Kumkum Bhagya 1st July 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Pragya telling Purab that they shouldn’t let Tanu or Nikhil know anything about their plan. Purab says he was very excited and apologizes to her. She asks him to be careful. Tanu asks what you both are talking. Pragya says I asked him to be careful as he collided with you. Tanu gets suspicious and thinks they didn’t leave any proof and Champak is sent far, then why they are happy. Abhi tells Pragya that he has a doubt on Nikhil and says he was here when Champak came to party and all the incidents. Pragya says you should clear your doubt. Abhi says he will keep Nikhil coming to the house and that’s why he will sign the contract after adding a clause. Pragya agrees and thinks Tanu and Nikhil are trapped. Nikhil comes home and tells Tanu that Abhi called and said that he wants

to sign on the contract. Tanu says contract is having flaws and says I am not getting good feeling about this contract. Nikhil says whenever something happens for my advantage, you feel like this. Purab comes and acts as angry with Nikhil for trapping Abhi to sign the contract. Nikhil asks Tanu if she is still doubtful. Nikhil goes inside and tells Abhi that he wants to celebrate for the contract and his birthday too. Abhi and Purab talk to each other. Purb asks him to keep party. Abhi agrees and says I will not leave him if he does anything to Pragya.

Pragya asks Dadi to convince Abhi to get insurance of his voice. Dadi says she is right. Abhi asks them not to force him. Pragya says I am boss and is always right. Abhi agrees and asks Pragya to come with him. Pragya says why I will go? Dadi says you will be at loss if Insurance doesn’t happen. She asks Abhi to give test and asks Pragya to give lolly pop to Abhi after his blood test. Abhi asks her to come. They leave. Tanu asks Dadi, where did Abhi go? Dadi says he went with Pragya to buy birthday gift for Pragya. Purab comes to Nikhil’s house and taunts him. Nikhil says I would have come. Purab says there are some changes for their birthday party, and says Abhi wants to keep your birthday at his house. He gives invitation card to him. Nikhil says Abhi is the best and hugs Purab. Purab starts searching something. Nikhil asks what is he searching? Purab says he was chewing chewing gum and says it has fallen somewhere. He asks him to turn and says it is stuck to his hairs. Nikhil gets tensed and checks his hairs. Purab says chewing gum is not leaving hairs and says he shall cut it. He asks for scissor. Nikhil gives it. Purab cuts his hairs and takes the sample in a cover. He asks Nikhil to get ready for Party.

Pragya brings Abhi to the hospital. Dr. Sheela is about to take his blood sample. Abhi is afraid and says he wants his wife to be with him. Dr. Sheela gives strength to Pragya and asks her not to worry. Pragya asks Abhi not to worry. Dr. Sheela takes the blood sample and says it is done. Dr. Sheela’s daughter comes and sees rockstar afraid. She says Rockstar is afraid of needle. Abhi runs after her. Dr. Sheela says Abhi loves you very much and is happy for them. Purab calls Pragya and says he is coming there with Nikhil’s hair strand. Dr. Sheela says great and says now I will prove that Tanu’s baby is of Nikhil and not of Abhi.

Aaliya comes back to Mumbai and thinks she missed Mumbai and wonders if anyone missed her. Tanu thinks what Abhi is planning and why is he throwing party for Nikhil. She misses Aaliya. Aaliya calls her and says I am in Mumbai. Tanu gets happy and says may be God has sent you to help me. Aaliya asks her not to tell that. Tanu says she is feeling as if she will land up in some problem. She says Nikhil made Abhi signed on some contract having so many flaws and says it seems it is Pragya’s plan. Aaliya asks what I will get? Tanu says revenge. Aaliya asks her to grow up and says she doesn’t need her help. Tanu cuts the call and wonders what to do?

Precap: Tanu gets angry seeing Pragya and Abhi dancing in the party. She warns Dadi that Abhi is his and if he tries to go to Pragya then her baby will attract his attention. Dadi continues to smile and is unaffected by her words.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Pri

    Again alia tanu nikil ho no will pragya succeed or CV will drag again.wht will happen to purab

  2. shobana

    What a shock ?I didn’t expect alia entry . She vanished all rumours by her entry. The best thing is she didn’t support tanu .
    Purab taking Nikhil’s hair samples was nice and abhi giving blood samples was soo nice
    Everything is going very fast. In tomorrow’s episode they are going to celebrate bday party. And CVs have returned abhi’s brain. His brain started to work in the right way.

    • SURBHI


      |Registered Member

      hey yo shobu well today episode was seem like funny specially that nikhil and purab scene ??? when he was crying and said ?? tune thuka hai lolz i wasn’t able to control my laughter at that and then that injection now coming to the point Aliya is back it means a big blunder will take place and which will result into arijit exit if we believe on sources and it is still a suspense that had Abhi believed on reports or not and purab and Pragya are jumping most in excitement I wonder something will happen for sure and one more thing have you seen nikhils eyes ?? what ever happens they get widened like marble ??????? and yup I am definetly sure that tomorrow party will not happen it will get just start but end upon next week ?

      • shobana

        Hi Surbhi, I hate Nikhil especially his eyes ? and mouth. Whenever I see his eyes ?I feel like have to give a punch ? on his eyes.
        I was also thinking the same surbhi. Purab’s exit and alia’s entry is some what fishy.

  3. shaz

    OMGand attsrsastatstaatatsttttzzzzzazaz… Brain came back to Mumbai. But y? Has kkb team changed their decision? Again planned to drag? Again started to make us fool? Aaliya also have a DNA test report. Will abhi believe pragya?
    I don’t know what to say.
    They will not expose tanu. 222ww

  4. shaz

    OMGand attsrsastatstaatatsttttzzzzzazaz… Brain came back to Mumbai. But y? Has kkb team changed their decision? Again planned to drag? Again started to make us fool? Aaliya also have a DNA test report. Will abhi believe pragya?
    I don’t know what to say.
    They will not expose tanu.

  5. Thahira

    Since Aliya has returned I’m 100% sure that the DNA test will be a flop. And again dragging continues

  6. Asmitha

    Alia came back uff now what drama will take place so many negative thoughts r coming as per epi she said she will not help tanu but she is ready to take revenge is she planning anything r she will give surprise to pragya by damaging her plan of course she don’t know what pragya is planning towards tanu but we can’t believe aaliya she can do anything
    Now main question is all r saying truth will come out but no one is saying that what abhi will do will he believe it r not r at last this will also fail like as usual really feeling this time also pragya will fail oh god pls don’t do like this I can’t bare anymore this stupid crap again hoping the best only but y they kept aaliya entry now itself I thought she will enter after tanus baby truth I think may because of rumours really feeling very anxiety fr coming epi what u all r thinking

  7. kavs

    I read that she left the show….omg

    But aliya is better then tanu i think…

    Pls.complete tanu track n start some new track

  8. mahi

    Innum intha serial dragg tha pannuvanga enaku therinji..dna tst eduthu prove pannalum …tanu mehra house vitu annupa matikanga..miscarrage ahnathuku pragya tha kaaranam solli innum knjm drag pannuranga…aaliya vera mehra housela enter ahga pora….so innum dragg tha panna poranga

  9. Kiara

    DNA plan will not be flopped. An actor that is doing a cameo confirmed that Tanu’s entire truth will be out at the party

  10. Kiara

    DNA plan will not be flopped. An actor that is doing a cameo confirmed that Tanu’s entire truth will be out at the party.

  11. Ritvi

    I think in only mehra house 1 hour= 1 day.so that only tanku is still not delivering the baby.

  12. Gowtham

    hi frds….. how are you all?? hope no one forgets me….. frm the moment i said i am gonna quit i didnt even c a single episode after that…. but came to knw through my frd about the promo… its a good news actually…. frst time they are putting it to abhi…. so even if it is not gonna go fr prgyas favour, saying directly to abhi is more than enough… aftr that moment kkb ll go like the same old kkb…. and i heard this weeks episodes are moving fast… and abhi kind of getting his brain back… so all good news are coming one by one…… if i knew that once i quit only show ll move into the right track…. i would have done it one year before itself…. anyways its really feels good…. but as i said till the original exposure m not gonnna believe fully and m not gonna c that too…. since i get to knw this information frm my frd and fb i felt happy and wanted to share ot wd u all…. so shobana pratiksha…. and all other frds i thnk that promo wont go wrng… wat u all thnk?? its enough to put a seed on abhis mind about the child.. no nees to prove about nikhil and all…. m juz hoping prgaya ll put that seed…. thats enough.. if that happens, i ll definitely start to watch it again…. since then i will wait….

    • shobana

      Hi ? bro how r u??? How is ur work going on??? Got frds ??? Have u settled with ur job ???
      Happy to see you after a long time. Hope u started to watch kkb.
      And gowtham, this time the promo won’t go wrong. We can put hope on it. Pragya will tell that baby is not abhi’s with DNA proof but what will abhi’s reaction is still suspense. We have to wait for a little more to know what is going to happen after party.

      • Gowtham

        yeah going good sis….. and how are you? yesterday only i come to knw about some details about kkb… it was shocking… aftr i quit it goes well not fair….. anyways yes…. frm next week i plan to see that again bcoz b4 abhi they are gonna put the mask of tanu….. i want yo see his reaction….. if he agrees or not we ll see later… but abhis reaction i dnt want to miss….. sis

      • shobana

        Im gud gowtham
        That y should not quit the show ??.
        Anyways story was going in the right track for few days.
        And its nice to hear that u r going to watch from next week. I also want to see abhis reaction. Its a most awaited scene for me. The moment when tanu started to manipulate abhi using her unborn baby. From that point I was curious to know about his reaction. Lets see what happens further.

  13. Suren

    Shiiiiit, so close……SO CLOSE…..to this dragging ass story ending, and now everything’s gonna collapse, AGAIN, because Aaliya Lannister is back in town.

  14. Naveen

    Hi guys this time also Pragya plan fail with tanu and nikhil they will tell to do toe I will kill ur baby and it get boring so not watch kkb the pergency drama never end this time they will dragging too much and abhi why he sis concerts papper it waste now

  15. Sona

    Instead of aliya entry if bulbul return back as a new role. If Story start with pragya n purab get new of bulbul alive this serial is like by everyone. But if director continue with revenge story like aliya n nikhil taking revenge from abhi n tanu taking from pragya the serial loose trp n their charm. It better for the director to bring back bulbul n start some romantic story n close the chapter of aliya nikhil n tanu.

  16. Atyya

    If dna test flops then tannu truth will never get exposed because this is confirmatory and then no use to watch this drama

  17. FAN

    OMG …… Finally Finally Our dumb abhi has a doubt about Nikhil oh god it took home 200 episodes to have 1 little teeny tiny doubt……but still congrats guys our kkb is FINALLY moving on a little chalo serial kuch toh aage badha……..

  18. utopia

    Have you guys thought of the twistefd mind of the writers, aliya might be shown to have changed forgiven, will help pragya reveal Tanu truth and marry purab, evil wins again happy ending

  19. Aqua

    If ONLY the writers had some milligrams of brain mass, then DNA test could have been done last yr and bulbul character would still be alive! !!

  20. Payal

    I agree Aqua, my sentiments exactly. After all this work on extracting DNA, I don’t think we will know the outcome. It will drag until Tanu is ready to leave the show. We will not see Tanu get punished for all her evil deeds, unless the writers are struck by lightening. Suprizeses are good

    • Aqua

      I usually don’t have problems with the actor or actress playing the negative role bUT after one yr of same villain taunting pragya has made me so annoyed when I see the actress playing tanu…. especially when she screams she has this chalk board scraching shrieks soo annoying…. I think the actress will become those type casted villain for rest of her acting career.

  21. Mittenzz

    I don’t know, but I have a feeling that Aaliya will be coming back as a positive character. Tanu cannot win all the time, they need to take her down a rung or four. show her that she can’t keep messing with other people’s lives and not pay for it. If it will be at the cost of her child’s life, that’s a harsh reality for her and sad that the innocent as to pay for his/her mothers’ mistakes like that. But her using what God gave her as a tool for evil, then he must take it back from her. she’s undeserving of becoming a mother.
    I hope Abhi see the truth for what it is and no longer doubt Pragya when she would finally tell him.
    To be finally using that grey matter of his once again is a nice change.
    Seeing that Tanu’s truth will soon be exposed. I pray Aalyia’s re-entry is to help expose Nikhil seeing that his truth won’t come out with Tanu’s.

    I think a turn around is fair play….?

    • Dolly

      If aaliya comes as positive she could even win purab trust and fill his life with luv.

  22. Pratiksha

    Aaliya’s come back was the biggest surprise of yesterday’s episode. Already everything is going too fast and according to latest update, half truth will revealed and half not about takhil, between all this aaliya’s come back and tanu knows about it, all this r not giving gud feelings, infact these r increasing more fear for upcoming. Aaliya’s come back in mid and before complete exposure of takhil could b becoz of two reasons- may b cvs r fixing her in the show already for next track and she will get her way back to Mehra house through takhil’s exit or may b she brought back by cvs to drag the complete exposure of takhil more by her help to takhil. Shikha was waiting for her come back since long so cvs had to give her entry back in the show somehow. Glad that she is not quitting and back in the show as I like Shikha as aaliya and as a villain in the kkb so much and I know she will remain negative in the show until no strong villain takes her place and still for further she will create problems in abhigya, purbul and everybody’s life but I don’t want her interruption in takhil’s matter by helping them. Ya if she will go against them for her benefit then it will b gud but if she will interrupt in takhil’s exposure by helping them then it will not only torcherous for us infact we will not like her entry back in the show for now. And gowtham I personally feels that yes it will get reveal to abhi that tanu’s baby is not his through DNA test reports but things will not b solved easily of fine here infact things will get more sensitive and complicated from here, specially for pragya. Becoz pragya have only half incomplete truth in her hand which could b prove false and could b denied later somehow by plottings by takhil. And takhil will put their all strength to escape from all this somehow. Tanu is master in manipulation and drama and nikhil is nasty clever and between all this aaliya’s come back is like a bonus for takhil if she will also help them in plottings and plannings to turn the situation in their favour and against in pragya’s. So complete exposure or I can say further things for complete exposure of takhil will get so much difficult for pragya and her team. Between all this, abhi’s state of mind and his decision will play very important role after this truth revelation that tanu is not carrying his baby. And shobhna aaliya refused to help tanu for now but it doesn’t mean that she will never help her. If she will see her benefit in tanu’s help then she will definitely help her. I wish she do not help her. Anyways, I mean to say that we will get only this much satisfaction if tanu’s baby’s truth will get reveal Infront of abhi that tanu is not carrying his baby but from here, things will get more complicated and sensitive for abhigya and their supporters and for us. We’ll let’s see what happens.

    • Sahithi

      They keep bringing back Aaliya again n again but left out Bulbul, so unfair for me. The show has more negative characters than positive and smart ones. And to satisfy audience they just throw 1-2 min sequences of leads in between and remaining time for evil’s crap.

      So even if baby truth is out, leads cant be happy now with Aaliya around. Saddism of writers, seriously disappointed…

      • Pratiksha

        Ya sahithi totally agree with u. After so much long plottings and plannings and evilness. Leads and we needs a break from all this atleast for sometimes. Conspiracies behind conspiracies one by one constantly r making the show thriller instead of love story. If it is love story so they could show and focus on leads love story also with balance. We knows that twists r needed to add spice in interest in story but it should also keep in balance. Too much negativity ruins not only show infact audience’s interest also. We have been tired and bored after watching this much negativity since long constantly but these peoples r not tired by using this much negativity constantly in the show. Cvs r only gives little hopes to us by showing little progress in story which remains incomplete and gives the way for more dragging and most probably they uses it for trp increasing. That’s it. I m also disappointed with all this.

      • shobana

        Yes prathiksha if alia finds benefits through tanu she will support but I think till bday party ends she wont support her. And yes alia entry will be a big plus point to tanu and Nikhil.

        And sahithi, I thought that alia will be back after the baby truth revealed and after some happy moments of abhigya. I think the writers are not ready to keep abhigya happy and also the viewers.
        In precap y dadi was smiling and giving hints to tanu. All this pragya and co knows only to give hints and to talk.

  23. Swetha

    I think pregnancy track will not end soo soon .. Leena aka Tanu met with a accident she will not act KKB for month I gess

  24. Billu

    Guys leena has met with an accident ………….I guess its told that she has fracture and bruises all over her and she can’t even chew her food they are waiting for the doctors reports to check whether she can resume her work. . . .. god hope she is alright

  25. Pratiksha

    Guys I heard that Leena met with an accident yesterday in real. It’s a minor accident but she needs rest for sometimes. So may b we will not see tanu in the show for some days. Guys I m not completely sure about it but I read this on twitter.

  26. hloow

    Guys breaking news!!
    Tanu in real life got hurt in goa while on a holiday with her bf
    And she can’t resume her work
    Let’s c how things change now
    Do they drag or end tanus chapter
    Let’s wait n watch

  27. hloow

    Even god doesn’t want tanu in kumkum bhagya get it also fed up now dats why tanu5seems injured. Anyway feeling bad for her. Hopefully she recovers fast

  28. Sahithi

    Guys anyone read this news that Leena met with an accident and as of now not clear by when she will recover and be back to shoot. Not sure how much this is true, but if thats true, then we might see completely unexpected things in next week.

    • asmitha

      If Leena will take rest means then what CVS will plan now if they will show it favor for pragya r tanu

      • shobana

        It might be pragya since Leena can’t make her presence for few days. If it goes on tanu’s favour then her presence is important

    • Pratiksha

      Ya if this is true then may b after tanu’s truth revelation, abhi will kick her out from the house as after party shoot Leena has gone for mini vacation. She can go only then na when she get free from sometimes from the shooting. And now she if she met with accident so may b we will not see tanu in mehra house for few days but later CVS will managed her presence in the show around abhigya. Well it’s just guess. Let’s see what happens? CVS r keeping the things in suspense means big surprise or shock is waiting for us. Well I just want to say god plz save us.

  29. Pratiksha

    Guys finally I got this confirmed news of leena’s accident through times of India news article- Kumkum Bhagya’ actress Leena Jumani aka Tanu meets with an accident in Goa
    Leena Jumani aka Tanu of “Kumkum Bhagya” meets with an accident.

    Here’s some bad news for fans of Leena Jumani, who plays the role of Tanu on popular show “Kumkum Bhagya.” The actress has met with an accident while holidaying with her boyfriend in Goa. According to reports, the couple fell off a two-wheeler, which left them severely injured.
    While Leena’s beau fractured his shoulder, the actress has hurt her head and has sustained severe bruises around her eyes and legs. Leena has undergone an MRI as well.
    The actress’s sister told the Times of India: “After a two-day break, she (Leena) was to resume shoot, but now she may not be able to do, as her face is swollen and she is not in a position to speak clearly. She can hardly chew her food, too. We are waiting for the medical reports to decide when she can resume work.”
    It is a well known fact that Leena plays a prominent character on “Kumkum Bhagya” and her absence from the show will affect the ongoing track. It now remains to be seen how the makers churn out a track to make it up for Leena’s absence on the show.

  30. Aqua

    Wow that sounds really bad, I hope she gets well soon….

    writers should get a substitute actress and get the dna report out then throw Tanu character from the MM☺
    Leena can come back after a full recovery



    |Registered Member

    I saw promo that tannu truth will expose, i was happy as now alteast i will watch show againn… but according to sbs today, pragya’s dr. Frnd will swap the DNA report claiming that the baby is of abhi not of nikhil…. now thats tooooooo much……. how can team do not end her track after so much drama not even showing her delivery…. i hope before purab leave show truth is out…

    And sorry for tannu as she met with sever accident in real life…. get well soon….

  32. thanseef

    I like kumkum bhagya today episode so nice i love abhi the rock star im never the episode love u all

  33. thanseef

    I like kumkum bhagya today episode so nice i love abhi the rock star im never the episode love u all i always prays that praghya was won

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