Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Kiara’s first meet

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The Episode starts with Abhi telling his friend that she came. He then says nothing. His friend asks him to get Dadi’s baggage. Pragya calls King. Kiara says she wants to have icecream. Pragya says she will bring and asks her to sit there. Disha comes to Purab’s room and takes his laptop. She says one act play, and says if I am Menka then you have be Vishwamitra. Purab says I don’t need to be Vishwamitra and says I can see and feel you. Purab gets romantic. Disha says she made cake as Sunny insister. Purab teases her and asks her to do something to attract him. Disha says I am going and says we will talk later. Purab says ok, and says I will taste this cake from your hand. Disha is about to make him have cake, when Aaliya comes there and asks what you are doing here, and asks him to come with her

to Abhi’s room. Purab asks her to go. Aaliya still waits for him. Purab says I will be back and goes to Abhi’s room.

Abhi tells Sunil that Dadi must have gone to lost and found counter. Pragya and Abhi cross each other. Song plays….raat ho ya din….Pragya and Abhi turn towards each other, but just then decoration trolley is taken away from there. They miss seeing each other. Someone returns pragya’s phone. Pragya senses she went near from him. Kiara’s balloons flies away. It comes near Abhi. Abhi tries to move it, but one of it get bursted and others fly off. Kiara calls him fundus and asks why did you burst my balloons. She asks Security to arrest him. Security guard says she don’t know you and take selfie with him.

Kiara says how corrupt. Abhi says he is not police officer and says you shall know Police officer’s uniform. She says she knows Scotland police, says she is british, but her heart is Indian. Abhi says I didn’t do it and says it was not my fault and acts like Govinda. She asks him not to style like him. Abhi says sweety… balloon hugged me and burst. Kiara says I will not let him go and asks him to get her balloons. Abhi says you are showing me attitude. Kiara says it is in my blood and says her dad is stubborn and she is more stubborn than her dad. She calls him dad. Abhi gets emotional. Kiara says I called you dad to make you understand and says you might have daughter of my age. Abhi says you are emotionally blackmailing me. He says I am the best. Kiara says my dad is the best of best. Abhi says wrong. He says east and west, and India is the best. Kiara says even you have attitude. Abhi says bye bye angry bird.

Kiara comes to him and says lovely, I challenged someone and asks him to return her balloons. Abhi says I will not return if you show attitude. Kiara says if I cry and say then how it will be. Lady comes there and asks why is she crying. Kiara says Papa is not buying balloons for me. Abhi is surprised. Lady asks him to have shame. Kiara says some shame is reflecting on his face. She says I will cry more. Abhi agrees. She holds his hand. Abhi feels current and recalls his conversation with Pragya. She tells her choice that she loves rock music and loves coffee. Pragya comes back to her seat and calls her.

Abhi says flight is landed and asks shop keeper to give her balloons. Shop keeper says I will give you all. Abhi asks her to take all. She says she plays fair, as you have burst two, I will take two only. Abhi asks about the price. Shop keeper says it is free, your daughter knows about it. Abhi thinks don’t know what her mum had it. Kiara asks what did you say? Pragya searches for Kiara. Abhi says I didn’t burst your balloons intentionally. Kiara says little things happen in big cities. She asks what is he hiding behind his smile, and asks him to slap himself twice infront of mirror and asks why he is getting angry. Abhi says cheeks will get hot and says I want to meet your mum.

Abhi kisses Kirara and says now I will go and pick my dadi. Kiara says you are welcome, and says if you do mistaes again and again then I will get chance to punish you. She kisses on his forehead. Abhi feels emotional connection with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Deeyaana

    Aww…. This was quite a cute episode of papa and princess. Both Attitude waley…… Rock stars….

  2. leisa s morris

    Hmmmm i remember an almost similar episode between surbhi’s daughter and father on their first meetin

  3. Scene was nice and the Kiara acting was good.. But abhi dumb as ever. Want to see his reaction when he knows Kiara is his daughter and then him realizing what mistake he has made.. ALSO shld come to know tanu hand in Dadi death and abhi should feel the guilt of having married tanu… Maybe want to leave tanu but she will not give up so easily especially now when she is Abhi’s wife. As we all know evil is always winning in KKB for r the last 4 years and so will always win.. Want abhi to rot in hell and pragya to be happy with king…
    .. No respect for relationships and marriage… Terrible of a team Balaji.. Stop this blo*dy serial

  4. leisa s morris

    Dis reminds me of a similar eposide in yeh vaada raha wen surbhi daughter met her dad for d first time… so like ektha and i wasnt evn surprised cause i was sure abhi wuda meet kiara before he saw pragya

  5. again i am asking how could kiara be abhis child pragya and abhi never slept together and what happened when pragya was verbally abused by abhi and she walked out of the hospital and walked off of the cliff did she not die did king found her and nurse her back to health we never saw that part of it so please i need to know what went on there so could someone enlighten me.

    1. they had an Intimate episode in March.. Find it and re-watch it

  6. Its lyk copy cat f kasam frm colors. . . wtf s ths ?? Nd actors also accepted the script. . . director s worlds best dumb . . . oh producer s the vry big fool 2 make it on air . . . ths leap nd new look nd their daughters r good change . .. But abi married 2 tanu worst twist ever.. . . it seems lyk no valuefa their love struggle so far. . . . actors seriously sucks fa accepting ths blo*dy copying script.. .

  7. thanks ani for enlightening me but i guess i missed that part because i sure cannot remember them consumating their marriage; they are always messing around so much that maybe they did it and i did not notice any way two other points noted why did not purab support pragya when abhi abused her verbally at least he could have said something on her behalf and the other point pragya walked off the cliff how did she survive that was there a Matress or a Net waiting to catch her or did she fell into a river and king found her; all these are pressing questions with no positive answers anyway if you said they slept together i am taking your word for it but to tell the truth that is not something that i would have missed because i waited so long to see it happen wish they could show it over; Naz and Jayashree my dear forum friends did you witness the consumation of abhis and pragyas marital bliss without me lol

    1. It was so boring and dull , their normal romance has more spark than the day the consummated their marriage( watch episode 1069 or 1070) its somewhere there. It was a let down as for abhi marrying tanu big hole to the heart ,he could have married any girl yet he chose to marry than B…CH this show has more twist it doesn’t need anymore. Maybe the ending will be on our side but its wishful thinking.

    2. Maybe u missed that one Sapphire. everything else u said is juz right nd evn I hv all those doubts (I mentioned it in that cmnt itself) anyways, I guess Dane is right…it was 27th of march (well, I’m pretty sure coz it was my bd) nd if i remember crctly, it was episode 1069. Do check if u want to but I tell u, the episode was quite messed up with so called fun moments…there wasnt much of romance in it… maybe that’s y I guess u doubt on them really dng it!ll

  8. sorry dane neither of these episodes show pragya and abhi consumating their marriage try again to recall the episode

    1. It happened on mar 27th, episode 1069 dear

  9. So today’s epi was quite good…I liked that lil girl kiara’s acting. Must say, she is really cute. abhi nd kiara bonding was soooo good, their scenes were worth watching. only their scenes! everything else was juz crap. lyk abhi nd pragya missing to meet or stupid aaliya disturbing purab nd disha…man, I am fed up wid aaliya…can’t she juz get over purab? its been 7 yrs nd for god’s sake purab is a father. these writers r really damaging characters beyond repair. Coming back, abhi nd pragya not meeting wasnt convincing at all… i wud have loved to see abhi seeing king, pragya nd kiara together nd end up burning in jealousy. I don’t care if that man misunderstands pragya nd gets more angry on her. i want him to c hw happy they r. I want him to realise that even he cud hv been happy wid pragya if not fr his sis nd ex girlfrnd (nw wife!) he should realise what he has lost… he really shud suffer fr marrying that creep woman, I wish pragya doesn’t forgive him easily this time.

  10. I hope she does not forgive him. she has had her fair share of pain, suffering and humiliation because of her good for nothing husband. she deserves to be happy and I think king can give her that happiness

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