Kumkum Bhagya 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 19th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Damru and other goons knocking on the door heavily. Pragya sees the goons and identifies them. Abhi asks Raghuveer if there is any back door or if they can run from terrace. Raghuveer says no and asks Pragya to lie on the bed, and Abhi to hide under the bed. He goes to open the door. He opens the door. Damru asks where was he, as they were knocking on the door since 2 hours. Raghuveer ji says he was in the toilet. Killer/Commando tells that they are in search of a couple and asks him to tell, and says they are injured. Raghuveer says they are not here. Commando says if I found them then I will kill you first and then them. Abhi and Pragya argue. Abhi says I will lie down on the bed and worried about her safety. Pragya says if goon asks him then he will tell that his daughter

is sleeping. Commando asks goons to search the house for Abhi and Pragya. He goes to kitchen and sees many dishes. He asks who made this? Raghuveer ji says his daughter has made this. Commando says she must have made kheer too. Damru comes there and gets happy seeing kheer. Commando asks him to go and says he will come after eating kheer. He tastes it and says it is good.

Abhi tells Pragya that nobody came here till now and says he is afraid of cockroach. Pragya asks him to be silent, close his eyes and think something good. She asks him to think about themselves. Damru and other goons don’t see anyone. Commando asks them to check in upstairs room. Raghuveer ji tells that his daughter is sleeping in upstairs room. Damru asks him to move from his way. Raghuveer ji says he will call Police. They come to room. Raghuveer says his daughter is sleeping on bed. Commando says if she made food. Raghuveer ji says no, other daughter made it. He says this daughter is unwell and asks them to move from her, as her daughter’s illness is contagious. Damru says we will see her face. Raghuveer ji tells that she has TB. Commando asks then why you are not affected. Raghuveer ji says he stays far from her. Pragya coughs. Commando asks Damru to check her face. Damru says he has small kids. Commando orders him to see her. Damru takes the blanket from the bottom and says her clothes is something else. Raghuveer ji says she is my daughter. Pragya asks God to save Raghuveer ji. Raghuveer ji says my daughter have many illness. Commando says I will find out what you are hiding.

Commando asks Damru to see her face. Raghuveer says until you are here in this room, you are more prone to get infected. Raghuveer asks him to stand silent else he will kill him. Other goons check under the bed. Abhi hides himself with blanket. Damru is about to check Pragya’s face. Pragya thinks don’t see my face. Just then someone knocks on the door.

Abhi and Pragya romance. Pragya asks him to leave her. Abhi says if I leave you then you will run to baba. Pragya says whenever I go far then I return back to you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nothing to say
    Waiting for friday’s episode

    1. whats on friday

      1. Aizaellahi

        coz…Friday only they’ll show the real stuff…

    2. Mee too

  2. dadu on Friday abhigya marriage is there

    didnt u see promo

  3. Can we let the couple get together get married n b happy enough if al the trials n tribulations

  4. Abhi pragya marriage is on Friday

  5. I really hope damru doesn’t see them…… Waiting for Friday’s episode….

  6. I hope the marriage won’t be imaginary

  7. Disgusting Serial


    1. ? THIS drama has very limited story…. what about mithali n her husband…. will they ever ger together or just let him divorce her n mary someother women more suited for him n kind. Maybe can change the mentality of those around. His kids are grown now… they can handle this.

    2. The bastrd writers are useless and all the moron are watching this nonsense.

  8. YAWN!!! YAWN!!! STEW SHIT MAN ekta honey where are you? have you been asleep for almost a month? get up and smell the coffee brewing its about time now to do something new, puhleseee do not tell me pragya and abhi will be romancing in the wilderness for another month na man don’t do that wrap up shooting now we have had enough of your stupidity apparently it is rubbing off from you to me because i am really stupid to still watch this piece ah shit


  10. Hi freinds,
    Came to know this friday onwards we can expect our kkb hw we like to be…
    Hi prathiksha hw r u.. hw is ur health..
    what is this news about kundali bhagya which is related with kkb. but without shabbir and shruti itseemz.. i am confused.. prathiksha clarify da if u know

    1. Hi Brintha ? I m fine but not completely. Brintha, about kundali bhagya, I just knows whatever I got from tellychakkar or news segment. That’s it. And I have been shared about it in my last week’s post. I too don’t know anything about it more than these sources. Whatever the story will b of kundali bhagya, it seems according to sources, abhigya will b partially connected with it. They may not b part of this show as they r enough busy with their own show kumkum bhagya. But kundali bhagya’s story can b related with them some how. But it’s focus will b some other, obviously the lead cast of this show. May b abhigya will just part of it’s promotion or it’s story will link with their story by something or somehow like dbo with ishqbaaz on star. Well let’s see.

  11. I think i will also wait for the Friday episode. It seems there is nothing much changing. If they can skip to point where these two have kids, that would be perfect…

  12. I have never seen such horrible serial in my whole life. It’s been about 3 weeks with this it kidnap and nonsense.

  13. Kundali bhagya is a spin off of the show and it will focus on Pragya’s father and her sister or step sister since Bulbul is dead. The man has another daughter. It is not certain if Abhi and Pragya will be there though.

    I just hope Abhi and Pragya don’t get killed after their marriage like Zoya and Asad got murdered.

  14. Hi prathiksha sisy i am mythili sisy
    Sisy in some news they are telling that kkb will get ended sisy
    Please if you can check and tell sisy

    1. Hi Mythili. I don’t have this kind of any news. Well I have been heard these kind of rumors many times. Mythili one thing I want to make u understand that a show mostly goes off air when it doesn’t get gud trp or doesn’t works gud. But kkb is not only number one show of zee even it has maintained always it’s position successfully in top-5 among all the TV shows from it’s day one till present. Even from last many weeks, it was on number one position in overall. Becoz of kkb’s success, zee have decided to bring it’s spin off show kundali bhagya like dbo a spin off of ishqbaaz on star. Until kkb will b on top, there will be no chances of it’s off air.

  15. Kumkum bhagya deserved no.1 in trp list.Waiting for abhigya marriage

  16. bakwas serial

  17. no 1waste serial

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