Kumkum Bhagya 19th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi thinking where did Pragya hide? He tells the persons there that he is searching for someone and is about to take her name. Pragya comes out and asks him to stop. Abhi says really I have started feeling for you and can’t stay without you. Allah Wariyan plays…………Pragya is shocked and drinks wine unknowingly. Abhi thinks he has added wine in it and thinks her truth will be out now. He asks her to drink some more juice now. He wonders why did he make her drink wine and recalls Pragya having drink before. A flashback is shown. Pragya insists to eat road side food. Abhi says lets go home and have food on the way. Pragya asks him to lift her in his arms. Abhi asks if you are a kid. Pragya insists. She jumps on the table and asks him to give wine

and her crown. She says I am the queen of the world and twirls. Abhi asks her to get down. Pragya asks him to lift her on his back, and asks for crown. She wears the crown. Pragya asks a girl to give her specs. Abhi requests the girl so she gives. Abhi thinks to take her home else thinks he will be beaten by public.

Pragya tells Abhi that they will go by bus. Abhi calls driver and asks him to bring car fast. Pragya is walking. Abhi holds her. Pragya says I couldn’t walk properly. She says you have dimples…..She says you said that you have started feeling for me, and need my answer. Pragya says my answer is………………Aasman Tera Mera Hua……….Saiyyara…….plays…………Abhi looks at her. They have an eye lock. Pragya cleans his face and asks if he is there? Abhi asks her to take off specs. Pragya says I want to wear as you like it. Abhi asks what you are saying? Pragya says you like it as your fuggi used to wear it. Abhi asks why you are wearing and asks her to say what is in her heart. Pragya says there is so much in my heart, like heart beat, vein, blood etc. Pragya says you likes girls with specs, then why did you bring me on date. Abhi says I was mad. He asks her to sit in car. He asks Ram Singh to stop the car and sees Pragya missing. Dadi wonders what might be happening between them. Dasi asks her for whom she has been waiting for. Dadi says she is waiting for Pragya. Dasi asks her to tell truth. Dadi says I am waiting for Abhi, as Pragya took Abhi somewhere. Dasi asks where did she take him? Dadi says I called her 10 times but she isn’t picking the call. Now we can just wait.

Abhi brings Pragya home and throws her on bed. Pragya gets up and asks why this place is looking like their room. Abhi says this is our room. Pragya asks why did you take me back home. She says I will decide and says I will not talk to you nor will go on a date with you. She asks him to go on a date with fuggi? She says she has chosen new boyfriend? Abhi asks who is he? Pragya takes out toy guy from the bag, and says he is her boyfriend. Abhi says he is looking like me, a rockstar. Pragya says no, and says your hairs are small and he has a big hairs. Abhi says he is exactly like me, I used to have long hairs. Pragya says his smile is very loving, his eyes have depth and your eyes………………..She turns and looks in his eyes.

Pragya says you never smile. Abhi says whenever I smile, many girls get bowled over by my smile. He smiles. Pragya says they must have fainted. She looks in his eyes. Abhi asks what is in my eyes? Pragya is silent. Abhi says I will tell you……He says your betrayal is seen in my eyes and my pain. Pragya says she can feel his pain. Abhi asks what she is hiding from him. Pragya says you are right and says I am hiding something important from you. She says I feel bad that I didn’t tell you. Abhi asks her to tell. Pragya says I have proposed my boyfriend and he has accepted. She says we will be together always. She says she will sleep with her new boyfriend(toy) and will see dreams. She rests on bed and sleeps. Abhi throws the toy boy and it falls near fuggi toy. Abhi looks on surprisingly.

Nikhil warns Tanu that he can’t marry Aaliya and will tell everyone that he loves her. Tanu and Aaliya are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. They dragging pls bring the truth out… The writers have forgot the track let me remind them it is expose of aaliya and tanu they have changed the traxk

    1. They have not forgotten track….this is the kind of games that they play with viewers. They think they are clever and viewers are all dummies!!!

  2. ada paavigala
    oru toyke innum end card podala idhula innoru toy veraya
    nalla visayam onnu kuda nadakadha
    mokkaya mudinga
    i she was in drunken state alos she din tel anythin meand tis CVS really drag tis so long…..
    v r not loose to wait everyday
    pragya nd abhi u wnt b together soon better ekta kappor get idea from sm others………
    abhi s really nice to show his feeling nd pain in his eye
    pragya to naughty bt overall it is a gud performance
    on t other hand wat CVS wanna prove???
    i cant get d clear picture, alwayz expectation leads to disappointment especially tis serial

  3. Dragging

  4. wat s in d precap??? nikhil aliya marg?????
    wat game nxt????

    1. Ya nivi I don’t know why nikhil is talking about his and aliya marriage for this question ❓ tomorrow only we get answer I think so nivi??

  5. Guys what u think … Atleast today abhi would have realized she is his fuggi or not…. As we expected aaliya and nikil s marriage… Is this the big thing in nov 3 week maggie was telling about i guess

  6. I waited eagerly for some fuggi n abhi things….
    i Thought that Atleast abhi will realize her love towards him….
    But it didn’t happen….

  7. finally she dnt say any truth..! its al going vain.. still lik to watch abhigya..<3 n guys mrunal hav said tat she s nt gng to quit.. I js heard it.. dnt knw whether its true r nt.. wen ll tis sequence gt over.? evry1 s longin fr it..! pls cvs do it soon.. v need abhigya to gt united.. cme on directors do it soon

  8. Nice episode… Again abhi ll act as dumb ah??? I didn’t get any new thing in his expression… If he think abt aliyah’s engagement… Pragya was drunken tat time she told bulbul but suddenly she changed it.. If he recollect all those things then only there is chance.. But I don’t think so surely they are going to show abhi character as dumb only..

    1. PRIYA but I think he got to know that pragya is hiding something when he was telling to pragya that ur betrayal and pain is seen in my eyes, then pragya says who told this. I can see it. Then abhi asks her then why she is doing all this with him. He thinks she is hiding something from him, what u r hiding from me then she says yes I hide something important from u. It’s all pragya was saying seriously and abhi’s expression was saying that he took her words seriously. But at the end moment pragya changed the talk and didn’t say what she is hiding. So I think now abhi have to find this only that what she is hiding. He got to know that pragya has still some similarities like before, rest that teddy boyfriend will disclose. Well let’s see.

      1. Ya nikki I saw tat… But last she changed na so only it was confusing… If abhi take it seriously it ll b gud this writers can do anything… Like previous sequences ( pragya showed angry towards dadi abhi for tanu’s baby) if abhi spy abt her means it ll b gud… Still I m having little hope.. Let’s c… Nikki aft Nikil aliyah sequences wat ll happen yaar… Do u have any idea.. I m totally blank.. Today episode also I think nothing ll happen new..

      2. Ya priya u r right. But i felt that abhi noticed some points but those things r still unclear for him so I think he will work on these things in his way and style. And if this teddy boyfriend thing will continue then lots of misunderstandings could get solve through it between abhigya and abhi could find out oragya’s truth through this teddy. If not then it will b gud to enjoy jealous abhi which we wants to see since long. But I think teddy boyfriend will help abhi somehow. And most important thing pragya could talk her heart talk with abhi through this teddy boyfriend.

    2. Ya priya $ anyway abhi is dumb only

      1. Sss regi whenever v want abhi to express more than they ll make his character dumb… Let’s hope for the best… One more thing tat honey moon is an rumor… Before a month Sriti alone went to Prague…

      2. So don’t expect more it won’t happen…

      3. Ya priya let’s wats going to happen

  9. I knew she wouldn’t tell anything ……atleast he tries to know what’s in her heart …..
    And fixing aaliya and nikhil’s marriage good idea…..aaliya is too smart she will come out of it without hurting tanu I think it will be again to circle 1 if the marriage doesn’t happen pragya can confirm nikhil is the father apart from that…..I really wish abhi proved everything himself like in the mms track especially tanu’s pregnancy track ……pragyavida abhi prove pannathan nalla irrukkum ….even though pragya started it I want abhi to finish it. ….

  10. I don’t agree with you all .. Guyzz pragya says to abhi that she is hiding something from him ..

    I think we have to wait for new segment or will get to know in tomm episode …

    Nikki what do you think ??

  11. I m so glad that what I was predicting it came true. Pragya is going to move with her aaliya and nikhil’s marriage, plan. Now this calls a gud plan. Gud pragya keep it up. I can see it’s consequences which r going to make track interesting and worth watching. Finally cvs r moving towards climax. Today’s episode was full cuteness. Abhigya were so cute and adorable, specially pragya. I hope what little thing pragya said, abhi take it seriously and as a hint. So we could see abhi in jasoos mode. I think he got some hint and got to know that pragya is hiding something in actually. Anyways that teddy boyfriend of pragya was so cute. Much cute than abhi’s doll. Abhi was so jealous when pragya was admiring that teddy boyfriend. Now I think we will enjoy track with fullest with abhigya’s teddy girlfriend and boyfriend and pragya’s plan of aaliya and nikhil’s marriage. I m eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes.

    1. Ya nikki today mahamilap I think pragya will do something to expose aliya and tanu I am waiting for that

  12. Aleast Pragya said that she sees pain in his eyes……….she is hiding something important from Abhi………….and feels bad for not telling him……

  13. I hate tis serial as much i love tis serial

  14. Soon Pragya will arrange Aliya Nikil’s marriage
    Tanu will reveal her baby father in front of Abhi’s family
    They have already finished shooting all the scenes

    Sriti has posted in her instagram about shooting honeymoon scenes in Prague….

    1. Wow superb good news but the writers can expose first itself no need to come till marriage anyway they are going to be exposed know so I am happy

    2. Really? ???!!! If this is true I will be very very happy…?

    3. please say sriti instagram name

      1. itisriti

  15. What the hell……

  16. Nice episode i never miss the episode

  17. Nice epi.I like abhgya scene very much.but so much of dragging..plz end this dragging as well as this dram.plz come to the actual story

  18. blo*dy zee TV do not drag.. Elsppl will stop watching this nonsense

  19. Omg aaliya n nikhil marriage i hope abhi find out wat going on n hope bulbul tell her mother everything

  20. adamu alhaji adamu

    Before the story is interesting but all of a sudden it turns out to be immature. Please end the dragging and come to the main point. I am getting bored just like child play

  21. Hahahaha….funny episode. Poor Abhi….all those flirting turned to waste. Kihkihkih….come on Abhi ….try harder.

  22. this episode is quit.next game start but truth out in this game?

  23. shraddha sharma

    Lovely scenes between abhi and pragya….
    But they are dragging toooooooooo much..

  24. Abhigya was soo cute in drunken like episodes-85s. Hope abhi get a clue soon

  25. Friends is Mrunal quitting the show please tell me..

    1. ya hema i also heard that news but one interview mrunal said that she is not going to quit the show she said that she is going to balance two shows but the truth and rumours we don’t know some are saying mrunal is going to stay in kumkum bhagya till december let’s see

      1. Thank you reji ?

  26. The CVS cheat us by showing abhigya scenes .. They ll frag to the core

  27. Cute lovely scenes by Abhigya

  28. I’m sure this track will end by next Friday as Abhi doubts n Nikhil anger both coming to end
    Now Nikhil will bust like volcano n Abhi wil surely get his fuggie he will keep on asking things to Pragya as he now sure know somethings wrong so he will get bottom of this n after Nikhil n aaliya marriage proposal he will think it’s about taaliya n boom Mistry solved

    1. superb maggie
      feeling better to c ur comments

    2. Maggie I said na that this plan of aliyaa and nikhil’s marriage will give final conclusion. This is last golden chance for pragya if she gets succeed in finding takhil’s relationship’s truth then it will b not so much difficult for pragya,to expose them, if she will use mind with this much intelligence and cleverly. And abhi! Definetly he will find his fuggy soon becoz I think he has gotten some clues and only thing is left, to clarify those clues. And he will try for it until he finds his fuggy back. Maggie do u remember when abhi was proposing pragya after concert. He was saying her that I will search for ur company until I gets ur company. So here he is doing this what he said at that time. Felt gud to see that abhi is genuinely trying to find pragya’s truth, property is other thing and first preference is pragya for him. I m glad to see that finally those things r starting to happen in the show which I and off course every abhigya fan wants to watch since long. Now track has taken it’s right way and looks like CVS r finally going to the climax of this track. I know they r still slow but at least now they have started to move with right way in this track. Just hope now track moves like this.

      1. ya niki he s gem ly
        he din even touch her in any wrong way til nw not even any girlz too even he s rck star tats y all r lykin them a lot

    3. Maggie are you sure this track will end by next week Friday??

    4. Thanks nivi
      bulbul is not quitting show for sure

    5. Ya nikki I do remember very well
      He will never stop n till end he will look for her n be with her his whole life

  29. So the rockstar doll is the funny twist that Abhi referred to. Now he cant flirt with her or try to take sign. Pragya will show her doll and escape.

  30. Nikki any update for today episode ??

    Yes maggie lets hope for best ?? What do you think will abhi and pragya unites in today episode ??

    I think upcoming episodes will be more interesting

  31. Guys Mrunal Thakur(BULBUL) has quit the show 🙁
    The upcoming episode of kumkum bhagya is gonna bring high voltage drama in pragyas life…
    Pragya is behaving rudely with abhi and family just to bring tanus truth out
    pragya and abhi also have sweet bitter fights btw them about pragyas changing behavior 😛
    Apart from this bulbul finds out some secrets which can harm abhi and she decides to tell dt to pragya…but before meeting pragya she will be killed by someone 🙁
    This makes mrunal exit from kumkum bhagya…..
    soo sad…

    1. oh sana we don’t know wat is the truth

    2. No Sana bulbul is not quitting show

    3. Sana where did you read this? Is it real or any spoiler alert?

      1. I read it from serial gossip and spoiler page

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