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The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Nikhil and Tanu that Dadi is doubting them, and says she will go on stage and announce. She asks Nikhil to be close to Pragya and hold her hand. Nikhil praises her ideas. Aaliya goes on the stage and takes the mic. Nikhil comes to Pragya. Pragya asks how dare you to come here. Nikhil says I am very happy today and that’s why came. Pragya says it seems you have forgotten that day beating. Nikhil says I came to congratulate you on your pregnancy. Pragya asks him to go and stand with Tanu, else she will tell Abhi that he is her kidnapper. Nikhil says I know you won’t do anything as such, as you loves Abhi. He whispers in her ears that she would have told Abhi about Aaliya and Tanu. He says you couldn’t tell Abhi about Tanu’s baby father, but now you will

know who is the father of your child. Pragya asks what he is planning? Nikhil says she will see soon and holds her closely.

Aaliya wishes Bunty and Babli, a happy birthday. She says I have another good news, and says Abhi and Tanu will have their sangeet after 3 days, but there is some bad news too. She says I have some shocking news too, and says it is indirectly linked to our family. Dadi says she has started her work and wonders what will happen now. Purab says I have to stop this announcement somehow. Mitali stops her and says she wants to see her kids happy. She asks her to play the video which she made for her kids. Aaliya says I will play the video later else…She gets angry. Mitali asks her to play the video first and asks her to keep the bad things for other days. Aaliya signs the woman to play video. Nikhil says real film will start now. Everyone see Sarla asking Doctor why she has ruined her daughter’s life. Doctor tells that she didn’t do this intentionally and someone gave money to her to declare Pragya pregnant.

Aaliya asks someone to close the video. Dadi says let this video run, I want to see. Abhi says even I want to see. Aaliya says it is inappropriate as kids are here. Abhi says it is shot by spy cam, and we have to see. Doctor says I was asked to say this, as your daughter is ruining someone else life. She says that woman threatened to ruin my career. Mitali says that Doctor lied to us. Abhi asks Pragya why she didn’t tell him. Pragya says you didn’t give me a chance to speak. Abhi says you likes to torture me and took my care. Dadi asks you should be happy that she has not done any mistake. She says we will hug her. She hugs Pragya. Pragya smiles. Dadi says I was listening to my heart and my heart said that she can’t be wrong. Dasi says her heart is clear as this video. Nikhil is upset. Abhi says who is Nikita’s enemy, who is trapping her. He asks do you have doubt on any person. Pragya says nods.

Sarla tells herself that she shall tell truth to Abhi with proofs. She thinks to expose Tanu and Pragya. A fb is shown, Sarla tells Dadi that they shall expose Tanu and Aaliya. Dadi says if we go against them, then Abhi’s mind will have a bad effect. Pragya also worried for him and asks Sarla not to tell anything. Fb ends. Abhi praises Sarla for making the video smartly, and says Pragya should learn from you. Sarla says I did a mistake and thought from mind, and that’s why thought to think from heart and prove her innocence. Abhi says don’t know who is her enemy. Sarla says they are few people who have crossed all limits. Abhi says I won’t stop and won’t leave them. He apologizes to Pragya for not trusting her silence and says whoever tried to malign your reputation, I will not leave that person. Pragya thanks him.

Pragya thanks Sarla. Sarla asks her to thank her for everything and makes her emotional. Pragya says I understood, and says no thank you. Sarla says you are very understanding and don’t need anyone’s help. She says I knew that you don’t need my help, but I did a small help. Dasi says we shall celebrate for Aaliya and Tanu’s game end. Dadi also praises Sarla. Purab says she got strength from me. Dadi asks from where did you get camera idea. Dasi says this is not your idea. Sarla says she got this idea from Beeji.

A fb is shown, Beeji tells Sarla that Doctor is lying and says we shall find out about the person behind this. Sarla says I have promised Pragya to bring her truth. How I will prove her innocence and make people believe. Beeji goes inside and brings the spy cam. Sarla asks why you are giving me button. Beeji says it have spy cam in it, and asks her to record everything. Sarla asks from where did you get it? Beeji says she bought it online, and asks her to use it to prove Pragya’s innocence. Fb ends. Sarla says Doctor got emotional and told the truth. Dadi says why didn’t you tell me. Sarla says when I came to tell you, I saw Mitali spying on us and stopped myself.

Nikhil gets angry with Aaliya. Tanu says I was dreaming that Abhi will confess love to me. Nikhil says what would have happened if I had announce that I am her baby’s father, then video is shown. Aaliya asks them to shut up and says I did a mistake by joining you in my plan. She says I can’t bear to see your face. Nikhil says even I am bearing because you are Tanu’s friend.

Pragya asks Nikhil to leave else she will kick him out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally this pragnancy trap end. Beeji really u r rocking. And moreover our three irritating idiot get a big bulp.Govinda govinda. Aduthu enna panna kathurukanugalo theriyaliyae. Hmm aduthu enna puthusa yosika poranuga kidnap, murder, pregnancy, charracterless ithula ethavathu onna than irukum, guys adutha track and trapku readyavae irukaga. Gud nit frds

    1. indha 3 loosugalukum vera vallaiyae illa summa mokka idea adhula fail ayittum buthi varala moonu loosum seriyana bulb adhuvum fuse poona bulb???

  2. Great plan of biji executed by sarla ma thank god latest update was true.. aliya-tanu so sad after seeing video becos aliya-tanu face looked shocked afraid that sarla ma may tell the truth of them..
    y that nikil again came in front of pragya may be another plan (flop plan) as usual let’s wait for Tom’s episode..

  3. leisa s morris

    First time in kkb history i c plannin, follow through and results. Beeji u rock

  4. Hiiiii prathiksha sahithi shobana reji gowtham anna n all others how r u all so for now this pregnancy track came to an end too shortly wow hats off to rockstar dadi in today epi she is a real rockstar n now i ve got an doubt/guess that in phalgar when abhi got hit on his head he shouted pragya n get unconsious when he gain consiousness no one was there with abhi except rockstar dadi she only came n told that abhi gained consiousness n after returning from phalgar abhi love towards pragya was increased more he even gone to pick up her from home n said he has a surprise for her coz no boss will came to pickup his secretry n after knowing pragya is pregnant then also he cared he as much he can no man wont do this being a boss he should get angry on her n throw her out of house n work i think abhi n rockstar dadi is playing hide n seek now coz all of u guys remember that our abhi is a gamechanger i wish this should come true but cvs will never made our wishes come true so lets hope for d best n what u guys thinking prathiksha sahithi shobana reji gowtham anna n all of u

    1. What are you talking about??

      1. Is this is prathiksha or someone else plzzz tell

    2. Hi Aishwarya?I m gud. How r u? Don’t get confused. My profile colour is purple not red so it’s not me. Aishwarya can I call u as Aishu? Actually it sounds cute and easy and short to type. ?

      1. Ohhhh thats my pleasure coz i love when someone call me aishu i even told this to shobana sis n u also like my sis so u dont need any permission u call me with any name which u like sister

      2. Thanks Aishu??

  5. Nice epi today!

  6. Finally the truth is out n thank to sarla i hope abhi find out or purab should give him a sign

  7. see friends…after ml every plan of devils failed. its better know….again and again same dragng story…bt positive results….

  8. This is a totally fked up show. The viewer who still watching is more fked up.

  9. nice alia and tanu are both fools thinking they can outsmart the remaining people

  10. Good episode today I hope the writers and producers are paying attention to the TRP ratings one week with Abhi and Pragya screen time and rating jumped up to 2nd place but we talking to the deaf because they will do something stupid to drop the ratings. I guess they have short memories because this show was #1 this pass summer when Abhi and Pragya met at the recording studio, so here is hoping that they will bring some good story lines also we are almost into Christmas whatever happened to Karva Chauth ans Diwali?

  11. Super plan of Beeji and sarala ma……..

    Good to see abigya together……….

    Let see what will happen next…..???????

    Please give some important to Purab also……….

    He is the only man for Pragya with her always…………….

    So please consider him also, because he also lost his wife and life for abhi and having only sad feelings………….. No one is here think about him………… What is purpose to help for pragya and abhi always………..

    He also want to live with some happiness naa…………………..

    They should think about him for his life and need to move on his life……………….

    Please consider him Sarala ma, he cares ur family even he lost his wife, but y u care about your daughter only……. u should care about him and Abhi also have some responsibility towards Purab………..



    1. Link for the video of this news segment –

  13. kumkum bhagya

    thank god pregnency drama ko jaldi end kiya alredy boring serial hai iss pregnency ka drama aage bada tho aduians aur bhi boring feel hojate te

  14. Wat abhi will get shot oh! My god. is it true or fake plzzz reply pratiksha

  15. Reply soon plzzz its fake or true

    1. Nikita I just knows about SBS hot news segment news, which I mentioned above and according to them, ABHI will get shot by nikhil in upcoming episodes. That’s it.

      1. B_Ani

        lo!!!! this cant be true….

  16. Pragya is dumb. When Abhi ask if she has any enemies that want to do this to her, she could say yes. She claims she won’ t allow Tanu to marry Abhi and she got the chance and didn’t take it. Out od the three of them Tanu is the weakest link. Pragya should have named Tanu. She had more than enough evidence to create doubt in Abhi’s mind against her. Abhi really don’t want to marry Tanu and Pragya knows this.
    She could say that she suspect Tanu because of the way she had misbehaved with her on the day od the engagement. She didn’t want Pragya aroubd Abhi. Even that same day when she fainted in the car. Tanu had called and once again misbehave with her. So she(Pragya) suspects that Tanu also put the doctor up to it because, once again she don’t like her around Abhi. Abhi will see this as the truth it is because he was present for all of them. He would easily call off the wedding to Tanu and Aalyia and team would fail in trapping Abhi.
    Opportunity gain and lost because these people can’t think strategy and always put options in their enemies head. All they do is talk and talk and tell the evils their plans.

  17. If Pragya does this one look at Tanu, Abhi would see her guilt.
    Then we would see how Aalyia would get Abhi to change his mind after he ask Tanu to stay away from him.

    There were many saving grace in this show and the writers skipped over all of them. Let’s see where they’ll go from here…?!

  18. yellarum kadavula vendikonga soon abhi should realize everything

  19. Thnk u vry mch pratiksha actually i dint get tat link sooo asked u to rply .sorry dr if i hv disturbed u and once agn thnks fr tat link

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