Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya asking Dadi to apply mehendi on Tanu’s hand and taunts her. Dadi asks someone to apply mehendi and gets up. Some girls start dancing on the song Mehendi hai rachne wali……Tanu stares her mehendi smilingly and asks Abhi to search his name in it. Abhi says I can’t play this game. Tanu’s mum says it is a rasam and you have to do it. Abhi agrees. He looks at her hand, and says he can’t find his name. Pragya goes from there and writes ‘A’ on her hand with mehendi. Purab smiles looking A on her hand. Aaliya thinks Pragya will cry always once Tanu marries Abhi. Dadi thanks Sarla for coming there. Sarla says it is like our house only. Abhi comes and asks do you know each other. Dasi says it is good meeting them and is like knowing them since years. Sarla says

now we will leave, and get a taxi. Abhi asks Purab to drop them home. Purab says okay and asks them to come. Abhi sees Pragya going and asks where is she going? Pragya says home.

Abhi talks to Sarla and asks her to let her stay back. Sarla says okay. She says she will take care of you and your stuff, but who will take care of her. Abhi says I will take care of her. Sarla says okay. Abhi asks her not to worry, and says I will drop her home and will meet rockstar Dadi. Sarla agrees.

Aaliya sees Tanu’s mehendi and says you have hidden Abhi’s name nicely. Tanu says she is insulted and got mehendi on her hands. Aaliya says Pragya will repent to make you apologize. She says I won’t let her stay here anymore, and says their goons will make her leave from there, then she will have nothing, but just a name. Pragya looks at her mehendi and thinks it is her best mehendi.

Pragya finds her dress dori open and tries to tie it, but couldn’t. Abhi comes there and ties it. Zindagi ke safar me song plays…………..She thanks him. Abhi asks what you are hiding and asks her to show her hand, says he wants to see her mehendi color. Pragya asks why? Abhi says my Dadi says that one gets a good husband if mehendi color is dark. Pragya asks him to see Tanu’s mehendi color, and tells him that his clients are looking for him. Abhi tells her that they are looking for waiter and asks her to show her hand first. Pragya refuses. Abhi asks if she is scared to see her boyfriend’s intial. Pragya tries to speak. Abhi keeps hand on her mouth…while the song continues to play…Zindagi ke safar me. He looks at her hand and sees mehendi spoiled. He asks if it is A, B, C….Pragya says she didn’t write any letter, and it was just design. Tanu asks Aaliya to execute her plan fast. Aaliya says Dadi said that Pragya’s destiny is because of her kumkum. She tells that she got an idea and shows accountant to Tanu. She says this is the right time to prove her wrong in Abhi’s eyes.

Accountant asks Pragya to get Abhi’s signatures on the cheque and contract papers. Pragya says she can’t get sign on the contract papers, but she will get his sign on cheques. She comes and collides with Aaliya. Aaliya scolds her and asks her not to try and prove that she works best for him. She praises herself. Pragya tells her that she is not weak and tells her that she can’t let her do anything wrong. Aaliya says I know how to keep my accounts clean and says she will ruin her relation with abhi. Pragya asks her to try and says I haven’t done anything wrong against him. Aaliya says she will light the fire and make her run away out of house. Pragya asks her to take care of her hand, and goes asking her to keep dreaming.

She comes to abhi and asks him to sign on the cheques. Abhi says I am tired of applying mehendi on girls. Pragya says she couldn’t see any girl here. Abhi holds her hand and asks if she felt anything when he applied mehendi on her hand. Pragya says yes…and tells that she felt itching in her hand. Abhi says you are lying and says something will happen. Pragya thinks she can’t tell what happens in her heart. Aaliya comes to Abhi and asks him not to sign on any cheque or contract. She tells whatever she said is a lie. Abhi asks what? She tells it is employees Bonus cheques. Aaliya says no, and says Bonus will go on her name. Abhi says if she needs money then she will ask me and will not do this work. Aaliya says she will not ask and will opt for short cut instead. Abhi asks her to tell and not to blame her. Aaliya says she has taken advantage of your simplicity and came here to ruin you. Abhi is shocked.

Aaliya asks Tanu to wait and says she will continue the blame drama. She asks her to call Police and tell about the theft. Tanu asks who has stolen money? Aaliya says she is talking about Pragya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. congrats to the writter that how much irritated nstory he can take
    hands off to him this pragya will again start crying this abhi will believe his sis

  2. If abhi believes his sister then I will quit this show

  3. preethi lenin

    Y the director is so silly. Pl b practical. Abhi is still having tanu and pragya on both sides. Pragya is more than just a normal women. Can’t believe. It really irritates.

  4. Ya it’s true

  5. oh plz..stop diz ..r’nt u bored of writing d same..d same STORYLINE ..

  6. Wow history repeats, like before alliya will somehow convince her brother that pragya did it and obviously like every time he will believe his sister and framed pragya. Doesn’t the writer get tired of repeating the same thing again and again. Alliya will win likewise. I wish to see abhi gets some hints as to what kind of witch is his sister.

    1. The writer is a repeater

  7. Plz don’t drag again n again

  8. Don’t drag again n again

  9. How long thy will continue to irritte pragya..fedup …its was dadi who got abhis proposal to pragya..if thy want rich thy can na..y always insulting people based on money and standard.

  10. Guess d writer must be put in a mental hospital ward meant for prejudiced people. The shit that is written and executed so well, is damn disgusting. High time, this serial is finished for good or else zee tv, shut your channel. All your writers become insane & derainged once d pen and paper are in their hand

  11. Same old stupid drama.

  12. indera sanichara

    Prahya will be blamed again, this is like watching a kid movie again and again, so unbelievable writers I think you are sleeping. Please wake up and write something good.

  13. Hello all, read ur comments and all, u people are so attached to this serial, good to know
    Just want to add that I think abhi is doing a dram of memory loss, I dont think his memory is lost, just to bring the reality of tanu and aliya in front of evry one he is playing a game..

    1. Whatever u told happened then I will be very happy

  14. The writer doesn’t know what he writes, just repeating the same thing always. He/She must stop this fiction store and be real

  15. Stupidity to the peaks

  16. Divya Chandru

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that atleast this time Abhi will support and trust pragya ., let see tmrw … Cvs plz dont disappoint us ….

  17. Stupid writers writing stupid scripts for stupid serials to be viewed by stupid fans…. Finally creating a nation of stupid people…. Oh dear this makes me so sad…

  18. Lmaoooo Abhi is a clown

  19. Abhi always loves Pragya. Story very bad but Abhigya most beautiful couple for me.
    Always rainy days for Pragya enough please sunny day..

  20. once again storyline repeated… again and again and again… really these writers have very little imagination… poor actors so good , yet talent going to waste!
    only hope for this serial is since the memory loss Aaliya and Tanu’s plans aren’t going the way they planned.

  21. Anthony

    My own take is, I used to think aliya a very smart person she continues to prove she has no intelligence at all.

    Even during those times when abhi never personally liked his wife, pragya, it was difficult to plot against her and win. Fate always found a way to vindicate her.

    Post, memory loss, and known only as a secretary but not a beloved wife, abhi in his heart still feels a deep sense of responsibility and concern for his wife cum secretary and supports and trust her unreservedlu. Yet, aliya continues to employ those samr cheap antics.

    One would have thought that ,after seversl failed attempts to ruin pragya, which have infact endeared her more to her overly stupid but but lovely hubby, aliya would wise up but as is obvious ,aliya isnt ready to back down.

    Just tells you the extent and great lengths evil may go to have its way over good. In the end, good always wins.

    Pragya and her sweetpie will reunite in a very emotional way and those two witches will face their deserved end.

    Love you guys, and please, keep the drama down …lol.

  22. The program is getting boring everyday. It’s can’t be that Aliyah nd Tanu always win. Pls show us something better now. It’s more than 2 years nd always the same story.
    Am no more interested in the program again.

  23. This drama is sooo very boring. The director is dragging it and episods repeat. I dont wish to continue watching it anymore.

  24. kumkum bhagya

    same repeated boring drama

  25. draaaaaaaaaaagggging…..

  26. Aliya the worsest wicked faulty disgusting person ever. !

  27. It is surprising how Abhi is moving close to Pragya very quickly and the scenes shown in last episode are proof for that. He is performing Tanu’s mehendi but asking Pragya about her feelings and if she has a bf.

  28. Please wrap up this serial its so boring and stupid

  29. Bull shit , omg , pragya is sent to jail ,,, cvs u have disappointed us alot waste of of watching … better end this serial why this abhi is dumb always in his character … again same plotting, not even even interested in in watching it again… dont u have any idea to how to take the story line .waste crap ..


    Becoz of the accusation of fraud in Abhi’s accounts, PRAGYA has gone to jail as tanu and Aliya calls cops to arrest pragya. Cops comes and takes pragya with them. Pragya gets closed in lockup by Lady constable. In lockup, pragya cries.

    In another scene, pragya is writing something in a diary in Abhi’s room and abhi is showing her, his different shirts after wearing it that how he is looking in those shirts. Pragya doesn’t like those shirts and gives funny comments on that. Then abhi starts take out his t-shirt then pragya hides her face as she feels shy. Abhi removes diary from her face and again starts take out his t-shirt and he does this two times to tease pragya. But pragya runs from there.

    Reporter says that pragya is in jail becoz of Aliya’s plan of framing her. Pragya is in pain in jail and she is crying remembering abhi but she has believe that abhi will soon come and take her out from the jail.

  31. In season 1 pragya suffered and in season 2 also pragya should suffer how many times she should prove her love this is not fair but cvs please show that this time u have to show that abhi should prove his love ????????????

    1. New segment pragya was in jail but I m feeling that cvs should be in jail and there will be a limit of story but they are showing too much and they are suffering us????????

      1. And one more mogambo character is 1000 times far better than this alia and tanu evilness its really too much please close this track

  32. new segment update.

    aaliya successfully sent pragya to jail.. pragya is seen inside the cell..

    in another scene abhi and pragya are in abhi’s room.. pragya is writing something.. while abhi comes to her in different shirts.. (looks very funny) pragya laughs at all the dresses.. finally abhi is in his tshirt.. he starts to remove his tshirt and pragya shys and goes out of the room..

    no offscreen interview

  33. So pragya n abhi scenes will b d dream of pragya in jail. ..
    so finally pragya went to jail also…as usual all mehra family will not stop her going to jail… instead they just show sadness on their face…
    again pragya will come out frm jail n continue her job in Mad mansion. ..anyway she doesnt have any self respect too..

    How come in dis world one girl should b this much dumb…OMG…afterall she was professor too……

  34. Do the director really think this will create curiosity in viewers eyes. Its rubbish to think that way. It simply goes as if Abhi is not sincere to any (a kinda flirt). Just come to the end soon.

  35. Dude the story was stagnant for months do now i feel it is moving sahiti I hope u comment……. it’s been long I have commented probably abhi might be thinking of the cute moment with pragya cuz now it seems like abhi will miss her …..
    …… I think purab will bail out pragya with dadi’s help abhi won’t do much and pragya will never come in front of abhi……. it will be interesting how they will come back again. …… let’s see

  36. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop it nw dnt drag it again n again plz it wuld be vry gud if it wil go off air hm sb ke liye bht acha hga tb shyd

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