Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi comes to King’s party and feels Pragya’s presence

Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi coming to King’s house. Pragya closes the window. Abhi senses her presence and looks at the window. He enters inside and thinks what is happening to me, why I am feeling her. Client Mr. Wick greets him. Servant comes and asks Abhi in which zone, he would like to sit. Tarun comes and says they have kept the zone according to the guest preference. Abhi says I will decide. He asks can I trust you? Tarun says yes. Abhi asks who has done all the decoration. Tarun says King’s wife decorated it. Abhi says very impressive, thinks King has won the lottery for getting a colorful thinking wife. Allah wariyan plays….Pragya is standing there, but he don’t see her. Abhi thinks I want to see this langoor got which angoor.

Taya ji and Raj talk about the office sales. Raj

says he has called Gupta ji. Mitali comes and says you have got more busy. Raj gets upset. Suwarni Dadi comes and asks Mitali if Disha made sweets for her. Sunny comes and plays football. Dadi asks Raj to throw football on her. Raj throws football and Dadi falls down. Dasi scolds Dadi for playing like young. Kiara comes there and asks what happened? Dadi says she got cramp. She checks her leg and calls her super dadi. Mitali asks who are you? Kiara says she has a relation with this house and says she is Sunny’s friend. She asks Mitali to bring hot water and asks Tai ji to bring mustard oil and haldi. Dadi tells Dasi that she speaks like Pragya. Dasi asks Kiara how did you know? Kiara says my mum used to treat me this way. Dadi recalls Pragya massaging her with mustard oil and turmeric. Kiara messages her foot and tells her that it will be fine in 5 mins. Dadi asks why don’t 2 mins. Kiara says if you want, I can tell you, but it will be fine in 5 mins. She asks Dadi not to play with football again. Dadi and Dasi get emotional and tears in their eyes. Kiara says you will fine and asks Super Dadi to rest else she will scold her. She says bye. Dadi says I thought Pragya came infront of me for sometime.

King compliments Pragya and says she is looking very nice. Pragya says you asked me to look unique and best and it is a matter of your image. King asks her to apply kaala tika and says you need it today. He sees Abhi standing and welcomes him. Abhi shakes his hand. King asks where is your wife? Why didn’t you tell you are a bachelor. Abhi says I am married, but my wife don’t prefer to come here as she knows she will get bored here. He asks where is your wife. King says you must have impressed with my wife and says my wife is waiting to meet you and your wife, and calls Pragya. Abhi says Pragya? King says we got married 7 years back in London. Abhi asks where is she? King asks him to relax and says you didn’t bring your wife and is eagerly waiting to see my wife. Abhi asks where is she? King says just behind you and says I will just get her.

Abhi looks at her, but he couldn’t see her face as king and some guys are standing. Song plays….Abhi thinks he said that he got married in London, so how can his wife be pragya. He thinks there must of thousands of girls whose name is Pragya. Kiara comes to Disha’s room and says your mum is beautiful. She says it seems like you take care of everyone at home. Disha gets reminded of Pragya. Kiara says she is carbon copy of her papa. Disha says she wants to meet her mummy. Kiara says today she is busy. Disha says ok and asks Sunny to call her often. Disha goes to bring project material. Kiara asks Sunny about abhi and says she wants to thank him and says he can keep my doll. Sunny asks what is this doll matter? Kiara says it is a secret. Abhi sits and feels Pragya. Allah Wariyan plays….Pragya comes and takes the glass and drinks water. Abhi then takes the same glass and drinks water. She sees lipstick mark and turns to her, but she moves from there…

Pragya comes back and drinks water. She looks back, but some man comes and stands between them. King calls her and says I want to make you meet that guy who is tension for me. He asks her to meet him and take his side. He asks her to come. They walk towards Abhi.

King calls him rockstar and asks him to meet his wife. He moves. Pragya and Abhi come face to face. They get emotional.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Laiba lol, I saw this coming can they stop playing with us . Waiting anxiously for the next episode , have a strong feeling Pragya will disappoint. No meeting still maybe end of June

  3. Its copying kasam from colors tv
    Fully same track every single thing is same.

  4. argh its going in circles and not giving us something real

  5. Your Comment I think they are moving the plot forward

  6. In 17 may episode,Abhi heard Pragya saying that she is Kings wife,didn’t he? Then why he told King that he want to meet his wife? Even when King called Pragya, Abhi didn’t remember the police station incident.How is that possible? The writers should have thought about it.

    1. leisa s morris

      Yes i was wondering d same ting but of course zee would have it b dat he never heard her husband name just dat shes someone’s wife…really stretching but wont surprise me. My second concern is dat pragya allowed her 6/7 yrs old daughter to go to someones home without meetin them first…she didnt even go to drop her but sent her with d driver not something a parent would do especially one as protective as pragya. Plus she neither recognise d address nor robins voice….strange. Anyways dats zee for u.

      1. Cathy

        And she sent her over at 9 pm…She should have been in bed at that time.


      Abhi heard that “pls don’t file complaint or arrest my husband, we have been married for 7 yrs and I know about him” …. But there was no mention of who her husband is nor he was there when pragya was speaking with the police….
      Still plot is like of the finished series ‘bade achche lagte hain’ where father met his daughter after so many yrs with the same abroad settled and another father name….. And the நபி and father meets before realising that they are father daughter and feels the connection…… Just like to watch the romance and unconditional love between abhigya….. Rest stories are all repeated as usual


        It’s baby not நபி

  7. ha ha ha dint they say the show would end in may??? they are playing with our mind i will stop just as i stop reading mahek

  8. Copy of colors show kasam

  9. Ab abhi’s family Delhi mein rahti hai, Mumbai mein nahin toh pragya ko address kaise pata ho sakta hai….

  10. Pahle abhi’s family Mumbai mein rahti thi..

  11. Yar lab thak ye serial chalega??

  12. Very nice episode and amazing thinking of ekta which is totally an copyright of serial kasam,already the viewers watching this serial is highly decreased by their stupidity story even though the upcoming episode will turns king into negative role and he join with tanu.I think that this is the the only serial in which viewers easily come to know about the upcoming episodes story if the same thing continues it may resulting the lost of vievers only when the unexpected twist which may lead to abhigya togetherness only can lift up the serial but they won’t do that they only want to drag the serial too long

  13. Some of ekta serial r the worst u can tolarate kumkum bhagye but i cannot tolarate that f**king b*t*h serial kundali bhgye

  14. Exact copy of kasam on colours even with sunny and kiara at the same school, hostage incident, pragya only as kings manager, etc. This serial is too slow moving n should end. Very disappointed about the track that is copied

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