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The Episode starts with Pragya thanking Dadi for proving Sarla’s innocence, and asks her not to make these kinds of plan again as she don’t want anyone to get hurt. Dadi says if I am not with you, then there will be someone else. Pragya asks why you didn’t tell me? Dadi says I don’t want to waste time and had fallen from the stairs to make the scene real. She says I knew that Tanu will give money to make herself great in Abhi’s eyes. Pragya says you might have got injured. Dadi asks her not to worry and see what is going on in Tanu’s room. Pragya asks Doctor to say something. Doctor says it is your personal matter and goes. Abhi tells Tanu that everyone can’t be wrong. Tanu thinks sh has to accept her crime. She says she has stolen money from Pragya’s room and says she did it for him.

She says she had stolen money for their child’s future and says I knew Pragya will never give me money. Abhi gets angry on her and says you didn’t do wrong by stealing, but have done wrong by accusing Sarla, whom I regard as my mum. He says Sarla is helpless, her husband and daughter left her. Tanu says Pragya will ruin you and will never give you money.

Abhi says Pragya was ready to give me 50 percent money and asks why did you steal then? He says Sarla recovered from paralysis and you gave her a big shock. He says you actually wanted to take revenge on Pragya and that’s why accused Sarla. He says Sarla became great by protecting her daughter, and you have stoop low by giving credit to your baby for the theft. Tanu says I did steal for you. Abhi asks her not to touch him, and says he has no feelings for her. He says I just have hatred for you……Dadi scolds Tanu for targetting, accusing and insulting Sarla. Tanu tells Abhi that she has no personal enmity with Sarla and she has done this because of Pragya. Abhi says I have no relation with you and asks her to leave. Tanu asks him to think about baby. Abhi says you didn’t leave me to think anything, else I wouldn’t have blamed Sarla. He asks Tanu to get out… Tanu asks where? Abhi says where ever you want to go, but go..Mitali thinks let Tanu go.

Abhi thinks how Tanu insulted Sarla and accused her, and then manipulated him and made him doubt Sarla. He thinks why did I doubt on Sarla and let her go. Pragya thinks Abhi is very much pained. She asks are you fine? Abhi hugs her cryingly…..He apologizes to Pragya and says I did wrong with you.Tu Meri Jaan Hai plays…………..I shouldn’t have done this, I should have seen the truth, I gave authority to Tanu to insult Sarla and you. He says I am equally angry on myself also. Pragya asks him not to apologize and says it was circumstances, which were responsible. Abhi says I will not support her, as she has betrayed me. He says she is going to be my child’s mum, but I will break relation with her.

Dadi thanks Doctor for his good acting. Doctor says you have gone wonderful act and made everyone cry like veteran actress Nirupa Roy. He salutes her. Dadi thanks him. Akash thanks the doctor. Purab tells Dadi that he has become her fan. Dadi says when I see the things going off from our hands, then I played last trick…and Tanu is out of house now. Akash says yes.

Tanu calls Nikhil and tells him that his dream to be CEO have failed. Nikhil asks her what happened? Tanu tells everything about Dadi’s plan. Tanu says Abhi asked me to get out. She asks where I should go now? Nikhil says I did a mistake by letting money with you, as I was in hospital. He asks from where did you get idea to give money to Abhi. Nikhil asks her to just go to hell. Tanu says atleast I have the strength and don’t make failed plans like you. Nikhil asks her not to forget that she is carrying his baby. Tanu disconnects the call. She thinks Nikhil was her last helpline and wonders what to do?

Pragya warns Tanu that she will expose her and that day will have a big blast as a deep secret will be revealed. She says I will not spare you. Tanu looks on unaffected.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. in this kkb even dadi is quite clever than pragya and idiotic abhi

  2. One of the most expected epi by all.it is like the whole year it doesn’t rain and suddenly some drops of rain falls on the ground.so this episode is like the little drops rain as we have whole year of evils win and irritation.it is very Happy to see tanu getting insulted???????????

  3. and guys forgot to tell… today beach resort party in my office… they told its called project success party…. and naan ponathula irunthu yarum vela paatha maari therila??? ponathula irunthu moonavathu party ithu…. mahabalipuram beach resort aam… wanted to share wd u all…. ???

    1. Enjoy Gowtham anna rock the party ?????

    2. Hello gowtham Anna enjoy ur party and congrats na ..and nee ng a sonna mathiri neenga sentha thilirundhu partya vaikkiraanga !!..so super na !!..keep rocking???

  4. Superb episode. Enjoyed it really. Tanu ur countdown starts now

  5. Very fine acting superb dadi

  6. gowtham bro…enjoy ur party… and how r u??romba naal achu namma pesave illa…once again.. njoy ur party….

    1. aama sis… office la ph use pana mudila.. so yartaum pasa mudila.. tday party athan kaila phne iruku… hope u r fine…

  7. Episode was gud in all senses, no doubt as it was dedicated to tanu’s bad condition and punishment. But as we know it is not enough. Abhi was right on his side but something which was lacked in his words and punishment to tanu was just becoz he is still unaware from her whole truth. Otherwise abhi could b terrific for tanu. Sadly, this part is still awaited. Dadi rocked in last tuesday’s episode but yesterday’s episode, who gave her the dialogues? It was more looking like in tanu’s favour. It was looking like that tanu did first mistake in her life but before she was so innocent! Dadi’s dialogues were bad yseterday. Abhi was gud in yesterday’s episode. He stole yesterday’s episode but will his this attitude remain towards tanu even after also tanu’s stairs fall drama? Concern for baby is ok but if again he will get into tanu’s trap again and will forgive her and forget everything in just next moment after this tanu’s drama then all will get waste whatever his anger towards tanu and what he said to tanu in yesterday’s episode. Showing concern for an innocent unborn baby is gud but he should not forget tanu’s evil deed too. He should let her stay for baby’s sake but if he will forgive tanu and he will again start behaving with tanu like before then we will again back to square one and all will get waste. Abhi said that he will never believe on tanu from now after this theft incidence but let’s see how much he will determine on his words. Guys now i think it’s hight time to wrap this tanu’s pregnancy track. IPL is finished and whole star cast of the show also available. There r no issues and valid reasons for dragging now. So now it’s time to watch the end of this tanu’s pregnancy’s track. It will not b tolerable if they will drag it more. It’s time to make ownself intelligent, not let cvs make us fool anymore. So if now also cvs will take more time to finish it by more dragging anyhow then i think we should finally quit from the show atleast until end of this track. Otherwise it will b making ownself fool more than cvs.

    1. Two more weeks for Naagin to be wrapped up. They would want the show to get top slot in ratings when Tanu is exposed, so some more waiting.

    2. Ya pratiksha u r right. Yesterday dadi’s role was not good at all. I wished at least she will tell tanu that during pregnancy one should think good but tanu is not only thinking bad but also doing wrong..etc… ect…

  8. hi pratiksha..how r u??missed ur comments yesterday…but i know that u can’t comment often…nyc episode…in precap..tanu looked at pragya confidently which means she already done the melo-drama to stay in mm….i felt the same..dadi should have instigate abhi indirectly…to know the truth…but she said how much u luv abhi??why did u do this??blah…blah..i think she vl clean chit for tanu in upcoming episodes…tanu looked really pity while crying…

    1. Hi karthika. I m gud. How r u?I too missed u guys. I could manage to comment now becoz i got an assistant with me. My friend’s sister is assisting me in my work. So when she takes care some of my work then i gets chance to comment. My work will also get finished in just three- four days with her help. Then i will b free for commenting mostly. And karthika read my below update which i have given about today’s new onlocation video. U will get ur answers.

  9. I want everyone to be with this episode and abhi you rocks

  10. New onlocation video update- abhi and purab brings tanu to the hospital. Tanu was uncosious. Doctor checks tanu and admitts her. Tanu in hospital room comes in cosiousness. Abhi sits near her bed and looks her. Nurse says to tanu that she is so brave that she saved her child even after this type of accident when she is in pregnancy’s last stage of two months. Nurse says to abhi that it seems that she was much cared about her baby. Nurse says to abhi to take care of her and do not let her take any stress in this last two months of pregnancy. Nurse gives him medicines and says give it to her after dinner and start taking care of her from now. Abhi takes medicine from nurse. He keeps his hand on tanu and says to nurse that along with him, his whole family was feeling guilty for this accident. So he and his whole family will take care of her from now. He looks on tanu. Nurse leaves. Abhi thinks about pragya and then abhi and tanu both looks on each other. Tanu gives him expressions of satisfaction. Pragya stands outside at the door and looks all this. She thinks that she had fear of it now it is happening. He is becoming emotional again for this baby. She leaves from there with worry and disappointment. Reporter asks about the sequence from leena and sriti. They tells that she can’t do anything for now against tanu as tanu is hurt and at the hospital and pragya too doesn’t want to harm baby becoz of tanu. So she can’t do anything for now. Reporter asks nikhil is also coming to meet her at the hospital then what will happen? Leena says yes nikhil is also coming but let’s see who will shout on whom as she also did fight with him so definetlly somebody from them will shout on other. Reporter asks sriti now what will b her next step as u will get to know that she did all this drama and used her baby for staying back in abhi’s house and life. So now will she try to reveal this baby’s truth? Leena and sriti laughs and leena says she is doing this from starting. Sriti says tanu is right on his side as wrong happpened with her too. She was girlfriend of abhi but abhi married with pragya. Aaliya too had gone to australia. Everybody has settled and secured their life. So why not tanu. Tanu also doing everything for securing her future. Repoerter asks u both r rivals and enemy of each other’s onscreen but what’s their tuning in offscreen? If they does fun? Sriti and leena says that they just does fun and masti offscreen. Interview ends they leaves.

    1. Guys we were thinking right. After watching this onlocation video it seems what i was thinking, it is happening. It seems tanu got succeed in her drama and abhi forgave tanu and forgot everything what she did with sarla maa and pragya. He is looking like more concerned and soft towards tanu. Everything wasted. But let’s see what’s new thing pragya or abhi will get from the hospital sequence as nikhil is also coming too meet tanu.

      1. Oh my god prathiksha, again back to the square. But is there any chance for abhi to get know abt Nikhil’s entry in hospital?? Will abhi see Nikhil and tanu conversation?? I know if he saw also our drama queen will manipulate abhi easily.

        Its really good that u got an assistant so that we may not miss ur comments

    2. On some days these writers make one day in the life of ppl in MM so long. Like first Abhi fever drama, Pragya falling, doctor first checking Daadi, then Daadi drama n Abhi asking money, Tanu theft exposed, today we will see Tanu, Pragya boring challenges, then Tanu falling down, taken to hospital, and today’s segment scenes. But still the day is not over.

      No wonder Tanu is still 7 months pregnant as the days and nights in MM differ from reality.

    3. oh god not again!baap re again the same old crap…guys stop watching n get trp dwn ola atlst then thy will expose tanu…how long will thy drag this shit….fed up now. after all this theft drama tanu should hav kicked out right away lik alia. ahe called nikhil thought a lot and dragged 3 episodes and same non sense allover again. i stoped watching this serial cing updates or smetimes in ozee betr

  11. The precap where Tanu is not effected with any of Pragya’s word and looks like Tanu already played the game to overcome from this issue. And i donot understand when Tanu talking about her baby why no one is telling that she is not carrying abhi’s baby as all of Abhi’s welwisher knows the truth.

  12. Too worst segment .. Abhi y yua being such an emotional fool .. Jus TC of her bt don forget her deeds .. Yua jus insulting pragya n sarla again n again .. I’m really really fed up ..

  13. Hiii guys…by seeing precap one thing is undrstood..that tanu is not feeling gulity for her doings even when pragnya is scolding her….so,might be she again do her false drama in the sake if baby n continue to be in mehra’s house…..n again start here drama…wat do u ppl say. ??

  14. again we have to bear tanu’s melo-drama…kkb’s story line is juz lyk running in treadmill…the track running in same place without any progression…..now nothing changed…tanu succeeds in making abhi emotional fool…infact he’s concerning more..if even nikhil comes to hosp.nothing vl happen….if abhi even sees him and interrogates….he vl surely get any fake reason nd make abhi to believe in it…juz lyk how he made abhi believe that shares document was made by aliya…abhi is also not an intellectual…he vl not think abut it deeply..but nikhil is brilliant in weaving stories….atlast takhil vl win in this match also…..


    He does not doubt her at all.

    Common Cvs surely you can do better. This is terribly frustrating.

    Dadi was brilliant in trapping Tanu. Looks like the scriptwriters did some homework & read some Enid Blyton & Nancy Drew series. The focus here was to expose Tanu as the “Chori”. Mission accomplished.

    I am hoping that there will be a scene where Abhi will go to Sarla mas house & apologise?

    I really sympathise with Ms Leena. He role is nothing but plotting to kick pragya out & lying. Her character has not evolved at all for the past 7 months. Her screeching just gets more irritating & absolutely painful. It s such an awful thing for an actor to be stuck in such a role. Day in & day out “same old sh!t just different day” but its 6 days a week of Tanus sh!t & abhis blur blopness. Yawn…yawn..yawn…

  16. Divya chandru

    I think now , again we need to skip episode s , boring this cat and mouse fight , day by day becoming meaning less, just to keep trps cvs have done it .,

  17. shobana sis,…how r u??i’m 5n….konjam busy ah irupigannu nenakuren….nethu neega ketathuku ungazhukku reply pannirudhen parthingazha …..

  18. shobana sis,…how r u??i’m 5n….konjam busy ah irukigannu nenakuren….nethu neega ketathuku ungazhukku reply pannirudhen parthingazha …..

    1. Yup I saw karthi and im gud.
      Yesterday itself I have replied you.

  19. CVS vl never let kkb to be first in trp chart…naagin is going to end..but the CVs became dumb and getting back the crap again….CVS team what do u think??by these twists nothing going to get changed and trps vl not rise..actually we shud not say it as twist…just change….they r definitely going to lose trp now…

  20. epi was mind blowing but after watching segment all happy went off now pragya came to know tanu was acting but what is the use if she knows also she can’t do anything now CVS have to think to end this stupid track but after seeing pragyas interview l lost my hope they will drag again and I thing now we have to see that abhi taking care of tanu it will be sad to see again our abhi will keep distance with pragya after knowing about tanu pragya will plan again it fails again like this they will drag again if it happens like this l will simply quit this show
    hai my friends pratiksha shobana kutty sahithi aishwarya and all how r u

    1. Hi ? asmitha, after reading todays update I too feel that the cvs are going to drag again. They don’t have any intention to put an end card for tanu’s never ending pregnancy track.
      Why no one has counted the money?? There will be only 80L since tanu paid Nikhil’s hospital bill and gave 10L to nurse. They can question tanu where is the remaining money but then also she will say something and escape from it. There is no sign of exposure as of now. ☹

      1. really shobana what they wanna prove by dragging like this I didn’t understand see so many r scolding them and they to know na what audience wants but y they r torchuring us like this they can end it na simply stupid fellows
        when I was seeing tanu on screen it really irritating so much
        I think what shabir said is true that they will end this in monsoon only I think we have to wait fr it one thing is very happy that trp is fallen nice it will happen fr them because they r torchring us

  21. Today’s all segment update- update same as onlocation video but just added with nikhil’s meeting with tanu. Update- Tanu does stairs fall drama and fakely gets unconsious. Abhi and purab brings her to the hospital where doctor checks her and admitts her. Abhi feels guilty for tanu’s condition. He blames himself for giving this much stress to tanu becoz of which tanu falls from stairs and her and her baby’s life comes in danger. Nurse praises tanu for her bravery to have this much strength for saving her baby in last stage of pregnancy. Nurse gives medicines to tanu and says to take care of her. Abhi who is feeling guity for tanu and baby, gets ready to take care of tanu from now and says his family will too take care of her as they r also feeling guilty. Even pragya also gets come in tanu’s trap. She thinks tanu’s accident happened really becoz of the stress. She feels some pitty for tanu and like abhi she also feels guilty for tanu’s condition. But at the same time when she sees that abhi is again getting emotinal for tanu’s baby then she gets worried and feels disappointed. Tanu who was doing rest in hospital room, when she hears someone’s foot’s voice, she again starts her drama by holding her stomach and pretends as she is having so much pain in it. She fakely shouts from pain and calls nurse to give her medicine for it. But when she sees nikhil, she gets normal. Nikhil comes to meet tanu as he gets to know that tanu is hospitalized after facing accident. He gets worried after seeing her from shouting from pain. He touches tanu and keeps his hand on her stomach. Tanu gets angry with him and removes his hand. They argues and fights with each other. But at last they congratulates each other for success of this plan. They discusses about all this. Tanu happily tells about her drama and how she got trapped abhi and family again in it for staying again back in abhi’s life and house. Pragya who was listening all this at outside the door, she comes inside and claps on their plan. Tanu and nikhil sees her and smirks. Pragya scolds tanu and nikhil for putting her baby’s life in danger and using it for her selfish moto. Tanu and nikhil doesn’t gets affected from it. They makes jokes of pragya and laughs on pragya’s one more failure. Nikhil leaves from there happily. Then we had an inteview of sriti and leena same as onlocation video. But sbs people just showed sperate interview of leena with nikhil and pragya. Nikhil and leena tells about nikhil’s visit to the hospital and how they both have their own selfish moto for it. Leena tells that pragya and she they both knows about each other everything. That’s why when pragya got to know about tanu’s this drama and she confronted her then it didn’t affect her. Sriti tells that how tanu and she both r fighting for own motives. Tanu is fighting for securing her future by getting abhi and pragya is fighting to bring out tanu’s truth infront of abhi. She says they both r right at their place. All news channels reporter says in abckground that don’t know when tanu will get exposed and when tanu’s drama will end and when she will deliver her baby? Abhi will spend years in identifying tanu’s truth and real face and evrytime it will b only pragya who will reveal every truth infront of him. Reporter says tanu is clever then pragya also is not less smart. SBAS reporter says that pragya will keep continue from her efforts for tanu’s exposure but abhi, who is feeling guity for tanu’s condition, he will again make his mood for marrying with tanu in his guilt.

    1. Just IBN7 peoples were saying that soon tanu’s truth will get reveal infront of abhi. And guys one more news that kkb is on number 4th position in trp chart of this week.

      1. Thats expected, because of Sarla’s theft drama. I think atleast 3 episodes were painful for ppl to watch. Melodrama over done, so after first episode, most of them must have skipped the remaining week 🙂

      2. I too saw tat pratiksha I m praying god pls make trp to 6 r 7th position.. Without tat they won’t stop dragging… I think u remember me.. How u r???I became slient reader now.. Nice to c u all commenting… Keep rocking guys 🙂

      3. Ya sahithi it was painful and now upcoming episodes will b unbearable again. Becoz we had come again back to square one where after this drama of tanu, if abhi will again make his mood to marry with tanu for baby’s sake. Again we will see distances and emotinal scenes between abhigya, again divorce matter will raise and again we will send to tabhi’s marriage which i was never expected and wants to watch again. After such a long time finally cvs expsoed tanu’s one crime which could open ways of exit of tanu from abhigya’s life and this stair fall drama and hospital sequence could also use for open the doors of abhi’s mind but instead of showing more progression towards tanu’s all truths revelations slowly-slowly and instead of sending abhi at that direction with progression of one more step, they r again doing prepration to show samething. Whenever we thinks that we r getting our old abhi back. Then again cvs bring him and us back to square one. They r not letting anyone’s character progressed. Pragya have wasted a lot of time in doing romance with abhi after breaking his marriage with tanu. So this was expected that she is going to get another shock in her life when abhi will again start thinking about baby and he will again make his mood to marry with tanu after keeping his feelings for her aside and after compromising with the situations. I was telling it since that time when i was seeing pragya busy in romancing with abhi and decides to wait for next move of takhil to think what she should do then. Now the day has arrived when finally we had come back again and we will see again divorce, marriage and emotinal drama in upcoming epsiodes. So it is decided that i m going to take a break from kkb for sometimes. I can’t watch same thing again and again. Better to trp gets drop more and it should get out from top 5 also then we can expect something gud. Otherwise we have to skip the episodes for long time. And priya offcourse i remember u. I m gud. How r u? Why u had become silent? Why not commenting like before? Anyways gud to see u back. And reji nikhil came i think may b he is worried for baby becoz his future depends on it. But whatever reason he had to come to the hospital definetly he just came for his selfish motive which depends only on tanu and her baby. That’s it. He has no other option as pragya and everybody knows his truth except abhi so he can’t come in pragya’s side also as he tried to kill her and her maa. So he knows pragya will never shake her hand with him and if she will shake then also she will not leave him without giving punishment for his deeds so he have only option of tanu and her baby for getting his motives. It doesn’t matter how much he fights with tanu. That’s why i think he came to meet tanu.

    2. me too pratiksha saw the segment ….as we guessed abhi admitted tanu in hospital !!….but onething i can’t get pratiksha as we saw in yesterday’s episode tanu spoke to nikhil that she she was caught !!…….at the time…nikhil started to taunt her so much !!…….but now he came to meet tanu by smiling !!….do u know wat’s the reason behind this !!!??????….

      1. I think Nikhil is happy now coz if Tanu stays in MM and Abhi has mellowed towards her after all this drama, means there is still hope for Nikhil to be CEO or snatch Abhi’s company. Before he was screaming at her because she was to be thrown out of the house and Tanu was his link to get what he wants.

  22. sure shivanya …i will inform u if any books to learn telugu …and i am happy to know that u know malayalam !!……now i learnt little bit only …i think after some days i will start to speak hindi fluently !!…..

    1. Thank you so much reji??????

      1. ur welcome shivanya !!…..

  23. Abhi You are so nice…Love aghigya

  24. hi guys i got a news from serial gossip ..!!


    as evrythng happnd according to segment ….doctor tells abhi as tanu is 7 month pregnant now he should take care of her more ….pragya is tensed seeing abhi gain trapped in tanu’s plan !!….

    pragya sees nikhil and tanu celebrating of making abhi fool again ..tanu tells pragya that she cannot do anythng becoz her baby is master key to get abhi back …on the other hand , abhi blames himself for tanu’s condition and thinks that he cannot punish that baby with tanu so he decides to get married with tanu soon ending all problems !!,,,,

    so i don’t know this news is true or not??… but i think sure abhi will take these wrong decisions during that stituation!!….wat do u think guys ??….

  25. Hi pratiksha karthi ka reji shobna gowtham all hw r u guys kisd u so much was bysy guys ystrday episode was gud bt nt much…nw I red pratiksha updat m nt happy y so much dragging I dont undrstnd I jis gt angry wen I saw tat b*t*h tanu really I want tus trp to end so tat new story vil shw naaa tey can chng vry boring I nevr cin tis much dragging tis serial alone doing feeling wexd lets hav hope ill quit if tanu truth nt coms….reply guys

    1. Hi fatima? I m gud. How r u? And ya fatima I have decided to take a break from kkb for sometimes as they have brought us back to square one where they will again show same emotional, divorce, baby, marriage drama and I can’t watch samethings again.

  26. Its really dragging from a long time…..it is so boring……..i hope the truth will be revealed soon……and wana see abhi and lady mogambo together…….

  27. Really stupid wierd serial

  28. Reji I too saw it in fb.. it s also good now pragya need to take step na.. to stop marriage reveal her truth lets c s this final or they again.plan to drag

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