Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi telling Sarla that Purab got the address of the tempo and he is reaching there with Police and Abhi. Sarla says it is a good news. Tanu comes there and asks how dare you to insult my mom and questioned her upbringing. She says you are standing in Abhi’s house else I wouldn’t have left you for insulting my mum. Dadi asks her to be mind her language. Sarla says I don’t need to say anything as her upbringing is seen with her mannerisms. Tanu asks her to see her daughter and says your daughter is a secretary and attracting her boss, wants to become bahu of this house being a naukrani.

Sarla questions Mrs. Mehta for not giving her some mind, and says Pragya is bahu of this house and didn’t flirt or attracted him as she is his dharma patni and you are the second

woman. She says you came home to get her mangalsutra. She says you said that marriage will happen in few hours, but you didn’t marry. She says you said that world is round and Pragya will be there where she is standing now, and says Abhi went there and will bring her to the place which is hers. She says you will always be second woman and says Pragya’s bhagya is connected with her kumkum and that’s why Abhi is with her, and says he left you and went to search Pragya.

She asks her not to open her mouth and says if you tell anything then I will slap their marriage pic on your face. She says you are a black spot on womanhood and tells that you carried someone else baby and tried to give someone else name. She says you will never get a husband and asks her never to challenge God. Aaliya gets angry. Mitali asks her to stop. Sarla asks her to leave her parents and asks why do you want them to see police station and court in this age and says I know you got Pragya kidnapped, as you don’t want her to be here at the time of marriage, and you knew that Abhi can change his heart seeing her.

Tanu is shocked and tells that why she will get her kidnapped and says how can I get her kidnapped when I was in the mandap. She says she is innocent. She asks her parents not to worry and says I will see who will tell you anything. She goes to room. Abhi comes to the address Lalu Ka tabela and thinks nobody is here. Purab is on the way and tells that he is reaching there with Police. Abhi says he can’t wait and is going inside. Purab asks him not to go. Abhi says I can’t wait and goes inside. He asks him to come fast. Abhi thinks don’t know where is Pragya? Damru’s goons gets beaten by him. Damru says I thought to become master ji and beat everyone, but now I feel like my half dream is fulfilled. Nikhil comes there and asks Sir..may be I come in. Damru asks him to come. Goon says principal sahib. Nikhil asks what happened to them.

Damru says they were asking for wine, and that’s why I have beaten them. Nikhil asks about Pragya and says she shall not be fine for much time else we will be in problem. He says Pragya’s husband is searching her and we have to shift her for forever to God. They are shocked. Damru says it will be done. Goon asks what is her mistake and asks him to let her go, and says when she was telling her love story, I was crying. Nikhil asks if she is your sister and slaps him. He asks Damru how can he work with such emotional people. Nikhil asks who knows to murder. He sees a wine bottle and drops it on ground. He sees a man there. Man comes infront of him holding stick. Abhi pushes him and asks where is my Pragya/fuggi? Man says I don’t know any fuggi and promises that he don’t know any Pragya or kidnapper. He shows the report and says tempo is stolen. Abhi thinks they are professional kidnappers and apologises to him. Man prays that Abhi gets Pragya and he gets his tempo.

The goons tell Nikhil that they can’t kill anyone or any woman. Damru says I tried to kill someone, but he beaten me badly. Nikhil says you are not goons, but band rock on. He says I have to do something and asks where is Pragya. Nikhil sees her and thinks all old things have come to an end, and says our enmity is old also, and it needs to end, I will take revenge for the slap and thinks he will hire killer to kill her.

Nikhil calls the killer. Killer asks you want whom to die. Nikhil asks him to wake up. Killer says he is hungry to kill the person. Nikhil asks him to come now. Killer says he is out of Mumbai and will reach in the morning. Nikhil says okay and thinks you have few hours to live now.

Tanu tells Aaliya that everyone have a betterment if Pragya dies. Abhi comes to the temple and flower petal falls from Goddess hand. Abhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ooohhhh my goshhh!!!what is this nonsens. ….I have a question anyway I’m not Indian what is the meaning of kumkum bhagya? ?because this show doesn’t have any meaning I don’t even understand what they doing ……

    1. I am not even indian but i know the meaning of kumkum bhagya. Kumkum means sindoor and bhagya means destiny. So bascally it refers to a married girl whose destiny is only his sindoor(Husband).

    2. I am surprised to see all these morons are still watching this crap

    3. Oh hello main ny yh fazool show kumkum bhagya oh sorry eska name dragging khna zada axha ho gaaa cjor dia hii but sometimes i expecr ky writers ko aqal ay so i come and read updates but its totally waste of time and u should mind ur language

  2. I hope abhi saves pragya because they both have suffered a lot especially pragya so i hope atleast now they should unite and pragya should get her mangalsutra and kumkum if these directors really have some common sense and thought about audience’s happiness

  3. Give Abhi another week or so, he might eventually find Pragya. You know these idiots for writers have to make one storyline run a month or so to frustrate the audience. I think they get their kick out of these comments lol because their show is definitely not worth watching.

  4. This is worth reading more than watching…..getting tired of this show gradually…now the fun is gone. What a dragging story.

  5. This show need to end, too many replay, it is boring now

  6. hmmmmmm Mr director, all this happening in one day?!!! why dragging the story..you’re only making it boring

  7. Thank god ekta kapoor is no longer doing movies anymore otherwise she would have made multiple parts of a movie and it’s story

  8. one more week with nothing or the same shit

  9. Only… wasting of time……..

  10. Same kidnap sequence will run till June end friends.wait and watch.

    1. Haha Sana. So true.

  11. My interest is gone

  12. RUBBISH SERIAL!!!!That’s all I can say

    Anyways may I please ask does anyone know which serial is being advertised with the GUESS WHO IS BACK promo

  13. hi guyz am new on dizplatform bt an ardent fan of indian series,my question is pls is Ekta Kapoor lacking luv in her life dat she’s venting her frustration on us d audience??like seriously all her series r lyk dat except too much draggin very boring.

  14. I hate this show beacuse they draggggg one track for a month or more then monthnow it goona for month then again tanu will stick to abhi and say marry me iif I will same all craps writer are deaf they are wasting time us so boring they don’t know we are comments about the show but they keep on make this so boring boring and super boring

  15. Mr writter i dont think u read our comment,pls tell the director to stop draging the story else we will stop watching & reading this kkb.and i think there is no moral lesson in this kkb because it teaching us that when u do bad u win & when u do good u loss so it will encorage people watching this stoy to do bad more good.this story must end now.

  16. Lol….soo annoying

  17. This is call damn f**king drama………..

  18. befitting reply salaji i love the way you handle tanu if she had any shame left in her she woulda tek she panty and cover her frikkin face cuz you did a great job in f*****g the blo*dy whore up kudos for that part ektaji

  19. Cathy

    Im not Indian either but i was under the impression it meant “Twist of Fate” or something like it.

  20. Stupidity is in its peak… writers do you know the value of marriage…. writing plot like this… don’t make others fool……. sorry for being harsh… but don’t do this.

  21. i think abhi searches pragya take one more month…. lot of unwanted scenes going on..pls skip that and gohead to end up..

  22. . lot of unwanted scenes going on..pls skip that and gohead to end up..

  23. most of the comments ate against this story.then also they says its rating is high. how it is possible. this story has no twist or interesting scenes. plz stop it or just gives abhis memory bak

  24. Bullshit.
    i think Ekta will not rest unless the serial runs for 10000 episodes boring viewers .The channel boasts of No.1 TRP. Stop viewing the serial TRP will go down

  25. lami kalamkar

    HAHAHA its not kumkum bhagya but looks like its kumkum abhagya …since there is continuous twists and turns every time they are near truth or near good ending bad starts again…lol climax ..anti climax …climax …anti climax…i think they should now end its …its getting irritating watching such turns and twist which gives wrong message that bad things have upper hand…

  26. please come to an end…………i getting fedup with this storyline

  27. Can someone please tell me how can a rubbish like this show rates first on TRP?? Please what a shame!

  28. Today’s episode updated in ditto TV no twist only dragging

  29. the Guess Who serial, i think its The Vow – Teri Meri…..

  30. I think the producers of kum kum have lost the plot….what’s it gonna be a year before Abhi gets his memory back…The story has become so boring that you can not watch for a week and still know what’s going on. Can you guys move the story along please cos a lot of fans will stop watching the program.

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