Kumkum Bhagya 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Pragya to look at the things in the house and order them if she didn’t like anything. Dasi says you have to sit here and see the arrangements. Dadi says it is your sister’s mehendi and you have to just order. It is my order for you. Pragya looks on surprisingly. Tanu comes to Pragya and says she can’t understand…..Dasi comes and asks Tanu to get up. Pragya stands up. Dasi makes her sit and asks Tanu to stand up. She asks her to give flowers to Robin and also pick the cloth kept there. Pragya thinks Tanu has to work and feels bad for her. She thinks she can’t tell the truth to Dadi. Tanu collides with Mitali and the thaali falls from her hand. She complains to Dadi that Mitali made the thaali fall. She says if I would have fallen as I am preg………and

then stops. She realizes that she has become servant.

Abhi comes and teases Dadi and Dasi. Pragya holds Abhi’s hand and asks him to do something. Abhi says what is the work? Then says he will do as Dadi says. Pragya says Tanu is pregnant and working. Abhi sees Tanu working in pregnancy and thinks if everyone is pregnant here. He announces that everyone will get tired today, especially Tanu. Then asks Tanu to pay attention. He says he is going to do something, which will make all the ladies’ happy. He says ladies will not work in the house during functions. He says his album is women oriented and he wants to start from home. Dadi says we will implement this rule.

Abhi gives responsibility to Akash and Robin. He asks Mitali’s son to keep an eye on the ladies and stops them from working. He asks all the gents to do work and asks ladies to rest. Pragya smiles seeing Abhi. Tanu gets irked and goes. Abhi is clueless though. Dadi asks Pragya, what happened? Pragya says her head is paining? Dadi asks her to massage her head. Dasi also asks Tanu to massage her head. Pragya says she is fine. Dadi insists, so Tanu massages her head angrily.

Bulbul wakes up Sarla and Beeji early morning. She tells today is my mehendi. Sarla says it is in the evening and asks her to let her sleep for some time. Bulbul says we have to do so much work today, and then says I forgot that all the arrangements are done by jiju and didi. She says what we shall do then……Beeji and Sarla say…nothing! She gets emotional and asks her to relax at home. Bulbul says she forgot about her bidaai. Sarla asks who will take care of my health and who will check my BP. Bulbul says she won’t go. Sarla says girl have to go to her inlaws’ home after marriage and it is society norm. Beeji asks her not to marry and then she can stay with them. Bulbul is surprised and asks what? Beeji says we will ask Purab to come and stay with us here. Everyone laughs.

Abhi asks Tanu, can you do this? He applauds for women power and sees Tanu working. Pragya and Abhi have popcorn. Dadi and Dasi see Abhi and Pragya’s knok jhok and get happy. Tanu is angry. Pragya says your was good about your album. Tanu comes and says I think you brought me here to make me a servant. She gets angry on them.

Tanu comes to Aaliya and asks her to stop the music. She reminds her that Purab is getting married in some days. Aaliya says love is all about sacrifice and you taught me this. If you can sacrifice for Pragya, then why can’t I sacrifice for Bulbul. I am just fed up and have decided to see their marriage closely. Nikhil thinks about Tanu and thinks how to meet her. He gets an idea and thinks he can’t stay without meeting her.

Nikhil comes to Abhi’s house. Tanu sees him and is shocked. Pragya and Dadi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Tuti

      I think……..for the upcoming episode…..Pragya will hv to fake her miscarriage….poor Pragya. That’s 1 option for her to solve this problem. Or maybe Aliya will do something about Pragya’s fake pregnancy…..omg!

  1. kowsi

    Abhi and pragya xpression awsm..really loved it…i think nxt week will be end card for tanu or else they r dragging one more week…may 2nd week la tanu pregnany matter start…now jun 19th…one month ah…kkb mattum tan oru matter ah one month ku mela illukum…like MMS chapter and kidnapping seq….

    • Fact fact factu !!!!! Correct ah soneenga kowsi. Only this kkb can drag like yet i am a crazy fan of kkb . Plz…. Unite abhigya soon….. Waiting for rabul’s. Marriage…. We fans are actually at the peak of curiosity….. Kkb rocks!!!

  2. H HASAN…I beg you plzzz….update full episode…..comparing to other updates you r giving a short update….plz….update…fully…..am I right guyzzz….?

  3. kowsi

    Ohhh im really fed up of this drama…pls give the end card to this matter…wats gng on in alaiya mind…she wil do something stop the rabul marge..waiting for monday episode..

  4. Abhigya should be united soon. Then rabul’s marriage. Before all this end card to tanu should happen…… Wat about this purvi and then raj and a really a very big question when will this rachana delivers her baby . Wat abt this tanu’s parents who appeared in some of the past episodes…. Plz make the episodes more interesting to the viewers.. Abhi and pragya are really good looking couple … Seekirama intha tanu va thorathunga …. Waiting for upcoming episodes….. 🙂

  5. Priya $

    Aliyah keeping silence don’t know what is going in her mind. Ena prob yellam varapogutho…

  6. kavin

    friends naa kandipa monday kaparum sure ah comment palaiyamaari panuvey pa
    and celin thanks pa

    • ??blossom??

      Who r u anyway?? Always comment using my dp &name iam fed up becoz of this, I’ve requested u many times not to do this bt u don’t seem to listen to me. I don’t really know why u r doing dis with me? To tarnish me?? Is that ur wish? OK Then best of luck for that…

  7. Susi

    காலை வணக்கம் ,,,,,….இந்த நாள் இனிய நாளாக அமைய என்னுடைய வாழ்த்துக்கள்….ப்ரியா கவின் ஜிஹ காயத்திரி கௌசி…..

  8. I saw in SBB and SBS segments that nikhil come to meet tanu in Bulbul’s mehndi function at abhi’s house. They were hiding from pragya so pragya was unable to see them.Reporter says soon pragya will get to know the truth and fight for her husband.But guys in a interview, nikhil was saying to reporter that DNA test will take place in future.So I m worried what if it will also be proved wrong like rachna and akaash’s baby’s DNA test and nikhil too use this opportunity to spoil abhi’s life and carrier because in interview, he says Also that he loves tanu but she is behind abhi’s wealth,fame and status and spoilers says nikhil will turn negative for abhi because of this. So guys it means it will be very difficult for pragya to prove abhi innocent and save him from tanu and nikhil. Abhi too will face hardest and worst time of his life.

  9. nishu gowda

    Guys same old story.aliya will do something in the last moment of marriage and get married to purab.again rabuls sad love drama starts.this tanu she will make non sence.like all serials at one time abhi will lose his property and faces tough time

  10. Priya $

    DNA test nu yellam panuna inum 1 month ku mela agidum pa. Avlo yellam wait pana mudiyathu pa. Pls don’t dragg like this.

    • I do no priya akka. But let see. If pragya knows truth then she will tell to abhi. They will be united when they are saying to family they want this proof. Because of that there will be some complications. So v dont want to worry when abhigya united means no problem.

  11. Shera

    Eppo thudanjiyatha..unite abhigya nd rabul enittu aliya nd tanune adichirikku..katha nirthu.happy ending.

    • Gayathri

      Don’t worry yaar…dey vl reunite abhi and pragya..but t take some time like one yr or 2 yr..

  12. Looks like Daadi’s dream will finally come true on Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya

    Abhi and Pragya are right now in the Mehra home battling a tough situation in hand – Tanu’s pregnancy! However looks like good times are not far ahead. The audience can see love between Pragya and Abhi, but thanks to Tanu, Aaliya and many other villains (Nikhil) on the show their romance just fails to blossom. In the upcoming episode we will see Bulbul and Purab’s mehendi ceremony take place much to Aaliya’s disappointment. After which, we will see Nikhil and Tanu’s suspicious behavior on the show. Of course nobody is aware of their master plan as yet, but Abhi and Pragya will soon find out the truth about Tanu’ pregnancy and Nikhil. And then….. may be the two will be seen romancing in Prague!

    Why do we say so? Well, Pragya was in Prague! No we are not kidding. Sriti Jha posted pictures of hers in Prague. While the actress was not really in her usual Kumkum Bhagya avatar, most people have a different look during holidays and especially if it is a honey moon. But then Abhi wasn’t to be seen anywhere too.

    Again, we saw Sriti in a beautiful red saree enjoying the rains at the Charles Street. We wondered if Abhi aka Shabbir Ahluwalia too had his personal clicks. Whether the makers have indeed taken this couple on a much needed break is yet to be seen. If they’ve not as yet then our suggestion is they better do it right now! And we’re sure team Kumkum Bhagyawill love us for this one.

  13. kowsi

    Dadi calls the media to inform about Abhi’s baby to bring happiness in their lives. Pragya gets in trouble again. She gets tensed thinking Dadi might inform the media about her pregnancy. She believes it is wrong to do fake publicity when she is really not pregnant. Abhi and Pragya start fighting each other like usual, infront of media. Pragya signs Abhi to stop Dadi, and he gets alert. He tries to stop Dadi from informing the media about Pragya’s pregnancy. Dadi wants to shout aloud that she is being promoted to great grand mum with Abhi’s baby’s good news. Very soon Tanu’s pregnancy truth will be exposed and Pragya will fight for her rights.

  14. Priya $

    Supp DNA test yedukura mathiri iruntha kandipa therinjudum next week la. Yen na athula pragya tanu um Nikil um olinjukeratha pakala nu solli irunthanga. Ithu Nadantha kandipa DNA test um nadakum.

  15. Oh god!!!! Really yaar I am actually fed up of watching this dragging stories. Enna pa ithu ippadiya poitu irryntha next yearae vanthudum pola irrukae… Naan inimael updates ah mattum thaan read Panna poraen… Rhomba yemathuraanga friends namala… 🙁

  16. I think so dna test wont be happen. May be coming week pragya will know about tanu truth she will tell to abhi. They both will reveal truth. I think so this nikhil will play a game. Let see. If abhigya unite is ok then thy can do how many test they want. First we want them to unite.

  17. Frst avanga rendu perum sentha pothum. It is now above 300 episodes still now thy both are not united. If they united means enough

    • kowsi

      Sss…yhm also aftr 300+ episode raman confesses him love for ishita..this also same as well as…

  18. Kowsi akka no worries. They had guessed now sriti is in prague with her pictures so may be they will be shooting that scenes now.

  19. It will take another 2 months to see that and all. I think so. This week she will find out truth. Next week this media and telling to abhi will happen. Then they want to find evidences again her and should reveal to family it will take another one week then nikhil will turn negative their role will gake one more week atlast truth reveal panna two week eduthupanga ithula bulbul purab mrg nadakumanu therila?

  20. kowsi

    There s no celebration for abhi or pragya birthday in kkb…whr s first yr marriage anniversary For abhigya

  21. These many days we do no they are going to unite or not. But we now known about that let us leave all tensions and enjoy the serial have masti on it.

  22. Priya $

    I saw some videos in dailymotion.. I think tat only dadi announce to media abt pragya’s pregnancy. Tat too happens in tat childrens home

  23. Avanga than oru function one week izhupanga la. So for them that day din arrive. It will be for them after one month after getting united they will celebrate

  24. Priya akka enaku therinjavaikum nikhil is telling that tanu is pregnant but whose baby he do no? He is really in love with her. He wants to know whose baby whether it is him or abhi? I cant understand that much hindi v are tamil na.

  25. Amid all the mess, it looks like the show will soon see happier days.

    With Abhi finally falling in love with his wife (Pragya), the upcoming episodes will see Pragya exposing Tanu, who will confess to be pregnant with Nikhil’s child and not Abhi’s. This revelation will certainly help Abhi and Pragya get closer.

    The couple is expected to celebrate with a romantic trip to Prague.

    The romantic sequence in Prague was revealed after Sriti recently shared some pictures of the city on her instagram account.

    The pictures suggest that the team of “Kumkum Bhagya” is currently shooting Abhi-Pragya’s honeymoon scenes in Prague. 

  26. prachi

    How many times will abhi arrange functions for bulbul n purab marriage everytime some problems get created I hope this time Nobody cut in the marriage

  27. Priya $

    Frnds Intha fotos Nan konja naal.munnavae pathaen pa. They mentioned abhi fotos also there nu. Did anyone saw tat. I saw only pragya’s pics.

  28. Priya $

    Honeymoon scenes yellam varathu nu thonuthu pa. I searched I got only pragya’s pic in Prague not Abhi pics.

    • U r right priya. These are only rumours because these pictures are belongs to sriti’s personal holiday’s trip of past few days, not abhigya’s honeymoon. I can tell it surely because when sriti was on trip then shabbir was attending gold awards and sriti was absence. When reporter asked from shabbir about the reason of pragya’s (sriti’s)absence, he told them that pragya is in Prague. So guys if shabbir our abhi is here then how can pragya go to honeymoon alone!

      • I do whether it is a rumour. But want to tell you one thing that gold awards happened on June 6 that time sriti was not there. But now the pictures with date that june 15. What they have told is especially sriti when is on leave or out she wont wear sarees or chudi she used to wear western dresses. Because already they mentioned that sriti used to be modern but her roles are different. So sriti wont be in sarees. So only they mentioned that may be it is a honeymoon trip looking sriti in saree.

    • Priya $

      K priya u may b rit. But one thing I didn’t c any pics of abhi. Then how it happen. I searched but didn’t get any pics of abhi on Prague 🙁

  29. Priya $

    Athukulla honeymoon trip apadi ipadi nu Sapppppppaaaaa Yepadi yellam rumors kelapuranga pa.. Kastam

  30. guyzzz…..I am reading ur cmnts when KB started outwards it means frm last year…but I am not able to put cmntss…I am able to pit cmnts day bfore ystdy ownwardss….so me and all ma frndzz r vry hapy..they all r readng this cmnts….and kavin we all will pray for u….we r frm kerala n malayali….s…..and we r vry big fan of KB

    • OK priya, may be u r right but still there are so many doubts. I know sriti used to be wear western cloths off screen but sriti’s many offscreen pictures is in sarees. Even she told in her lots of interviews that she love to wear sarees most. So if she goes on outing, she wears it too. And in these her recent pics which are claimed to be abhigya’s honeymoon, she in western outfit and without her spects too. In show, pragya removes her spects only when she goes to sleep. And western outfit she wore mostly unwillingly. And next thing is there are no abhi’s pics still from the location nowhere. I have been told u before that shabbir was telling to reporter that pragya is in Prague so she is absent in gold awards . If she was in Prague for Honeymoon’s track shooting then why was abhi not there. Is this possible to shoot a honeymoon sequence without honeymoon couple!

    • And one thing is more I forgot to tell u that sriti has posted these pics on her instagram account lately. Because the date which u mentioned and claimed to be the pics on this date, all cast and crew of the show is busy to shoot Bulbul’s mehndi function’s track and we have lots of pics and bts of this track on India forum since past many days. and when they still are left to shoot for climax of tanu’s pregnancy track then how can they shoot abhigya’s honeymoon sequence in middle of it? Even they have started purab and Bulbul’s wedding track too so there are so many twists on the way and problems to be sought out before abhigya’s consummation or honeymoon. And spoilers are never to be believed because for which they claimes, mostly not happens. So I will believe only, when I will see any bts of this.

      • Don’t worry friends anyways if this couple is shooting in Prague na definitely they will take at least two months to finish this tanu’s pregnancy drama then this pragya’s pregnancy report drama and thi aaliya’s plan and rabul’s marriage….. So eppadi irrunthaalum inum neriya episodes ah thaandanum … Intha problems ah ellam clear pannaama evanga honey moon trip poga maatsanga… Si friends kkb sumavae super ah drag panuvaanga so don’t worry.

      • kowsi

        Akka no honey moon trip ka…love ah solave 300 episode…inum avunga sariyave oruthara oruthar purichu kalla …late agum ka athu elam…

  31. guyzzz…me and my all frndzz r very crazy fan kkb and we r just missing abhigyas nok jok bcoz we cant open tv during ramzan….so vry sad…and guyzz keep watching kkb….I am sure that abhi and praghya will unite soon…AND LOVE YOU ABHIGYA and rabul….keep going on all the kkb family….

  32. Priya $

    Kumkum bhagya

    Lovely Conversation
    She – aap mujhe sach me pyaar karte ho naaw
    He – haan naaw… bilkul karta hu
    She – mujhe aap k jubaan se sunna hai, aap
    abhi bolo mujhe ki aap sirf mujhse pyaar karte
    He – me nahi bolunga
    She – magar kyu babu ?
    He – Kyu ki……
    She – Bas ek baar ‘I Love You’ bolo aap….
    He – Naaw…
    (**Ladki k aankhein aansuon se bhar jaate hai
    aur wo ladka se kehti hai ki aap mujhse pyaar
    nahi karte**)
    (**fir wo dono silently chalte rehte hai aur
    kuchh der baad ladki ka ghar aa jaata hai**)
    She –
    He – Aap sach me jaanna chahte ho ki me
    aapse pyaar karta hu ya nahi?
    She – Haan
    (**Phir ladka gently ladki k lips corner pe kiss
    karta hai aur phir ladki ko hug kar ke, chup k se
    uss k kaan me bolta hai ki “Ye 3 words kaafi
    nahi hai aap k liye mera pyaar bayaan karne k
    She – (**Ladke ko hug karte huye**) Aap naaw
    bohot gande ho, pehle nahi bol sakte thhe,
    faaltu me itna saara aansu ganwa diya maine
    He – Haayeee… meri aansuon ki tanki…
    bachaalo kitna aansu bachaana hai, bohot jald
    hi aapse shaadi kar k apne saath le jaaunga,
    tab vidaayi k waqt puri tanki khaali kar lena
    She – Awwww…. sachi
    He – Muchi
    She – I Lub U sooooo much
    He – Magar mere se jyaada nahi ..

    Frnds ithu yentha episode pa.

    • kowsi

      No no.not episode..just chumma they r posted…its a awsm lov conversation between lovers….

      • onnu illa pa idhu, naa ungalaka explain panre:
        first line:
        she:do u really love me?
        second line:
        third line
        She: i want to listen it from ur mouth.u just tell me now ,that u love only me
        forth line
        he: no i ll not say
        fifth line
        she:why babu?
        sixth line
        seventh line
        she :just lell me once na
        eighth line
        (she starts crying and says that you dont love me .)
        (after that they ll keep leaving sadly .and after some time he comes to her asks her whether she really wants to go. she says yes)
        (then he gently takes her lips corner and kisses her and hugs her and says those three words will not be enough for expressing my love.)(she kepps hugging him and says y dont u say it before iwasted my tears unwantedly)(he says her to save how much ever tears she wants to save as u ll need them for leaving ur family wen i marry u.
        she: i lub u so much
        HE:but not than me
        epi is over

  33. Priya akka that is their reception pic. That time they will dance and abhi will make to fall. I do no whether that conversation really happened or not nu.

  34. kowsi

    The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show that Dadi decides to inform about Abhi is going to become father soon.

    Pragya gets tensed thinking Dadi’s plan to inform the media about her pregnancy.

    Pragya believes it is wrong to do fake publicity when she is not pregnant actually.

    Abhi and Pragya start fighting each other like usual, in front of media to divert Dadi’s mind.

    Pragya tells Abhi that Dadi is going to inform media about Pragya’s pregnancy.

    Pragya fights with Tanu (Leena Jumani) for Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia)

    Abhi gets alert and tries to stop Dadi revealing about Pragya’s pregnancy to media.

    Dadi wants to shout aloud that she is being promoted to great grand mum with Abhi’s baby’s good news.

    However, Abhi and Pragya manage to stop Dadi on time.
    Tanu’s pregnancy truth will be exposed and Pragya will fight for her rights.
    Pragya will also tell to Tanu that she will never leave Abhi.

  35. Priya $

    I think dadi ku tanu pregnancy therinjathum than pragya ku unmai theriyumnu thonuthu Apo thana pragya ku prob varum yellarketaiyum nirubikirathuku.

  36. guyzzz…all my frndz who were not able to put cmntz said that keep well going vth kkb…to all kkb family and fans……they all r praying for kavin….so dont wry kavin….and all ma frndz r w8ng for abhigyas cute romance…

  37. Nach baliye semi final abhi and pragya came na what they are wearing that dress they put for bulbul mehandi. So the shoot waa going that time.

  38. priya is it true praghya and abhi will came on nach baliyes semi final. ..? can u tell me when is it …? but I cant see bcoz v cant open tv drng the tym of fasting…..so vry sad……I will miss that episode vry much…..and also ma fndz…

    • Ya asna. In that ekta kapoor shows all are coming. Ishita from yeh hai mohabettein, pragya and abhi from kb, ranveer and ishaani from meri ashiqui

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