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The Episode starts with Pragya waiting for Vijay for gain consciousness and thinks for Abhi’s safety. Abhi plays the guitar. Pragya says practice makes the man perfect. Abhi says he has no connection with guitar as he has lost his soul, heart, mind everything. He says I have become useless and I couldn’t make you belief of my love. Pragya thinks he just pretends infront of me and acts sweetly. She thinks to know his truth and asks him to compose a music piece to explain his love. Abhi says it is not a noodle which you will eat. Pragya asks him to express his love within 2 mins and says she is waiting…..Abhi thinks she is very clever, but I have to do……He plays Saiyyara music………..Asman tere mera song plays…………Pragya gets moved. Abhi asks how is it? Pragya says it is okay and

asks him to keep practicing till she brings coffee for herself.

Aaliya and Tanu asks Robin to give them water. They see nurse and wonders why she did come here. Mitali tells them that Abhi did someone’s accident and Pragya is giving special treatment to that person. Aaliya says there is something for sure as Pragya is very kanjoos. They see Pragya talking to Doctor and asks him to take care of Patient and appoint two more nurses. Tanu wonders who is this person? They try to get inside the room, but Ronnie stops them. Aaliya says I want to see him. Ronnie says he is not SRK, but a common man. He asks them not to trouble him else he will call Pragya. Tanu asks we want to know if this person is our family member or outsider. Ronnie says he is not family members.. He thinks you have to do much with him. Raj comes and asks what is happening. Aaliya tells him everything and says something is amiss.

Raj says I will find out. He goes there and asks Ronnie, what he is doing here? Ronnie says he is doing night duty. Raj says there is some important papers in the room and asks him to bring it. Ronnie says okay and goes inside to bring it. Raj tries to look inside. Ronnie comes out and tells him that there is no papers inside. He asks him to go inside and check, but don’t tell Pragya. Raj agrees and goes inside. He gets inside and sees Vijay. He gets shocked. Tanu and Aaliya are tensed. Aaliya tells that Raj is smart and might have fooled Ronnie by now. Raj comes to them. Aaliya asks about that person. Raj asks them to get ready to go to jail. Aaliya asks who is that man? Raj says he is Vijay……..Aaliya and Tanu are shocked. Raj says we had hired him on Dussera day to kill Pragya. Tanu says what will happen to my baby and marriage. Aaliya says he is still unconscious and tells I am sure to do something. Tanu says she is really tensed.

Abhi thinks Mogambo is not getting trapped by him and thinks how to find out. He thinks to check if she signs on the papers without reading. Pragya comes and asks him to sing the song. Abhi tells about the song’s words, and says he wants to deal with her like he does with the investors. Pragya agrees. Abhi asks her to sign on the papers. Pragya thinks this might be POA papers and thinks he wants to take my signs. Abhi asks don’t you trust me. Pragya thinks to sign fake signature. Tanu gets tensed. Raj says we have to vanish him from the room before he gets consciousness. Tanu asks what do you mean? And asks if they will make him wear Mr. India watch. Raj says we have to take him away from her. Aaliya asks Tanu to keep quiet and says Ronnie is sitting outside the room. Raj says we have to do everything tonight after everyone sleeps.

Pragya says she will sign and signs on the papers. Abhi says these are the papers which I makes my investors sign. He says he has added hugs and kisses instead of money, and says he will get 3 hugs and 5 kisses daily. Pragya thinks he was impressing me and gets happy knowing he didn’t take her signs on POA papers.

Tanu tells Abhi that the man is closer to Pragya’s heart and that’s why she is taking care of him. Pragya tells Abhi that she don’t want that man to give statement against him and that’s why taking care of him. Abhi smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    1. AND getting Worse day by day!!!

    2. Stupid serial day by day boring

  2. Update remaining part da

  3. cute Abhi ..

    1. chchiiiiiiiii……chichi….chi…chi. so bad. I have no idea about the story draaagggging. exactly what ekta kapoor want. money.

  4. Sometimes I gets scared from abhi’s efforts. If he is doing to get to know pragya’s truth then it will b gud but if his purpose will b really taking his property back from her by using her love for him by doing all this drama then it will b very bad. I m worried now what if pragya will not care about any papers which will bring by abhi and she will sign it like today without seeing them and ends up the sign on property papers becoz after today when she got to know that abhi has taken her sign not on property papers but on some music contract papers. So becoz of this I m worried that what if she gets careless in signing on any papers bringing by abhi. It could b very bad for her. Just hope abhi don’t do this with pragya or pragya being alert for future also.

    1. But if I think from otherwise, I feels that he has taken pragya’s sign on music contract papers only for testing pragya’s love. God so much confusions and questions.?God knows when we will get all exact answers.?

  5. Hey bhagwan ji…… Wen will dis writers get new stories n wen will dey end dis track…. Viewers are pissed…. They are irritating us beyond the limit

  6. wt the hell s tis…soooooooooooo boring nd going on a soooo long
    started 2 hate it..???

  7. Dragggggging to much

  8. Does abhi really loves pragya r he is just acting to gt back his property i m nt getting

    1. At this point – WHO CARES!!!

  9. Precape nice.

  10. Stupid serial..day by day it going boring..please bring some new story.. Li mari nerport sa.. Astr ki pu ariV..raj ine truv vijay.. Enfin

  11. Bakwaas episode

  12. This serial has become boring…. uninteresting, everyone knows it….because it drags so much…there is one thing you can do , watch it once a week… you really will not miss anything. Hey, and I MUST tell you…take a peek at Ek Tha Raja..Ek Thi Rani……Greatest serial on Zee tv at present…

    1. Actually you can watch it every TWO Months and still be at the Same place!! This show is pathetic.

  13. Plz stop this boring…dragging…content less… Stupid serial..tanu will b pregnant for years together now..till the writers get their gyan back

  14. just horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lost my attraction towards kkb..now a days, kkb can be called a too slow, dragging and boring daily soap. hello ekta ji and script writter ji i want to give you one idea- please expose atleast aaliya and tanu as soon as possible n let abhigya reunite, let them have some good times and then add aaliya tanu’s plotting against abhigya to take revenge or like that something. arre please let abhigya reunite

  15. Boring episode.How will pragya expose vijay,aaliya,raj and tanu.She is trying everything but no result ,she fails all.Abhi also don’t find the pragya truth.When she prove this all and join the abhi.I’m waiting for that episode.So pls change the track soon…

  16. Yes nikki -1 you are right .. But we have to wait for next Saas Bahu Aur Suspense segment to come ..

    But its not clear whether pragya signed love contract papers or property papers .. I don’t understand why they are creating too much confusion and suspense.. But I feels sometimes that abhi got some clue or maybe he knows pragya truth ..

    Waiting for abhi answer to tanu…

    1. Nida I saw in new nation segment of 30th november that tanu comes to talk to abhi after today’s abhi- pragya’s love contract signing sequence. Abhi shows him that love contract papers to tanu in which he has taken pragya’s signature. After seeing that papers, tanu shouts on abhi to take pragya’s sign on love contract papers instead of taking her sign on property papers. Abhi gives some excuse to avoid tanu but tanu smells something fishy in abhi’s behavior and gets insecure for abhi’s increasing closeness towards pragya and avoidance for property matter. She tries to manipulate abhi against pragya by saying it that she thinks that vijay is close to pragya’s heart Thar’s why she is taking very gud care of him and spending lots of money on him. Firstly, abhi doesn’t get ready to agree with tanu and says pragya’s standard is very high, she couldn’t think about that person vijay in this sense. But when tanu tries more to filled abhi’s ears against pragya then abhi gets angry in funny way and says today he will find the truth and milk will get milk and curd will get curd, after saying it he moves out from there to talk to pragya about this. Tanu smirks by thinking that she gets succeed in manipulating abhi against pragya. And nida after this scene, today’s precap scene will happen. I didn’t hear abhi’s words clearly during his talk with tanu becoz of reporters voice in behind but it seems he was fooling tanu, like he is fooling pragya for his mission’s success ( which we r unable to guess yet). But one thing is clear through this segment that he was saying right to pragya that he took her sign on contract papers, not on property papers. And nida I thought too much about abhi’s love contract paper’s signing trick, then I assumed that if abhi wants to know that if pragya will sign on the papers given by him without seeing or not, then at that time when pragya signed the papers, abhi could easily keep that papers and gets understood that pragya will sign on any papers, bringing by him, without seeing. What’s the need of telling to pragya that he has taken her signature on love contract papers, in which he adds kisses and hugs from her everyday as amount of his singing. It could happen na that after that pragya gets alert from now in signing on any papers, bringing by abhi. It could go against abhi and i don’t think so that abhi will do stupidity like this,if he wants his property back. Abhi didn’t knew that pragya got to know about property papers thing and becoz of his this trick she could become careless in future. Abhi could say that this was property papers in which he has taken her signature or no needs to say anything about that contract papets to pragya if he only wants to gets assured that if she will sign on papers wothout seeing or not. But Abhi got so excited after signing of pragya? He kissed her three times in excitement even he was going to hug her also but pragya stopped him. Why he got so excited like he got something which he wants since long. It will happen only in two possible situations if he took her signatures on property papers or he got some strong hint or assurance about pragya’s reality that she is faking and still the same like before. After watching news nation segment, it has proved that he has really taken pragya’s sign on any contract papers which he says love contract. He had not taken her sign on property papers. But whatever will b happen nida one thing for sure that CVS will not let us to know about exact reason behind abhi’s mission and they will keep us confused as much they want or till the end. According to purab, abhi is doing all this for pragya to get to know something and according to taaliya, abhi is doing all this with pragya for getting his property back as abhi told them. Now who is right and who knows abhi better, it is yet to b confirmed. Becoz CVS r misguiding and confusing us, like abhi is misguiding and confusing everybody in the show.

      1. Watch yesterday’s episode again, in one scene the papers were shown from near. It reads as Music contract papers in block letters. And if they are property papers, there should be a scene where he should take those papers from Tanu(from Tanu’s room) and Tanu will follow him and stand outside their room eagerly waiting for Pragya to sign them.

        As per segment, Abhi wont see Tanu and Aaliya trying to throw Vijay outside. So Nikhil marriage proposal with Aaliya failed and if this Vijay also escapes out of hand, what will be next plan for Pragya & Co. That is what I am looking forward to.

        If it really so happens that Abhi gets Pragya’s sign on property papers and she is out of MM then they may just go with the options Bulbul was suggesting, like kidnap Tanu and threaten her to tell truth. In such worst case scenario, they wont have any more options to get the truth out.

  17. boycott kb for 1 week !!!!

    C evry1 , theres no point saying please or asking the writers to change the plot , no use at all , everyday we go through the serial for some positivity but dumb pragya and her collegues do the same mistake or have the same faith i.e no result . On the other hand , all the negatv players have brilliant ideas and everything happens in favour of them.. so all this boring crap stop this.. stop commenting in this page.. then see how the story runs.. stop watching this serial , then see how the story proceeds ! I’ll not comment from tommorrow onwards so friends if you want the story to take a faster pace , please join hands with me… Stop showing your anguish , let no one post any comments for a week.. after that see the results.. am sure , no one will be offended after a week..:) please its a request 🙂

  18. Eeeeee… what’s going on… hw it was before… wow… bt nw it’s so boring episode… Please end it……

  19. Borrrriinnnng..pls make it interesting ..Dont drag it…Just expose Tanu, atleast..Hope the writer id in good mental health otherwise hw can someone make hid own creation so pathetic.

  20. Now wat going on

  21. I wonder wid diz writers f dey r lacking creativity y dnt dey seek our help azin de help f de viewers

  22. Is d writers writing a comedy play for kindergarten ….are d writers 5 years old … This serial is getting boring n more boring every day …writers u need to take your vitamins n come up wit something interesting because rite now it’s down rite bullshit

  23. oye baas karo yaar bhut paka liya aab or kitna pakana baki hai tanu ko baby hone qala hai ya kush hor boring darama itna lamba khich rhe gai jeae aage koi story hi nhi hai inje paas roj dekhte hai shayad aaj kush hoga but no is liye aap dekne ka man bi nhi karta

  24. pata nhi kab truth samne aaye ga tanu raj or aaliya ka

  25. Oh my god!! This is gettn boring..!! The truth has 2 b out by now.. this will decrease da nmbr of viewrs too. Something has to happn

  26. kritika rani

    Kuch acha ni dikhane ki ksm khai hai kya tumlogo ab to intrest v khtm ho gya u m not going to watch this bkwasssss again……

  27. Soon there ll be interesting twist…………….

  28. I think Vijay’s entry will bring some twist

  29. Abhisek Jena

    She has signed but with fake signatures.. Pragyan is aware of Abhi’s intentions..

  30. Yes nikki -1 I agree with you … Let’s see what happen .. But after reading your reply in detail .. I think abhi knows pragya truth … That’s why he is avoiding tanu ..
    Everything will get clear in upcoming episodes and we have to wait for next segment ..

  31. ABHI is a big snake / worst than AALIYA and TANU . Hope PRAGYA realises his plan soon

  32. fan of the show not anymore

    episodes are worst then ever ,Writer is making this series so boring

  33. can’t they just find some lame way to expose the truth.. this is really boring .. cmon yaar.

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