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The Episode starts with Abhi coming out of house, just then cat crosses him…He thinks about Dadi’s words that it is inauspicious to go when cat crosses way. He rubbish his doubts and thinks to go back to Pragya and tell her about baby name. He then thinks he shall bring breakfast for her first. He sits in car, but it doesn’t start. Then he starts car and thinks about Tanu. He thinks he can’t bear to even think about her and thinks to take out his frustration on her, and calls her. Tanu picks the call and tells him that she was waiting for his call and blah blah blackmailing about the baby. Abhi reminds her that baby is dead, and tells her that he knows all her truth now. He says you don’t know what I will do with you now. Tanu says what you are saying? Abhi says just Pragya loves me and

you love just my money. Tanu says Pragya is lying and says that video is fake. Abhi says I didn’t tell about the video, and says the more you will try to prove that you are innocent then I will get more angry. Tanu says I have been loyal to you always, and loved you and not your money.

Abhi asks about her loyalty and says he has fulfilled their relation with loyalty, but not you. He thanks God as Pragya entered his life and made him understand true love. He says you don’t deserve me, but need punishment only. He says your boyfriend Nikhil…and your baby with him. He says I believed on your lies, and it have snatched my peace, and everything. He says I was crying thinking that the baby is mine, but you was partying with Nikhil. Tanu says that baby was yours and says Pragya had killed him. Abhi asks her to stop her lies and says you have always emotionally blackmailed me and made me doubt on Pragya. He says if you asked for money, then I would have given you. He says your kind of woman are family breakers and you don’t need babies as you think of baby as a burden. He asks her to give message to her boyfriend and says I will ruin him for playing with my life.

I will tell him how to play a game and says I will get him fired from his job and will make him bring on road. He says now your partner in crime Aaliya. He says I will not forgive her and not let Dadi forgive her. He says she is dead for us, and will not see her face. He says until I come back, don’t go anywhere…as I will come and kick you out and will send you to your boyfriend’s house. He says I like cleanliness, but don’t like to dirty my hands. Tanu is in shock. Aaliya says how this has happened, says this is impossible. Tanu says Abhi will not leave me. Aaliya says Pragya has planned to kill three of us. Tanu says Abhi will not harm you, and says she is at loss. Aaliya says I can’t enter home now, and says you can go to your family. Tanu says even my family will not let me enter home. She says Abhi will ruin my career. Tanu says how can Pragya do this, and says if Abhi is with Pragya. Aaliya says you told that Pragya is alone, and even Nikhil checked. She says Pragya must have sent video on Abhi’s phone. Tanu says I told that we shall kill Pragya. They argue. Aaliya asks her to stop fighting and says let her think.

Abhi is happy and thinks Tanu is out from his life and Pragya is in. He thinks he can’t wait any longer now and says wait for me…I am coming in sometime. Kisi Khwab Ki Tarah song plays……………Purab calls Abhi. Abhi says this is called true friend and says hello. Purab asks him to hear him first. Abhi says I will always be under your favor and tells that he came to know everything how he supported Pragya along with Dadi. He appreciates him. Purab says let me speak first. Abhi says I will meet and hug you. Purab says I am very happy, but need to tell something more important than this. He tells that he heard Aaliya, Tanu and Nikhil planning against Pragya and did something to her car. He asks Abhi not to let Pragya sit in car. Abhi is shocked and looks at the car. Purab asks him to call Pragya and asks her not to sit in car. Abhi asks him not to worry and says I will tell her not to sit in car and says I can’t return your favors in this birth, and asks him to become his brother in next birth. Purab asks him to call Pragya. Abhi thinks he might die before he could reach there.

Dadi comes to Abhi’s room calling Robin and his photo frame breaks. She gets worried. Rachna asks her not to worry and says she will get another frame. Abhi asks Purab to take care of Pragya and Dadi, and always support them. Purab says I will do as you said and asks him to call Pragya first.

Abhi calls Pragya. Pragya tells nothing will happen to you, and tells that she has applied kumkum of his name and asks where are you, tell me…I will save you. Abhi says it is too late now, and says I love you fuggi. Suddenly his phone falls as he loses balance before the accident.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nobody can replace Abhi… So Pls dont Kill him nd important one is dont drag this serial with abhi’s memory loss. Please dnt make the serial worst. Love to see abhigya together wth lots of romance…

  2. shabir u are the best.yesterday epi was awesome.shabir acting was awesome


    In new fuggy avatar no mangalsutra and kumkum, probably pragya will have ML?????? No idea.


    1. It may possible because the car which met with accident is black. Both pragya and Abhi travelling in black car and it seems to look like some how same. Also as per Shabir interview before he says that we misunderstood. So according to these criteria the memory loss may happen to pragya.

    2. Nope Abhi is the one who will have ML, either real or fake. It may so happen that everyone will misunderstand and blame her for Abhi’s accident so she may be back to being a professor . She may still be wearing Kumkum and Mangalsutr hidden the way she did in Mogambo getup.

  4. I think this memory loss news are fake bcoz many times they told Pragya going to loss her memory by accident but it didn’t happened but accident happened. In kumkum bhagya serial alone we can’t guess what will happen next Bcoz they will give twist at any time that twist may be good twist or bad twist but I think this memory loss news will be fake news. Many fake news are now coming as real news. I wish this should not happen in kumkum bhagya. One information to writer, if you really have a brain then don’t make Abhi to get memory loss. This is the best serial with best pairs so plz don’t do like this. Abhi should come and give punishment to evil and want to give 100000000000000 times slaps to tanu. I want abhigya’s cute romantic scene. Plz writer give some nice track.

  5. Shabir your acting is superb….. we would like to see you and Pragya romancing and having babies …. Please don’t drag this serial by all this accident and things like that….

  6. Since the writers are so good at recycling scenes, can we definitely have a recycling now. Like last time when Pragya knew the truth of Aaliya, Tanu and Raj, she met with accident and after recovering came in Mogambo getup. Among all things, now Abhi knew that the evils were indeed after Pragya’s life and spoiled her car, also the info came from Purab.

    So hope Abhi comes back in new getup as in with ML and try to expose the evils and punish them, yeah he can do it directly after recovering from the accident injuries but to add some spice if they want ML, then its okay.

    But if it is ML for real, let us see how they will make it interesting. Also, Shikha posted a pic on IG yday saying about a good scene she had with hashtags for her love for Abhi. And she is in same costume as yday episode. Will Aaliya have a change of heart if she sees her brother injuried or will she be double happy for Pragya out of Abhi’s life and she can be back in MM.

  7. Memory loss track is confirmed Leena confirmed it she told the story will take a turn when abhi forgets everything 3 years ago he won’t remember his marriage and pragya will back to her professor since she is blamed for abhi’s accident …….tanu will be a supermodel whom abhi was supposed to be dating. ……….purab will be abhi’s manager ………. the story is in fact going to start from scratch. ……..it will be nice to watch how pragya will enter the house again…….tanu’s conspiracy aaliya’s plotting. ………


    1. How pragya will be blamed fr abhi’s accident and he only forgetting pragya fr listening only it giving sad feeling and they are not giving any promo too what they want to show us and a big doubt is how they will show their love story again when tanu and aaliya bwn them

      1. But in new look both Tisha looking awesome

      2. Today we have segment that pragya is searching for abhi

    2. I think Daadi may also misunderstand Pragya as Daadi is not aware of what happened in last 2 days after Abhi left MM. Only Pragya and Purab know that Abhi knew all truth now but I have this feeling that this time Daadi may also not trust what Purab and Pragya have to say.

      1. Sahithi if dadi also misunderstoods pragya then it will not be nice and me to having same feeling that dadi misunderstoods pragya so let’s see but whatever it is they have to show their leap in today epi only and in segment they have shown only how car fell down and pragya crying fr him but they didn’t shown where abhi is how he is

      2. Asmitha, I wish they dont show Abhi injured. I cant watch it. Yday itself the moment Abhi realized his car brakes not working and those may be his last moments speaking to Purab, that is so painful. Better they show later sequences after ML but I have this feeling that Aaliya has some scene today or tomorrow episode in same costume, after Abhi is injured.

  8. Superb epi… Kkb is awsome .. I really lv this serial sriti is looking like cute angle?

  9. Pratiksha where are you please comment something iam waiting for new segments and updates….

  10. Today’s segment updates

    Abhi’s car falls off the cliff & catches fire. Abhi is nowhere to be found for the time being.

    Pragya is restless & looking for help in rain. Raina (Female Lead from ZEE TV’s upcoming new show Brahmarakshas) end up giving lift to Pragya & helps her reach Abhi’s accident spot.

    A lot of people have gathered at the accident scene. Pragya inquires if there was anyone in the car & gets yes for a response. Pragya screams out loud & wants to go to where the car is. A lady present at the accident spot stops Pragya & tries calming her down.

    Eventually, Abhi will survive the accident but reporter mentions that the story will go back to where it began from as Abhi will remember his life 3 years ago & his rockstar self.

    Offscreen INT, Shabir: Shabir jokes how he’ll return as Brahmarakshas LOL

    Offscreen INT, Krystle & Sriti: Krystle & Sriti share how Krystle’s character will help Pragya reach Abhi. They joke about Brahmarakshas & how he dislikes Kumkum & can be kept away with a lotus flower. They are asked about getting wet in rain, Krystle says Sriti looks beautiful & who wouldn’t like a heroine in wet saree. Krystle and Sriti share that it’s the first time they are shooting together but they’ve met each other at occasions. Krystle shares their sets are right next to each other at Killick Nixon so they’ll keep protecting each other.

    1. I think they will change montage again in today r tommarrow epi but it will be so painful when all blames pragya fr accident

      1. I dont think so montage will change, the way we watched pregnancy track with anticipation of truth coming out, from the day it is shown to audience that Nikhil is baby dad, much before Pragya knows the truth, similarly everyone now has to wait in anticipation when Abhi will regain his memory.
        We will keep waiting for that day and they will keep dragging and may not change the montage to keep the hope going on.

        Coming to blaming Pragya, we have been seeing that happening for so long and looks like writers are in no mood to give her a break. May be they think ratings come when the heroine is crying buckets.

      2. Sahithi what my doubt is when they both r not together and abhi forgets her then how they will show current montage and did no one asked shabir about memory loss on that day he said that there will be no memory loss and now it is going to happen

      3. Aww why did u trust Shabir’s words, he keeps joking around for any question asked by reporters. Today he is saying I will come back as Brahmarakshas. I would never trust the cast to give out any clues of upcoming story, especially of interesting twists.

        I feel the show should be renamed as Tanu’s Bhagya now. I dont understand what Bhagya did Pragya ever have out of this marriage. And just having a wife status but never really being happy for even one day or never was a wife in real sense. But even after committing most horrible deeds Tanu always gets away.

    2. Still Disappointed

      This is ludicrous for EVERYONE – including his Rock Star fans that he got MARRIED. SO even if he doesn’t remember the whole WOrld Knows….

  11. Please dont do like this abhi and pragya are always close together last three days episode was very nice please writters to stop the memory loss drama please …………………..please consider viewers wishes please please we are waiting to watch abhi and pragya together and they have a babies please dont seperate them i beg you please

    1. hi u think the directors writers are so concern of the viewers n fans thy dont care i know its serial but sometimes u cannot control thy can make many stories but y ML the day i heard of ML i was in a shock n even was sick n didnt watch for 2 weeks just watch the 2 days of the happy episodes n was a bit ok n yesterday’s epi made me stress again y y y u know hw much i like abhi n pragya in tis serial but u think the directors writers care for their fans u can even die but story of ML wont change n my heart is not strong to c abhi into accident my humble request pls dont hve ML track i just cannot take it i know thy wont even read our comments but plsss

  12. Plzzz director don’t spoil dizz showw by makinn abhii lost his memoryy. Plzz make sure ntnnn happems to himm

  13. Thanks sahithi

  14. i hope serial will end soon.

  15. Please don’t drag this serial with abhi’s memory loss. Love to ee abhigya togeather with lots of romance ,please don’t make worst please please

  16. Please don’t drag this serial please make serial abhi and pragya togeather atleast now onwords we waiting to that only we want see abhi and pragya each togeather please please

  17. Oh my goddddd startng frm frzt bt it’ll be intresting ……….k lets see wat happens in kumkum bhagya…….

  18. I’m gonna lost. Really I’m tired of this. How more irritating dragging scenes. Please don’t make it worst than that…

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