Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu thinking to talk to Nikhil about the watchman and says she has taken him lightly. Abhi comes and says he couldn’t make music and even sleep. She thinks what to do else Nikhil will make drama. Abhi asks where is she going? Tanu says I am going for check up. Abhi says I don’t know what to do. Tanu suggests him to go on a long drive. Abhi asks her to go and come after checkup, and then they will go out. Tanu agrees. Pragya asks Purab why he called her. Purab asks about her plan. Pragya says Tanu got the parcel and was shocked seeing it. Purab asks did you decide about the place and time. Pragya says Tanu is very careful and will not do any mistake which Aaliya or Raj have done. She says she shouldn’t suspect us else we couldn’t trapped her. We have to be careful.

Purab says we will discuss the matter after solving this marriage hall problem. Taya ji and Tai ji call Raj and asks what is the matter.

Mitali comes out of room. Akash asks where is Raj and says they all are in tension. Akash goes inside the room. Tai ji asks did you fought with my son. Rachna says we will make him understand and asks her not to cry. Mitali cries. Taya ji says something big have happened. Tai ji says I am seeing her crying for the first time. Akash says Raj is not in the room. He asks Mitali to say? Mitali cries. Rachna says she is very tensed. Abhi asks what is happening. Akash says Raj is missing from home and nobody have seen him. Abhi asks Mitali where is Raj? Mitali says he is very much angry and is not opening washroom door. Tai ji says I want to see him. Abhi asks her not to worry and says he will check on him.

Abhi talks to Raj from outside the washroom and gives him courageous words. He says you are my inspiration and says you can teach her to walk on the right path. He asks him to come out for Akash, if not for him. He says he has make this family with much difficulty else it will break. He asks him not to punish him, and says I will leave far from here. I am leaving Bhaiyya….Raj hears him and comes out of washroom. Abhi says I have never thought wrong about you and can ruin myself for this family. Raj asks him to keep quiet and says he is feeling ashamed of his doings. He repents and promises to walk on the right path. They hug and cry. Abhi asks him not to cry and says Mitali is waiting for you. He wipes his tears and go.

Tanu comes to meet Nikhil. He says it is his friend’s house. Tanu tells about the watchman and says if he give the proof to Pragya or Abhi then everything will be finished. Nikhil says he will teach a lesson to him and asks when he will call next. Tanu says he has given a day time to arrange money. Nikhil says who might be him and asks Tanu. Tanu says I don’t know anyone. Nikhil says he will think.

Pragya and Purab come to solve the kumkum bhagya marriage hall problem. Pragya says I am also owner and signs on the papers. Just then Sarla comes there and says I have paid all the money and shows the notice. The man says we have taken owner’s sign and says she is there. Sarla says I am owner and looks at Pragya. Sarla asks if your eyes are on my marriage hall…Pragya says it is not like this. Sarla says do you think I am like Abhi, and says you can’t cheat me. You want to snatch it from me. I made you nominee as you was my sister and says I will remove your name from it. Pragya says she didn’t come for it. Sarla says it is limit for a lie. Pragya cries. Sarla says I am ashamed of you. She says my house runs because of this marriage hall and you want to snatch it from me. She calls her Dayan. Purab comes there. Sarla says Pragya is about to snatch marriage hall from me and says she is not mad like Abhi. Pragya hears all accusations silently. Sarla says I will call Police and send her to jail. She says she should be in jail after whatever she has done with innocent Abhi.

Purab says you will not do this and asks Pragya not to stop him. Purab tells Sarla that Pragya has been doing everything for a purpose, and was helpless. He says Pragya is same as before, loving and caring. She feels everyone pain even now and is your daughter also. Sarla says she is not my daughter. I have cried a lot, but she didn’t listen to me. She is someone else. Purab says she has not done any mistake. He says Bulbul forced her to do all this. Sarla is shocked. He says Bulbul and Abhi’s Dadi made Pragya to do this to take revenge from Abhi’s enemies. He tells her everything from Pragya’s accident scene and everything. Purab says Aaliya and Raj are exposed now, and says Tanu is still at large. He says Tanu wants to give Abhi’s name to someone else baby. Sarla gets emotional. Purab says he heard her talking to Bulbul and she told him everything.

Tanu asks Pragya, can she stay out of room for sometime. Pragya says someone have become shameless. Tanu says she is going to marry Abhi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Whr u saw that video megha

  2. They just dragging it again…..fed up of there roz ka drama

  3. Ekta soaps are as hopeless as her. Both siblings sadly have no Talent just using mommy and daddy’s power to make horrible shows and movies. Tanu and Abhi as Mitali will ruin Pragya’s plan in order to exact her revenge. Tanu wil lose the child and Pragya will be blamed.

  4. I think thats old episode when dadi came to know abt tanu pregnancy

  5. New segment update- Pragya in watchman’s getup, comes to meet tanu. Purab and ronnie also comes along with her but they helps pragya hidingly. Ronnie comes in constable get up. Tanu comes with money and searches for watchman. Nikhil too comes with his goons behind from pragya in burkha and tries to kill pragya from behind through knife. Purab sees it hidingly. He indicates ronnie to come out and help pragya. Ronnie comes in constable getup and threatens nikhil and his goons. They all goes from there. Purab comes out. Pragya asks ronnie what he is doing in constable getup. Purab makes her understand that he called ronnie here on this getup and becoz of his ur life is saved becoz that burkha man was trying to kill u. Pragya says but they will run away from here till now. Purab says they can’t. Pragya,purab and ronnie runs behind them and tries to catch them but they couldn’t then they shows pragya calls someone, I think she calls tanu and talks with her. Otherwise nikhil meets with tanu with his goons and they have some arguments. Nikhil says to reporter that he has arranged 10 lakhs rupees on pragya’s demand but he don’t want to give up so easily. He wants that he save money at the same time he remove blackmailer too from their way. By this, he wants to help tanu. He says that from now with tanu his face off will also happen with pragya in plannings and plottings.

    1. again mission failes…

      1. Agreed with you sheetha again pragya proved her dumbness and chances of dragging increased. Poor girl how much she has to suffer all her plans are failed

    2. In the segment scenes, Tanu is in same dress as she was when giving flowers to Abhi. So it is not yet clear if on same day Abhi decides to get married, as Tanu said they will go out for dinner.

      May be in between during the day, Pragya called again as watchman n she goes along with Purab n Tanu comes along with Nikhil.
      But what has to be seen – is it at sametime that Abhi also decides for marriage then in between all this chasing Tanu may not reach for marriage.

      But if it is for some other day, then we have see how Pragya will stop marriage on that day.

      1. Sahithi that flower bringing scene of tabhi and pragya was in early morning when abhi wakes up from sleep. Tanu and pragya changes their dress after freshing up in morning but abhi was left so I think after being fresh, he will change his t- shirt, in which he was in court scene and then this whole today’s segment drama will happen along that court scene. Well let’s see.

      2. Then Mithali must do some drama in between as per today’s spoliers n must go along with Abhi as witness. May be something like that is reason for sudden decision of Abhi.

  6. UPDATE :
    Pragya on is disguised as a watchman and Purab-Ronnie are accompanying her. Ronnie is dressed up a policeman.
    Pragya is busy on the phone when Nikhil comes from behind and his about to attack her with a knife. A helpless Purab is watching all this from afar and sends Ronnie on time to help Pragya. Just when Nikhil is about to stab Pragya (watchman) with a knife, Ronnie enters as a policeman. Nikhil and his goons get scared and disperse from the scene within moments.
    Pragya questioning Ronnie what is he doing disguised as a policeman. Purab comes there and tell her how a man dressed in burka was about to attack her. They regret missing out on the man.
    One clip, Pragya, Purab and Ronnie shown in some underground/cave kind of place running, hiding and spying.

    Credit :FB KumKum-Bhagya-Abhigya-Love-Destiny

  7. megha wr u saw that? I think u saw old one if pragya in black dress.

    1. Yes I think I have seen the old one I saw that in iconosquare.com…

    2. Yes it’s in black dress

  8. Again mission fail????

  9. Ekta proved again that she has no story and she will disclose tanus secret when she will Abhi and Pragya will say go to hell in frustation lolzzz

  10. Highlights of today’s episode’s-
    Purab tells sarla maa everything and tells how much pragya has suffered a lot alone by taking everyone’s hatred for conplition her missions. Sarla maa regret on her behavior towards pragya that she has failed in identifying her daughter and her truth. Sarla maa asks forgiveness to pragya. Pragya says don’t ask becoz u did what i wants. They hugs each other and cries. Sarla maa says that u r a good wife and today u made me proud.
    Tanu in her room thinks how to strange 10 lakhs rupees becoz nikhil is looking unable to arrange. Mitali comes to meet her. Tanu asks her about her well. Mitali says she can’t b OK until pragya will b out from this house. Mitali asks for help to tanu. Tanu says she can’t until she will get married with abhi. Mitali says that now I will make sure that ur wedding will happen soon. She says I will create a situation by which ur wedding will happen soon with abhi.
    Abhi is in couch, covers his face with blanket and acts as sleeping. Pragya comes in. He thinks her as tanu and says her to sit near him. He says from now he will spend a lot of time with her as he was unable to give her and now he will take care of her very well. He says to say something. Pragya says what shall I say. Abhi recognizes her voice and opens his eyes. He asks what she doing here. Then they have their usual nok-jhoks.
    Everybody on dinning table, akaash praises abhi. Raaj asks akaash if he needs his help in his projects. Akaash tells about two projects. Raaj selects chembur project becoz he knows there peoples.
    Tanu comes in abhi’s room and starts her usual rubbish talking and she asks him to go for a walk on beech. Abhi says no as his mood is changed now. Tanu says OK so now let’s talk. Tanu asks him how she is looking today, abhi thinks hhow to lie again and again. He says u r looking as u looking everyday. Tanu says u r getting unromantic. Then precap scenes happens. Tanu hugs abhi. Pragya comes out from changing room. Tanu asks her to leave. Abhi doesn’t look. Pragya walks out angrily and says plz close the door becoz someone could come in then she bangs the door angrily and walks out.
    Rachna meets with pragya and tells her about raaj’s worst behavior towards mitali and says to pragya that they have to do something. Pragya says u somehow bring tanu out from abhi’s room as she can’t see all this and she will talk with raaj. Rachna says she can’t handle tabhi. She says u handle them and i goes and talks with raaj.
    Pragya calls tanu as blackmailer. Abhi takes tanu’s phone and asks about her. Pragya says in watchman’s voice that she wants to talk with tanu madam. She says ok i tell u the secret. Abhi says secret! Tanu takes her phone from abhi and talks. Pragya says in watchman voice that she called her to remind a out their meeting of tomorrow. Tanu says ok and cuts the call. Abhi says did u finish ur call. Tanu says yes. He says now I learnt one thing that not to expect anything from anyone. He says that his mood is not gud and she is busy too so she may leave. Tanu tries to give reason but abhi makes her leaves and close the door.
    Pragya come and bangs on the door. Abhi opens the door angrily thinks that it is tanu. He gets shocked after seeing pragya. Pragya says u both can’t spend an hour with each other and u r planning to live with each other whole life! Pragya says that now I will get double profit from ur wedding. I will get money from ur singing and by tanu’s modelling too. Abhi says that u will make my wife work. Pragya says yes. Then they have their usual nok-jhoks.
    Abhi searches for something and falls in pragya. Then they shares an eye- lock with background song. Pragya says I will never leave u. Abhi asks what? Pragya manages her words and says I will never leave ur money. Abhi says OK u will never leave me then I will leave this house.

    1. So i think mithali only misguide abi to get married in court

  11. Purab tells Sarla that Pragya is suffering a lott.. Taking every1’s hatred. Even today if i havent come here she would have quietly heard all ur Gussa and left without saying a word..

    *Sarla tells i have done wrong.. kids tell lies and a mother should see the truth in the kids eyes.. but she didnt.. P tells u havent done anything wrong. Sarla Pragya hug.. Sarla tells how lonely u should have been.. U must have needed ur mothers support but i was not there for u.. Sarla asks P to forgive her.. Ask her now u dont worry.. M there for u..

    *Sarla tells that in Sacchi Mahineme that ur a good wife.. U have made me proud..

    *Tanu back in her room thinkng that N is saying he would do that and this but is not doing anything.. Wish i could get the 10lakhs from somewer so that i can shut the watchmans mouth.. but wer can i get..

    *T decides to go to A.. M comes i and T asks r u ok.. M says thill P is in the house i cant be ok.. M asks T’s help.. T says what can i help.. M says dont act too much.. I kow what u r.. T says she’ll help but not until she gets married to A.. T sasy only after getting married to A i can do something.. M says then i#ll make sure that Tabhi get married soon… I’ll create a situatuion in the house so that ur wedding will happen soon.. They say that thier enemy and goal is same.. M says that T’s doli will come in and P will leave the house.. (M has a stern and strong look)

    * P comes in the room.. A sleeps on the couch covering his head.. A thinks its T and asks her to sit near him and talk.. P sits near him.. A tells m nt giving u time naa.. from now on i’ll give u full time and take care of u.. A asks y arnt u saying anything and P says what shall i say.. A opens his eyes..

    *A asks what r u doing here.. and their Nok jokh start..

    *Tayiji, Tayaji, Raj , Mithali , Akash and Rachana at dinner table.. Tayaji and Akash praise Abhi. Raj tells Akash if he needs any help in his project then ask him.. he tells there are 2 projects 1 in chembur and one somewer.. asks Raj to choose 1… Raj tells Chembur is ok as he knows some ppl over there..

    * T comes into A room and starts her bakwas and asks him to go for a walk.. A tells to go for a walk and come.. he wont go as his mood is changed.. A tells we can sit here and Talk.. T says hitler P wont allow that to happen and A says she wont say anything..

    *Precap scene.. T asks P to leave them alone.. A dosent look… P says lock the door otherwise any1 could come in an angry tone.. Bangs the door and leaves..

    *Rachana tells P that Raj behaviour towards M is going worse..we have to do something.. P asks Rachana to ge t T out of Abhi’s room as she cannot see all that and P will go to Raj and talk to him… Racho says i cannot go to Tabhi.. she asks P to handle Tabhi and she’ll talk to Raj..

    * Tabhi… Tanu all over Abhi… T assk A how shez looking.. He used to complement her a lottt before aand now he dosent.. A thinks to himself bar bar jhoot kaise bolu.. A tells jaise lagrahiho waise hi laggrahiho.. T tells u became soo unromantic.. A sasys he has a Headach and T tells she’ll massage and does it..

    *P calls T as Blackmailer… A gets irritated with the call and lifts it.. P tells A that she called to talk to T madam… its ok she’ll tell him about the Raaz.. A asks Razz?? T snaches her phone from A and says she’ll talk.. T comes out of the room and P sasy i called to remind u to mee t tomorrow.. I’ll tell u the place..

    *A is packing in the room and T comes.. A asks finished talking on the Phone?/ .. A says I have learnt one thing in life.. never to expect aything. I said m not feeling good and my mood is not good and u are tooo busy.. T tries to reason and A asks her to leave him alone.. and makes her leave the room and closes the door..

    P comes and bangs on the door.. A thinks its T and opens the door angrly.. and is shocked.. P comes in and sasys that U both cannot be together for 1 hr and talking about spending the whole life together.. P tells that

  12. Ekta stupid

  13. Pragya go and check tanu’s cell phone.u can check her call log and father of her child or u can ask ur fans they will help u.

  14. Guys in tamil today pragya going to know that tanu s pragnant. From today there were more emotional scn while watching in hindi I cried now going to c in Tamil too.. feeling vry sad …

    1. s rose…. same feeling

  15. Plz end tanu track soon… waiting for abhigya reunion ……. tanu is so irritating cant tolerate her

  16. Yuki Furukawa

    I hate ekta and her shows!!! Uggghhh so annoying ???
    あるし リリを羅理由がある 率んす‼︎‼︎‼︎‼︎!

  17. Thank you pratiksha for the update

  18. Please reunite pragya and abhi at the earliest,we are not able wait…for some more time.

  19. Thanx for your views

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