Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya thinks Pragya will not get any job in any company now, and calls her. She says you are spice of my life, I thought you will not come back to work, and says you knows how to control people. Pragya says if I would have known how to control people then I would have controlled you. She says I know you have stolen that CD and reminds of the slap. Aaliya laughs and says she can do work of kicking her out. She says only Abhi’s pic will be with her, as she will not get him. She says Tanu will be with Abhi at the concerts. Pragya says if I am in his destiny then you can’t stop us from uniting. Aaliya asks him to dream until she wants to, and says bye. She thinks Pragya is still egoistic. She calls Abhi and asks him to come after sometime to office, thinks Pragya would

get insulted before he comes. Abhi tells Purab that Aaliya asks him to come after sometime as Sethi didn’t come. Abhi tells him that they shall think a good idea to teach a lesson to Pragya, and says it is good that Mr. Sethi is not there. Aaliya asks Saira, why didn’t he come till now. Saira says Varun will come.

Varun comes. Pragya asks do you have an appointment. Varun says you can lose your job for stopping me, and says I will check your appointment. Saira comes and says greets him. She says he is Varun Sethi, Mr. Sethi’s younger brother. Pragya apologizes. Varun says if she does this mistake again, then she can find job elsewhere. Aaliya looks on from hideout.

Sarla calls Pragya and asks if everything is fine. Pragya says yes, just now I came to office. Sarla says I am not feeling good. Pragya asks her to take rest till she comes. Purab goes to washroom….Abhi calls office. Pragya picks the call and says Pragya Arora here. Abhi asks if Nikita didn’t come. Pragya says 1 sec, and takes call again. Abhi asks her to get coffee ready for him. Pragya asks shall I order something else too. Abhi thinks she is not getting tortured. Purab calls Pragya and thinks why she is not picking call. Saira asks Pragya to give file to Varun. Purab comes back. Abhi asks if he is done, and says it will be fun to torture her. Pragya comes to cabin and says you asked to bring this file. Varun asks her to read it. Pragya says it is not my job to read it. Varun argues with her and asks her to sit down and read. Pragya starts reading and says I didn’t know that you are Sethi’s brother, and apologizes. Varun goes near her, and asks her to relax. He holds her shoulder. Pragya asks him to leave her. Varun asks him to co- operate. Pragya asks him to leave her. Saira knocks on the door as planned and come inside with office employees. Varun acts and asks how dare you touch me. Pragya says he is lying.

Varun asks who have hired her. Abhi and Purab also come there. Varun tells everything that she touched him everywhere and asked for promotion and offered to compromise. Abhi is shocked. Aaliya apologizes to Varun and acts, thinks it is good that Abhi heard everything. She tells that you was forcing yourself on him and says we have seen with our eyes. Saira also gives statement as per planned. Aaliya says everyone is eye witness, and can tell that her bad character is shown which is hidden behind the glasses. Pragya says I am telling truth. Aaliya asks if Varun turned himself down seeing people coming. Pragya says yes. Aaliya says you are ready to do everything for promotion, but not accepting your crime. She says you are caught today and says I feel ashamed seeing girls, and using laws against guys. Abhi hears her silently. Aaliya says I will not punished you, but you teach you a lesson so that you will never do this. Pragya says you all are together and trying to trap me. She says somebody should trust me and looks at Abhi. Aaliya says what do you think that Bhai will save you, as you are his fan. She says you always sees dream, but don’t look at yourself in the mirror. She praises Varun.

Saira tells Aaliya that Pragya talked to Varun rudely and when I asked her to apologize. She refuses and talked arrogantly. Pragya is shocked. Aaliya says oh god, so much plotting. She tells that she is getting angry, and tells Abhi that she can’t bear his insult, as her name shouldn’t be called as his fan. She says we have to show her place to her, else she will take your advantage. She says I can’t bear if any girl takes advantage of your goodness, asks him to kick her out of office so that she couldn’t do this again. She says don’t you whatever you have done with whom before. Pragya asks her not to call her characterless when she is herself a characterless woman. Aaliya raises her hand to slap her, but Abhi holds her hand stopping her.

Abhi asks Pragya to answer Aaliya and says he knows surely that all the allegations are false, and shows faith on her. Aaliya and Varun are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. shobana

    Alia is filling tanu’s place.. today full of alia’s screeching👿👿. And this saira,👊👊👊👊.. cvs are highlighting only one point repeatedly, that for money, one will go low to lowest..
    Abhi was doing something with his mobile in-between alia’s screeching.. I think he might have messaged purab.

    And precap was expected one.. A big bulb to alia…😁😀😁😀

      • shobana

        Maybe nisha.. but, I feel that abhi is up to something.. because of his activities while alia screeching, I am telling like that.. let’s see what he is going to do

    • Riya

      Big Bulb Nahi di Alia has got THE Biggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggest Wala Bulb !😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Abhi Rocked Alia Shocked ! (Surbhi di’s Famous Line)😎

      • shobana

        Hey riya… Ha..ha.. ya biggest bulb.. that too 2 bulbs in a row😍😍. First for CD exchange and now..😅😅😅.
        Happy to see you here…😍😍😍😍

  2. Iswarya_santhosh


    |Registered Member

    Guys when aaliya was busy inblaming pragya, abhi turned his face and saw varun sethi, after that h red checked something in his phone… Guys anyone of u noted it?
    This is my guess only…
    Saira might be working for abhi, and she might send msg to abhi about this drama, thats y he might checked his phone…
    guys Any guesses?

  3. Jayakumarisuresh

    I feel pity for pragya. Indha alavukku oeu ponna (pragya character) yarum thirumbs thirumba kevalapadutha maattanga. Indha serial rombave overa oruponna insult panranga. I feel very sad

    • vimal sanjana

      Aama apro content venume… Apro show a epdi oturadhu… Drag panradhukga enna vena solluvanunga… Ok with Precap… Aana adhula enna twist vachurukangelo…. Haha..

  4. suma

    omg that aliya is she a women??? now a days i m loosing my patience of seeing aliya on screen. its better to see tanu instead of aliya. poor pragya feeling pity for her. i cant bear aliya for even a second.being a women how come she do that to another women.

    • shobana

      Yes Suma, nowadays I too feel Irritating by seeing alia. My god!! Today she really filled tanu’s place.. while she was screeching, for a minute, tanu only comes to my mind👿👿👿

  5. Amu

    Hi all! I noticed that in the previous update’s comments somebody was not happy with Pratiksha’s analysis of the show and characters. I just want to add my voice to all the supporters of Pratiksha. Pratiksha your comments, analysis and updates are very much appreciated, please continue. You know well how this group looks forward to what you have to say and when you don’t write anything everybody is like ” Pratiksha, where are you” so please don’t let negative commentors affect you. This group is really nice, so many friends who have never met each other in person but yet take the time to ask how the others are, wish birthdays and festivals….. there is something nice going on here, please keep it up. you’ll be surprised to know that I am physically in Canada but read the updates and comments of all you nice people regularly! Enjoy the show 🙂

    • Pratiksha

      Hi Amu thank u so much for ur appreciation and support. Off course, I will not leave u all and telly updates just for two- three people’s rubbish talk.

    • SavitaVidya


      |Registered Member

      I am new to this soap i don’t have alot of patience to sit and wait for it to get done. this platform and continous updates and comments from every one and the close group friendship is amazing. And if someone can not appreciate she can go and die. Thanks so much Pratiksha and the rest. we appreciate you.

  6. Raju

    I have been away for 3 weeks and just finished reading all written updates. Nothing new happened in three weeks. Same track being dragged again. I will come back in a month and find that the track is still at the same place. Evil will always win in this serial.

  7. gopu

    the writer’s always try to prove they are pshycos and done PhD in torturing with heavy dirty dialogues as good speach in devil’s tone with good designed costume …..only wish is kill pragya ..end the shit…no one can’t see this…

  8. Vadhu

    Hi guys! How are you reji, hency, shoba sis and all members of kkb family guys?
    Reji how is your school studies going?
    You are studying 8th isn’t?
    And hency how is your college?
    And shoba akka neengathan a dream ff ezhuthineengala?
    Recent ah than parthen..
    Super story sis..you rocked it…
    BTW, My mega revision started today..
    Mega revision means writing 4 to 5 tests of different subjects in a day..
    It will be going for nearly 3 months till we finish writing all the portions..
    So I could not even have time to read your comments…(feeling bad)
    These at least I had time to read your comments though I could not reply..
    I am really missing you all….
    But surely, lf I get any holiday(due to rain)
    Or government holidays , l’ll visit the TU.
    Till then take of your health. My dear FRIENDS…
    Bye…Good night….

    • shobana

      Hi 🙋vadhu.. how are you???
      Thank you vadhu for your compliments.. yes I only wrote A Dream ff..
      And don’t feel bad for not commenting and not reading comments..as of now only studies are important..so concentrate on that. All the best for your mega revision😍😍
      By the way, how is Sara????
      Bye good night😍😍

    • Hency

      Hair vadhu dear. ..after a long time I am seeing your comment. . .really missed u r comments. …how are you? and how is sara…my clg is going good dr…MEGA REVISION Means naraiyaa test eluthikitae irukanum right. ..many full tests eluthanum. ..even i also experienced this. ..wish you all the best for you and also convey my wishes to Sara also dr. ..I know you and Sara will surely rock…best of luck dears☺☺☺

      • Hency

        Sorry dear I typed wrongly. ..it’s hai …and don’t worry about not commenting dear. ..only 5 months more to complete your exams. ..after that u will be free right. ..so concentrate on your studies dear😊😊😊

    • Itsme_reji


      |Registered Member

      Hi vadhu ! ..How r u ?..I am absolutely fine !..And my studies is going super fast as now i am writing Quarterly exams !..Ya i am studying 8th !!..And all the very best for your Mega revision !..Don’t feel bad that you can’t comment regularly now more concentration is needed for studies !..All the best for you and sara !!..And sara how is she ?..And once again all the best !!..

  9. Nisha

    Love u loads abhi. U trust pragya according to tomorrow precap. What a coincidence today in iniya iru malargal pragya trusted abhi that he would not have planned along with decorator and here abhi trusts pragya.

  10. aminnazrin

    hw much dragging it is still i luv u kumkum bagya … long live kkb ..

  11. Iswarya_santhosh


    |Registered Member

    Hello and abc….. I just now saw ur comments….. What u have said is absolutely true… We r emotional fools and emotionally attached with everyone here…. Do u people have any problem in that? If s means we dont care about that… We will be always like that forever…….. Thats it….
    Whoever wants to join us, u r most welcome but pls dont hurt anyone by criticising them…
    Pls try to be friends……

    Sorry guys i just now saw yesterdays comment thats y i replied late about that….

  12. Jia

    Abi saw that varun was holding pragya’s hands even when pragya was on varun.
    And then also when varun was smiling .
    So he surely understand that is is planning against her fan no 1.

  13. Madhu

    Haha..anybody have seen the segment? when Abhi is asking Pragya to show her teeth…eeeee…uuuuuuu….how cute he looks…!!
    Pratiksha..I think he said about chawal (rice) to count at her home..not keys..u heard it chabi I guess..sorry if am wrong…

  14. Nisha

    Hey friends I have started to read ffs in kumkum bhagya can anyone suggest me some interesting ff. And destined to be yours ff I just love that since I am also a tamilian. Please ask surbhi to continue regularly. Btw how many tamilians r here.

    • Vinodhini

      I am also tamizan only nisha… you can try ff by haritha, roli aka shobana,monesha, Maya,surbhi,aasmitha,princess madhu,trisha,tisha,etc… they all are wonderful writers…I will read all their ff.. all ff will be interesting..

      • Riya

        Hello Saathu ff means Fan Fiction i.e Imaginary stories written by Many Awesome writers in Kumkum Bhagya page abt AbhiGya ! So when u hav time do read them … I can promise U that everything will be so interesting and So Good ! All Writers are doing a Wonderful Job !

    • Itsme_reji


      |Registered Member

      Hi Nisha i am a Hindi mixed Tamilian but ipp chennai thaan !!.😊😊..ya i also suggest many ffs ..All r just rocking .I am also writing ff but i said after my exams i mean sept 23rd i will continue my ff and give regular updates …😊..If you get time try to read it !!.😊

    • Nisha

      Hi vinodhini ,shobhana, saathu, riya , reji and idhu nice to know about u all. Thanks for ur comments and reji please continue it ff. I just read some of ur ff and i must say they r mind blowing. But I am a silent reader so I would not have shared my comments but since I know u all now I will surely comment. Love u loads friends.And my dear tamil friends how may of u watch iniya irru malargal in zee tv

  15. Vinodhini

    Yeah shobana and nisha, I completely agree with you..I too noticed it..it’s good to see abhi trusting pragya as in season one, abhi won’t trust her…May be as nisha said abhi would have asked purab to check the cctv footage…so that he can show the proof to all that she is not character less.nd I thought saira would play a positive role..I never thought that saira will be against pragya in this plan.so sad…the way ,he was supporting pragya is awesome…I think he asked pragya to slap varun…when aaliya got bulb, the scene was mind blowing…but how will Abhigya meet after her resignation…

    • Mittenzz

      I think they will meet after. Abhi will probably hire her as personal assistant. She’s the only one that can make coffee the way he likes. Despite the fact that she hurt his ego he thinks her honest and won’t be afraid to humble his ego.Abhi will hire her I feel with Purabs suggestion. Purab will figure out that Aalyias is behind the whole setup because he did see her with the same man in the market. I think he will get Abhi to hire Pragya.

      • Asmitha

        Me to thinking same Mittenz I think that is the only chance for them to meet each other but this season is nice and mostly abhi he changed a lot its really gd to see he should be like this only if he changes again it will be boring

  16. Saathu

    it’s good that abhi still believes pragya… my guess is that after resigning her job, Abhi might take her to mehra mansion as his PA.. what do you think guys? hi pratiksha, shobana, reji, sahithi, what do you all feel year? can anybody share your thoughts about this?

    • shobana

      Maybe Saathu, I think either abhi will hire her as PA.. or he will convince her to continue the same job.. let’s see. What happens further..

    • Itsme_reji


      |Registered Member

      Hi Saathu !..Ya may be According to the new promo i also think that Abhi will make pragya as his PA and bring her to MM..So Promo is also meaning the same ..and we cant be sure !..Lets wait and watch !

  17. Mittenzz

    So these writers believe by starting the story differently is cause to say it is new and exciting. Where’s the excitement when the only thing you change is that a different person is executing the same kind of insult and scheme to Pragya. You have her fighting to save her marriage, and believing Dadi that Abhi has to have evidence in order to believe on ones accusation, still in the end he believes Pragya without one drop of evidence. When they finally get those mess out of the way and to finally begin their married life finally as a couple you brought in the whole accident, memory loss drama, leaving Pragya once again to fight to get her husband to remember her. Why is it that she’s always the one to fight?
    The screeching and ranting is now picked up by Aalyia…. Really irritating. Why can’t the couple be together. Acknowledge their feelings and love for each other and fight together others who wants to break their marriage?
    Women degrading other women through such immoral means, greed for money causes one to sell their morality. None to stand firm and tall against such actions.
    I’m glad Abhi finally decide to believe Pragya but will he believe her off the bat without evidence? Or will it be Purab that will point out facts to him or he himself see through the charade before he believes her? Either way, I’m glad he doesn’t believe Aalyia and that disgusting man. I hope karma plays out for Saira as well.
    What I want is not only Aalyias scheme keeps blowing up in her face, but I want for Abhi to truly see the type of person she is and not be blind to her animosity towards Pragya.
    Let’s see how long the writers will drag this.

  18. Sahithi

    From Arjit Insta stories looks like he is leaving the show for good and took the girls out for a treat. He was mentioning current Purab in that video, so we can hope to see a new guy replacing him and the character may not be killed or vanish abruptly.

  19. Radhu

    I dont know why Aaliya is projected like this. Let her not think that she is displaying a good acting that people criticize her. it is really irritating to see how a woman could plan always for character assasination. Let Pragya be given a chance to use her good nature to torture Aaliya and Tanu. At that time it is wished that Abhi also supports her without their or Pragya’s knowledge. Too much torturing of woman in the very same way is not correct

  20. Pratiksha

    New promo out. –
    Abhi brings pragya to mehra house and introduces her to dadi and everyone.
    Full update-
    Voiceover says that when destiny left pragya’s support, then abhi holds pragya’s hand. Abhi brings pragya to mehra house by holding her hand, happily. Aliya too enters from behind with them. Abhi happily introduces pragya to dadi and says that dadi look whose I brought with me. Pragya looks down. Dadi and family looks on pragya shockingly and dadi calls out pragya by her name with shock and emotionally, pragyaa….Pragya gets tensed but Abhi gets surprised by listening this name from dadi. He says that don’t know why I feels that I have a relationship with this name. Promo ends here.

    • vidhya

      tq 4 the updates prati.. and u know i just now read the updates of last week.. and the comments too.. don’t worry dear.. i think tat hello is not in sense.. i literally had tears reading him/her comment.. u r such a sweetheart.. and u know i don’t even cmt here properly but i really tnkful to u for the updates i get frm u and many more here..

      u don’t worry sweetheart.. i’m ter to support u..

      i can’t even cmt on the epi.. it’s sooo hurting..

      • Pratiksha

        Thank u so much dear vidhya for ur appreciation and support. Until u guys and ur love and support with me, I don’t have care of rubbish.

    • anne

      Hi sweetheart hw r u na i was thinking mayb u were upset with the person who commented abt your updates always believe in yourself na never leave for ppl whatever ppl can say i salute to your updates bcause your comments are very detailed even b4 v were friends i wil always wait for your updates even the others updates are also ok but after reading yours i wil b satisfied dont worry sweetheart i n your other friends wil support you na

      • Pratiksha

        Hi Anne mam, that’s so sweet of u that u have this much love and concern for me. I m absolutely fine. What could happen with me when I have this much love and support of all u lovely friends and wellwishers. Infact I m feeling luckiest girl on the earth by seeing this much love, care and support from all of u. Thanks a lot Anne mam, I know u guys will always with me so I don’t have any tension about anything.

    • shobana

      Superb promo.. now said would’ve understood that no one can separate abhigya, since after abhi’s accident she too didn’t stand by pragya..
      What will be abhi’s reaction when dadi saying Pragya ???

  21. Sravs

    In Season one abhi was dumb completly and he always believe tanu/Aliya words blindly and asking pragya to prove..all cases

    In season two, as of now abhi is not dumb and he is not Believing aliya words blindly. (Aliya angry at first meeting, CD change, Tanu entry situation, current sence…etc)
    Gud for pragya, she don’t need to prove herself with proofs always
    The comments which we gave on Abhi, is writer considered or what?

    • Pratiksha

      Trupti, for now, promo seems positive by watching as pragya kept one more step in abhi’s life, and infact abhi by ownself is bringing pragya in his life more and more. With this, the more chances has increased of getting memory of his past by him. But with this, taaliya too r behind them who won’t let anything possible so easily for abhigya and won’t let them live happily and peacefully, so let’s see what happens? But surely, now pragya’s problem will also increase with her increasing closeness to abhi becoz she is going to enter in mehra house, which is hell for her from always. Abhi’s lost memory and it’s come back in pieces slowlu- slowly, have both positive and negative possibility. It could beneficial for someone at a time or it could b harmful too for someone at a time, but let’s see for whom it will b beneficial and for whom it will b harmful. So overall, it seems happiness and tension r going to start together for abhigya and specially for pragya and as well as for taaliya too. Till now, problems were bit less but with the entry of pragya in mehra house, drama will b seen mostly from there in the show. Well let’s see.

      • SavitaVidya


        |Registered Member

        i think if writer makes it that Pragya can come and go to Mehra house as she like but not actually sleep/stay there as Abhi doesn’t kno he is married. it will create less problems. i am just too tired of crying for Abhigya. Shabbir is too good an actor he makes me feel for him and when he cries i cry. when pragya cries i cry. i just need less problems. But KKB is the best tv serial ever!!!

  22. vaishu

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaa, same story again repeat no change I thought there vl be change but no again planning and plotig,bulshit guys

  23. Itsme_reji


    |Registered Member

    Hi guys !!..How r u all ??..Yesterday a big head ache i means maths exams finished !😅😂😁..So today i am free !!..Today i can comment freely my exams r ending on 23rd sept !..So only 3 more days to go !!..😊..And coming to the promo ..Pratiksha i also saw that Y abhi brought pragya to MM..Dadi mistakenly said Pragya so i think abhi will get some doubt …And back aliya is shown shocked ..I think pragya resigned her job and may be abhi brought her as his asst ….😄…And Pratiksha yesterday i saw Shikha’s IG ..Arjit Taneja tu na ja ??..It seems Arjit is leaving the show is that confirmed ..Really he is leaving the show ?..Cvs vanished a beautiful couple Purbul / Rabul .. .Just want them to be back in the show !..😥

    • Pratiksha

      Reji it looks like almost that arjit is going to quit finally, but only official news about his quitting and replacement is left to come out on news channel,to b confirmed . So let’s see. And it’s obvious, reji if someone from the star cast will feel neglected and useless, specially parallel leads, those r equally important for the show like main leads, but doesn’t that much importance , then they will want to b quit for more better chances and options. Happy for arjit and mrunal but sad for purbul’s fan, who were fan of mrunal and arjit’s onscreen chemistry as purbul.

  24. Itsme_reji


    |Registered Member

    Hi guys a new spoiler was given from telly express .
    Kumkum bhagya – Aliya gets going an evil plan to pull down Pragya amid abhi’s eyes , but instead pragya outsmarts aliya by her witty brain . To which Aliya gets surprised thoroughly and this makes abhi really shocked to see pragya’s an although new avatar. Aliya’s plan becomes a flop show as Pragya become a start in Abhi’s eyes.
    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragedical situations seen amid Abhi and Pragya in the ongoing serial . Abhi recollects some parts of Pragya’s face amid Abhi’s memories from flashback !…

    Guys mostly tellyexpress spoilers r true but let’s see ..Just thought to share this guys any guesses

  25. Jayakumarisuresh

    Pratiksha dont worry about the negative comments im visiting this site basically for ur timely updates. U r doing excellent job. Whenever i feel like switching on my wifi immediately i will visit this site. U guys have established a good relationship. So not to worry. Undhan sevai inidhe thodarattum vazhthukkal.

    • Pratiksha

      Thank u so much jaya for ur support and appreciation. Off course, I will not care anybodyelse until u guys r with me as such lovely, caring and dear friends.

  26. Hency

    Hai pratiksha sis…I have not talked to much in this site but I really like comments and ur the one who always post the latest news. ..it’s not ur duty but still u r doing this because u r thinking all of us as friends and I know you won’t lend your ears to such people words. ..I think u got ur new mobile from your bro during rakshabandan. ..please never ever leave this site☺

  27. Mittenzz

    Hi Pratiksha, was wondering why every other read someone is telling you to keep on updating and never mind the negative feedback. It wasn’t until I went back to Friday’s comment that I saw why.
    Please don’t pay any mind to such onslaught. I’m glad you have a 98% support to that 2%. We really appreciate and commend you on ur dedication to this forum. And we look forward to your updates, comments and reviews. I know you will grow stronger with the love expressed here through the support of this team. Continue to update and we look forward to same. What don’t break you will only make you stronger. The negatives ” The Aalyias and the Tanu’s) will always be there. It’s how you handle it will show how much a trooper you are. Keep it up. Thanks.

    • Pratiksha

      Hi mittenzz, thank u so much for ur support and giving this much strength to me. U guys and ur love and support r my biggest strength so definetly I will never weak in any situation. Once again thanks a lot.

  28. suma

    good luck for your career aminnazrin. wish all the success vl come to you.
    Hi Nidha regarding ff’s of kkb i read mostly all the ff’s. every one have their own unique way of writing and all the ff’s are the best cant compare with one another. But on ff I cant forget was abhi and pragya eternal love story which remainded my college life. expecially i loved the plot of pragya and tanu being best friend. i liked tanu in that character. this ff contains all the emotions of friendship, love, teasing, sadness every thing.

  29. SavitaVidya


    |Registered Member

    Yeesss!!! i couldnt comment but now I can. I am in Uganda and this show just started showing on Zeetv. i was too excited. too much chemistry between Abhi and Pragya!!! so i watched ahead on youtube and also read all updates from episode 12. Anyway that mogambo track was very annoying but now i am very happy. I think Abhi is pretending to have ML.

  30. Disciplined Fan

    OMG 90 COMMENTS TODAY!!! I thought the moderator will monitor and only approve COMMENTS THAT ARE TOPIC RELATED. I notice so many comments the past few days that are not topic related & at some point getting out of control of the established guidelines set by moderator. Either the rules are relaxed or moderator has forgotten his rules like script writers have lost the plot. Sorry to raise this now but just seeking clarification on your RULES!!! If the guidelines are no more in place please inform all of us so more can join the fun. Otherwise we can be more disciplined in posting comments. This is not an attack on anyone as I look forward to reading the many CONTRUCTIVE COMMENTS that are well written but to go through 90 comments looking for the related comments is now a challeng!!!

    • Richa

      Hmm. good point. most of them r out of the topic. 20% of KKB update & other remaining r belong to some private manners.some cat fights … 🙂
      Anyway its nice to see such a friendship among the regular viewers.But better to move with more KKB related i supporse. No offense .. just a thought

  31. Pratiksha

    Guys there is a little correction in yesterday’s segment’s update.
    While trying to make pragya’s mood light by his funny antics, abhi asks from pragya that how much rice she have at home? Pragya replies that it would b 4-5 kilos. Abhi says that I m asking that how much grains of rice u have? Pragya says how could I tell the grains of rice? Abhi says that go home and count them. Pragya says that why I count the grains of rice? Abhi says that u said na that u will do whatever I will say to do. Pragya says that I said to do sensible things.
    Guys I had written in yesterday’s segment’s update that abhi asks from pragya about keys but I have mistaken in listening. When madhu corrected my mistake then I saw segment again and then I found this mistake. So that’s why I thought to tell u guys about this mistake and correction. Thank u so much madhu for correcting my mistake and sorry guys for this mistake.



      |Registered Member

      Thanks prathiksha.. actually I am always waiting for you to get to knew about new news about kkb… don’t stop this by hearing some negative comments from some persons.. as we all like all your comments…criticisms… thanks a lot for it… sorry I knew you don’t knew about me.. because I am a silent reader…

    • Vinodhini

      And moreover it’s not at all a mistake as far as my opinion is concerned.. if you wish to say sorry, then we have to say thanks to you for sharing information…😃😃

  32. Pratiksha

    Guys thanks a lot for all ur supports, love, care and appreciation. I have no words to express it. I will b here forever for u all so don’t worry. Let this matter and discussion finish as it is going out of limit and too much out from the topic. I saw two peoples r compiling about it and they r actually right. This section is mostly for discussions, comments and updates for the show. Peoples visits on this site mostly to know about it so we shouldn’t go off from topic. I can understand all of ur concern for me but guys I know u all r always with me and will b always with me so I m not leaving this site and will not go anywhere by getting affected by some criticism. So don’t worry. Let finish this and continue with discussions and comments about show. I hope u guys will understand. Once again thank u so much guys, who supported me this much and sorry for those who faced inconvenience and felt distracted from the main topic which is about the show.

      • Riya

        That Okk Pratiksha di ! Btw I think u would hav forgot me as I commented long back and now again here !
        U know What I read all your updates whenever free and Thankssssssssssssss !
        How Are U Sis ? Hope I can be regular here after

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.