Kumkum Bhagya 19th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ronnie thinking he will record Nikhil’s confession once he comes there. He checks his phone battery, and tells his goons that Nikhil is very clever. Nikhil comes there hiding his face. Tanu tells him that the blackmailer knows even you. Nikhil gives him money bag and asks for proofs. Ronnie asks which proof? Nikhil says the proof which will prove that Tanu is carrying my baby. Ronnie thinks he has confessed everything. Nikhil scares the goons and says if we don’t get out within 5 mins, then police will come and do your encounter. Ronnie’s goons leave from there. Nikhil sees Ronnie’s face and says so you are blackmailer. Ronnie says I will show the proofs to Abhi now as without proof no one will believe me. He runs from there. Nikhil unties Tanu’s hand and they run

after Tanu. Ronnie tells Nikhil to come and take the proofs. Nikhil beats Ronnie mercilessly, and stabs on his stomach.

Pragya and Purab come there and sees Nikhil taking Ronnie’s mobile and sees him injured. Then they push Ronnie from the cliff. Tanu asks Nikhil, if Ronnie is alive. Nikhil says he must have died. They leave. Purab and Pragya call Ronnie and come there. They see Ronnie’s body and run towards him. Ronnie open his opens and says nothing have happened to him. Purab tells Pragya that blood is not coming out from his body. Ronnie takes out the knife and tells that he went with protection. Pragya says you must be happy that your are alive. Purab tells that he has an idea to make Tanu speak her truth with her mouth.

Pragya comes to her room and gets shocked seeing Abhi holding a stick. He falls down on the bed. Pragya says he is sleeping. Abhi with his eyes closed, says I won’t leave anyone. Pragya thinks if he attacks me in night then I couldn’t protect myself. Pragya makes him sleep on couch and thinks he shall not wake up till morning and calm down his anger. She sleeps on the bed, and dreams that Abhi is pressing her neck. She wakes up shockingly. Abhi laughs and asks if she saw a dream and says your dream will come true. Abhi throws tomato on her and shows a basket of tomatoes and eggs. Pragya tells him not to insult it. Abhi says you would have thought when you asked audience to throw them on me. Abhi throws the tomatoes. Pragya covers herself with his favorite pillow. Pragya asks why are you angry on me? I came on stage to save your respect and even apologized to you. She asks if Tanu apologized to you.

Abhi thinks she is right and thinks to scold Tanu. Abhi comes to Tanu’s room and knocks on the door. He sees her missing from the room, calls her and sees her phone ringing. He thinks I will punish her once she returns. Tanu comes to her room. Abhi is about to throw tomato and egg on her, but thinks she is pregnant. He says my music and career is ending because of you. HE asks where did you go leaving me? Tanu says I got someone’s call and he said that my mummy came to meet me and met with an accident. She says she got kidnapped then. Abhi says you got kidnapped and came home. Tanu says I have hit the goon and went to Police station to file the complaint. She says I was in the police station all night and asks him to confirm if he wants. Abhi asks about the police station. Tanu gets tensed. Pragya looks on.

Sunday’s Zee TV celebrations is shown. No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Finally pragya caught and I have one doubt is pragya and purab are mad? Dadi only told to act her but she told that we can tell first poi unmaye sollu PA intha show enna romba alavaikuthu PA athuvum intha tanu partha oree irritating ah irrukudu

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      There is no progress still now but I think pragya and purab will scare tanu and will expose them I hope for the best pls guys pls expose before 1yr of pregnancy drama

      1. R u a tamilian?ippavachum pragya kandu pidichita endu santhosha padanum.tamil iru malarkal la ippo thaan tanu track start panni iruku.innum 1yr ku naama intha irritationa sakkikanum

      2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Yes yaar but I won’t watch tanu irrtitaing idiot track I will start from exposing track

    2. hey I don’t know that you are from tn.

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Me too from TN yaar why doubt?

    3. Ranaji
      I think tanu is going to caught
      A new promo is out regarding tanu’s confession abt her baby

      So get ready to break 100 coconut

    4. Seriously you are right. Oru manushiyoda plan inthana thadavaya failure aagum. What’s more irritating is that Tanu is such a lousy strategist and her plans succeed. Kande Pragya plan ellam manna kavvudhu. Aish!!!

  2. As kkb fans requested I din watch the episode too today

  3. Ankita P. Das

    Aaareee yaarrrr stop dragggggiiinnnnngggggg…. Tanu ka sach sabke samne kab aayega ??????

  4. Abhigya scenes was very funny… I think they might plan Ronnie’s ghost trick… Tanu how cleverly manipulating abhi with her fake stories…

    1. Ankita P. Das

      Welll Guessed

  5. Silly ….going round and round the mulberry bush

  6. wat the hell is this nw takhil knew abt ronnie thn dfntly they vil reach to pragya’s truth nd agn thy vil plan smethng agnst nd this continues “NVR ENDING TRACK” I am fed up of this nt intrstd to watch r read anymore

  7. Gud episode. Ronnie were smart but he was trying to b over smart that was his mistake. Thank god he sucessfully made them fool that pragya does not know anything. So that’s fine. When we have waited for nikhil’s exposure in front of pragya since long then we could wait more for tanu’s exposure too but! Only for sometimes, not for long as they want. I think now purab will use Ronnie’s death to scare tanu. I think purab and pragya with ronnie will try to scare tanu as much as she blurts out her truth by own self or they will make a situation with Ronnie’s help that ronnie will scare tanu by his ghost or spirit image and then he will make confess tanu her baby’s truth and all the evil deeds which she has done with nikhil. I think this is purab’s plan. Now let’s see how they will succeed in their plan? After today’s one more failure also pragya and team has situation in their favour as takhil believes that pragya doesn’t know anything about them and ronnie is dead. But then also team pragya have to b more alert and careful about their moves. Becoz they r going towards their last step which is tanu’s exposure with nikhil. And that will b end of pragya’s drama and problems and the path, through which pragya ciuld reunite with abhi. But I know we have to more for it and have to go through some more ups and downs of this track. So let’s see how much time it will take now?

    1. Guys I just saw a pic of ronnie on his instagram account. He was on today’s episode’s costume which he wore during kidnapping of tanu. He is showing fully injured in this pic, all blood on his head and costumes everywhere. I think I m right guys. Purab and pragya has planned to scare tanu by using fake dead ronnie as spirit. And I saw his one more pic from holi even, in which also he is showing as injured untreated man, like an actual dead man’s spirit. So guys means more drama and fun is on the way becoz it will b treat to watch tanu in poor situation but it has so much risk also becoz tanu have three powers with her, one is abhi, second is nikhil and most important her baby. So Let’s see if this will give them conclusion or not?

      1. Well guessed pratiksha..
        Ghost t track of Ronnie is going on…

    2. but pratiksha if they show ronnie as a spirit definitely tanu will blurt out the truth ….. but she will take baby as a issue …….. and ya it shouldn’t be like a horror drama…… and in holi tanu will be in a tensed situation and happy to see her like in that situation …… but pratiksha nowadays yogishruthi (payal) i mean abhi’s assistant is not returning to the show … do u know the reason ??…..

  8. very very happy with tdays episode….. abhigyas fight awesome….. sema….. yesterday he throw pargays foto…. i juz erased it frm my memory… tday both rockzzzz??

  9. supose u think is correct na ronnie ghost storie supera irukkum. automatically tanu tell truth her from mouth. really super.

  10. today’s episode abhi’s comic fight with eggs and tomatoes was funny …….. and i laughed by this ……. and finally pragya come to know abt the father of tanu’s baby nikhil ……… now finding is completed ….. exposure is remaining …………. and yesterday’s precap as we expected that it was a dream ….. but while in today’s episode when i was seeing that scene it seems to be funny …….. and takhil saw ronnie’s face thank god he went with some safety protection …… i think nowadays ronnie is becoming good than abhi …… and purab got an idea to expose tanu i think it will work out ……and tomorrow holi episode …… holi ke rang kumkum bhagya ke sang ……… guys anythng new will happen in tomorrow’s episode or it is for fun ….. anyways i think for sometime we will see abhigya together without any problem and how they r playing holi !!!!!!!……. waiting for that episode r u guys??……..

  11. I am waiting frm the min promo released its always a treat to watch abhigya nd to say most probably fubhi (fuggi nd abhi) rather thn (pragya and abhi) dont knw ven tht moment comes

  12. Really light hearted epi today after a really loooong time. Enjoyed it. Abhigya they can crack me up when they r in their comic element. Nice to see the cvs slip the humour smoothly despite the tension in the episode. Welcome back CVs. N thank you for giving us some joyful scenes btwin Abhigya. But more importantly the build up on Takhils exposure is interesting. They are both getting a taste of their medicine for the pain they hav caused Pragya s family esp n the awful lies they hav created
    jus for Abhis money.
    Ronnie you are the true Rockstar.

  13. Jyotsna prasad

    Tanu ka pet bahar kyu nahi nikal raha hai yaar………kitna story ko khichenge

  14. Very bore

  15. Atlast this show is going on right path…
    Hope this time takhil vl caught..
    Abhigya may unite…

    1. Ya now only the story is going in right track and purab’s plan should be successful this time

      1. Yeah shobana.. Ronnie vl scare tanu in booth avathar..
        Hope she vl confess all her evils???

  16. Today’s episode was gud
    But how come Nikhil and tanu didn’t doubt pragya because first her mother was caught as blackmailer and now her assistant

    Ronnie has become brilliant but should have not told to Nikhil that everything is recorded in mobile

  17. Dragging like nothing! There is a limit to how much they can fool the viewers. The story is not moving and consistently they are showing that the bad/evil people has a upper hand. Tell you, I read the update after several months and Tanu is still not exposed, has not delivered the baby and the story is more or less at the same intersection.


    1. Hi seeta
      I like barun sobti very much
      Bt I don’t think that his show ” Satya Ki Kiran” will beat or stop kkb

    2. Who is barun sobti….??
      Never heard this name before….

      1. Nd if he is a bollywood star then why is he coming to television..
        Nd seeta that line was so funny in which u said all tv shows will stop??????.
        Whoever may come its nxt to impossible thing that tv shows will stop nd only 1 show will go around…
        Madam come out of ur imagination world..?

      2. Barun sobit is a television srar . he quitted 3yrs before from television series but he is back now in Zee Tv
        He is famous for the program “Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon”

    3. Let’s c seeta

    4. Tat vl not happen fa sure .. Our kkb s alwz the best ..

    5. There is no reason for KKB fans n Barun fans to fight. Satya ki Kiran – Barun’s new show is coming on Zee only, so it will be aired at different slot, so there is no question of one show eating into other’s ratings.

      Also this new show is going to be finite series, so KKB may still be going on but it may be over after certain no. of episodes, as that is how t he new show is going to be planned. It may be competition for shows on other channels which air at same time.

      1. Exactly sahithi this is what I am trying to say

    6. @ seeta
      keep dreaming.
      first of all: Ronit Roy is the Amitabh Bachchan of television and not Barun Sorbti.

      seriously: a jobless BW actor coming back to television with a finite series and all Zee TV shows will, really that is so ridiculous!
      Barun is popular but he is not god.

  19. Abhi’s basket was tooo cute…?

    Today’s epi made us to recollect the old Abhigya moments like such a serious scene turns into a funny act..

    I was thinking Abhi will be drunk n take a big class to Pragya n finally both will cry alone..but nothing like that..Amazing yaar..

    Ronnie has done good job..he is the only person who is sensible in this team..He took safety precautions as well..But he would have made a video call instead of recording..but truth cannot be revealed that much easily I agreed..

    And finally Purab has come to know that recording concept won’t workout in their team..so he is planning to make Tanu to blurt out the truth..Let’s see how his brain works..Like Pratiksha said there may be a ghost track also as we have seen such kind of drama in many serials as well..

    Pratiksha, Sahithi..u guess great yaar..u know what ..I mostly read ur comments first in the comment section n then read the update.. and even others comments as well encourage me to speak out my view..Atleast this one make us to maintain the interest on the show..

  20. Best episode.abhi is best.

  21. New onlocation video update-
    *Abhi puts holi color on Tanu’s forehead. Tanu asks tum holi keel Raji Ho ha Mandir ka tee ka laga Raji Ho..

    *Abhi says something can’t understand.. Tanu says tum mujhe naraz karna chati Ho. Tanu says we love each other. And after playing holi the love grows stronger . If you dnt want to play Holi then don’t. Tanu says the baby wants to play holi with his papa(something like that).
    Abhi says something and Tanu gets happy.Abhi leaves and Tanu gets a call.

    * Looks like Abhi is drinking something. Tanu comes to Abhi and says he will kill me.. Ronnie kidnapped me. I tried to kill him and now he will kill me. Says something and says I dnt understand he doesn’t have any proof that this baby is your… And stops.. Abhi looks on… Looks like hez on Nasha.. Abhi looks at Tanu n asks tum dono mein de meri wali Tanu koan hai. Abhi says something… Dialogues are not clear.. Hez drinking Bhang…
    * Abhi on stage wishes happy holi n says he wants to make an announcement.he says he wants to introduce some1 who he loves n taught he way love is.he asks weather they want to knw who she is.

    *Abhi looks at the crowd n tells some1 y she is doo happy and sits down n says ur nt that person. U can never be tat person coz I hate you. And says more than u I hate(couldn’t hear rest properly)
    Abhi asks rest of the crowd weather they want to knw who she is. Abhi says she is none other than my FUGGY. She is my everything. My love.. my life.. And Abhi starts explaining y shez fuggy .. he says he misses her.

    *Abhi says I may live without my music by not without my FUGGY. She left.. if any1 finds my fuggy please tell her that I miss her n love her doo much and come back to me. I can’t live without her.Abhi asks ever1 weather they will tell her.
    Abhi sees some1 n says hey u and comes down fast from the stage.

    Shabir Interview

    Shabirs :every1 knws he loves Fuggy. She is gayab. In her talash he started loving ever1 and laughs.
    reporter: who else he loves and if Fuggy is not found .
    Shabir: don’t knw it depends on who ever gets casted. N laughs.
    R: holi is gng on..
    S: If holi goes on for 4 hrs then it’s fun.. It’s not fun if it’s going on for 2 days. N laughs
    R:ur shooting in the hot sun.. tandayi ka kuch intazam kuaa ya nahi.
    S: it’s coz of that this is my situation.the bak bak is going on stage is co of tandayi n What ever is mixed in tat.
    R: drank bhang in reall life?
    S:dnt knw .. by ppl say tat..
    R: did u try?
    S: log bolte hai ki piya mein bhang.. but I don’t remember
    R: did u hear frm any1 tat u did this n that
    S: did soo much ..laughs.. but u can’t telecast that.. laughs..


    1. Guys I was right. Ronnie is scaring tanu as ghost to make her confess her truth and bad deeds, according to purab’s plan.

    2. Thats so silly isnt it? Such evil characters r finally scared of ghosts, I mean come on, that is like kid’s stuff. They will finally use a ghost track to make Tanu blurt the truth.. Not much impressed, they could have done something more intelligent.

      As per this on-location video, Tanu is trying to tell Abhi that Ronnie kidnapped her n all that blah blah, but anyways Abhi is drunk so not really caring. But otherwise, why would Tanu make a mistake to tell Abhi about Ronnie. Abhi is not using his brain these days, but if he does and checks Ronnie’s whereabouts, there are more chances for Tanu only to get implicated.

      And will she tell Nikhil that Ronnie is haunting her as ghost. Nikhil will shout on her n scold her. But that would also mean he will get doubt on Ronnie n if Pragya is involved. Let us see, because Nikhil is a cunning guy. He wont be tensed n scared like Tanu on hearing about Ronnie coming back as ghost.

      But in this Ronnie kidnap sequence the one thing I liked most is Ronnie wearing Abhi’s mask. It was looking like Abhi was actually speaking all that. That was a good idea to use his mask 😀

      Maggie u were right, dreams always come to the dream queen Pragya only.

      1. so what u expects from them sahithi. CVS uses mostly illogical and silly things. We can’t expect that they will do what should actually happen. So let it be. Anyways it will b fun to watch tanu in poor condition. She was blurting the truth to abhi in her fear and this is the result which purab wants. But unfortunately abhi was drunk in bhaang. That’s why she got escaped but she could not escaped every time. And ya u r right nikhil will also scold her as he admitted it that ronnie is dead and he doesn’t believe in ghost and all that superstitious things. So he will say it tanu’s fear only, in which she is imagining ronnie everywhere. Purab’s plan seems silly for us but it is gud for trapping tanu and teach her lesson. But it has so many risks. But whatever, I just want that they finish this tanu’s chapter very soon. That’s it.

  22. y is it tht hard to get tanu trapped when alia a smart person can go into pragya’s trap y not tanu tis is toooooooooooooo much but anyway at least tis episode was nice but wen Abhi goes n c tanu whatever scene is it with tanu i wil fast forward i just cannot c her with Abhi.

  23. Waiting for good episode…plz expose tanu plz..she is irritating…

  24. Hi prathiksha is ir really KKB going to end. ..plz confirm. .is thr any new program Zee tv going to air in tat time 🙁

    1. No nithi not at all. All these r just rumours for creating confusions. A show can end only when it comes in series or unable to gain gud trps. And kkb does not comes in any of these categories. So don’t worry. Until when kkb will gain gud trps and popularity, it will not end. So just ignore all these types of rumours.

      1. Thank you Prathiksha..:)…

  25. In new promo pragya wearing specs..abhi confess love to pragya..but abhi. in bhang…

  26. guys new promo is out. Written update of promo-
    Tanu in holi costome, standing alone and saying to herself that she have to hide this truth somehow that my baby is nihkil’s not abhi’s. Someone records this in mobile phone. Voiceover says that tanu’s truth’s proof has found. Then they shows abhi hugging pragya and tanu looks on. Voiceover says that will tanu’s truth come out this time?

    1. Guys this promo is for tomorrow means 21st march, Monday?

      1. Thanks Prathiksha fr an update

    2. Yup so the promo is finally out for tomorrow episode.. Now we have see if something positive will really happen tomorrow or not. If tanu will finally be exposed or not.

    3. Pratiksha truth may or may not be exposed hope its not yet another dream. ……if its a dream I am done……..I hope something positive will happen this week fingers crossed. …..

  27. God save all the people who watch the serial. If tanu truth not revealed and the dragging will lead to a heart attack Breaking news to all news channel Women had an heart attack while watching kkb

    1. hahaha .. ur thinking is superb… really women will get heart attack…

  28. New promo is gud…

  29. Plz end this tannu pregnency drama soon bahut hogaya kab tak ekich track ko dragging karte rahenge kuch naya laao na serial mein letest promo is good

  30. guys just relax trutn is not gonna come out they will drag again but in todays episode anyone notived that again they played old songs in background like allah waariyan kkb theme song

  31. i too watch the new promo… in that tanus truth s been captured and abhi hugs pragya… but they both are not related…. abhi hugged pragyaa today itself….. so this early abhi wont get to knw d truth…. but truth s capturd by someone…. tats good

  32. Pls update today holi spl epi

  33. Anyone pls update todays holi episode. I am a tamilian don’t know Hindi. Jst will watch the episode in Hindi & read the written episode. So anyone pls update it.

  34. Guys according to yesterday’s precap, tanu blurts out her truth in front of abhi once again but in the drunken situation of bhaang and unfortunately abhi is also in drunken situation. Pragya and dadi looks on. But according to promo, someone has recorded tanu’s confession in his phone, when she was fully conscious. Again confusing situation. So we cannnot expect that tanu will get exposed until we will see it from our eyes. During pragya and dadi’s conversation it feels like tanu will get exposed this time, surely as dadi was showing her tension about abhi’s condition after knowing tanu’s truth. I read on India forum site also that someone from CVS have posted a holi event pic and twitted that “tanuexposuredrama”. So if we believe on these things so it looks like exposure will finally get happen. But precap is making us hopeless and promo which they r showing, it has itself raising question that will tanu get exposed this time in front of abhi? And guys promo is also not that much impressive so it is doubtful that tanu will get exposed tomorrow or in two- three days. But if she will really get exposed then it will b our best holi gift by CVS. And dadi’s tesion is logical but now what needs of it when she herself created this situation between abhigya and in front of abhi. Becoz of dadi’s this plan, abhi have suffered a lot of pain, even pragya too. They didn’t tell truth to abhi ever so it will b obvious for abhi to b angry, break down and upset from everyone. But at last as pragya showed to dadi what is in abhi’s heart actually that how much desperately he wants his fuggy back in his life coz he loves her a lot and cannot live without her as she is his everythingSo he will forgive pragya after sometimes and will accept her in his life but as fuggy not in her fake avatar as mogambo becoz he hates her as he believes that becoz of pragya’s mogambo avtar , his fuggy has gone away from him. So firstly, pragya have to live this mogambo avtar and have to come as fuggy, as old pragya. But this situation will come after tanu’s exposure. So firstly we have to concentrate on exposure, which is the end of this track and all the torchers and problems of abhigya’s and ours. Anyways today’s holi special episode was gud in comparison of all the event special episode of kkb. Ronnie’s efforts with purab, tanu’s poor condtion , abhigya’s scenes, everything was gud. Specially that last annoncement scene of abhhi about his love and his confession about his feelings for his fuggy, pragya’s old and real image and the last hug of abhi to pragya, that was damn cute and lovely. Tanu’s face was worth watching. Actually first time she has confessed truth in first fight scene between abhigya when they applies colour on each other then tanu says that it’s her mistake that she has come between abhigya. If she gets understand it also and accepts this fact within right time and go out from their life forever, then it happens more gud. But she have to get her punishment of her all evil deeds so it is needed that her every truth and bad deeds should b exposed. And afterall we have waited for it since long and tolerated every torcher with abhigya becoz of this tanu. So we and abhigya both deserves tanu’s most awaited punishment and her worth watching destruction with her stupid, gud for nothing boyfriend nikhil. Now let’s see when this will happen and when will see tanu’s exposure finally, tomorrow or in more upcoming episodes!!

  35. Finally tanu will get exposed for sure. Even though while exposing raj the promo says whether raj will get caught by this time? So hopefully tanu will caught in the upcoming episode . Waiting for reunion of abhigya?

  36. Please someone post today’s episode

  37. The same old story again. Kumkum bhagya should get it over with!

  38. utter nonsense and foolish serial

  39. Oops wen abi and pragya r unite it’s so. Exposed tanu face pathavey irritating ah iruku dna test panavey v know the truth na y u doing tis 1yr drama vry slowly…??? Abi acting fabulous bt how abi always trust her foolish story’s it’s unbelievable

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