Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Daadi and daasi shouting in fear seeing Pragya’s kaajal smeared chudail face. They ask why did she spoil her face. She blames Abhi and they start their verbal argument. Daadi scolds Abhi and asks him to take Pragya and wash her face and warns not to spoil her skin. He says he will peel it and then says with face peel mask. He takes her to washroom. She sees her face and shouts. She washes her face and applies her lipstick and makeup back. She asks Abhi how dare he is to spoil her faceting an. They start fighting and blaming each other again. Tanu is shocked to see their cute fight.

Aaliya forces her friend to act as mishandling her. Friend says he cannot, but Aaliya convinces him. Purab reaches her room, breaks door open and slaps friend. Aaliya starts

acting and hugs him. Purab consoles her, but she continues her acting and asks him to sleep with her as friend may come and harm her again. Purab says how can he sleep with her. She says until she sleeps he can, then he can go to his room. He agrees. She thinks Purab will be hers forever now.

Pragya looks at sleeping aAbhi and gets emotional. She thinks how to leave him and get Tanu in his life instead….She also then sleeps on couch.

In the morning, Daadi sees Pragya with pooja thali and says even she will join her in some time. Pragya gives her pooja thali to tanu and asks her to go and pray with Daadi to impress her. Tanu descends stairs, drops oil on stairs by mistakes and runs back to her room. Mitali sees that. Daadi comes back, doe snot see Pragya in temple, so tries to ascend stairs towards Pragya’s room, but slips and falls. She writhes in pain, sees oil and shouts for help. Whole family gathers. She asks who spilled oil on stairs. Mitali says Tanu spilled it. Pragya thinks she wants Tanu to get into daadi’s good books, but she is irking daadi instead. Daadi asks Tanu if she spilled oil. Pragya says she spilled oil and says daadi even she saw her thali. Taiji asks how can she make a mistake, what if Daadi would have broken her bones. Pragya says it is daadi’s mistake that she did not watch floor, she should have been careful instead. Daadi says she is right and apologizes her. Abhi gets angry and asks daadi not to apologize.

Aaliya wakes up in the morning, does not find Purab and thinks whatever Purab tries, he will be hers soon.

Pragya asks Tanu why she is trying to harm daadi instead of getting into her good books. She does not know what to do now. Tanu says he has an idea with which daadi will kick Pragya out and accept her. She says she will allege her that she stole Daasi’s money to buy house, Daadi will kick her out hearing this. Abhi hears that and says he does not want them to trouble Daadi. Tanu says with this idea, Daadi will definitely kick Pragya out. He says they can do whatever they like, but keep him out of this.

Precap: Pragya sees Daasi keeping her money suitcase and steals it from her cupboard.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. kavin

    its making all the fans of kumkum bhagya very angry about aliya please join both the couples that is purab and bul bul and pragya and abhi and change the story that both loves each other and solve the problem by helping each other (pragya and abhi).

  2. kowsi

    Our source informs us, “A new negative character will soon enter the show which will create problems Abhi’s (Shabbir Ahluwalia) life. He will be shown as a very innocent guy initially but later on will turn out to be a bad guy. He wants to take away the status of Rockstar from Abhi and for this he will use Tanu (Leena Jumani), Abhi’s ex-girl friend.”
    “Some known faces of the industry have been approached for this role,” adds our source.
    Seems like the new entrant will bring more twist and turns to the storyline of the show which will keep the viewers hooked to the show.
    Keep reading this space for more updates.

  3. This serial is making me tired with tanu and alliya.I hope that tanu and aliya will expose very soon. They love other women husband.stop this nonsense writer.I
    Like to see abhi and pragya loving each other,hugging and kissing each other.that is an good marriage.and eventualy ……. In bed hahaha

  4. Hey guys! Aft this I have read updates that whn pragya will be shown that taking money tanu will say to daadi that time one envelope will cum and there will be pragya pregnant evn tanu confirms with doc that pragya is pregnant abhi too schocked with this

  5. kowsi

    Kadupethurar my lord……mudila da sami…anthr charactr will be enter in this show…wen wil they reunite..and then another twist pragya is pregnant..daadi hears this news make happy..tanu is shocked..abhi thinks how can is possible??while pragya is smiling seeing tension in family members…

  6. Director nd storywriter en kaila mattuninga chutney tha..neenga…..en pa neenga ippadi padringa……aiyoo ramma………????????????

  7. shruthi

    Director why r u doing like this u r irritating us when u will put end to this. U always irritating us before kidnapping now this tanu u won’t make people happy at least see this msg and try to change u r script

    • kavin

      is they really watch this comments? even seeing this comments why they are dragging the episodes . hey writers we are waiting for a abhi and pragya couple don’t lose the fans . we are watching for pragya and abhi only

  8. Zeeha

    Oh god…. Wt da hell s ths??? Aliyakum tanukum Vera yarume kidaikatha mathiriyella iruku. Aduththavan husbandsku aasapaduralkale!!

  9. If they keep on dragging the episodes like this I am damn sure that we “abhi and pragya fans” will definitely loose interest and so plz we r waiting for some lovely episodes of abhi and pragya. Plz come to a conclusion soon.

  10. "suchi..."

    no no susi dr i saw in fb tat pragya is pregnant n ithu engalukum asaiya tha iruku n inthu confusion sarla vala anathu do u al remembr tat hospital matr so athu than i thnk so


  12. priya

    Track is going very badly…how can a heroine be sooooo dumb and abhi too…really pragya’s behavior is extremely irritating and annoying…director pls think sensibly…everything has limit but u ppl dragging very badly..

  13. Ansh

    Guysz..i am a gr8 fan kb bt,knw days the story is too much draging.so i startd watchng jodha akbar.lolz..i mean its too gud.no salim only jodha akbar.u knw jodha wore a gown,and she even drunk.must watch it yr..bahut maaja ata hae usa dekhna.although i see kb also ,bt jodha akbar has knw becme more gud.

    • Pragya abhi

      I agree with u ansh,even i have startd watchng jodha akbar again since kb track became boarng.i left it due to salim track.bt knw it has becme more gud,even bettr than before.

  14. Majesty

    This show is supposed to come from a Jane Austen book called Sense and Sensibility but this one is “Utter Nonsense and Total Insensibility”

  15. gd episode
    abhi nd pragya rockssss…
    Muje lagtha hahki
    new character nd tanu
    are planning to trouble abhi
    tanu is nt pregnet
    bt new character is playing game

  16. Merline

    Very irritating episode. Aliya to what level will she go to get Purav. Very disgusting….The storyline itself is very cheap….Pragaya is getting on my nerves….I am losing interest in watching this serial…. very very cheap….

  17. jeni

    Enna ya ithu lusuthanamana plota iruku.very very boring ya….twistku mela twista.ada kadavule…..enna koduma ithu…..director u give a lot of twist but when will happiness(love or unity of abhigya) to us.so dragging ya….intially kkb was in no.1 position now it eas spot no.3 position ippadiye pona namamtha.kkb is going to lose its trp.pls unite abhigya as soon as possible&give scene of purab&bulbul marriage.finally wt abt raj&purvi when they’ll be release&when rachna give birth to her child.pls give some cute scenes btwn akash&rachu.we r vry bored nw coz there is no romance btwn anyone.

  18. Azmaira

    Pragya is not stupid as you all think,she’s hatching a plan to expose tanu….and trust her,fully trust her…and they should bring bulbul back idiots

  19. sharmi

    Are these idiot directors making shows for 5 years old? How idiotic is this storyline, lying/stealing…what are they teaching anyone with this crap….how to disrespect elders…

  20. Priya

    For 2 days they ll show this stealing episode. This week ll get over like this. Y writer doing like this. Ponga pa

  21. shayon

    Aliya is one desperate female she will go to any extent to get someone else fiance’ smh…is the male species or should i say the opposite s*x is on shortage she can’t get a man for herself, no comment on Pragya and Abhi saga it’s just too much

  22. farida uttan

    everyone complains – but see the amount of comments . seems everyone love watching anyway

  23. santya

    eventho its dragging and irritating sometimes yet i cant stop myself from watching this drama.i want pragya’s role to b change as before this.her character for now doesnt suits for her at all!

  24. selian

    is really pragya pregnant? bt plz dat is nt pragya’s personality esp 2 daad plz writer change ds change in her i really hate it.

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