Kumkum Bhagya 19th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 19th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya asking Abhi to attend the video call. Abhi attends the video call. A girl is seen on the video call, and she tells him that they have met before. She tries to make him remember their last meeting. She talks about his wife, and says she is very simple that’s why you have become unromantic. Pragya gets angry at the girl and she ends the chat. She asks Abhi that she didn’t know about this girl. Abhi says he met her before marriage. Pragya says Tanu was even there before our marriage, and says she will tell Tanu about this girl. Abhi requests her not to tell anything to Tanu. Pragya asks him to try. Abhi gets scared with her eyes, and asks her to close her eyes so that she can make request. Pragya closes her eyes. Abhi kicks her and makes her fall on the floor.

Pragya tells that she will tell everything to Tanu. Abhi gets scared thinking if Pragya will tell everything to Tanu.

Pragya talks to the event management guy. Purab comes and talks to Pragya. Abhi says when Ravan is inside the house, why shall we burn it outside. Pragya and Abhi argues. A man comes to meet Tanu. Raj tells her that he is Vijay and will do their work. Vijay says he has some rules and they don’t take client’s name.Tanu says he looks so stupid. Vijay gets angry and tries to strangulate her neck. Raj asks him to leave her and says she is a kid. Vijay says Aaliya asked him to listen to you only and asks her not to come inbetween them. He asks about the person to be killed.

Pragya asks Abhi to host the function. Abhi refuses. Pragya says if you don’t agree then I will make Tanu meet that girl. Abhi agrees. Pragya asks Ronnie to give diary. Vijay tells Raj that she seems to be very happy and it will be fun to die.He asks them to give 5 lakhs rupees. Raj agrees. Vijay asks Tanu, not to interfere in his work.

Abhi thinks about Pragya’s words and thinks what does she want? He thinks if she want to elope with all the money and transferring money in swiss account. He wonders what she is upto? Tanu asks Raj, from where we will get money? Raj asks her to get money from Abhi. Tanu says how can I ask money from him. Raj asks her to do acting. Tanu says Pragya is holding his money and Abhi doesn’t have any money. Raj asks her to convince Abhi. Abhi wonders what he shall do? just then Tanu comes and acts sad. Pragya hides seeing them.Tanu says she is fed up of this life and says Pragya is gaining money. She asks him to give 5 Lakhs rupees. Abhi says I have just 500 Rs and asks her to keep it. Tanu says I am your duty and asks him to arrange money by tomorrow. Pragya thinks why she needs 5 Lakhs rupees.

Bulbul tells Purab that plan is same. Purab asks her to talk to Dadi and Pragya. They argue. Dasi asks what they are doing? Dadi says they are fighting. Bulbul suggests Dadi to keep cash prize for dandiya dance. She says cash prize should be 10 Lakhs. Mitali says even I will take part. Bulbul asks purab to sponsor the prize money. Pragya comes and asks what is happening. Bulbul asks her to mind her work. Pragya is walking and collides with Vijay. Ronnie scolds him. Pragya asks Vijay to do his work. Ronnie asks who are you? Vijay says I came to do decoration and scares Ronnie.

Tanu thinks if Abhi will be able to give her money? She hears Bulbul talking to Payal and telling about 10 Lakhs rupees to the winner. Tanu thinks she will dance and win in the dandiya competition.

Pragya gives instructions to Ronnie about the arrangements. Abhi calls Payal and asks why she is talking to her. Payal says Pragya is so good. abhi says she makes everyone servants. He calls someone and gets papers. He asks Payal to get Pragya’s signatures. He says he will have monthly contract, and his salary will increase every month. Pragya says contract is for 11 months. Abhi says his contract is for 11 months as he is the rockstar. He says he wants profit sharing also. Pragya says she will get the papers checked by her lawyer. Abhi says okay and asks for 10 Lakhs rupees for signing the contract. Pragya asks you need 5 lakhs rupees. Abhi asks how do you know. Pragya says I know.

Abhi and Pragya argue over contract papers. they fall on bed. Abhi requests her to sign on the papers. Pragya refuses and says if she signs then he will go far from her. Abhi asks what do you mean?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. When will they find out about aliyah and Raj and tano are all together in the plot

    1. Forget this show….Qubool Hai has picked up the pace and gotten to be pretty good. I stopped watching KKB altogether now. They have changed the main reason that people liked the show in the first place. It drags too much and has a boring story line. I refuse to watch any of it. I still like the actor but the story does not keep my interest. Therefore, I am done with it. They will continue to string you guys along until you finally realize that it is going to keep going down hill and goes off.

  2. She means he will take money run but what about Aaliyah hire the goon to kill pragya

  3. Nice episode … But what will happen in ramleela episode ??

    How much more time it will take to expose tanu in front of abhi ??

    Is their any kidnapping or rape scene ??

  4. Still Very Boring

    They are trying to get the viewers to watch this boring crap by putting the written update out later and later. I don’t care if it doesn’t come out until next week – it is still too BORING to watch. I have lost interest. And who wants to see another celebration. If you want your audience back – Get a good story line going. IDIOTS.

  5. Omg talking about rape , will the killer rape pragya ? If that’s case it’s horrible and disgusting . Will she get raped and kidnapped? What’s happening ? I hope the rape bit does not happen then I will not b watching this drama !!!!! It’s been nearly three month for pragya to expose the two madams. Im fed up of waiting!!!!!!!!

  6. sandra s thannickal

    Not bad waiting 4 2mmarrow

  7. Really its getting bored watching KKB. When will Aliya and Tanu get exposed? May be after a year or two?
    Whats the crap is being shown. Please makers end it and get Abhigya soon.

  8. Omg. Why they are dragging like this. I love kb so much but the current track is so dragging. Pls don’t separate abhigya. I want abhi and pragya together. Please expose aaliya and tanu soon. Waiting for good episode ??

  9. If this going to be second Navratri of Pragya then when was their marriage anniversary
    As all functions were after Abhi n Pragya marriage
    One more thing Tanu make out with Nikhil on Valentine’s Day that’s 14 February n Navratri comes in October then it’s means Tanu is pregnant 8 months right????
    But looks like she not pregnant at all
    All this is not making sense
    Cvs should at least show later that Tanu had abortion long back n she is just acting
    Otherwise they r making fool of themselves by showing such lose storyline

    1. Maggie they r making us fool in every sense in the show with so much illogical things. Tanu, abhi, nikhil and many more persons and things r hust making us fool in every episode by their stupid and illogical acts. CVS purpose is clear that they only wants to stretch the story. That’s it.

      1. Ya they always do like this only still her tummy luk same as before. Not only this lik nikki said abhi Nikil u forgot one more person nikki Rachna. Lik Rachna tanu too deliver baby after 2 years.

  10. supriya joshi

    Pls do not do this ,, stop this kidnapping & rape moves , it will not take your show to the heights ,, stop dis stupidity & let it flow with ease.

  11. boring story

  12. no improvement……….
    4 wat they r dragging tis much?
    if d writer do not wanna to reunite abhigya jus separate them nd lead their lyf as they want…
    dn make us fool everyday nd every scene……….
    im jus readin d written update alone….
    even nthng interesting ……
    tanu nd aliya wil finally trap pragya nd team plans
    shooter story , kidnapping track idhellam evlo nalaku kattuvennga…. pissed offffffffff

  13. I like this serial very much but now I started fed up because from so long time Tanu and Alia not get expose. Please expose atleast Tanu

  14. It will get interesting I think

    1. What like Rashna Pastra?? That got to be so bad- they had to finally take it off the air. They are doing the same here. They are a bunch of NO talent – LOSERS.

  15. Pls dont drag the serial… It was my favourite at once.. but not now.. Pls unite pragya and abhi..

  16. Day by day villains r increasing. How many villains. Again without finishing the current track they have started the new one for pragya. They r messing the story. I lost my patience.

  17. Boring………expose alia and tanu………
    We want to hear the name
    Mrs Pragya abhishek mehra again!!!!!!

  18. Expose alia and tanu……….we want to hear Mrs Pragya abhishek mehra once again in kkb…….no more kidnapping and rape track…….

  19. How much of time wasted to watch kumkum. It’s so boring. Plz expose tanu or aliya soon.

  20. Where is chittu ?

  21. noooo the killer will fall in love with pragya and he will tell her everything and pragya is gona say that aliya will marry nikhil and aliya will get angry and blurt everything out i cant wait for that day

  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVW-XEJJW2Y

    Guys watch this…sriti jha n divyanka tripathi interview…Its nice 🙂

  23. Guys arijit taneja aka purab is going to b part of one more ekta kapoor’s new show- pyaar ko ho Jane do. This show will b telecast from today on Sony channel. Mona Singh and Iqbal khan r it’s lead. Arijit will b playing iqbal’s sister’s love interest in the show. He is playing a role of Muslim boy. So guys that’s mean we will see less scenes of purab in kkb becoz of his new show’s shooting.

  24. it’s bkwaaaaasss

  25. what is this yaa……………….full boring,……………waste of time……..

  26. plzzzz end dis track

  27. I am reading 2 weeks written updates of tis chewing gum serial. No improvement. Nothing. Worst waste track. Thank god i stopped watching this serial frm 2 months ago

  28. Its so simple to expose tanu by making her do DNA test n matching it wide abhi’s DNA. . then her truth will be out… Brains people…. Simple stuff…

  29. That ramleela episode is continues episode or special episode. Plz anybody can say.

  30. Guys from today’s epi it’s 400sss.. hoping for a new and interesting 400sss ( at least here after ) still I have little hopes it will all change faster as faster to some sense and make us crazy again on them.. they should make a new beginning means a gud track yet it seems it won’t finish that much easily… no morality proved here in this serial.. the actors of this serial are also getting detached slowly.. shikha is sick, not sure for mrunal’s quit, and now arjit is doing another show.. sure for one thing , the old and gold kkb times won’t come back again.. and Sriti and shabbir are very talented actors. Plss don’t spoil their actings on this stupid track.. now it’s all up to CVS.. we are being fooled anyways

  31. hajira ruksaar

    waste of time….. the track is going so boring……..hate this show

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