Kumkum Bhagya 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Purab misunderstands Kiara to be King’s daughter

Kumkum Bhagya 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya scolding Kiara and asks her go to school. Kiara says what will I do by going to school. Kiara says you have to go to school and tells that I am letting you do this as I love you. She asks her to show her foot. Kiara shows another foot. Pragya asks her to show the right foot. She says it is fine as someone applied the medicine. Kiara says you might have taught them. Pragya says they must be like me. Kiara tells her that superman had sung rap song wrongly so that she sings rightly and forgets her pain. Purab comes to Abhi and says I have heard that Kiara fell down from stairs. Abhi is smiling. Purab says you are smiling as if you met Pragya di. Abhi says you are my dear friend and understands well. He says he met Pragya. Purab asks do you know what you are saying. Abhi says

she met me outside the house and left. Purab says she left without meeting her younger brother and says you should have called her inside. He says you didn’t take her name for 7 years and I was missing her all these years. Abhi says I didn’t want to know you and feel bad. Purab asks him to tell everything about Pragya.

Abhi says Pragya got married to King now and she is his wife. Purab asks when did you know? Abhi says when I went to his home, he introduced me to his wife Pragya. Purab says you didn’t tell me when she was in the same city. Abhi says what I would have told you that my Pragya is married to someone else, I was broken and have no strength. He says what I would have told everyone that my Pragya is of someone else. Purab says sorry and hugs him. He says I can lower your bit of pain and asks him not to hide anything from him. Dasi calls Purab. Abhi asks him to go.

Pragya comes to the window and sees the rain. Abhi also comes to the window and sees the rain. Main Tumko Bhool Na Pawungi….plays…He recalls Pragya telling him I love you so much and cries. Main Phir bhi plays….Disha comes home and collides with Dasi. She tries to tell Dasi, but she goes. Disha collides with Purab and tells that Abhi is Kiara’s daughter. She tells that she is Pragya and Abhi’s daughter. Purab says how can this be possible and tells that Pragya is not Abhi’s wife now and has married someone else now.

Disha asks who told you. Purab says Abhi told me and tells that Kiara is King and Pragya’s daughter. Disha says Kiara is like Abhi and she is like him. Purab asks her to handle herself and says Abhi shall not know this. Disha says today he got a chance to get back Pragya and asks him to let her tell him. Purab says he will get mad hearing this happily, but what if Kiara is Pragya and King’s daughter. He says if Kiara is not his daughter then he will not come out of the trauma. Disha says if Kiara is his daughter then. Purab says we will find out. Dasi hears him and asks what happened? Purab lies to her. King comes and tells that he is upset with Pragya. He asks Kiara to show her foot. Kiara shows her foot and says she is fine and was waiting for Tarun chachu. She goes with him. Pragya asks why is he upset? King says this thing shall not repeat and says you will not stop me from meeting her. I don’t want your lecture that you will handle her alone, and says I can’t get angry on you, but I am very serious.

Pragya calls King. King asks who is not talking. Pragya says you have only said not to talk being angry. King says only with you. Pragya smiles. Abhi gets Disha’s call and asks are you sure? Tanu thinks if Disha told him everything and thinks even Aaliya is not here to save me. Abhi calls Tanu near him and asks her to tell.

Kiara is talking to Abhi on phone. Pragya takes the call and says hello, Mr. Superman, I am Kiara’s mum. Abhi hears her voice and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Episode was good but abhi and vomit ka conversation, why? Jab koi baat nahin honi hai toh conversation kyun…jab abhi ko pragya ka wait karna tha toh vomit se shaadi kyun ki? Ab woh ( vomit ) jaayegi kaise? kkb ki TRP sirf aur sirf vomit ke wajah se gir rahi hai….

  2. Will Tanu toy get slapped? Or even worse, which would be better. She’s been earning the negative karma. All those FB’s just keep saving the producer from actually getting creative and creating new work or at least copying from another series, which she’s already done anyway. I think that psychopath Aliyah and Tanu toy will have fun when they laugh at how they controlled and destroyed Pragya’s first husband and now they will enjoy destroying Pragya’s 2nd husband and life again. Will the Mehra family ever…ever ..dispose of their own evil? Or do all the cowards in that household continue to venerate the ground that a psychopath and whore walk upon. You know, maintaining all the bullshit of Indian ‘family honour’ … keep the criminals quiet, we don’t want to publicly admit that we spawned criminals. Dress them up in bad fashion and pretend that they are ‘good’ productive humans. I am waiting for Abhi to discover that Aliyah has more wealth than he does and she has used his wealth to pay for her bad investment decisions. Ha! It will be funny, if Abhi has to ask Pragya for financial help because no one in the industry will invest with ANYTHING/ONE that is aligned with the Aliyah psychopath. They surely cast the right actress to portray all that ugliness.

    Thank-you Cathy for your stabilising comments… you know that I am just playing, right?

  3. Sarafacebook

    Any Yuvraj & Suhani fan here?
    ?Suhani si ek Ladki?

  4. Why is it that Tanu and Aiiya never gets punished for their wickedness? The family abiding and law abiding people are always sad and crying. Serials show the wicked ones are always laughing. Why?
    Comments on the Villains does not mean they are popular and they stand out on the show.
    Us viewers do not like the fact that the Villains can murder, kidnap, hurt kids and disrespect everyone and live freely does not make any sense in my head.

    1. I agree Patricia, however I have read several times that when viewers hate a villain, the producer thinks that their character is a success. Check my jul 13, 2018 comment. Ekta too, follows the new tradition of hiring personalities who will fit the character. Acting ability is secondary. I mean, just look at the actress who plays Aliyah. Look at the birthdays of these actors and actresses if you are aware of astrology. As well, if you are able to read some of the gossip about these individuals (remember the gossip tries to hide their faults/bad habits) it is just a little too creepy when you notice the same character traits in their personal life as in this particular production. This is why I try to remain clear that the real villain is the one with the trash mind and heart, Ekta Kapoor. I also question Indian viewers who happily allow this trash because they are so inured to abuse, humiliation and women being treated as subhumans. Aliyah’s and Tanu’s clothes etc. are meant to distract from the facts. Who the h*ll in India wears evening clothes all day long and goes to bed in exactly the same evening outfits. It would appear that if you live in India you are nothing. The only thing that qualifies you to be considered worthy is the amount of money you have. This program is very truthful (excepting murders and kidnappings) about the normal abuse in a normal Indian household. It’s seen as obedience to the ‘family’ honour.

      1. Akituster, we are on the same page at least. I see the Bahu Disha as the servant and server for lunch and dinner at the table. Disha does not sit with the family to eat. Disha has to cook and serve the family…hello Disha is hungry too AND ISN’T THE BAHU PART OF THE FAMILY IN THE SAME STATUS RANGE? This aches my heart to see someone elses educated daughter becoming a servant as long as she gets married. Under the pretex of duty? I have daughters so it hits my sensitive spot.

  5. Akituster, well spoken.

    1. thx Grace!

  6. Looks like disha is the only sensible person.. She could make out that Kiara is abhi and pragya daughter.. But stupid purab.. Again a round of misunderstanding and serial being dragged… So chance for the writer to show more evil.. Guess now as per the promo abhi will come to know that pragya is Kiara mother so again misunderstanding and now maybe he will accept tanu.. So again evil tanu wins.. FED UP WITH ALL THIS EVIL

  7. Setuponga da abh tanu elarum isi even serial let la kida varsh ini ki ena avan tanu va kupit solyvan nama marg apni kalam nu

  8. I am american and I
    Loved the show before this new story line is stupid and being drug pit so long I’m sick of it I’m
    Tired of Tanu and the other witch b*t*h always winning it makes me think of this is
    Really what I have to be careful
    Of because I’m married to a foreigner of the Middle East and we have children I know this is a drama but the good people never win come on bring them back together what kind of statement does it make to the world that a child is kept from her father for 7 years and the show continues to go with that wow really it’s about time at least he knows he has a child get real how would you feel if it was happening to you I’ve had enough it was bad keeping ahbi and Pragya apart but to include a child now it to much so long Kum kum

  9. Hullo Patricia, there was no reply button under your comment…but here is my reply. Status in many Indian families depends on that day’s needs. Whether you are a daughter or bahu doesn’t matter. Your achievements, your success does not matter, if and when a body is required to serve some family need. Your future/education/proven work means nothing if the needs of family honour or one of your siblings is a preferred child and requires your production, your work to insure THEIR success. I speak not just from witnessing but from living/experiencing these dynamics. In the abusive family your life is left in the hands of egotistical addicts who truly believe they own you and your production. The Aliyah type of woman/beast/demon is very very real.

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