blah blah things shld b extracted nd gv things crisply ekta sir…….

  5. Nikki

    Hmmm now I get a better picture. Kkb is awesome series. .however it is the dreggy type. What dan we do? Shout throw tantrums? Thatz all that you can do..

  6. reji

    ya u r correct both nikki and sharad nikki i think so for ur question tpmorrow only u will get the answer beacuse today’s precap raj is saying something but it is not said clear and sharad may be ur thought also will become true

  7. Deepika

    But cvs why are you making us hopeless on you. Fill this serial only with good things and happy faces. Am seeing kidnap episodes. so much of emotions- funs- love. It was just lovely yar. why cant you make it like that 🙁 The present track is feel less. plzzz we are tired of begging 🙁 we wanna hear some good news from you. pls don’t disappoint us 🙁 Enough of all the dramas.

  8. Omi

    This is just the way how to lengthen the story. Let Tanu be exposed soon. I also can’t wait alia and his brother get exposed

  9. Deepika

    Guys episode no. 343. So many are good from the first. But I think this episode was something EPICsode 🙂 Abhi sings samjwan for pragya. Really it’s melting 🙂 I can’t stop enjoying this show. So am simply watching past episodes again. Much cool I think 🙂 🙁

  10. reena

    this is the latest update…sorry guys, the CD is not the reason she gets slapped…”Aaliya has got slapped by Abhi once again. Aaliya has got slapped because of the demand draft, not the CD. Abhi does not know the complete truth. Aaliya is caught, but gets away from it. Aaliya sits on the bed and hides the CD under the mattress. Pragya asks Aaliya what’s under the mattress, which she is hiding and does not want Pragya to see. Aaliya asks her to leave her alone and not trouble her. Pragya gets suspicious and thinks to check after Aaliya leaves.”

  11. I guess raj will get to know that the truth that because of mitali only raj was in the jail and not because of abhi but I don’t know how he will get to know about it. I wish pragya exposes alia and tanu( bahut taane marthe the na , pragya me style me baare mein an dekho unke halat kese hoga jab unke sach bahar ayega)

  12. mitthi

    yahan par itna brain use krke nxt possibilies nikal rahiye k mujhe lagta h k app sab reasong k statemnt assumptn kr rhe ho :-p hahaha

  13. Shraddha Sharma

    I think writers are dragging it, so that public stop watching, as I think writers are same as Aaliya…….., i hope rest all of us understand what I am trying to say…..

  14. Victoria

    Why is anybody still watching this stupid dumb show for Godsake. Since the beginning of this show the writers of this show refused to listen to viewers. Their stupid writing is making the actor look stupid. Most of the time Abhi acts and behave like a five year old instead of a grown adult. Pragya act like a stupid illiterate that has never seen a classroom instead of a lecturer. Aliya is a mental case and Tanu is a sl*t that shouldn’t be allowed in their home. Frankly since the writers refuses to do what is right for the story then scrap it cause it’s reached a stage where the story is annoying the viewers.

  15. Leila

    It good he slap her but wats the purpose she still didn’t get caught I think purab will tell him everything n he will help expose aaliya himself

  16. nivi

    aliya marupadiyum vandhuruva……. i think next weeek adha tha kaatuvanga…… i think abhi ll slap bocz 4 not informing ly……. if aliya excuses like to hire lawyer she hv done lyk tis means abhi ll forgv surely….. endlesss story…..

  17. sana

    If aaliya expose today episode means,what is that maha episode shown on Sunday September 21 for ganapathi puja special??in that maha episode aaliya trapped, today itself also she go to trap .what the hell is going on in this serial???

  18. sana

    If abhi also know truth about pragya like purab,he will really help pragya and expose aaliya and tanu in his crazy way,like MMS matter of pragya and abhi and pragya will live happily together.

  19. TINA

    I still have dout on pragya plan and abhi behaviour… i don’t know what will happen nxt to pragya.. if anything is happen its definetly affect pragya only and abhigya relationship ..

  20. srithika

    Frnds oruvela pragya kasta pattu aliya and tanu va expose pannalu.. adhukaga pragya patta kastam avalooda feelings edhala abhi yosipana nu dout dan enakku… bcos eppa pragya oda nilama romba mosama erukku ennada dadi pragya ku help pannalu ava nanashe time dadi ta pesa mudiyadu adhe madiri dan bulbul kudaiyum avaloo da loveble sis bulbul kuda ellarmunadiyum hug panna mudiyadu.. and ava family that means amma pati kuda amma nu kutyu pesavo feeling share panna vo mudiyeve mudiyadu… and pragya adigama love pandra and yaruka edhala seiraloo abhi kuda asaiya asaiya pesavu uraiya hug pannavoo suttama mudiyadu… she control her feeling in all situation.. but evaloo pandra pragya va abhi evalooku feel panni purujuka poranu teriyala…

  21. Priya $

    Nikki and chithu actually aliyah had one more copy of scratch Cd rit. If so she ll tell here’s the Cd sumone copied lik tat some excuses. And one more thing surely pragya ll expose Tanu’s truth 1st then aliyah came to know abt pragya. Then direct fight ll start between them I think so.

    • RIaa

      No alia will be exposed and thrown out of house and then tanu will be injured and go to hospital and ……….

    • chithu55

      Yes Priya. That should be the case.. Becoz if Aliya is exposed first, then it ll be much difficult to expose Tanu…definitely CVS knows viewers r not in a mood to see this Tanu’s track for much longer time… so we will see 🙂

  22. richa

    i think that bulbul has captured in the camera and she will expose it to.abhi and then abhi will slapped aaliya

  23. sana

    guys Nikhil is back…..I saw new segment….Nikhil will dress up like a doctor and will come and meet tanu….and there are some problems…abhi will be confronting pragya regarding tanus matter……its shown that he will be caring for tanu 🙁
    I don’t know d complete update….but anyways real father is back

    • Reji

      yes u r sana this time kumkum is in second place

      kkb team not for us but for this trp rating please change the track

  24. New segment update- Abhi blames pragya for tanu’s condition and behaves with her rudely, nikhil comes to meet tanu but gets hide on time. Full update- Abhi comes to meet tanu in the hospital. He shows concern for tanu. Tanu was unconscious. Abhi tries to talk with her but pragya says she is unconscious so u can shower ur love after she gains consciousness. Abhi blurts on pragya and blames her for tanu’s hospitalization. Then tanu gains consciousness, abhi asks her if lady mogambo did something wrong with u? Ronnie threatens tanu by showing her knife from behind to make sure she could not talk bad or wrong about pragya. Tanu gets scared and takes pragya’s side by saying it that infact she saved her. Abhi warns pragya that today she gets saved becoz of tanu but he will not leave her if she will do something wrong. Then in another clip they shows that nikhil comes to meet tanu in doctor’s outfit. He holds her hand, shows concern and talks with tanu. Then suddenly abhi comes with some doctors and nurses but nikhil hides himself on the time so abhi couldn’t see him.

    • I just don’t understand that what’s wrong with this abhi? Sometimes I feels that is he really loves pragya? I was hoping that he will b thankful to pragya for saving tanu and baby’s life and it will b an advantage of pragya that abhi couldn’t doubt or misunderstood her if anything will happen tanu and her baby in future. But this guy is doing totally opposite. He is blaming pragya and insulting her even after telling by tanu that she saved her and ya she has actually saved her. This is true. I know some of u guys will feel that he is doing this to make pragya jealous. But whatever guys, I m just fed up from this abhi’s behavior. Now I m waiting for that day eagerly when he will get to know pragya’s truth and he will remember his misbehaves and bad mouthing about pragya in during these days. I wish pragya don’t forgive him easily but as we know our pragya is great. Her love is increasing for abhi day by day even after his misbehaving. Poor girl,she deserves a lot of perfection and gudness in her soulmate with so much love, care, respect and trust. God knows when she will get all this.

      • And I hope now this time pragya, purab or bulbul atlwast someone among them could see nikhil and gets to know that he is the real father of tanu’s unborn baby.

      • nivi

        me too thinki d same.. is abhi really luvs pragya??? r just infatuation on her????
        y pragya luv abhi??? may b he saved her 4m kidnapper nd mms matter…apart from tat he tortured her so much…. i agreed tat they hv a cute nd superb romance… bt tats nt enough to run their life happily na… main thing ia confident.. bt abhi not believe her nd alwayz mistaing her… tis poor girl sacrifice devi pragya forgv him alwayz… bt abhi 4m d beginin he s luvin tanu… ta tanu is world famous gud character… so abhi lyks such a kind of chetaing persons ly ah lyk aliya nd tanu????? then wats his real charac????? after exposing tanu nd aliya plz expose abhi’s character too us KKB team… bcoz v r in high confusion abt his charac…..

      • One thing more guys that shabbir was saying in his interview that tanu is getting love before cutting, like a goat gets care before cutting. So that’s mean tanu’s countdown is begin guys.

      • chithu55

        I really don’t like this Abhi character now ….I think it is very irritating to watch the show til Tanu’s truth is revealed or atleast Abhi started realizing Pragya’s nature…I really really started thinking this Abhi is not at all deserve Pragya… I think they should atleast bring in some guy in Pragya’s life to make Abhi feel jealous…it is high time to bring in some one .becoz this Abhi has done a lot to Pragya….

      • Ya chithu that’s what I m saying. CVS r ruining abhi’s character totally in opposite of pragya. Don’t know why they r doing this? Becoz he is a rock star? But love doesn’t make differences between anything. Cvs should know this and should show this. I feel purab and bulbul have much potential then abhi and pragya to portray a true love story. As nivi said that they have a great chemistry with each other but life icould not run only by romance. A couple should have love, care, respect and trust for each other equally which purab and bulbul have.

    • Deepika

      Hey leave abhi now. It’s became usual for him to act controversal. But this men nikil is also acting dumb now??? Why should he hide himself seeing abhi??? She is talking with his own girlfriend who is caring his baby. He should be bold and freaky in getting his girlfriend back. His act is something like he is approaching Tanu- abhi relationship. What the hell… writers are making this men also dumb and brainless as abhi

      • Deepika

        Hey hey how should we leave abhi. Better he marries Tanu and should have a devil worse inferno life with tanu. So that at least pragya won’t get hurt anymore by his words. I know it’s not rite per justice and their love story. Then only he will understand pragyas love, sacrifices and greatness. Oh god I should not become a dumb by seeing this serial regularly…

      • nivi

        s deepika im really fed up of tis abhi character… smhz he ll get punishment better sm othr hero cum nd hold pragya’s hand or else abhi ll marry tany, tis s d way to gv punishment… bt indha pragya mistake thana idhellam… aftr knew tanu’s preg she wouldnot get out from mehra house.. if she stayed there itself she could cum to knw d person of tanu’s father…. if abhi cannot cum to knw pragya’a value then 4 wat he s luving fuggi???? illegally he got contact aftr marg too wit tat dharma pathini tanu in d begining, no one girl ll forgv tis nd al….. he shld pay d cost 4 those things… otherwise he wnt realise pragya’s value til his end…

      • Deepika

        You are absolutely rite nivi. I agree with you 🙂 Better some gentlemen hold and love pragya before abhi. Apoyadhu buddhi varatum. Now I think Suresh is better than abhi. I know they can’t make cute fights, romance. But he knows to give respect to pragya and will be friend. Abhi should learn something from purab and bulbul. I think they make a perfect couple who are understanding each other at all times. Bcz no meaning and feel of love is shown in abhigya relationship now a days.. Guys don’t mistake me for my words. I was also a big fan of abhigya before pragyas change..

  25. no expectations regarding this episode coz when thy will change their track we donno….omg we can’t see tht tanu baby got abort due to accident coz pragya can’t prove…..huh wht will happen don’t know……

  26. misha

    Yes Chithu I feel the same towards Abhi. Gradually I have started to dislike him because of his bad attitude towards Pragya… Never a moment of tenderness and all that humiliation he makes her endure since the beginning of their marriage by constantly misbehaving with this vamp Tanu!! Till now he is always giving so much credits to Tanu and belittling Pragya! Such a dumb fool he has become!! High time Pragya meets a smart gentleman who will really appreciate her and her numerous qualities…

  27. Yesterday SA Defeated india though Rohit scored a century, No body is going to remember the match because the Team India has lost the Game. So KKB Please remember the serial should be a grand success and you can do that by making an happy reunion of Abhigaya We hope u got the point.

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