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The Episode starts with Abhi telling Dadi that he can’t marry Tanu until he gives divorce to Pragya. Dadi asks what I shall do? Abhi asks her to convince Pragya for divorce, and says if she gets angry and refuses to give divorce then the matter will go to court and it will take much time. Dasi hears them and asks Dadi to talk to her. Dadi says she will talk to Pragya and asks him not to worry.

Pragya thinks about Tanu’s smart move, and her conversation with Abhi. She thinks I have to end Tanu’s game and can’t see my family suffer anymore. Abhi comes to room. Pragya tears some papers and throws it in dustbin. Abhi gets angry and thinks he should….Pragya turns and he takes back his hands. He thinks he should treat her nicely, and then only she will agree for divorce. He says he has

to keep her happy, as Dadi will talk to her tomorrow. Pragya asks him if he is upset with her. Abhi says no, and takes out his mobile phone. He says I have realized that anger is bad and dry up blood, and I don’t want to waste my anything on you. Pragya gets angry. Abhi says it is not worth to burn blood for others. He asks her to calm down, when someone instigates her to get angry. He says you will look less old and more young if you lowers your anger. Pragya says do you want to do my betterment. Abhi says I want to do everyone’s betterment by distributing the gyaan. Pragya says you can’t think of my betterment, and says this doesn’t suit you. Abhi says I am a changed man. Pragya says your mood is like mumbai’s rain and can change at any time. Abhi gets angry and thinks she knows more about myself than I do.

Pragya says see you are talking to yourself in heart. Abhi says live and let live and asks why she is very complicated. He asks her to look here and there and tell what is her own. Pragya looks in her room. Abhi says he is talking about life partner, kids, family etc. He says you haven’t thought about your future and asks her to think. Pragya says she don’t want to think about all that. She gets up, but falls down on his lap. Abhi says it is needed, and asks until when he can save her from falling down. He says you will need someone to save you, take you in his embrace, lifts you in his arms and put you on bed, and asks if you got hurt. They have an eye lock while Abhi asks her. Sanam Re plays…………………Abhi gets up and asks her to think that she is losing so much while trying to earn money. He asks her to find someone and says he is talking about her betterment. He leaves. Pragya thinks Abhi is taking care of her when they are so far. She thinks Abhi will take care of her very well, when they get together and hopes he becomes her future.

Tanu comes to Aaliya and says your idea worked. She says I talked to Abhi just like you told me. She says I took him in my confidence. Aaliya is tensed and asks how is everyone at home. If Abhi is doing any concert or launching any music. Tanu says he is always in tension and forgot to make music. Aaliya says she didn’t have a peaceful sleep. Just then Tanu gets Nikhil’s call. She tells him that she followed Aaliya’s suggestion and took Abhi in her confidence. She asks if you got to know about the blackmailer. Nikhil says no and says he has been using different sim cards and seems professional. He says he will find out if he calls again and asks her to keep an eye on everyone. Tanu says okay and disconnects the call.

Dadi comes to Pragya’s room and calls Abhi angrily. Pragya asks what happened? She says he is not in the room. Dadi closes the door and asks Pragya what happened between them. She says Abhi asked her to talk to her about divorce. She asks what shall I tell him. Pragya asks her to tell that she haven’t spoken to her. Pragya says I will think about something. Pragya smiles and keeps hand on Dadi’s face, when Abhi comes and asks what is happening? Pragya says I was telling Dadi that she is looking tensed. Abhi asks why she is in tension. Pragya says she asked me to give you divorce, and says I was making her understand that anger is not right. Dadi says you haven’t see my anger yet and says I am elder in this house. Pragya refuses to accept her sayings. Dadi says it is my order and asks her to get divorce silently. Pragya tells Abhi to calm her down else she will get angry. Dadi warns Pragya and asks her not to refuse for divorce. Pragya says she will think. Dadi says you shall give divorce till evening. Tanu comes and hears them. Pragya says I won’t give divorce. Abhi asks Dadi to calm down, and not to argue with her. He asks Dadi to come with him. Dadi says war is still not over. Pragya says I will end it with my win. Tanu asks what happened? Dadi and Pragya argue again. Abhi takes Dadi with him. Tanu asks Pragya to give divorce.

Purab talks to Sarla and says you will again stand up on your feet. Sarla looks at him. Purab says Pragya is suffering being right and Tanu is enjoying her life being wrong. He asks her not to take tension and says few things will not be same like before, like Bulbul. He says he misses her, but can’t take support of her memories, as he will get weak and can’t fulfill her last wish. Ronnie comes to room, hears them and says I can understand your pain. He says Pragya’s enemies will cry, and we will make her mission succeed. Purab tells Sarla that he will send Rachna to stay with her, and says he will punish Bulbul’s murderers and asks for her blessings. Sarla gets teary eyes.

Dadi apologizes to Abhi. Abhi says he is already tortured and says he will talk to Pragya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Waste of time reading this stuipd idiot story no positive thoughts …..

  2. Dragging

  3. Ankita(twinj lover)

    Why are writers draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagging the serial so much. Getting bore. 🙁 :’-( 🙁 :’-( 🙁 :’-( :-(( :-(( :’-(

  4. Today’s also boring. Tanu chapter when it close otherwise Pragya chapter close how many days this dragging serial of tanu stop fastly buddy we cannot see the serial please bring the tanu truth out now

  5. Good episode….even for 1 day tanu didnt talk infront of pragya….happy to c tanus face at that time…hope for good…

  6. When tanu vl expose…
    Dadi did a blunder mistake by making fuggy as mogambo
    If pragya tells abhi tha truth earlier itself then abhi must be accepted
    But now that disgusting tanu manipulates abhi by making fake emotional drama…
    Its annoying ?

  7. such stupid and dragging epsidoes, only fit to read and not watch. Don’t waste ur time I did not see if for 2 weeks and still the story is at the same point, nothing has changed. How dumb is that.

  8. Omg can someone please talk to them im sick of this nonsence

  9. Still nonsense t think raj will help pragya find the truth about aaliya n tanu

  10. Pragya let Abhi marry Thanu,you both can torchohr Thanu like how they torched you initially .

  11. Stop dis drams yar ……show something new story

  12. Alfred Adu Yeboah, Ghana

    Pragya & Dadi are the best corabow, but still the story was twisted day by day, why?

  13. waste of good.time.reading this crap.
    I stop watch this nonsense television. I started to read it .but more nonsense dragging along … Writters you guys.make.Abhi.looks.more and more disgusting every day stop this shit people don’t even want to heat about KKB now

  14. I cant even l8ok at this show anymore niether can l read it ,mos4 disgusting

  15. Tanu’s pregnancy chapter has started from April 2015 and still going on and her billy is still not showing ? . As rachna got the Guinness award for longest pregnancy ever so now tanu wants to break that record.
    This show sucks now
    Balaji has always been the same with their serials.
    If anyone has watched ( Kalash Ek vishwas ) on life ok
    It has the same story same episode the only difference is the actors
    Ohhh God Balaji telefilms should stop fooling people

  16. Hey writer please twist this story let Purab start liking Pragya let see what Abhi does. Maybe people will start watching it again

  17. booooooorrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg

  18. Its really torturous to sea KKB now a days. No one can understand why this serial is being dragged like this unneccessarily. Guess, the makers will understand only when the TRP falls down drastically like what happened with MATH. The character of Nikhil was a positive one and now it is a wicked character. His mind works in all the circumstances but fails only to understand the truth of Tanu.. strange.
    Just to make viewers attached to the show few Abhigya scenes are shown but those are also irrelevant. And yeah, DREAMS.. only this serial character have dreams like anything. Every week, one or two dreaming episodes are shown.
    Guess, makers have forgotten the story line and and are in a confused state how to end this dragged episodes.

  19. Precap is not what has written. Precap is- Pragya tells to sarla maa that she is going to move for her final and last plan and if it will b failed then she will tell whole truth to abhi and she will leave mehra house along with sarla maa.

  20. Finally pragya has taken that decision which we wants. And guys did anyone of u noticed that in yesterday’s episode when purab was talking with sarla maa then sarla maa’s hand was little move. It means her body has started to give respond. So guys what we r thinking that sarla maa will reveal takhil’s truth so I think it will happen, only sarla maa will expose takhil at the last moment. Till then CVS will show us pragya’s efforts which will definetly get failed. May b she will get to know in this last plan that nikhil is tanu’s baby’s father and mate of tanu’s crimes but then also I don’t think so she will b able to expose them as she needs some very strong proof on which abhi could believe and that is only sarla maa and that video proof. And like always, it will all happen only at last few minutes of the climax as we sees usually in shows.

    1. mithali was telling someone over cell that she will bring AbPragya hi on time
      So who will b that person
      Any idea???

    2. Yeah pratiksha I hv noticed that…
      I think Sarala ma vl gets alright.. But in-between the dragging takes place as u told that pragya’s plan’s going to b flop…
      I think in tabhi’s marriage only tanu’s truth will come out

    3. She had been deciding on so many things, but someone like Daadi will come in last minute, do some drama n she will become emotionally weak. When Aaliya asked Pragya to get out, Daadi couldnt take it n got sick. Now when she knows that Abhi is in hurry to marry Tanu, will she allow Pragya to tell the truth n move out with her mom.

  21. That’s the right decision Pragya takes…But I hope that idea won’t flop…Can’t wait to read what will happen tomorrow!
    Tanu seems to have a slight baby bump in the serial though…Do u guys noticed that?

    1. Yes she has the baby bump .. For the past few weeks

  22. Tannu ka secret jaldi exopose karo ye pregnency ka trak bohut boring hai kuch naya laao na serial mein kite din ekich trak ku dragging karte

  23. BTW y yesterdays episode was very long ? It was abt 28 mins .. Y is it so ?

    1. Because of more dragging ??

      1. ;););)

    2. Exactly I gave yday episode a miss, 3rd day in row, but tuned in around 9:25 to catch precap. First I was also confused, whatever is written here in precap I thought it was precap for tomorrow. But later realized the show was still coming. Somehow it was longer than everyday, donno why. So even when I didnt wanted to watch, ended up watching the last few mins 🙂

  24. Soooooooo borrrrrriiiiiinnnnngggggg pleaseeeeee end this disgusting tanu

  25. Hi guys…I am fed up watching and reading this serial.pls ekta change the story line and do u guys have any common sense…y r u dragging so much…..its not necessary…wht u are getting after so much hatredness from the viewers….pls stop it yaar.

  26. Most of you comment shit about KKB saying things like “stop this dragging” “expose tanu” “boring” “stupid” “irritating” “TRP’s will drop if this continues” yet all of you watch KKB!
    Everybody here knows that pragya will expose tanu and abhigya’s reunion will happen in the climax of this show so better not comment crap about KKB who so ever wants to leave watching this show can leave right now cvs is not forcing you to see this show!! you guys are yourself interested in watching this show!

    1. I agree wit u nimrit ppl shld not comment lyl dat

    2. Because of thses ppl only show has become successful nimrit…whn they are happy they are praising..whn it is boring they r sharing the feeling here..what is wrong in that …everybody hv their right to tell their opinion…sometimes if we feel bore in our life it doesn’t mean that we are bored no need to live..better die…we will be keep blabbering…and one day we come out of boring things….like that only..

    3. I think uh r rite nimrit ji

  27. Haha well said nimrit

  28. guys pls tell me how to create a fan fiction im new here

  29. plez i request you ekta why r u draggin the serial . change the storyline

  30. 2nd Feb highlights-
    * Daadi, Pragya and Rachu in a room.. Daadi laughing thinking of Abhi’s face when Daadi and Pragya are fighting. Pragya asks Daadi to stop joking.. Even tho shez his Daadi she dosent like when Some1 makes fun of Abhi. Rachu n Daadi pull Pragya’s leg.

    *Purab and Ronnie join then and Purab asks Rachu to stay with Sarla maa . Purab says this is our last chance. And asks to change the blackmailer as Di cant do 2 things at once. Purab says we have a reverse plan and we need to think of some1 who can become the blackmailer. Ronnie vote for himself. Pragya says i dont want any1’s life at risk andd no one will interact with Tanu directly.

    * Ronnie says he can take any risk for his sister. He already lost 1 and hez nt ready to loose the other. Purab agrees. Saying that we got our blackmailer and we should start our work.

    1. *Abhi is walking up n down the stairs thinking how to get the divorce from Pragya as Daadi spoiled his plan.he has to apologise to Pragya and try to convience for divorce. Just then Pragya comes.. Abhi looks here and there.. Pragya aks him to tell sorry. Abhi says u knw.. Pragya says i knw u wanted to say sorry bt dnt knw for what. Abhis says regarding Daadi’s matter and tries to explain things. Pragya says that matter. I forgot abt it and forgave Daadi. Abhi says i have to talk to u and Pragya says later and leaves.

      *Pragya comes to Maa and Precap scene. Sarla says my blessings are always with u. If god dosent bless u then i want him to not test you. Abhi believes u or not, but my belief on god will leave. Pragya wipes Maa’s tears and says what ever happens its for good.

      1. *Pragya thinks i didnt want to do this Tanu , but ur forcing me to do it. Tanu thinks abt the blackmailer. Just then Pragya calls Tanu . Tanu asks did u make a deal with any1. Pragya asks Abhi’s number and says she’ll make a deal with him. Tanu says u’ll ask for Abhi’s no n i’ll give u? Tanu says make the deal with me. I’ll give u the money and tell me wer to meet. Pragya says i wont make the mistake twice. i wont meet you and risk my life. Pragya says in 1 hr come to the place i say and give the money to my man. if she dosent then i’ll find Abhi sir’s number and tell him everythig. and cuts the call.

      2. * Tanu comes to Aliya tells her abt the blackmailer and says all of this is happening coz of Nikhil and calls him. Tanu shouts at Nikhil. Nikhil says hez outside the house. Tanu asks him to come to the Outhouse.

        * Pragya thinks with this call Tanu must be tensed and now her focus will be about the blackmailer and not on Maa. Purab and Daadi ask Pragya what happened .. Pragya tells them abt her call to Tanu.

      3. *Daadi says be careful as shez pregnant. Pragya says my mission is to scare Tanu. I wont let anything happen to her baby. Purab asks what shez going to do to scare Tanu. Pragya says we’ll see Tanu’s face during lunch and we’ll knw weather my call had an effect on her or not. If shez tensed then only i’ll take my net step.

        **Tanu shouts at Nikhil and walks to Aliya says she dosent care. Aliya says she dose but she has some wrk and leaves from there. Nikhil asks Tanu to be calm and think. Nikhil asks Tanu to go inside the house and try to asses the situation and see weather any1 got a call. and hez comming behind her. Tanu leaves. Nikhil thinks what game is the blackmailer playing.

      4. * Evey1 is at the dinner table except for Abhi n Pragya. Tanu comes in and thinks that 1st i’ll check with them weaher any1 got a call.. Tanu tries to pull the chair and Ronnie put his leg.. Suddenly he removes and Tanu almost falls pulling the chair. Daadi asks her to be careful.

        *Tanu thinks how will i find out. Just then Mithali checks her phone and Tanu thinks weather Mithali got the call.. Pragya watches all this from a far. Daadi looks at tensed Tanu. Tanu asks Dadi weather she keeps her phone with her while eating. Daadi says i have it here and asks y shez asking. Tanu says just like that.

        *Pragya comes to the table. Tanu thinks she always comes in the middle of things. Daadi, Purab and Pragya signal each other. Tanu in thoughts picks up a chilli. Pragya says that ppl in pregnancy avoid chilli and ur eating chilli.. Tanu puts the chilli’s back.

      5. *Daadi asks Tanu not to eat too much Theeka.. Asks Robin to go and get Models food for Tanu. Daadi asks Tanu y shez soo tensed. Tanu says that some stupid person is calling her for some days now and irritating her. hez asking Abhi’s number. I am handling him. but if he calls Abhi then Abi will get irritated and Angry. and asks weather any1 of them got that Faltu phone call. Every1 says no.

        *Purab smiles and Pragya picks up her mobile says to herself looking at Tanu. sit calmly. ek aur jhatka dena baki hai..

        Episode Ends

  31. I read in the viral news that the truth is going to be coming out in upcoming episodes n abhi will accept pragya and both of them will plan together n try to expose Tanu.. hope it’s true ?

  32. Finally I think alia will become approver and tell all the truth to the mehra family and shows tanu and nikil way to jail and finds her place in family.. but i think still she continue to barbath abhi…

  33. Hai pratiksha thank you for updating hope tanu’s truth expose few weeks

  34. Wat a dragging.. No improvement at all.. Thank god i missed the episodes.. Otherwise my tempreature will go upto 200degree..

  35. update fast. ……..
    u r updating late.. yarrrrr…!

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