Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya saves kids, Aaliya brings Munni home

Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya asking Chutka and Chutki to tie Pinky and goes to call Munni. Munni waits for her call. Pragya calls her and tells Chutka and Chutki are saved. Munni tells her that Aaliya and Tanu are taking her to Mehra Mansion. Pragya asks her to go and says she will meet here there. Aaliya knocks on the door and asks her to come out. Munni thinks if she heard me. She tells that the sandal is tight. Aaliya says you will get new sandal daily. Pragya asks Chutka and Chutki to dance on Pinky’s mobile and kick it. They oblige her. Pragya says lets go now. They leave finally. Aaliya and Tanu bring Munni home. Aaliya asks Tanu to go and hit Pragya to make her unconscious.

Tanu imagines Pragya hitting her instead and asks Aaliya to go. Aaliya gives her medicine to make unconscious

and tells that Pragya will faint with this. Munni thinks how to tell Pragya now, I have left phone there itself. Pragya comes home. Munni sees her and asks her to hide. Pragya hides. Aaliya asks Munni to come to other room, gets call from someone and goes. Pragya signs Munni to meet her upstairs. Munni says ok which is heard by Aaliya. Aaliya asks she is talking to whom? Munni says she needs to go to loo. Aaliya says I will come with you and will not leave you even for a second.

Purab and Abhi come to Sarla’s house. Sarla gets happy and says she has complains with them. She says where is Pragya and Disha. Purab says they went to PS. Abhi makes excuse. Sarla says she was missing Pragya since morning. Abhi says your daughters sent love to you and hug her. Sarla gets happy. Abhi gives her vitamin tablets as a gift. Sarla gets happy. Tanu mixes tablets in water and thinks Pragya will get conscious and hopes to get Abhi. She says bye bye Pragya, I will be more happy to see you defeated, when munni signs property papers and not you. Abhi and Purab come to Beeji’s room to meet her.

Beeji says Sarla is missing Pragya and that’s why she called them. Sarla asks why did you call them. Abhi says you can call me. They have gajar ka halwa. Sarla asks him to take gajar ka halwa for Pragya also. Abhi says they can finish it while on the way. Sarla asks him to tell Pragya that she is missing them. Munni comes to room. Aaliya asks her not to test her patience. Munni says she is not feeling like going now. Pragya thinks very good Munni.

Abhi tries to romance with Munni assuming her to be Pragya. Munni tries to resist.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. OH NO PLEASE do not let any ROMANCE happen between munni and abhi , because is munniGet bregrant bragyh will leave abhi for ever and stuiped abhi can notfeel the deferent between the two or he love munni not bragyh

  2. i can’t wait oooooooh hope this time pragya will be saved

  3. Most disgusting serial

    how many times ekta kapoor and your writer going to make themselves look so cheap and low, there is no story lines at all in this serial, you are just beating around the bush. wake up ekta kapoor and smarten up now. the public is fed up of you they are not writing comments about your serial anymore, i don’t blame them.

  4. what’s there to write or watch I don’t waste my time on this show it needs to END. why does all the bad people keep winning and Abhi is so DUMB and Pragya
    she is no better why she playing super woman SHOW SHOULD END or change story to something better

  5. leisa s morris

    I dont c d need for this cat and mouse game ti continue.. not only is munni in mehra mansion but pragya also has d kids so y cant all 3 go infront of abhi and tell him truth stueps. Nxt ting u hear kids get kidnap again along with pragya and ring around start all over again. Im exasperated wit these writers u wud ting by now pragya has learnt to stop b a one hero and involve others to solve problems but not wit these writers.. pragya and abhi continue to b dumb and tanu/aliyah d genius in dis serials i finallt get it aliyah is d real star d rest r supporting cast

  6. we are tired of dis people this nonsense must stop .

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