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The Episode starts with Pragya telling Tanu that Abhi will never forget her love and the seven vows which they have taken during their marriage. She says you and your boyfriend will know know this. Tanu says you didn’t know about my boyfriend. She says it is good that you didn’t know and says I will let you know about my truth. She says what you will tell to Abhi about the baby’s father that Chandra maa gave me this baby as a blessing. Pragya thinks she doesn’t know that I know her baby’s father and thinks let her be in dark. Pragya says when you want to be kicked out of house, then it is okay. Tanu says you will be kicked out of the house. Pragya says your dreams will not come true and calls her baharwali…Tanu says only time will tell, who will stay with Abhi now. She says this baby is

not of Abhi and admits it, but he will get Abhi’s name and will become his heir. She challenges her to bring out her truth and save Abhi. Pragya says I will malign your name and you will leave from the house with disrespect. She says my doli will arrive then, and he will fill my maang and accept me back as his wife. She says this is my challenge.

Tanu says I will change the game, and says Abhi will kick you out from his heart then I will become his wife and stay happily. She asks Pragya not to tell Abhi about their challenge, directly or indirectly…Pragya agrees and says if you try to win through cheating or cleverness then I will forget my promise. She takes God’s promise and their marriage rituals, kumkum, mangalsutra etc….and says your baby will not get his name. She says only my baby will get his name, who will be his heir and challenges her. Tanu looks on as she leaves.

Dadi gets Pragya’s call. Dadi says everything is set and asks her to come there. Pragya says I will not come and asks her to reach home with Abhi. She says I will call Purab there. Dadi asks Abhi, lets go home. Abhi says he is feeling good here. Dadi says she will make Sarla scold Pragya. Abhi gets happy. Nikhil thinks I will search Ronnie and then only leave. He then sees Ronnie sleeping and thinks he is alive. He wonders how he is alive? And thinks how can he sleep peacefully. He thinks to make him unconscious and takes him with him. He thinks to use Ronnie and take him in his control. He puts chloroform on the handkerchief and is about to make Ronnie smell it, but just then his phone rings. Ronnie wakes up and sees Nikhil standing. He hits him and runs. Nikhil sees Ronnie hiding and tries to go inside, but Ronnie puts door on his face and locks him. Tanu calls Nikhil and asks where are you? Nikhil says I am locked in the servant’s quarters. Tanu thinks Nikhil is drinking with servants.

Pragya waits for Purab. Just then Dadi and Abhi return home. Dadi says I am going to meet Sarla ji. Abhi wonders what happened to Dadi? She didn’t tell anything to Pragya. Abhi tells her that he got ways to deal with her. Pragya says I don’t need any plans. Abhi thinks she made counter plans. Pragya thinks today you will get your fuggi and everything will be fine. Abhi says you have become wall separating happiness from the house. Pragya says morning will be beautiful and happiness will enter home. Abhi asks if she has heard poetry? He asks where will be my samadhi? Pragya says you will have a wax statue at madame tussads. Pragya says someone will leave and someone will get his loved ones. Abhi asks what do you mean? Pragya says you will know everything at night. Abhi thinks she is trapping me in her words and thinks to check on Dadi and Sarla.

Tanu comes home and tells Pragya that time is changing and your govt will also change. Pragya says I didn’t come here to make govt, but to kick you people out. Tanu says abhi loves me. Pragya says Abhi has only me in his heart. Tanu says you are so proud of your kumkum and mangalsutra, and says you are weak actually. Pragya says you will soon realize its importance, and says you will not understand. Tanu says you didn’t stay with Abhi even for a night. Pragya says one doesn’t need to stay with her husband to be together. Tanu says you can’t think what I have planned against you. Pragya smiles and tells her you don’t know about my plan….. I will kick you, your boyfriend and your baby altogether. Tanu gets angry.

Dadi tells Sarla that Abhi will come there in sometime and says I will tell you that I am angry on you and you also signs us that you are angry with her. Once Abhi comes there, Dadi tells Sarla that she is angry on Pragya and asks Sarla to slap Pragya. Abhi asks Sarla not to slap Pragya and just show her hand signing that she is angry on her.

Pragya tells Purab and Ronnie that they have video as proof against Tanu and tells her that she will keep up the promise which she made for her kumkum.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Tripthi Arora

    I think this track will end by Monday if it’s not a dream

  2. Thank god.. Tanu don’t know that pragya knows about her truth..(Boy friend)?
    And nikhil trapped in his own plan..lol???
    Hope this tanu’ drama vl end soon?

    1. Ya Nikhil is locked bt I think he may escape from there
      We can’t believe that guy

  3. So soon thy will not end this track…

  4. nice episode.this tanu witch is really showing more attitude.but poor thing she doesn’t know that pragya knows the name of father tanu’s baby.whatever please unite my abhigya soon.pragya’s confrontation with tanu is really superb.especially when she told that her child will mehra family’s next progeny.pragya also told that abhi and her child will be their symbol of love.totally awesone.but i can’t guess what will be the next move of pragya.tanu is very assertive if she destroyed th proof against her than it will situation will get complicated.i wish tanu witch should not do this.if they want to drag to expose tanu then surely that will happen.

    1. exactly karthika…. prgaya words are been awesome for the past two episodes…. nice portrayal with confidence…. waiting fr upcoming episodes

  5. How tanu can think that pragya doesn’t know about Nikhil
    Its very illogical
    Tanu thinks Ronnie might have told everything to pragya with that only they scare her
    So it is clear that pragya knows abt Nikhil and even pragya herself told tanu that I have a video proof in that u yourself told the complete truth
    Then how can tanu think that pragya doesn’t knw abt Nikhil ????
    Anyhow with this illogical thing is a plus point for pragya
    And tanu said she is going to do something unexpected so definitely there will be more drama before exposure

    1. u r right sis. u r younger or elder than me.

    2. U r right shobana…
      This vl dragg up to 2 more weeks?
      Tanu vl do something that definitely complicates pragya’s plan..
      She vl struggle more???

    3. yes u r right shobana…. bt this illogical things coming from beginning itself….. ronnie ku therinja apram avan elarukum solirupan… but yarukum atha pathi therila… so tanu may thut since ronnie didn’t have any prrof, he didnt tell anyone about pregnancy… if he tells, he can tell to all…. so since no one knws that, tanu may assume that ronnie yarukum solala nu nenachurupa….
      and after seeing prgaya and ronnie together she might have got that doubt…bt writers atha maranthutanga…. bt i thnk ronnie ta prrof ila so pragya ta soliruka maatan nu potray panranga pola…. bt as u said ithu illogical to d core…. bt anyhow tanu is in lowerhand than that pragya, according to current storyline… let it be like this v cn ignore that illogical thing… bcoz anyways prgya ku than upper hand iruku…. sandhosam than…..

    4. Thats true, these writers always show atleast one illogical thing in any sequence. Pragya planned for this with Ronnie, Tanu saw 2 videos for that, and still she thinks Pragya not aware of Nikhil, which is strange.

      Only good thing for now is Ronnie is back in MM with Pragya n Purab and not caught by Nikhil. Hopefully these ppl will be extra careful this time

      1. Ya sahithi they have to be careful else this tanu might do anything

  6. Hope we can see some great romance before abigya having a thirdwheel… i mean before having a baby. LOL

  7. Tannu witch made many plans and now turn of pragya

  8. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Yestetdays epidode was so so, but please throw out the witch tanu n nikil n reunite abhi n praghya asap. Please (1000) please now no delay in reuniting abhi n praghya please.

  9. The video evidence is enogh to arrest them for the crime of sarala mom right.so they can make arrest of thakil.this is best option and thakil deserves that.but our writer always love tanu.so they will do something favour of tanu.and make abhigya like death crying then only abhi knows bit of truth.wait to watch that should bear tanu episodes tortures.really it couldn’t tolerable.most of the fans got sick over that including me.

  10. guys u remember abt the twist n turn which suddenly took place when alia, mitali n tanu had made an fake mms showing pragya with another man and in fit of rage abhi decided to get pragya married to dat person n during marriage abhi suddenly stopped it n revealed d true color of alia dat was fantastic hope something similar happens

  11. really nicr episode… nothing to blame…. actually… on seeing pragyas expression she kind of smiles while talikng to tanu in thr house… that was really awesome… thank god writers didnt plan of bending down towards tanu…. pragya seems very very confident… its appreciated… same time tanus is also not looking scared.. she is also looking a bit hood only….
    i thnk by thr next day fuggi will arrive in thr screen…. or something likr pragya will put kumkum and really sure that upcoming epispdes really ve nice…. even this also called dragging… this is so much better…. as we all thnk… whn everything is going on pragys side, dragging is not a matter i am ready to see…. unless tanu should be a underdog in this… that is wat m expecting….but nice episode totally nothing to blame… waiting for todays episode….

    1. Ofcrse gowtham.. But the writers vl think in their diff ways?
      I think u remembered that episode during kkb hall Abhi got arrested.. Then pragya got proof.. Then her expressions same as today’s episode.. Later tanu snatched that proof(video)

      I think tanu vl do something like that
      But I don’t knw what vl happen now…

      1. yeah kutty it was way back… still u remember that expression
        .. this time dumbest prgaya will be more careful… i hope…. and for next one week, this video track will not coming into scene i thnk….

      2. Ya kutty pragya will be very confident in the beginning and suddenly everything will go upside down and again in the end only she will win

    2. yrs gowtham u r right…if situation comes in favour of pragya nothing matters in dragging.if tanu kept 2 steps ahead (if she do some crooky plans),then it be bad.

  12. hi all my friends i hav created a fan fiction for abhigya named TUMSE MILA TOH YUN HUA PYAAR(intro&episode 1).please read it and give ur response.all my tamil frnds and shobana sis read it.

    1. u want tamil frnds…but title is in hindi… enna ponnuma nee?

    2. sure… karthika

    3. U only asking Tamil friends?????

      1. no kutty.i have mentioned all my frnds and tamil frnds not only tamil frnds.

      2. Ohh sorry yaar.. I didn’t noticed???

    4. Sure karthika I will read it
      And im elder than you

  13. Guys I have a news for u. I just saw news nation. They showed in their show serial and cinema, entertainment superfast segment that tanu’s truth came in front of abhi and everyone and her boyfriend also came in abhi’s hand. They just showed two clippings with no voice. They showed abhi, pragya and tanu with whole family in the main hall of megra house, gathers for tanu’s exposure. Then they shows nikhil confronts by abhi. He was angrily explaining something to abhi. Voice were mute so nothing was audible. But after seeing this much, what I got that finally tanu and nikhil’s truth has came in front of abhi and everyone but will abhi believe on it or tanu and nikhil will turn the truth into another thing by some other story, it is left to see. Cliping was too short and inaudible that’s why i didn’t get everything clear but whatever I have seen and whatever reporter was telling , I assumed that yes pragya have told takhil’s truth to abhi and everyone.

    1. Can u please share the link pratiksha…eager to see that scene..thats why 😛

    2. if it is really true, that’s fantabulos…..feel lik giving you treat after this news…. oncr abhi has slightest doubt thn it all ll be soon…. superb pratiksha

    3. Guys wait, I have one more news. Tanu didn’t exposed yet in front of abhi as nikhil stole pragya’s phone at the last moment but purab catches him on the mean time. Purab brings nikhil in front of abhi and everyone. Abhi asks nikhil why he stole a phone? Nikhil makes excuses. Pragya takes phone from nikhil and tanu takes it from pragya and smirks. Reporter says tanu again got saved becoz of nikhil this time. Guys pragya calls everyone with abhi in the main hall to show that video footage to abhi and everyone but becoz of nikhil, she will b unable to show it. And guys as this, tanu gets saved. I think guys that nikhil gets succeed to stela pragya’s mobile and hide it too at the mean time. I think takhil makes excuse that nikhil took Tanu’s phone becoz of some purpose. That’s why tanu takes her phone from pragya and smirks. Pragya looks little tensed with anger but guys she was not looking more worried so I think pragya have planned something else too to expose takhil. So I think not now but soon she will get succeed in exposing takhil. News nation’s clipping was not audible that’s why I mentioned which I assumed after watching that clipping and after listening reporter. But there I had doubt that it was not looking like that takhil finally got exposed. Now after getting SBS segment, my doubt got
      cleared. So guys this time tanu wins this chance but I think another one will b her defeat becoz I think pragya have planned something more and other too with that video footage of her phone. So when takhil will b relaxed after stealing pragya’s phone then pragya will make a blast on them. But overall guys takhil didn’t exposed yet and we have to wait for it more.

      1. Sorry guys to disappoint u all by my mistake but now this another news of sbs is confirmed that takhil got saved this time and didn’t get exposed yet.

      2. Its okay..Thankyou for sharing the news…I watched the sbs now….it was fun to see Nikhil getting beaten up by abhi and purab 😀

      3. Since it’s a open fight has just begins now first time yanu will win and next time pragya has to win lets see how long it takes to expose tanu

      4. its ok… pratiksha its too a nicr news only… actually if slight doubt is coming from abhis side… its morr than enough… coz till now no role from abhis side in this pregnancy drama… so if he has slightest doubt also it s more than enough.. like shobana said he may realte it with past incidents wd prgaya… i hope

      5. Ya sana it was just a trailer becoz real picture is yet to b come. Then just imagine what abhi will do with nikhil and make him what? And tanu! I was wondering what if her baby comes out and she deliver it, in front of everyone, in fear at that time.??

      6. Don’t say sorry and all prathiksha what you have seen you have shared with us

    4. This is good news prathiksha
      But if tanu and Nikhil speaks against pragya and if they try to say its not true then surely abhi has to use his brain. So long for nearly 8 months he didn’t use his brain.
      If abhi at least should relate what pragya spoke yesterday to him and what has happened now . If he relates and think it will be nice

  14. OMG pratiksha sis if tgts the case thn I vil go nd cancel my admission frm mental hospital thnqqqqqqq uuuuuuuu sooooo much fr this breath taking update

  15. Guys nikil saved tanu

  16. thanq pratiksha for this update.finally revealed.

  17. Today’s SBS segment full update-

    Pragya has called everyone in the hall to show the video of Tanu she has. Suddenly lights go off and everyone is distracted. Abhi and Purab spot a burglar in the house and run after him, catch him and beat him up. They bring him back in the house and unmask his face. It turns out to be NIKHIL!

    Abhi questions Nikhil why was he trying to steal in his house and that too a cellphone? Nikhil as usual makes up an excuse about some CD and claims if he seems like a thief to Abhi?

    Abhi is seen waiting for Pragya to show whatever she wants too while whole family and Tanu watching.

    Reporter mentions that this time Nikhil will save Tanu from Pragya

    Offscreen INT, Shabir: Shabir is asked about what was Pragya going to show & he says ‘Bhajan Keertan’ as Dadi was sitting and watching too.
    Sorry guys but this news is confirmed and correct that takhil got saved this time and didn’t exposed yet.

    1. Guys here is the video link of today’s sbs segment- https://youtu.be/Es_GQSweM54

      1. ha ha sema sema……happy to c nikhil got beaten up….. sema…. ??

    2. you are right bro

  18. In segment, it is shown that Nikhil meets Tanu first in MM n then goes to Pragya’s room to steal her phone to erase that video. But Purab sees him and chases, Abhi also joins Purab. Abhi thinks it is some thief trying to steal from Mogambo room. Abhi n Purab catch Nikhil n give him good beatings while closing his face/head. They drag him into drawing room and then open the cloth on this face. Abhi is shocked to see that Nikhil came to steal from him house, from Pragya room. Nikhil makes up story that why will he steal, he came to return some CD of Purab.

    Pragya tries to take back her phone from Nikhil, but Tanu catches it on time from Nikhil hand. Looks like Pragya n Tanu again have argument on why Tanu is taking Pragya’s phone. Tanu is having a dirty smile on her face as she thinks she again escaped. And Pragya was little disappointed n angry.

    I think there is more to this sequence but we will see that only in actual episode. And I think all family members came to drawing room with this thief thing and reporters saying Pragya called them to show some CD, we have to wait n see.

    1. There is indeed a projector in the drawing room and looks like Pragya tried to show the video.

      In one shot Abhi seems to be mocking Pragya on what she was trying to show or may be the CD/video missed in last min, so Abhi taunting her.

    2. Ya sahithi the scenes of segment were puzzled. Which will solved in actual episode. But what u think? I think pragya have another plan too except this video footage. That’s why she was not looking much worried.

    3. Pratiksha, its same as always, in segment they dont show us right order of events, but if we look closely we will get some additional clues.

      Let us see if this is also Pragya’s plan else how can Nikhil get his hand on her mobile. Or may be she connected mobile to the projector and before video can be played, lights went off and Nihkil stole it away. But it is clear that Nikhil escaped from the place where Ronnie locked him, and after today’s segment where he got beatings in MM, he will be more careful. If he gets caught again, Abhi will get doubtful on recurrent appearance of Nikhil whenever something goes wrong in MM.

      We have to wait more for promo going forward I think than segments, when the official promo will be out for Tanu exposure.

      1. actually sahithi and pratiksha clarify me….. phone that tanu gets from pragya is her phne or prgayas phne…..??? nikhil tries to steal pragyas phone….did he win…. ? i thnk he gets prgayas phne and at the correct time…. and whn asking he ll be giving tanus phne instaed… so they both ll escape…. so both successfully stole prgyas phne??? and how come prgaya not aware of that?? confusing canu u guys clarify?? or i thnk aftr seeing todays episode we ll get a clear image on this….. i thnk

  19. this time also takhil got slipped from pragya’s hand.but no problem soon they will be unveiled.

  20. u don’t hav to be sorry pratiksha.u hav given us update it really means a lot.everybody in ur place will assume that this will only happen.u didn’t dissapoint us.u made us happy atleast nikhil caught as thief and beaten by abhi &purab.

  21. EKTA's enemy

    I think we should complaint into police now and file a case against ekta that she is giving 3rd degree torture to the audience as well as actors by dragging the track and by fooling us that a lady can carry her pregnancy till more then one year who so ever want to support please raise your hands ???????????

    1. I will accompany you??????

      1. EKTA ENEMY 3

        Me too ??

      2. Ekta's enemy

        Kutty it is u right ?????

    2. U guys are really creative in names

      I like the name ekta’s enemy

      1. I just following my friend

  22. Nice episode

  23. devishivakumar

    In Tami irumalargal finished

  24. Tanu is pregnant since 1 year but where is the baby

  25. no irumalargal is going to telecast in zee tamil on 11th april on 7:30 pm dont miss the episodes and this news to all of them who is eager to watch irumalargal…..and KKB is going awesome…..

  26. Thank u Pratiksha for the update and hope finally tanu gets revealed, at least nxt wk

  27. Req to all tamil frnd..irumalargal zeetamil la telecast agara news ah spread panuga.. Becos periyavanga anunties ellam serial mudichuruchu nu nenachutu erukanga.. Rating illana zeetamil la stop paniruvanga.. So ellartayum solanum..

  28. guys today’s sbs segment was very funny……i laughed when nikhil get nicely from purab and abhi …..but this should happen after knowing the truth too……so this time also takhil escaped from Pragya …..but guys as i had exams last week i am little bit confused with the track …i lastly saw that ronnie acting as a ghost to scare tanu……after that ronnie succeded in scaring tanu or he was caught by takhil??….pls anyone explain the track

    1. actually reji… ronnie threatens tanu by ghost appearance and that time prgaya captures the video of tanu telling the truth to ronnie’s ghost….. but aaliya comes to know it was a drama since she seen ronnie with abhi and rakshana….. and she passed it tanu…. so takil comes to knw about ronnie…. so nikhil goes aftr ronnie and ends up locked in a room…. meanwhile tanu meets pragya and in a temple and tells her she knew prgayas plan of exposing her and challenge her that she ll get abhi for sure…. ronnie escaped from nikhil and meets prgaya today….. so this is the order…. but last two episodes was good u missed it… juz see it onlin…

      1. ya gowtham i saw the episodes i like pragya’s faith on her kumkum and mangalsutra …she will win…. and pranu(pragya and tanu)scene in temple i like it…when tanu tries to slap pragya for second time and pragya holds her hand bravely was really nice pragya should win this challenge …will she??…

  29. Plz aab aur nahi. Khatam karo tanu ka character ko. Bhaut hoga plan,trapping, video ab dikha bhi do abhi ji ko.

  30. tanu itni jaldi expose nai hone wali nd I think tanu prgya ko replace karke lead me aa jaegi and tanu and abhi el ho jaenge

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