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The Episode starts with Dadi hugging Sarla and says her breath stopped seeing her missing from room. Mitali asks how did you know that Pragya’s life was in danger. Sarla apologizes to them for not informing them before leaving. Dadi says you must be worried about Pragya. Tai ji asks Sarla to cook good dishes for them. Mitali says I never thought about food. Dasi says we heard a lot about your cooking. Sarla says I will cook food for everyone. Pragya asks her to rest. Dasi says we will go and make food. Dadi thanks Sarla for saving Pragya and says she needs you. Sarla says Pragya is lucky as you are with her. Dadi says I am her dadi saas and have to do double duty. Sarla says I am thinking to stay here for few more days. Dadi nods happily. Rachna says our team will get stronger now. Tanu comes to Nikhil

and says Abhi went to office for some important work. She thanks him for saving her from big problem and says I am really thankful to you. She holds his hand. Nikhil sayas it is good that you have realized my importance. She asks how did you do this? Nikhil says I have used the nurse who came to trap us. She says I have to give 10 lakhs to Nurse, and asks her to manage money as he has nothing left now. Tanu says okay. Nikhil asks her to meet him tomorrow and bring money. Tanu says she will try and goes.

Pragya thinks about Abhi seeing Sarla fine and hugging her happily. Abhi comes home and says he has a headache. Pragya says you would have got it treated in the hospital and asks him to sit down. Abhi says it is good that you are a teacher and not a doctor, else would have get your patients sit down. Pragya asks him to say where it is paining and massages his head. Bolna song plays…………..Abhi says you are doing wonder, and says I think my neck is not in your hands, else you have pulled my life out. Pragya asks him to go to Tanu, if he wants to get his life out. Abhi gets shocked and recalls Tanu massaging him badly. He says what you are saying? Pragya says this service is not free. Abhi enjoys the massage and feels relieved.

Tanu comes and asks what is happening here? She asks why didn’t you call me if you have a headache? Abhi says no, I am fine. Tanu asks Pragya to move, and says she will massage. Abhi says he is fine as he has tablet. He says if you fight with me then migraine will happen. Tanu asks him to eat Tanu medicine. Pragya laughs. Abhi asks Pragya to continue massaging his head. Abhi asks what you will take for massaging my head. Pragya says I will tell you later. Tai ji asks Mitali, where is her tea? Mitali says she drank her tea. Tai ji scolds him.

Purab comes to meet Pragya. Dadi sends him to her room. Tanu thinks how to go and meet Nikhil. I don’t have money to pay the hospital bills and nurse. Purab collides with Tanu and the money bag opens up and falls down. Tanu gets happy seeing the money. Mitali and Tai ji say that they will help. Purab says Abhi has signed a new contract and this is advance for the same, 1 crore rupees. Pragya comes and tells Mitali to give the bundle which is in her hands. Abhi says this company is good. Pragya says she works with good people only. Purab goes to keep the money. Tanu recalls Nikhil asking her to get money. She peeps in the locker room, and sees Pragya and Purab keeping money in the locker. Purab asks her to be careful. Pragya says she will deposit money in the bank tomorrow. Tanu thinks she will steal money today and thinks to use Abhi.

Tanu comes to Abhi and says she will help him. She chooses jacket for him. Abhi says it is so hot, I will not wear leather jacket. Tanu says sorry. She brings his wallet. Abhi says I use black wallet. Abhi asks her to leave it and says Pragya will teach you how to be a good wife. Tanu gets a chance to talk badly about her, and says you have signed the project and Pragya have taken all the money. Abhi says I used to give money to Dadi before, so it doesn’t matter. Tanu asks if Pragya is your Dadi. Abhi says no and says she looks like Dadi in specs. Tanu says you are blinded, and says she is misusing your money? Did you ask her anytime what she does with the money. She says I am afraid that our baby will have to ask Pragya for money. She says if you ask share from her, then she will not give. Abhi says you are misunderstanding her. He thinks Pragya is liking me. Sarla makes parathas for everyone. Taya ji, Dasi, Akash and everyone praises her. Mitali asks her to teach Taiji. Abhi comes. Tanu asks him to tell and don’t get trapped in her words. Taya ji asks him to sit and says Sarla ji made good parathas. Tanu asks Abhi to start the conversation, else she will start.

Abhi asks her to move back. Abhi says I need my share. Sarla asks him to eat full and says it is paneer paratha. Abhi says I want to kiss the person’s hand who made it. Sarla asks him to kiss Pragya’s hand. Abhi says you made parathas, then why shall I kiss her hand. Sarla says just because Pragya made paneer. Dadi asks him to kiss her hand. Akash and Rachna asks him to kiss her hand. Dadi insists. Abhi says okay. Bolna song plays……Abhi holds her hand and kiss her. Everyone claps for her. Abhi says I will not come in your butterly talks and says I need my share. Pragya says you have eaten all paratha, then what you need? Abhi says I need share from my money, right Tanu. Tanu says right. Pragya says you get money because of my management, right dadi. Dadi says yes. Pragya says you gets money because of management. Pragya says they will decide tomorrow. Abhi agrees.

Pragya tells Abhi that he made her forget the song by kissing her. Abhi says I offered to kiss you to help you regain the song. Pragya says I am not remembering the song. Abhi makes an excuse and kiss her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Omg .. Nowadays too many kisses .. I think abhi reminded of his kissing contract wid his fuggy ;););)

    1. Yes it’s raining puppy’s in the show these days. May be that’s the reason Pragya stepped away from her mission.

  2. This bold face tanu want abhy money to pay nikkie medacial bill,and to cover her lies. Phagya should figure this out and trap tanu with nikkie.that nurse should loose her job

    1. Pragya is too stupid to figure anything out. The ENTIRE Family knows that Tanu is pregnant by Nikhil but NO one thinks they can tell the retarded Abhi because ….He Won’t believe “ANY” of them!!! He would ONLY believe Tanu – who he knows has been acting strange and lying to him about all sorts of things….REALLY.

    2. if u thnk here thy will expose tanu….ur at heights of ppsitive thinking!

  3. The episode is not bad only for abhigya scene is so fun and enjoyable but to much tracking tanu pragnancy. Pls make new twist ektha ji

  4. Do they really think that the fans are content watching a wife (Pragya) being manipulated and bossed around by her husband’s pregnant mistress and if they show bantering between husband and wife that will be good enough to pacify the audience.
    Do you (the FANS) like what is happening and are you content with this story line???????????

    1. U are correct
      This is a ridiculous pathetically told story.
      Those of us still watching do so hoping to see Tanu and her very wicked soulmate Nikhil punished for all their crimes.
      As written, all Mehra household members are aiding in this fraud and as the numbers on Team Pragya continue to grow our impatience with the writer’s need to keep this track going is also

  5. really abhi is enjoying with pragya simply and he was not thinking about what is going around him I think telly spoiler will become true if it happens I simply quit this show

  6. Waste of time… Ekta mam do something or we will go to mental asylum if we watch this anymore

  7. resting the story line abhigya part is so nice I liked it when he kissed her hand their expressions r so cute but one thing is that he understood about pragya that she is loving him it’s nice

  8. what funny episode nowadays abhi is becoming very romantic with pragya & kiss her when forehead kabhi cheek kabhi hand but sometimes trying kiss her on lips but somebody come there to disturbed sometimes robin aur dadi but today episode was funny after many month I see abhigya laughing wowww

  9. abhi is such shameless man to be with to women
    is that fair hah?when he needs prgya he go to her.when he see than with her fake bumb he go to her..

  10. today epi is bit nice

  11. Gowtham anna reji shobana Akka swetha karthika hw r you ?? I really miss u a lot pls msg once in day .And reji how is your leg?

    1. Ya shivanya i am fine …how r u ? My leg pain gone..now i started to walk without walking stick !!???

      1. hi reji.eppidi iruka..take care of ur health dear..nethu nenachittuirudhen nee en comment pannile nuh..but i don’t know u r injured…kazhlai parthiko….

      2. hi reji ..take care of ur health dear…yesterday i missed u..i don’t know that u r injured…happy that u r feeling better now…take care of our leg dear…

      3. That’s really nice to hear k pls take care of your health

      4. That’s grt reji and its gud to hear that ur leg pain has gone

      5. Ya karthika i am fine …don’t worry…finally my leg pain gone !!…kavala padatheenga ..i am good…

        And karthika (in green profile colour ) baa romba nalla iruken and i too missed u so much …how r u ??..

        Achu i am fine ya…how r u ??..

        And shivanya sure i will take care of my health …

        Last but not least shobana akka..finally my leg pain thank u so much for ur prayers !!..

    2. hi shivanya…i’m fine..

    3. hi shiv…. i am good… i txt twice??in a day…. ne pakala nu nenakren

    4. Hi ? shivanya
      Im gud hope u too doing gud.
      Nowadays I don’t know why I am becoming busy with some works so not able to comment as before whenever I find time surely I will comment

  12. Nowadays I find the kiss as disgusting because CVS just wants us to be feeling content with abhigya scenes it looks like everything is back to square one when pragya came back to the mm as new avatar ………..crap if they want to make the show intresting show something interesting instead of some recycled crap…….otherwise kill pragya yaar

  13. And Gowtham Anna how is your work i really miss you anna na nethiku ungaluku msg pannen neenga reply pannala

    1. aiyoo pakala …. @gowtham_harry…. this is my twitter id…txt me whenever i free i surely reply… sis…. ??ok ipp result came next ena plan

      1. Engineering than anna IT padikalamnu iruken

      2. Thank you so much anna i will text you after creating by Twitter account

  14. Bulbul ay gi or vo expose krey gi …

  15. Feeling sorry for all the talented KKB actors! They deserve a better team of writers, they need better tracks written for them ????????

    1. Thats true, without them the show would have closed long back.

  16. Ye kye ho rha h bhai ye kya ho rha h. Its been 5 months since I watched this show. Even till now the track is same. The only change is Bulbul and Aaliya r out of their lives. Ha! Ha! Such a great power to chew it for 11-12 months. Miraculous power of the characters to be pregnant for so long. Seriously its a shit only now…

  17. U can really tell abhi don’t care for tanu he loves pragya

  18. I think it is enough now, reveal the truth adapt.

  19. precap i as usual…. i dnt knw abhi how abhi forgot about tanu… ? and njoying wd prgya…. i thnk it will take time till delivery they wont marry as well as exposure is not also gonna happen…. and i have a doubt…. in episode initial 5 minutes where sarla and rest discussed… at that time sarla was not on the screen i guess.. it was a dupe who stands there… bciz she was displayed alone and whn displayed wd rest, it was not sarla it was someone else…. is my guess right???

    1. Gowtham, abhi has short term memory loss. After 15 mins he will forget abt tanu. Then after seeing her he will remind everything and aft 15 sec he will forget abt her.
      I think its sarla ma only. I don’t feel she is a dupe. Don’t know exactly

    2. sarla wud hv gone for tea break.. gowtham

      1. Brindha u r impossible ?

  20. ramyan, mahabharat with bala ramayan and mahabharat,young age, suyamvar, 14 years vanavas, gr8 gurushetra war, with full story itself gets over with in 2 years in any channels… but tanu pregnancy story is bigger than ithikas… what a wonder what a wonder… hats off to our writer..

    1. Brintha 😉 lol .. Alwz loving yua comments. . ena oru comparison

    2. Hi ? brindha
      Superb comparison ?

    3. y tea break…. brin? …. mothama poida solunga elaraum…. irunthu ena pana poranga.. crct thana sis???

      1. gowtham, shobana, razia.. be happy.. oru paneer parathavuku oru episode na… if sarla prepare chicken biriyani one week story they wud hv shown… thank God nehra family is vej..

  21. at present the story line is worst…the story is moving meaninglessly…the trp going to get down again..i think nxt week kkb vl go in 5th position…CVs team is becoming insane…why can’t xpose tanu and give some interesting track??i’m watching kkb only for abhigya now…if someother serial draggs lyk kkb surely the audience vl not stick to the show…kkb is in 3rd position only becoz of the casts..in zee rishtey awards 2015 kkb got award for best story…i think the CVs team became overconfident becoz of that they r still flying not realizing day by day it’s getting worse..really we viewers r fed up with the tanu’s track..eventhough we r sticking to the show only for the immensely talented casts..so CVs team don’t eat our patience more…u peoples r really stone-hearted who’s not hearing to the fans…

    1. Hi karthi
      Actually I want the trp to go down because I believe unless and until the trp is high we can’t see tanu’s exposure

    2. Really, they are not torturing Pragya, actually they are torturing viewers. If u are having such a talented team of artists and u are unable to write story properly , really surprising . Are u not having any story without tricks played by ladies ? How long are u stretching a single issue, while genetic makeup can be checked by DNA paternity test nowadays.
      Dialogues are very well written from the beginning of this show .

  22. ya gowtham bro .u are wright. iam also thinking that only. i think its not sarla

    1. yes nisha.. i strongly doubt that

  23. hai kutty no comment aab tak
    no one can match for abhi as how much pragya matched fr him in yesterday epi when abhi & tanu stands beside beside they didn’t matched fr 1 percent abhigya is best jodi forever

    1. Hai asmitha…?
      Ela unnav…?? Pgecet ki prepare avthuna..?
      That’s y not commenting???

  24. The worst thing is abhi didn’t raise any questions to sarla like how she gets accident?? Who kidnapped her ?? How she recovered??
    Initially sarla ma used to get angry by seeing pragya but now sarla ma is supporting pragya, on seeing this also abhi didn’t get any doubt. Really can’t understand what the CVs are trying. Just dragging dragging and dragging this is what they knows. And they are fooling us by showing abhigya scenes. Whenever we get upset over a episode or after a failure of pragya and co’s plan the CVs are showing abhigya scenes just to make us stick to kkb. The writers have understood our mind very well and decided to extend tanu’s exposure by just showing abhigya scenes.

    1. shobana i thnk she is a dupe only initial five minutes…… i can barely see that.. neenga paarunga inoru mura….

      1. Ya gowtham maybe dupe
        I saw in retelecast. It seems like dupe only

    2. I accept with you Shobana. They are showing like Abhi didn’t care about anything. He reacts only for the present moment.

      1. I really expected abhi to question sarla abt it .. Y so the CVS jus hanging evrytng then n there .. Oh no .. Jus irritated wid dis .. Bt anyways I’m happy wid abhigyas these many puppy’s :*;)

      2. Razia
        Becoz of abhigya only the show is still running CVs understood very well abt it and they are making us to get irritated with this stupid track
        And as megha said abhi doesn’t care abt anything he mind is now filled with only pragya pragya and pragya

    3. Totally agree with u shobana…
      But wt shld v do..?? V r addicted to abhigya
      That’s y v r still watching this crap..
      Plz god give sum brain to CVS of this show to expose tanu sooooooooooooon as possible plzzzzzzzzz?

      1. Actually kutty I feel someday we are going to get bored by abhigya’s scenes too

      2. Mujhe be aisa lakgta hein..???

  25. How much time will you take in exposing Ranu. I am fed up with her.

  26. Hi guys may i join u . I am a tamilan

    1. Hi swathi..welcome yaar i am from chennai ??..u ??

    2. Welcome swathi

    3. No need to ask dear???

    4. U r most welcome swathi no need ask permission and all

  27. hello guys today there was segment in E24…..TANU BANI CHOR (tanu became thief)

    Segment update – scene was at night…..Abhi was sleeping in couch and Pragya in bed ….Tanu enters the room silently…..and thinks to find the key and take the money…..Abhi was making some funny action while sleeping……Tanu sees him and thinks Abhi soon u will sleep with me in my bed room …..she sees the key behind Pragya’s pillow and tries to take the key .finally she took the key and opened the locker and stealed the money !!….

    i think this segment is about today’s episode ….that tanu is stealing the money …..

    VIDEO LINK – http://www.yodesi.net/tanu-bani-chor-kumkum-bhagya-20th-may-2016/

    1. reji… she tried to murder two ppl… do becoming theif is like mosquito bite da.. after we eat biriyani, sambar rice is nothing da… we need pan now… writers giving , coffee, sambar rice, idly, uppuma. all verity after biriyani… so sad.. no one will be interested..

  28. Yes sarala is dupe

  29. New segment update-
    Update same as reji has given but only little bit addition of abhigya’s scene.
    Pragya sleeps on the bed. Abhi closes the window. He sees pragya feeling cold. He puts blanket on her. Pragya realizes it. He says something to pragya thinking as she is sleeping. He turns, then pragya opens her eyes. She sees abhi and smiles. Abhi realizes if pragya wake up, for this he turns and sees pragya. Then immediately pragya closes her eyes. Abhi goes to sleep on the couch. Pragya again sees him and smiles. Again abhi sees her then again pragya immediately closes her eyes. They both falls asleep. Tanu comes in midnight and try to steal the keys of locker from pragya’s waist. Pragya feels tickle and smiles and thinks in sleep that abhi is tickling her. Tanu gets jealous after listening it and feels to teach her a lesson. Then other side abhi too starts saying in naughty and romantic way, in sleep, that don’t do this pragya. Tanu gets fumed again and thinks that in sleep also, they r remembering only each other and then she says to abhi in her inner voice that think how much you want but soon I will change ur thinking then u will sleep with me only in my room forever. Tanu again searches for keys. She sees the keys under the pragya’s pillow. Tanu takes the key from there silently. Pragya again realizes in sleep someone’s hands but she was in sleep so thinks that it is abhi. She hits in tanu’s hands in sleep assuming her as abhi but doesn’t wake up becoz of deep sleep. Tanu silently moves from there but when she closes the door after going outside. She closes it with a loud voice. Becoz of which abhi wakes up and his sleep breaks. Abhi thinks what was that voice, if mogambo has fallen from the bed? He sees towards the bed.Tanu comes in locker room and steals the briefcase of money from there which purab brought as an advance of abhi’s international concert.

    1. hai pratiksha if this segment is today’s then telly express news will be real but one thing I didn’t understand is in yesterday segment pragya said that abhi did favor for her so she doing favor for him by bringing fruits for him that means he find out that tanu stole money r something else don’t know if he find out it will be awesome what u say

      1. I too was thinking the same asmitha becoz today’s segment is related to today’s episode but that fruit salad segment was new one and offcouse it is after that money’s stealing night sequence. Fruit salad scene is most probably next morning scene, in which abhigya were in fresh and new outfits. Could b possible that money’s matter could b solved by abhi, like pragya was saying that he did favour for her. But another matter also could b possible. May b they were talking about something else and they doesn’t know about money’s stealing till then but will know later. Anything could happen. So let’s see what abhi did in favour of pragya?

  30. Hello guys …all busy ah ??…wat u guys say about today’s segment ..actually I think episode is released …be coz on the e24 segment…one side u can see the logo of zee TV …and in segments mind voice can’t be played …so i think they have taken that click from episode… That episode is today only i think so…!!..

    1. Hii reji how is ur health now according to this segment so that spoiler may comes true but how its a rockstar house there is cctv footage in every corber do u remember reji in mms track when abhi gave her 24hrs time at that time she gather d cctv footage as proof na so in tat way pragya can prove that her mom is innocent but that dumb pragya she cant use her brain she only use it to romance with abhi n abhi also d same so now sarala maa is gng to leave i think pragya should also leave if she really cares for her but she is damn selfish n abhi he is most stupid if he believes tanu for this matter any everything will be clear after watching d epi

      1. Aishwarya we could not blame only pragya becoz dadi and sarla maa too have joined her in extra greatness. They will stop pragya every time to choose direct and clear way by giving her moral lectures on kumkum etc. So along with pragya, her whole team is dumb.

    2. What I think reji that tanu’s plan is create the misunderstanding between abhigya. I think she is thinking that through this money stealing, she will not only help nikhil even she can manipulate abhi against pragya that pragya purposely hide those money and now faking as money has stolen. Becoz abhi was asking for his share in that money and pragya doesn’t want to give it to him becoz of her greediness and she was just doing drama as she is ready to give him share. Through this, tanu wants to create misunderatnding between abhigya and distances comes again in between them. And then she could easily manipulate abhi for going against pragya for marrying with her. Like this, tanu’s plan is creating misunderstanding between abhigya. That’s why she was saying from ownself that she will change abhi’s thinking about pragya so he will sleep only with her and think about only her. I think this was her plan through which she is planning to change abhi’s thinking about pragya by manipulating him against her through this money matter. But I think circumstances will end up like this that sarla maa will get trapped. Tanu for saving ownself will trap sarla maa and she will put all the blame on her by planning evidence against her, like tellyexpress spoiler is saying. Sarla maa will b unable to prove her innocence as all the evidence will b against her. So she will leave abhi’s house but by ownself for her self respect. I don’t think so that abhi, pragya, dadi or mostly family member will believe on it that sarla maa stole the money. I think they will not believe on it even after seeing evidence against him but it will b tanu and could b mitali or taiji who could insult her. So I think abhi, dadi all will b try to stop her but becoz of tanu and others insults and blames, sarla maa will leave abhi’s house for her self-respect. Let’s see if she will really leave the house completely or before her leaving, abhi- pragya or something els will stop her from leaving? If sarla maa will really leave then I think becoz supriya shukla ji who is playing sarla maa’s role is unable to giving her most appearance in the show becoz she is doing some other shows too. Srala maa’s role is an important part for present track and becoz she is staying in abhi’s house so she have to give her most appearance in the show at least once or twice in every day which she can’t give becoz of her work in other shows too. That’s why even yesterday’s episode, her dupe was doing shooting instead of supriya’s ji place. Gowtham assumed right. It was her dupe from back. So I think that’s why to make her appereance occasional, CVS will bring this sequence of sarla maa’s leaving. So her appereance will not needed everytime and continuously in the show. Well let’s see.

  31. Will everyone believe that it’s Sarla Maa who hv stolen?

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