Kumkum Bhagya 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sarla coming to the ward and asks Pragya why she came here, and asks her not to spend a single penny on Bulbul as it won’t be profitable for her. Purab says please, and asks her to give something to Bulbul. Sarla asks him to give himself. Everyone gather in the ward. Doctor asks them to go as the patient can go in shock seeing everyone. Dadi asks Sarla to go, but she refuses. They see Bulbul gaining consiousness and call the doctor. Abhi calls the doctor. Purab tells Doctor that Bulbul want to say something. Doctor asks him to give writing pad. Bulbul writes something. Purab takes the writing pad and reads it that the chandelier is about to fall on Pragya, but she saved her and got injured. He reads that someone wanted to kill Pragya in the reception. Abhi asks did you

see that person’s face. Bulbul writes that she haven’t seen his face, but saw him burning the rope which made the chandelier fall on Pragya. Abhi says I will not leave that person. Purab swears not to leave that person.

Abhi says it is your right to punish that guy. Tanu asks Aaliya why don’t she think of the result before taking any action. Aaliya asks her to shut up. Tanu says Abhi will find the person and then asks Purab to punish him. She says your Purab will punish you. Aaliya asks her to stop taking negative. Tanu asks her not to take her name if she gets caught. Aaliya says you are really selfish, and says they need to keep eyes on Abhi for now.

Dadi and Purab are sitting beside Bulbul. Dadi feels bad. Purab says she might have thought to inform us, but before she could reach us, she got injured. He thinks how to catch the man. Doctor checks Bulbul and says she will recover soon, the more she sleep, the more she will recover. Purab asks Bulbul to recover fast. Abhi and Pragya are in the car. Abhi says we should keep our differences at side and find the person who tried to harm her. He says he can’t bear anyone hurting his family. He says you are clever and that’s why you are on this mission. Pragya says we shall start with beginning. They come home. Pragya asks Ronnie to get details of all the persons in the party. Ronnie says okay.

Pragya says may be the person is a family member. She says that decorator can’t come alone in this house, and says someone might be helping him. Abhi gets angry. Pragya says we should do the investigation, and find the culprit. Abhi says he will do the enquiry. Pragya asks him to hurry up. She thinks may be Aaliya is helping her, and thinks she might be the one who want to see her dead. Abhi tells his family that he will not leave the person who tried to kill Pragya. He asks his family if they are behind the conspiracy then he will not leave that person. Ronnie comes to Pragya and tells the caterer was admitted in the hospital after someone had beaten him harshly. He says decorator Vijay came to their house as caterer. Abhi says he will not leave him.

Tanu gets worried. Aaliya is angry at Vijay for beating the caterer. Tanu says we shall inform Vijay that Abhi is in search of him. Mitali comes to their room. Aaliya scolds her for coming to her room without knocking on the door. Mitali says she came to see Raj and says I will not leave you both if Raj ends up with any problem. Tanu calls Raj and says Mitali wants to talk to you. Mitali scolds him for picking Tanu’s call and goes out her room talking. Dadi tells Dasi that someone want to kill Pragya. Dasi says nobody from the family will do this planning. Dadi says Abhi is very angry and will not leave the person. She gets worried for Bulbul and says Purab is shattered. Dasi says Bulbul is hurt because of Pragya and says she didn’t cry even once for her. Pragya says Vijay had accused you and again came to harm me. She says the person who hired him again is same, and says he has no personal enmity with her. Abhi says may be you have so enmity with someone outsider. Pragya says no. Abhi says only Vijay can tell us. Pragya thinks where to find him. Abhi and Pragya ask God and Devil for his address and argue. Abhi asks her to come and says he has an idea.

Abhi asks Aaliya to call Vijay and asks him to come. Aaliya is shocked. Abhi says you have his number and asks her to call. Aaliya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Precap is interesting plzz expose tanu and aaliya soon and comment are posted directly without any moderation I am happy thnx tellyupdates

  2. sana

    Fast Update…Thankyou πŸ™‚
    Precap is Interesting..but not keeping any expectations because aaliya is not gonna get caught

  3. Sahithi

    Good episode after the relatively painful episodes this week.

    And has anyone observed, the pic of Pragya n Abhi at start of episode. It is finally changed after those 100 epi.

    They r in smiling mood together after the last one whr they were at logger heads, literally n figuratively. Looking in opposite directions.. So if the pic continues I m hopeful of better things to come.

    And precap was what we all wanted, Abhi asks Aaliya for Vijay contact πŸ™‚

    Isn’t this approach more interesting n heroic that Abhi tries to catch the culprits for Purab n Bulbul sake, and though he doesn’t accept, for Pragya sake because he cares for all 3 of them, rather than Pragya revealing the truth.

  4. nivi

    plz dn expect anythin regardin precap
    aliya ll escape
    im sure
    abhi wil easily believe her so tis mission s draggin but wnt reveal d truth

  5. Shavi

    D story is going right track bt this time also dont drag.. if aaliya is exposed then tanu is all alone and exposing tanu is so easy.. at last our hero will find I think.. if abhi himself find d truth only he will punish aaliya .. unless otherwise he won’t believe in others words. .

  6. Ranaji(narendran)

    Pragya would have done this first itself in Tamil they will say straightly touching the nose he will turn around the face to touch it but I think writers woke up today

  7. Sharad

    Is it toomuch to hope that tanu or alia or both cud be exposed soon?! I’m banking on mitali babi. ..if they catch raj then mitali babi will expose other two ?hopefully it happens…..

    • Sahithi

      Yes even otherwise if Mithali keeps an eye on them both for 2 more days, she will get hint before Abhi n Pragya. As similar brains understand others plans quickly.

      And yeah I like ur idea, if Raaj comes out first, Mithali will help revealing other 2.

  8. zoya

    I dont like this serial.i have stopped watching this serial.the worst serial that i have ever seen.nothing new in this.

  9. guys today only i join
    plz can u become my friends
    kkb i am seeing form abhigya kidnapping but today i join will u become my friends plz

  10. Frankly speaking, I felt today’s episode full of stupidity. Bulbul’s telling about peagya’s killing attempt infrint of everyone and then purab read it loudly more stupid thing and then abhi asking from a all family member about the killing attempt was another stupidity and then Ronnie’s telling infront of everyone that he assumed that sardarji as decorator was another more stupidity and precap!!! Abhi’s asking from aaliya about decorator’s context and calling him, it was most idiotic thing. So overall, today’s episode and precap was full of stupidity. Is CVS showing us abhigya’s togetherness or abhigya’s foolishness. CVS r making abhi more dumb with each and that every day. My hopes vanished after watching the episode. They r fighting with evils and finding about the culprit with this much stupidity. Let’s see how they will solved it with this much stupidity.

    • Only gud things for abhigya’s fan that they could see them together through this, their nok-jhoks, their reputated romantic scenes as usual eye-locks and all that. So gud trick by cvs to tied audience with their seats. Congrats abhigya fans. At least cvs did a kind favour for us by showing abhigya once again together, anyhow.

      • Reji

        Ya again this problem started new pratiksha already u are seeing know here also one pratiksha is here please change your name or keep it with some other numbers or symbols this for hurting you I am not saying for everybody confusion sake I am saying so please try to understand

    • Gia

      Hie new pratisksha !! Actually tis place s nt fr retards like yu !! I think u r mentally ill so i suggest yu 2 consult a pschyatrist rather than bothering us !! r else go n join n an asylum !! Thanku in advance πŸ˜›

    • Sahithi

      If Purab doesn’t read it, don’t u think Abhi will take n read it.

      N Abhi has highest trust on his family, so he is not yet suspecting anyone. He feels Aaliya is now a changed person.

      For audience same thing was conveyed by Daasi also that who can be like that from family. Ppl like daasi didn’t take the matter seriously when Vijay blamed Abhi for whatever happened on Dussehra, because no one was hurt like what happened with Bulbul now.

  11. i think aliya will escape i think she will say that mistakenly she has deleted his number like that some reasons guys wat do u think about this pratiksha do u think that aliya will escape from abhi’s question

  12. Paul

    We all think some results will come soon. But looking at pace of this serial it will take another 3 to 4 months or maybe more for 1 to get exposed.

    • Jada

      It could drag on for another year. tanu should be about to deliver and she is not even showing. Story is ridiculous.

  13. srimathi

    Alia will be escaped according to the fool CVS but i think now a days CVS trying to play smart there may b chance of Alia ll b trapped

  14. susila

    Nothing going to happen however aliya gonna escape. But hw stupid the hero is? Did you all think any good will happen? Really I loved this serial a lot but its became so boring nowadays. Missing abigya.

  15. Geethu

    I think really abhi is dumbo..
    Bcz first he marry behalf of aliya mock up..
    And the truth revealed that prg isn’t lvr to purab..but abhi also blam prag..
    After feel for prag,they seperated.
    And now he gets signed papr frm prag but..it doesn’t cared for it..
    And stupid is prag forgot the mission..without keep track aliya..she atleast try to concentrate Nikkil tanu will be exposed..
    she could try to find raj reality..
    Its only tragging..yaar..
    We just hpy of bulbul purab marriage..but it’s also bcm sad..
    Mithali can’t use..but i think bulbul and prag mak expose…
    It’s boring..
    Others r mak new turn in the nwyr lik yhm somhow ishi confront the asok plan..
    If they keep tracking All viewers distract their serial yaar…

  16. riya

    gud episode….
    and precap was nice and interesting…
    hope aaliya’a true face comes before abhi as soon as possible…

  17. abinaya

    precap seems more intersting..y is askng vijay’s num frm alaiya..doesa anybdy hav a guess..wateva happns abi will blve his sissy so dumbly..no more expections..but waiting fa next update eagrlyy?????

  18. abinaya

    precap seems intersting..the greatest twist is why is she asking vija’s no frm alaiya..guess so hez just kidding..but waiting fa nxt episode..hop so thr would be sum gud track?

    • Reji

      I think aliya will escape abinaya she is so smart so I think aliya will say some reasons and escape

  19. Rajroopa

    God Plz expose Tannu Nd Alia fast. I just don’t understand where the hell is that Nikhil. I hope Abhi gets to know about Tannu fast.

  20. Come on don’t tell me this series is dragging again..Let Aaliy be exposed for once!!

    I don’t think I should be saying this but Shabbir Aluwalia(Abhi) and Sriti Jha( Pragya) make a wonderful couple onscreen and it would have been so romantic and amazing if they were a couple for real life! No offence to Shabbir and his real wife Kanchi Kaul..I know they are a married couple but I am just saying from my views..Maybe in their next birth/life Shabbir Aluwalia and Sriti Jha may be a couple fr real life lol..No offence to Shabbir Aluwaila and his wife Kanchi Kaul!! This is just my views!!

  21. KKB

    One of the best episodes!! And, its obvious Abhi will believe his family -he is not dumb, its trust on this family. Will you ever doubt your family with out knowing the facts? Writers have made each character with careful inspection. Good that Pragya gave clear direction to Abhi that she has no other enemies with others and only family person must be supporting Vijay – otherwise he would not have an option to enter Abhi’s house.

    Nice precap. Abhi once caught Aliya speaking to Vijay on road and she escaped from Abhi’s questions saying she has come to meet Vijay only for the sake of Abhi. Now that incident gave direction to Abhi that Aliya has contact with Vijay earlier and so is the reason he is asking Aliya to call Vijay..

    Nice episode, KKB rocks!!

    • razia

      Truly said wen everyone was disappointed wid abhi on not suspecting aaliyah tat day .. It’s gud tat CVS think smart n linked aaliyah in dis matter now .. Anyways if abhi doubts her strongly aaliyah tat day itslf I’m sure she wud denied strongly .. Bt dis tym chances fa escaping is less let’s c .. Bt CVS too smart .. Let’s stop say draggn n njoy abhigyas mission lol .. N must say CVS r more smart tat they tuk aaliyah now n left tanu .. Since v r dying to get abhigya unite they purposed left tanus matter .. Bt plz concentrate on tanus tummy at least .. I think fa dis too CVS have an answer .. Later they may say he aborted .. Tas y they r not gng fa the option dna test ..

  22. TanuVsAliya

    Aliya is so selfish, she might keep Tannu as victim πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Because Tannu started to irritate Aliya and asked her not to reveal her name if Vijay gets caught πŸ™‚ Now, that she may use Tannu to save herself as she did with Purvi earlier.

  23. josphine muthoni

    pratkisha i beg to differ wid u as i think Abhi asking Aliya to call the decorator is first step as they suspect a member of family…Aliya’s tension may open up eyes of Abhi

  24. josphine muthoni

    I have a feeling Abhi is in a mixed reactions…he loves pragyia soo much….if not then he would not be hurt to hear somebody wants to kill her

  25. Razzy

    new promo is out.in this promo in backround someone say will abhi becomes a hero and save the day.on 4th January there will be a mahamilan episodes of tashan e ishq,jamai raja and kumkum bhagya

  26. Happy new year to all friends out there. Abbi move stupid. He let’s every one knows that he is going to investigate the matter of who is planning to kill phagya. Who’s helping who, and why, so now the culprits will hide their tracks. Tanu is pregnant for so long and he hasn’t notice that her baby bump isn’t showing. They should let dasI on the their side. I think that she could be trusted.

  27. guys ihad join today only plzzzzzzzz take me as your friend .
    the comments you all have given is interesting iam a very big fan of kkb

  28. srimathi

    New promo-Abhi was standing in front of alia and all family members are gathered there Abhi saying that however smart may be the enemy but this time he can’t escape from me.Alia shocked.

    • Guys plz don’t mind but I was laughing after watching this promo. It was a laugh which comes after frustration. When I saw this promo, I had remembered all past promos where abhi confronted aaliya or aaliya gets catch. They all reminds me that firstly aaliya will get catch by abhi and then she will escaped easily too or even after catching, nothing much happens with her becoz she doesn’t have any care except purab. That’s why I m telling that this just for dragging. That’s it. I will believe on this that story or track is really moving, only then, when I will see something surprising with positivity.

  29. srimathi

    Reji we had seen many promos like this but nothing happened yet so no hope but Abhi is smart than Pragya and co so there may be a chance of exposing Alia.And according to me exposing tanu is much important than exposing Alia.

    • Exactly srimathi, tanu’s exposure is most important and it feels not only u and me but it feels almost audience and CVS knows it too that it should b but if they r not doing it then it’s simple reason is just dragging. Dragging to tied it’s audience always becoz it is necessary for their show’s success and it’s business.

    • reji

      razia kumkum bhagya in tamil i mean in iru malargal how it is going abhi and pragya have escaped from the goons??????

      • razia

        Ya reji thy both came home in Sterdays episode only .. N moday vl b the party I think .. From now on Tamil la sema enjoyment .. Hope v vl enjoy in Tamil atleas

      • razia

        Even afta tanus pregnancy starts I love the scenes which abhi dying to make pragya confess her love na .. Tats so lovely na .. Abhi start to love her n he vl often mean pragya tat he loves her n he don WANs to lose her nu .. Enaku andha scenes la romba pudikum reji

  30. srimathi

    Ya pratiksha I think when tanu gonna exposed and it is going to be the last episode of kkb.Now Alia’s motive is towards purab and now tanu is completely money minded.And Abhi promised tanu that he ll announce their marriage once bulbul recovered. So CVS should mind this and expose talia before bulbul recovery.

    • reji

      but srimathi and pratiksha if tanu married abhi means wat will nikhil do for this do you think that nikhil will help pragya where he had gone

    • Srimathi there could b many tracks for the story but lt is only CVS for whom looks like tanu’s exit could b last day of show. Tanu’s marriage couldn’t possible with abhi becoz pragya is still abhi’s legally wedded wife so tanu’s marriage could not put any effect if it happen or not. It could put effect only then if pragya leave abhi. Otherwise, I don’t think so tabhi’s marriage should happen according to the show’s title and story. Thing which is needed to think that how pragya will expose tanu when nothing is going logical and not in favour of her.

    • Sahithi

      Abhi promised and Tanu also forcing, assuming they have the correct POA papers. Without property, Tanu will never marry Abhi. And Abhi will not bring marriage topic from his side. So till the POA papers don’t fall in Abhi’s hand, Bulbul recovers or not, Tanu marriage cant happen.

      Nikhil wont help, he had a pact with Aaliya and Tanu right, that after marriage with Abhi Tanu will get property and then marry Nikhil.
      Nikhil for now has only guest appearances.

      Let us see today episode to get more clarity, there is chance that Aaliya may escape blaming Tanu. Now Tanu has more reasons to get rid of Pragya as she is not letting her marriage happen. Aaliya may give same excuse, that what enemity does she have with Pragya, that it is all Tanu’s plan.

      Mithali is also pissed off with Tanu roaming around her husband, so we never know if Mithali will also take Tanu name. These characters r very unpredictable, what story they may come up with.

      • If this lappen as u r saying that it will b the biggest surprise and treat for all the fans. But aaliya had always this choice that she trap tanu by putting all the blame on her but she used other ways every time. May b becoz tanu knows her most of truths or almost truths. So we can’t say surely and we should wait for it.

    • razia

      Reji definitely nikhil vl not help pragya .. Y cuz .. Aaliyah n tanu stopped nikhil jus by saying tat tanu vl marry abhi n get half of his property n then vl come to nikhil nu .. So fa money .. Nikhil s not threatening tanu .. Tamil la sollata .. Andha dash nikhil panathukaga tanu va abhi ya kalyanam pana allow panran paradesi naai .. Such a worst guy .. So it vl neva happen

  31. srimathi

    ya reji they reached home and Monday’s episode is on AbhiGya’s back to home party!!In that Abhi ll scold Pragya na!!

    • razia

      Aana thitna aprom sema romance la srimathi .. I luv tat scene very much .. Abhi apologising pragya n pragya hugs him n tanu gets irked seeing tat .. Lovely scene ..

  32. PAul

    why in all daily soaps Evil characters are shown intelligent than from main character? check all serial main characters are just playing dumb role. Take Abhi in KKB Dhruv in TPK and many more. How come when main characters are planning something evil characters listen to them and when they do the same main characters are unaware. I avoid watching these serials but when i do I get hyper and sometime have argument with my wife. Makers should show us some positive things but they don’t. For KKB 2 years same story is too much. If they want to continue they should bring some positivity by exposing both and bringing in new story.

  33. srimathi

    Pratiksha there is no clue on tanu so according to current situation there is no chance of exposing tanu. And probably Pragya is concentrating on Alia and not Tanu I don’t know what was the reason for pragya’s new avatar according to me its totally waste no use of it till now she is getting Abhi’s hatred words only.however I’m completely fed up.Pragya and co is completely dumbos.

  34. dhilip31

    i think aaliya will not gonna get caught. will see what happens next. rockstar aphi should investigate this himself without knowing anyone.for that first he have to think why someone is always trying to kill pragya after she changed as mogampo from fuggy.

  35. Shraddha Sharma

    Go for it Abhi… bhut sari chaan bin kro.. and throw aaliya, tanu and raj in jail for whole life, so that Prgya and Abhi are togther foreever….
    I hope iss bar atlest vijay sach bol kr apne paap kam kr le…

  36. Guys what’s this confusion? I just saw sbb . they were saying that kkb is on no-3 in trp ratings. Yesterday SBS people were saying that it is on no-2 and before it we heard that it is on no-5. Who is right or who is wrong? Just don’t understand? Why they r confused? Can’t they provide right info? Now god knows this week’s trp of kkb.

  37. Sahithi

    So as per today episode preview Aaliya does call Vijay. But Raaj asks Tanu n Aaliya to alert Vijay to stay away from Abhi n try not to get caught.

    After meeting Purab in hospital, Abhi Pragya go to find Vijay. Ronnie also secretly joins them. Abhi doesnt want Ronnie along but Pragya takes him. I think Tanu Aaliya also come to Vijay house at same time.

  38. srimathi

    ya sahithi I too saw that ..
    Today’s episode
    Aliya calls vijay and Raj tanu aletrs vijay
    Abhi pragya and Ronnie going to vijay’s house Abhi doesn’t want to involve Ronnie in this but Pragya wanted him to come along with them

    • Sahithi

      Actually yesterday epi also the front shots r of Sriti, back shots of dupe. But there was a mistake in way hair was thr for Sriti n the dupe. So it was very evident in the last episode.

      They generally take front shots with actual actors n back shots or group/long shots with dupes.

      But I don’t think unavailability of actors will make the show boring. They shoot all their scenes well ahead before their vacation.

  39. srimathi

    Guys it’s not duplicate it is our sriti and shabir they are back to shoot I saw an Selfie of sriti and shabir in IG with iqbal

  40. srimathi

    Reji I think today’s episode ll lil interesting coz Abhi Pragya and Ronnie were going to Vijay’s house and more over Raj says that he can’t help Alia this time and Alia says vijay that she could pay him and ask him to not to disclose her name

  41. During these days don’t know why but I m enjoying reading updates and comments more than watching episodes. Show has become like a comedy show for me since last 4-5 days of past. I m laughing on the tricks of CVS. My cousin was saying that CVS trick of moving track is just like they r chasing for a big tressure and for reaching it’s place, they r using every logical and illogical tricks. So his means to say that CVS r opting god knows what tricks to stop and get their treasure likes audience. Now let’s see what- what tricks CVS could use for this. It will b fun to watch more than results of anything.

    • no shriti it’s not the regular fan fiction just for my imagination i did i didn’t add any episode no but telly updates added it but i am so happy that you liked my ff but i am trying to start another ff in kkb with new topic after the exams i will start it

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