Kumkum Bhagya 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Purab seeing a speeding car towards Bulbul and shouts. Aaliya rescues Bulbul and falls on floor. Bulbul thanks her and says Purab told she has changed, but now she saw herself. Aaliya says she has accepted their relationship and wants them to unite. She scolds Purab for leaving Bulbul alone. Bulbul hugs Purab and says he was right, Aaliya has changed.

Tanu asks Aaliya why did she rescued Bulbul when she got the opportunity to get her out of life. Aaliya slaps her and asks when she does not have any problem in their marriage, why is she overreacting, only she and Abhi can decide about life and says if she tries to intervene again, she will tell Abhi that she helped her capturing Pragya’s fake MMS. She says she is sparing her as she is her friend.

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Pragya practices in front of mirror how to propose Abhi. She gets nervous and thinks she has to tell it any cost. She thinks her life’s biggest happiness and feeling is with Abhi, thinks what if Abhi has also started loving her. She reminisces Abhi getting romantic with her many times. Serial’s tile song…. plays in the background. Abhi comes and sees her looking in mirror and engrasped in some thought. He asks it is very good. She says yes. He asks her to look at right side. She looks at his face. He asks why is she breathing so fast and says she should get herself checked up by doc. She asks when did he come. He says when she was trying black magic on herself. She says she is not. He says then she was trying to propose him. She says yes. They both get into an argument.

Purab brings Bulbul home and nurses her wound. Sarla asks how did she get injured. She tells her about the incident happened and how Aaliya saved her. Sarla says she is happy that Aaliya has changed and will not trouble Pragya now.

Sarla and family reaches Abhi’s home for the party. Sarla hugs Daadi and asks why is she not resting. Daadi says she is very happy and will do bangra now. Bulbul asks about Pragya. Daasi taunts that she knows whom she is searching for and asks her to go and meet Purab.

Pragya gets ready and applies makeup and lipstick. Abhi pushes her by mistake. She asks him to behave. He taunts that she should not do makeup as she cannot look pretty even then. He says people will watch her even if he is around. He challenges that he is rockstar and people will look only him. He applies lipstick on her nose. She runs behind him to apply lipstick on his face and he runs. In their tussle, her palloo falls down. She gets shy, turns back and hides her modesty. He nervously looks on the other side and drapes palloo back on her shoulder. She sees his eyes closed and gets impressed. They both look at each other romantically and then get conscious. Serial’s title song…..plays in the background. He takes lipstick from her and applies it on his nose. She gets more impressed and smiles.

Precap: Abhi’s friend points at Pragya and asks Abhi if she is his wife. He says yes and asks not to call it. She asks what to call then. He says nothing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. hoping aliya finally changed bcos she seems so beutifully in +ve role…. Rabul rocks….. Abhigya uhhh toooo… Love uh all…..

  2. sneha

    Kkb new year’s party started so early!! All I know that my rabul looks beautiful in it and waiting for more of them in the party.

  3. akki

    I don’t know but still I can’t believe that alia has changed.my all fears are just that she might not be planning big which would seperate my rabul forever.noooooooo plz noooooooo!!! Alia sudhar jao.

  4. sania

    Bulbul melting towards alia was dissapointing!!! Beware girl and plz stop being mahan eveytime and caring for abhigya putting purab at stake always.

  5. kashaf

    I hope in the new year’s party we will see rabul romance rather than rabul working for abhigya..plz

  6. Sabawoon Khan

    Abhi and pragya are my favourite rather than bulbul and purab abhigya are the main characters of the show

  7. Saba khan

    And aliya is just a character and she play her role very well and if she is not in the serial there will be nothing to watch I luv aliya’s boldness

  8. Lovelife

    After a month or so of sadness, ‘prove yourself’ drama, I like this rather light hearted track 😀

  9. Devika

    kkb is going nice hope alia has changed now….
    plez alia stay like this only cos in this scene u look very smart

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