Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pragya crying vigorously sitting on grass. Abhi looks at her from car and leaves. She tries to stop him, but thinks she should let him go as he wants to live alone now. She thinks she should go back to Sarla’s house and not inform Daadi anything.

Abhi in his home hits on punching bag in rage and reminisces Pragya proposing hi thrice and then telling she cannot love him at all and fooled him. He thinks he hates her.

Purab comes to Abhi’s room and calls him and Pragya. He sees bed and thinks they did not sleep whole night as they must have spoken to each other whole night just like he and Bulbul spoke whole night when they confessed their love. He searches them everywhere and thinks they must have gone to celebrate. He asks Robin where is Abhi.

He says he is missing since night and even Pragya is missing. He thinks his doubt is right, they must be celebrating. He gets Bulbul’s message to meet him right now. He thinks he should speak to Abhi and Pragya and confirm first and then inform Bulbul.

Servant sees Abhi sleeping in gym room and asks him to go and sleep in bedroom. He asks him to close curtains and reminisces Pragya saying she does not love him. He removes his engagement ring and asks servant to bring alcohol/drinks. Servant asks why drinks in the early morning. He asks him to do as he says. Servant keeps alcohol bottle and leaves. He watches news that his album became overnight hit even before release and credit goes to his wife Pragya who modeled for the album. He breaks mirror and thinks he hates Pragya.

Bulbul and Purab look at house album and start their cute romantic talk. She asks him to buy all houses. He says he has to work to get somany houses for her. She asks him to work 4 hours and be with her 20 hours. He says this is too much. She says he can work 2 hours and be with her 22 hours. They continue their romantic talk.

Aaliya looks at herself in mirror and thinks if she loses 2 more kilos, Purab will be mad behind her. Tanu comes and says she did not find Abhi anywhere. Aaliya says Purab must be knowing and calls him who says even he does not know where he is. He also gets tensed. Biji asks him the reason and he says Abhi is missing. Aaliya thinks Abhi must be with behanji. Tanu thinks Pragya must have informed Abhi about her fake pregnancy. Aaliya gets servants call that Abhi is in gym room since yesterday night and is drinking heavily since morning.

Taiji and Tayaji show girl’s pics to Akash and ask him to select one. He asks why. He asks why did not he ask his opinion. Taiji starts emotional atyachar and says Rachna will not marry him, so he should marry any one of these girls. He says he will not marry. Daadi interferes and convinces him to marry. He says he cannot reject her or Abhi’s request and says he will marry for her sake. Taiji gets happy and says he wants to see sehra on Akash’s head.

Tanu and Aaliya reach Abhi’s gym and try to wake him up, but he murmurs repeatedly that all are bad. Tanu asks servant why did he let Abhi drink so much. Servant says he did not listen. They both then take Abhi to his room and make him sleep on bed. Tanu thinks Pragya must have told him about pregnancy, so he is tensed. Aaliya thinks Pragya must have told something, so she will go and ask him. Tanu says she will also come. Aaliya says Pragya may not open up, so she will go alone.

Pragya reaches Sarla’s home and asks Pragya what did she tell Abhi. Pragya asks what happened. She continues shouting. Pragya closes door and asks what happened to Abhi. Aaliya says Abhi is inebriated and was found on floor unconscious and asks what did she say. Pragya gets tensed.

Precap: Abhi looks at Pragya’s photoframe and gets angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. DeeDee

    The show will LOSE Viewers behind this!! Fans want to see Abhi and Pragya together. Writers have carried this SAME OLD story line for far to LONG. It is Time to bring them together or fans will SWITCH to a More entertaining show…
    You will ALL be out of a Job!!!

  2. bingo

    Guys now abhi will get to knw about tanus pregnancy n will take dadis help in letting the truth come out

  3. gia

    Trp has already reached 5 frm 1 ..if they continue to do so they will surely be put frm top 5

  4. Betty

    Abhi has a lot of issues. Now he is drunk on the floor. Pragya should Runnnnnn from that Nut

  5. i agree with DeeDee. stop this twist writer. I want to see abhie and pragya.expose tanu and aliya.is more than enough to see the badpeople enjoying there nonsense.be an example miss writer.we want see love between husband and wife not twisttttttttttttt

  6. sapna

    What the crap ya same stories again and again wanna see pragya and abhi togather ………

  7. ?♪susi♪?

    Hello writer nd director…pls don’t do this nonsense..twists.we don’t want ur twist…we want abhigya together…nd show some romance inbtwn purab nd bulbul….

  8. Sonika Rodrigues

    pls dont drag this twist its sickening!
    unite paragya nd abhi!!
    We want abhi to give a tight slap for tanu that would be interesting!!

  9. dont drag this much . pragya is awise lady and abhi also ahrown up man and he knows about his sis &tanu so he should analyse the reason for the problem and correct it and make his wife happy.drinking and doing devadooss action is not good .i feel bored really.plse they are matured both.

  10. Arey iss tanu ki sachayi samne lao aur usko abhi ke life se bahar nikalo. Pragya aur abhi ke beech ka confusion door karo

  11. Theju

    Guys and girls,watever we speak they will drag the story as thy lik oly..its our time getting waste…but eventhough one truth is tht we cant stop looking kumkum bagya how much ever we think…so lets remain patience………..

  12. neetu

    this show is dragging like anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but im very worried abt NAUC bcoz its going 2 end in 8 months…………………sooo sad…………. 🙁

  13. Bharathi


  14. rajesh

    this is damn f**k
    ekta kapoor yo are a b*t*h she is doing the same wt she carried in pavitra rishta
    pragya is broken
    but Abhi is heart broken but no more he can.be a Rockstar unless pragya comes back

  15. nivedhidha

    oh please stop the nonsense not abhi and pragya we viewers r heart broken plz make abhi and pragya to live together

  16. rohan

    They forgot about kidnap…..pragya sister track over …..tat professor character is dead r what…..lot of confusion…. Zee channel waste channel star rocks

  17. Plz give sme sense to ths show and abhi…..he is nt a rkstar….he is stupid…….without thking ..without learning abt prblm hw can he so rude with prgya…in just very one episode he relize his love and within one episode he also got to hate her….wat rubbish writers and ekta…….i thk in ekta mam serials jodis are superb bt till the show tke its end tey wont relize their love and if tey,,,,ty wont conffess (ex: yeh hai mohabatein) tey l drag the serial…….nonsense ……plz mke ISHRA & ABIGYA TOGETHER!!!!!!

  18. Please unite abhi and pragya!!!! If ekta kapoor is reading this! Please get abhigya! Thats what all of the viewers want. No more plot twists please!!!!

  19. sweety

    I to agree wid dee dee Ho noo it is so disgusting how many times dey seprate first aliya marriage next Suresh MMS now tanu pregnancy getng bore pls change d track its a hummble request pragya always over sacrifice we r losting patience

  20. Joshb

    Better pragya left abhi.. He is a worst. And abhi tanu couple is more suitable to each other. I m going stop watching this crab. . With this ending.

  21. Liya

    Haha,abhi is sad 4 pragya and he completely forgot tanu.how mad was he 4 tanu!also pragya believed tanu.utter foolishness.

  22. saadiqa

    This show is getting very stupid..why do u all keep twisting the show now that abhi as fallen for pragya..this is the moment we are all waiting for..gosh..

  23. Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi supports Pragya when Dadi slaps her, final confession of love
    IndiaTV Entertainment Desk | 01 May 2015, 18:01:46 IST

    Kumkum Bhagya latest updates
    New Delhi: Seems like Kumkum Bhagya’s Pragya will finally get to hear those three golden words from Abhi. In the upcoming episodes, Pragya will be seen getting the support from her husband as opposed to the rest of the family.

    While it might all be staged by Pragya herself, the lady will be shown getting a tight slap from her dearest dadi (Abhi’s dadi).

    In the latest promo surfacing the rounds, Pragya advocates Aakash’s marriage to her lover who is pregnant with his baby. The ideal bahu also targets dadi for being biased towards Abhi and therefore not letting Aakash marry his love.

    Reacting to such serious allegations, Dadi in lieu, plants a crisp slap on Pragya’s left cheek.

    As a result, the entire Mehra family along with Dadi goes against Pragya. However, hubby Abhi for that rare surprise stands as the only one in support of his wife.

    Well, looks like the coming week is all set to mark a grand twist in the popular TV show. And the audience might also cherish Abhi expressing love to his wife.

    Let’s just wait for a few more days to witness this interesting turn in Kumkum Bhagya!

  24. Last year from june to december kkb was rocking.really enjoyed the scene in the bhoot bunglow when abhi carried her so nicely

  25. aryan

    Itna sara timepass how can any1 bare . Salute to those ppl who watch this show. Can’t even read thos scarp. Blurrrrrrr. Darnnnnnnnnn.

  26. vinuvirat

    ada erumaikala konjamavathu yanga rabul ku important kodungada.. yappapathalum arvillatha abhi pragya kamekkarenga i watch the serial bcoz of my rabul!!”! luv u rabul

    • angy

      Hey u doesnt need to watch the show! We want abhigya not rabul! They are not the lead rolls!!! U F****ing tamilan doesnt need to watch hindi Shows!!!! Samjha?
      We love Abhigya show their scenes more!!!!
      Love u abhigya!!!!!

      • ?♪susi♪?

        Hello ange… mind ur words …u don’t want to describe.r order. Tamilan…..u stupid…..podi podi punaku…????

      • Indian

        Hello angy, whts this..yaar? Being an Indian y r u showing this much of discrimination ….It is a public website everyone have their rights to express their views. Develope your mind set to approach everyone equally. No one is lower than others. Y dnt u enjoy the fact that one of your fav serial hav fans all over India.. 🙂 . .

      • Indian

        Moreover, I have heared that Tamilians have the best culture practice in India. I have so many tamil friends.. Especially their tamil slag is so so cute. They are really so sweet personalities. .They are lovable personalities. .Many times I felt sad for not being a tamilian .. I dnt know what would the fact that gav u negative thought abt tamilians.. They are actually brilliant in all fields . . yaar

      • abby


  27. aji

    this credit goes to zee tv bcoz they are testing the patience of the fans by repeating the same stories

  28. saima

    i thought this is the only drama i love that, but after seeing last night episode i thought i cant see it ever again………

  29. selian

    yah kkb is loosing fans m 2 when i’ll hear dat abhgya r 2gether is when i will start watching it’s episodes again

  30. This is pure craziness.This story is all over the place.I have never seen a story where one minute love and another minute out of love and hate.What are they doing ?The story is all messed up now.

  31. This is just waaaaaaaay tooo boring yaaar,,,i mean for God sake will the writers please knock somesenses into your own brains your jst dragging this show way too much pple are loosing interest in the show

  32. Everyone loved Pragya in Abhi’s family now everyone hates her.. What nonsense.. I am not the serial types so I don’t watch any, this is the only Show I watch mainly cuz of Shriti and Shabbir, they are cute even when they fight but now I quit. I can’t take this crap anymore.. It’s almost 300 episode already and still the lead pair is not together.. Whenever I watch this show I feel sad and irritated, how much I used to love this show.. No more Kumkum Bhagya..

  33. ?♪susi♪?

    Thank u Indian fr ur support..we all Indian all r equal…..jai hind..✌☺☺☺

  34. abby

    hey u blo*dy angy…i know that u r a tamilan….if u a hindi mean u will nt understand wat vinuvirat wrote there….it clearly can be seen that u r a tamilan….if u put a name in hindi based ….u thought that no one will catch u blo*dy idiot…..u r insulting ur own mother tongue sl*t…..may the god give more brain to think….haha…ne unnodeh vaiye koduthe unndoeh dash eh punnakikitta……hw many times we want tell u to nt insult tamilan but u wont hear it ryte…..who r u to said that we cannot watch hindi dramas……hey u pls mind that we will always support hindi people n hindi dramas and nt like u …who r insulting their own religion…no worry angy god wll punish yewh….FOR MY HINDI FRENS WHO R COMMENTING HERE,CAN U GUYS SAW THAT THIS blo*dy ANGY COMMENTING LIKE CRAP……GUYS I KNOW THAT SHE IS A TAMILAN BUT ACTS LIKE A HINDI PEOPLE….SO,CAN U GUYS PLS TEACH SOME LESSON TO HER…..WE R HERE TO GIVE OUR OPINION BOUT KKB RYTE….BUT THIS IDIOT COMMENTING BOUT TAMILAN RATHER THAN COMMENTING BOUT KKB…….DER IS A LOGIC IN HER COMMENT GUYS…..IF SHE IS A HINDI MEAN IS THAT SHE WILL UNDERSTANDING THE WHOLE THING THAT A TAMILAN COMMENTS HERE…..AS FOR ME DIS WILL BE MORE DIFFCULT TO A HINDI PEOPLE UNDERSTAND OUR LANGUAGE….GUYS I KNOW THAT U WILL READ WAT WE COMMENTING THERE BUT U GUYS UNDERSTANDS THAT?????


    • Abby mikka nandri ( thank u ) …. Ya u r right and no one has rights to say about others … Its just tht v must think she don’t have sense or just v must not mind her ….. She is some dash … Let her do wat she can …. As if she don’t knw Tamil … Drama queen …. Don’t take stress about these comments just ignore …. If she says doesn’t mean v will not watch … And ya v r always supporting others and wat Indian said was right v always r good people … Don’t mind about some idiotic comments…. Just chill

      • abby

        thank yewh devga 🙂 i’m just commenting bout my view ony ….yeah for i will don’t mind of some idiotic comment….chill

  35. humaira

    i started to watch SAPNA SUHANA LADAKPAN KA bt after the end of that,i start to watch KUMKUM BHAGIYA but now it iz getting to bored that i think that i should stop watching these nuisance zee-tv shows and should watch intresting star plus

  36. nibir

    really angy should b ashamed of being a tamil and posting this type of comments…….disgusting…rathame kodhikudhu. 😮

  37. nibir

    soodu sorana irundha inime ippadi comment pannadha……..unaku puriyumnu nenaikuren……………..u”ll surely understand Mr/Ms shameless

  38. We wanted to see them together finally.but u ppl can’t really show nething good.this show is going to lose viewers if things go like this.pls make them get along with each other.

  39. Kt

    Also tired of this drama. Abhi and Pragya were lost in jungle for such a long time and all of a sudden Tanu claims to be pregnant. Writers think viewers enjoys nonsense. Please bring Oragya and Abhi together at once and remove both Tanu and Aaliyah from the house.

  40. sandy

    This series is just getting more and more annoying….. I have to come to a point now where I have stopped watching……pathetic story line and script

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