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Mitali thinks why Pragya had to find out the truth. She’s confused whether to go meet Raj or no. She decides to go unless he will doubt him as well.

Suresh and Pragya come to police station. They tell inspector that Raj didn’t do anything. Inspector says court will decide that. Pragya says what if they take FIR back. Inspector says this is police station, they can’t release people like that. Pragya says there must be a way. Inspector says they will have to deposit bail money and he can be out on bail. Pragya goes to meet him. Mitali sees Pragya and gets shocked and wonders if Pragya came to tell the truth. Mitali is going inside, but a constable stops her and asks her to wait.

Tanu calls Aaliya and informs her about seeing Pragya with Suresh. She says Pragya is making

their work easier. Aaliya asks if she saw carefully, where they were going, may be they are gathering proof. Tanu says she doubts it, but Abhi wouldn’t believe her anyway. He’s even more angry after seeing them together. Tanu goes to Abhi. Aaliya thinks Pragya and Suresh being together is not a good news.

Raj tells Pragya and Suresh he doesn’t want to meet those who think he’s wrong. Pragya says she knows he’s innocent and he’s trapped. She also knows the person who did all this. He asks her who did this. Mitali is getting anxious outside. The constable goes away and she goes inside. Raj asks Pragya for the name. Mitali comes running and says Pragya is lying. At home, she lied to Abhi and here came to lied to Raj. Mitali yells at Pragya. Raj says she has come to help us. Mitali says what help? She doesn’t know anything. Raj keeps asking Pragya and Mitali keeps telling Raj not to believe her. Pragya says she has rough idea, but is not sure. She can’t tell till she is sure, but she will take FIR back and it will weaken their case and that shall help Raj. Pragya apologizes to Raj and leaves. Suresh follows. Mitali is relieved.

Mitali stops Pragya outside to say something. Pragya says she knows what she wants to say, but it’s not needed. She understands husband and wife relationship, no matter what she does to her, but she can’t break her relationship. Mitali says she made a big mistake and doesn’t know what all she said to her. She feels guilty and says despite being a woman, she couldn’t understand Pragya. She blamed Pragya instead herself and tried to separate her from Abhi. She further says she is not a bad woman, it’s just her time is going bad. She got greedy and took Raj’s sign, but that greediness was for her kids future. Raj’s less salary and on top of that his mum, she’s not blaming anyone, she knows Raj is very honest and he will never do anything wrong, but what about her kids? What she can answer to her kids when they ask why they don’t have what other kids have. She didn’t want Raj to do anything wrong, that’s why she took wrong path. Her intentions were never bad. She further tells Pragya to give her whatever punishment she wants, but forgive her. She tells Pragya not to worry, no one can throw her out of that house. She will tell everyone that video was fake. It was all planned and she will also tell everyone who was with her in that plan. No matter what happens to her after that. She learned today no matter what always say truth and she will do the same from today. Pragya thanks her.

Abhi recalls seeing Pragya and Suresh together. He says this is her truth. Tanu was right. Pragya comes there. He says in his mind, not now, 24 hours are not done. He asks her how’s her spying going. Is she even doing anything or waiting for some magic to happen? Pragya says she found the proof. He asks her to give. She says downstairs. He says she will give when she has anything and says he has some proof for her. He shows her video with Suresh to her. He asks her if she went to get proof or make another MMS. Pragya says she already proved herself right. Abhi says he wants proof. Pragya says she has a witness and asks him to come down.

All are gathered in living room. Abhi and Pragya come. Abhi says where is proof? It’s all family members here. Pragya says witness is from family only. She goes to Mitali. Mitali comes in center and says Pragya was absolutely right, she’s innocent. Tanu and Aaliya are shocked and scared. Mitali continues someone trapped Pragya into that MMS. All ask who trapped Pragya. Mitali says “I did. I made video when she never done anything like that. I thought Raj went to jail because of her. I wanted to take revenge.” She tells her plan to everyone about bringing Suresh home and making such video purposely. Tanu interrupts and says what nonsense, she’s lying. Pragya made mistake so she will have to leave this house. Pragya asks Tanu why she wants her to leave this house. She doesn’t want Dadi to get well? When she wakes, she doesn’t get shocked and her trust stays maintained. She further tells Tanu that she told her trust can’t be hidden for long time. They all blamed her, but she kept faith on herself and her relationship. If she stays with truth, then her relationship would be maintained. She tells Tanu that she won’t understand as she is not married. She doesn’t know what a wife can do for her family and if it remains like this, then she will never get married. Tanu is mad, but can’t say anything. She tells Pragya to be in her limits.

Abhi asks Mitali if this is the truth. She nods yes. Abhi shouts what is this? Is this child’s play to make MMS? What kind of revenge is this where family is at loss? What if media had got that MMS? And would Raj come back by doing all this with Pragya? What has happened to this house. Raj’s mum interrupts and says it’s Mitali. I knew she was greedy, but didn’t know she would go this low for revenge. I am ashamed of having such bahu. Abhi says Dadi will be ashamed when she learns the truth. He asks Mitali she had to send video to Dadi too? Raj may forgive her, but he will never forgive her. If anything happens to Dadi, then instead Pragya, he will throw Mitali out of the house. Mitali says, stop it. I can’t listen anything more. I can accept any accusations, can take any punishment, but I won’t be able to hear that I am responsible for Dadi’s condition. Abhi tells her she’s responsible and she will have to live her entire life with that accusation. Mitali goes to Pragya and says, sorry, I won’t be able to do anything more than this. All are confused. Mitali says she can’t lie anymore and apologizes to Pragya. Pragya and all are shocked. Mitali tells Abhi whatever she said just now was all lie. Pragya made her say all this.

Precap: Abhi tells Pragya he won’t listen anything from her now. If she doesn’t bring any proof before 24 hours are done, then he will throw her out of the house.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  29. Good news for Zee Tv’s Kumkum Bhagya viewers! Pragya will be successful in proving herself innocent and to teach Abhi a lesson she will leave the house in pride. Pragya in the earlier episodes was blamed by Abhi of having an extra marital affair with her ex-boyfriend Suresh. It was all Alia’s plan so that Abhi could throw Pragya out of the house and it actually worked as Alia prepared a MMS of Pragya and Suresh which was seen by the whole family. Abhi at the first did not know how to react but later he insulted Pragya and called her characterless. Pragya could not take all this and asked Abhi to give her time to prove her innocence. Abhi gave Pragya 24 hours but warned her that if she is unsuccessful in proving herself she will have to leave the house and then move away from him. As Pragya was right she tried her best to prove her innocence because she was really hurt that Abhi’s dadi was in the hospital because of her. Abhi changes his decision and then gives her 20 days to prove everyone who have been blaming her wrong. Pragya will get the CCTV footage and will see that Mitali and Aaliya are outside her room and they are the main culprits of all the chaos in the house. She will call Abhi who first would not believe her but after seeing the footage he will be shocked. He wouldn’t know how to react. Pragya being a girl of high self-respect, she will proudly leave Abhi’s house by telling him that now that she has proved herself innocent she will not stay with a man who does not trust her and leaves no opportunity to insult her. Will Abhi realise his mistake and what would be his reaction towards the culprit? Is this the starting of a love story between Pragya and Abhi who would now realise that he has got the best girl in his life.

    Read more at: http://www.filmibeat.com/television/news/2014/kumkum-bhagya-pragya-proves-herself-right-leaves-abhi-house-pride-164995.html

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